Update VI: War On White South Africa (Beck Boer Bashing)

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The following is an excerpt from my new WND.COM column, “War On White South Africa”:

“Eugene Terre’Blanche, leader of the Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB) that seeks the establishment of a homeland for the Afrikaners of South Africa, was alone at his homestead over the Easter period, when two farmhands bludgeoned the sixty-nine-year-old separatist to a pulp with pangas and pipes. Based on hearsay—and their abiding sympathy for savages—news media across the West are insisting that the motive for the murder was a “labor dispute.” …

… The brutality of the racially motivated murders of white farmers in South Africa, and, increasingly, of whites in general, is one aspect of these crimes. Mr. Terre’Blanche was unrecognizable. Two weeks before he was slaughtered, seventeen-year-old Anika Smit was raped, her throat slashed sixteen times and her hands hacked off and removed from the scene.

Both acts of butchery were unremarkable in Mandela’s South Africa.

The dehumanization of the victim—Crimen injuria in South African law—is another feature of these feral acts. When they were finished with him, Terre’Blanche’s killers pulled down the old man’s pants, exposing his privates. Slain white farmers are often displayed like trophies by their black killers.

Mr. Terre’Blanche was a victim of a farm murder, plain and simple.” …

The complete column, now on WND.COM, is “War On White South Africa.”

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Update I (April 9): The malpracticing media I discuss in “War On White South Africa” is discovering (painfully slowly) what the prototypical Black Strongman is all about. Read the Guardian’s “ANC’s Julius Malema lashes out at ‘misbehaving’ BBC journalist.”

Malama “threw a BBC journalist out of a press conference, accusing him of ‘white tendency’ and calling him a ‘bastard,’ ‘bloody agent’ and ‘small boy.'”

The BBC, chief obfuscator on matters South African, is made to eat dirt by a Frankenstein that is of its own creation. The West pushed for raw democracy in South Africa, and is now recoiling in horror at its former proteges and at what they’re, predictably, doing to the place.

Update I (April 10): The Funeral.

To our reader in the Comments Section: I did not see the Nazi salute in the footage I watched of Eugene Terre’Blanche’s funeral. However, I have never claimed the AWB was a savory organization. What I said is that as volatile as Terre’Blanche was, he and his cause (self-determination for whites) had come to appear civilized—civilized and prophetic—as compared to the people of whom he had warned, now running the country.

In the interviews I’ve watched, I saw gleeful black folks in Ventersdorp; and dignified resigned Afrikaners. That’s all I saw.

Now, is the AWB multicultural and non-racial; no. They believed that were South Africa—a country built by Boer and British—to fall into the hands of a black majority, it would go the way of the rest of Africa. That’s why they were separatists. Theirs was not a racial war but a war of self-preservation and survival.

Americans who’ve long since forgotten what it is to fight for their national life—and life—think that such South Africans were having fun fooling around with Nazi-looking insignia. Yes, there is unsavory stuff about the AWB. I did not understand nor sympathize with them back in the day. But I recognize now that the drive behind such an organization was a desperate attempt to forestall black majority rule, as it was believed that should that come to pass, the country they loved would be lost.

Were they right? You tell me.

Update III: I have very little patience for the South African Institute for Race Relations in all its sanctimony. I’ve been drawing on some of their factual work for my own book, but overall, they have been deniers of the racial aspect of Boer murders. That is criminal negligence. Unjust. And worse.

As you can image, the farm murder of a man known to—and hated by—blacks countrywide put them in an awkward position, scrambling to catch up. This is how I see the press release, “South African Institute of Race Relations on the ramifications of the killing of Eugène Terre’Blanche – 6th April 2010,” in which the Institute finally admits that it is quite possible that not “all murders in the country are a function of simple criminal banditry.”

Nevertheless, the SAIRR teases apart some of the dynamics behind the uptick in the ANC’s racial incitement against whites (using barbarian front man, Malema):

the party is acutely aware that its support base of poor black South Africans has begun to turn against it. Violent protest action against the ruling party is now commonplace around the country.
In order to shore up support in the black community the ANC increasingly appears to be seeking to shift the blame for its delivery failures onto the small white ethnic minority, which today comprises well under 10% of the total population of South Africa. Here parallels may be read to the behaviour of Zanu-PF in Zimbabwe when that party realised that its political future was in peril. The ANC Youth League’s recent visit to Zanu-PF which saw it endorse that party’s ruinous polices are pertinent here.

Note: You can incite racial violence all you want in my neck of the woods, or among most white South Africans; murder will not be resorted to. Boer are being killed en masse because there are a lot of blacks who want to kill them.

From hereon in the much-anticipated press release descends into the same liberal clichés and solecisms.

“… a resurgent right wing will be numerous. It is most unlikely that this right wing will take the form of camouflage clad henchmen on horses in shows of force.”

OMIGOD. Would that such a resurgence took such a form; why would putting the fear of God into men with murder on their minds be so bad? How is a show of force from an attacked minority a bad thing when the alternative is to put your faith in a fat, functionally illiterate, corrupt constabulary that roots for Malema?

These people (SAIRR) make me sick.

More useful facts:

• the ANC depends greatly on the tax income paid by white South Africans to balance South Africa’s books.
• it depends entirely on the food produced by a small number of white farmers to feed the country.
• white South Africans still dominate the skills base of the country.
• and most importantly, much white opinion since the early 1990s has been moderate. White South Africa has been willing and often eager to cooperate with the Government in building an open, non-racial, and prosperous South Africa

Update IV (April 11): The British Daily Mail has decided that the raised arms at Terre’Blanche’s funeral are Nazi salutes. Is it so, or is it the interpretation of media that have not bothered to inquire what the raised arm means? I myself do not know. The flag emblem, as explained on the AWB website, isn’t intended as Nazi insignia.

Here’s what we know which belies the stupid, malevolent fixation of a hostile, ignorant media: This tiny minority is being systematically killed off; this tiny minority doesn’t wish to exterminate, a la Nazis, the 38 million blacks surrounding it; all the AWB wants is a place they can call their own, in the country they founded, away from those who want to kill them.

Have I distilled the facts without the fanciful? I think so.

Update V: To geniqu4u, thanks for writing:

• I hope you get my book when it’s out. I compare the number of deaths in detention under 40 years of apartheid with the number of murders in the New South Africa. More people die in ten weeks under Mandela’s SA than died in detention over 40 years of white rule. Ordinary blacks are missing the old SA. That’s how bad it is.
• Africa was immeasurably improved under colonialism; before that it was a morass of tribal internecine warfare of unimaginable cruelty; there were no roads, no infrastructure, education, health care, security. As I’ve written in “Blaming Colonialism Invalid, Even In Academe,” “Colonialism, dependency and racism—all highly politicized constructs—are beginning to be seen as humbugs, untrue and unhelpful, in explaining—and hence, helping—the Third World. What was once ‘conventional wisdom that brooked no dissent,’ in the words of Lawrence E. Harrison, is rarely mentioned today in intellectually respectable quarters. South Africa’s black population’s longevity, education, and numbers were markedly increased under white minority rule. Naturally, to describe reality is not to condone apartheid.”
• I don’t know where you get your data on African farming methods, but not one point you make is factual. South African blacks were never anything but subsistence farmers who had often done untold damage to the land, stripping it via indiscriminate grazing. The Afrikaner has been, in general, a good custodian of the land and the natural environment. There is no commercial, large-scale farmer in the world like the Afrikaners, who’ve turned an arid, impossible-to-farm land into oases with technology, innovation, dedication, and hard work. There isn’t a farmer who loves his live stock more than the Afrikaner. Most of the white-farmed land being seized under the land distribution policies of the ANC and given over to blacks has gone to seed. Beautiful, high tech installations taken from their owners (who feed the country, nay, the continent) and given to blacks have been reduced to rubble. The cruelty to the live stock is beyond belief; cattle dying of thirst, hunger and disease. I tell it in my book.

Dr. Philip Du Toit: “In scenes reminiscent of the 1960s Mau Mau in Kenya, cattle on farms in Kwa Zulu Natal are mutilated and killed for no other purpose than attempting to drive the farmers off their land.” [A selection of pictures from the farm of Mr. Serfie Serfontein, Newcastle, KwaZulu/Natal.]

TimesOnLine: “South Africa’s white-dominated farming unions have greeted the threat of nationalisation with alarm. Since the end of apartheid in 1994, when multi-racial elections were held, 15m acres of farmland have been transferred to black ownership. Much of it is now lying idle, creating no economic benefit for the nation nor its new owners. Last year South Africa became a net importer of food for the first time in its history.

Update VI (April 12): Glenn Beck joined the ignoramus media by referring dramatically to the rise of extremism in South Africa, gleaned at a glance from the so-called Nazi-like salute at the funeral of Eugene Terreblanche. Thus, in order to conclude that the non-violent gathering of people at the funeral was the party deserving of condemnation—Glenn required nothing more than a symbolic gesture from them. Ignorance is bliss.

The insularity of American headline makers is alarming.

37 thoughts on “Update VI: War On White South Africa (Beck Boer Bashing)

  1. Wanderer

    The thing that really irritates me is that during the “struggle”, every country saw it as their duty to interfere and pressure South Africa into capitulating to the Marxist terrorists, but now that they need our help, we brush it off with a “it is not our place to interfere, we have our own problems to worry about”. We comfortably forget that we caused the situation in the first place.

    The readers of this blog are free to exclude themselves from the “we” I speak of.

  2. Wanderer

    When will they stop referring to a separatist as a white-supremacist?

  3. Roger Chaillet

    I worked with a Jewish woman who was a native of South Africa. She had worked for the Embassy of South Africa in D.C. She despised Mandela. She used to roll her eyes when I talked of how the West lost interest in South Africa once apartheid ended.

  4. LeChat

    Seems to me that Africa did much better under colonial rule. Once the marxists get in, ruin soon follows. This is an object lesson for the United States as well.

  5. George Pal

    Democracy, Hobbesian States of nature – tomato, tomahto.

  6. John McNeill

    Ilana Mercer, I think you are a courageous person for exploring this topic. I don’t think many on the “Right” have the guts to do so.

  7. Crusader

    Dear Ms. Mercer:

    I read with deep sadness and great anger your article on the death of Mr. Terre’Blanche and “The War on White South Africa”.

    I know that you are South African born and raised, and I have always admired your love and defense of your people, even from the distance of life in the US .

    In 1992, shortly before the transition to black rule, a South African friend and I visited his native land and I too fell in love with the White South African people. I realized how wrong everything I had heard about them from the sources in the States was. I spent a short two-week time frame there but again, I absolutely embraced the Boers and the English-speaking alike.

    Sadly, I lost touch with the South Africans I had met and had known through my friend, and yet, watching the horrors inflicted upon the white farmers in Zimbabwe filled me with a rage and a horror and the knowledge that my own government cared nary a wit for them. I soon grew to learn that even the Europeans had turned their backs on their kinfolk and had embraced the pathos of “white = evil” and the self-destruction of the white race. I knew that it was only a question of time until the white South Africans were targeted by the savagery of their black fellow citizens.

    Until I read your article and viewed the attached link, I had no idea as to how widespread and horrific the deaths of these people have been. The description of 16-year old Annika Smit and her brutal sufferings and the killing and humiliation of Mr. Terre’Blanche leads me in despair. Are there no people in the West who will come to the aid of their fellows?

    Ms. Mercer, may God bless you for bringing this to wider attention. As a South African, please direct me as to how I may assist in some small way to assist my fellow brothers & sisters in the land of your birth. What do you recommend for people like me who love their own, not to the exclusion of others, but because it is a logical and rational attribute of a human to love what he knows and to wish their survival. Only the white race is left alone and unable to assist the other, and this is quickly leading to our isolation, demonetization and eventual slaughter. Even white people are hesitant to bring white children into the world and would sooner adopt children of color to show their hatred of their own and their leftist worship.

    Please direct me, Ms. Mercer, as to what organization(s) you recommend and what I may, as one individual, do to assist your former citizens of that amazing land. The rendition of [a portion of] “Die Stern” in your column was unbelievably beautiful and summarized everything that pure & good that it represents. What a contrast to the ANC anthems.

    Thank you and please assist and direct me while my empathy, my anger and my desire to assist is still strong.

    An avid reader and admirer!

  8. james huggins

    Here in Memphis the same population satisfies itself with normal shooting, raping and your run of the mill assaults, but there is the occasional throwing rape victims off of bridges, locking in car trunks and the like. Recently a robbery victim was locked in the trunk after he was set afire.

  9. Jamie

    My prayers go out to the Boers and I wish them success in their struggle for survival. Still, with the lessons of post-colonial Africa all around them, you have to wonder what they were thinking when they voted to completely submit to black rule.

    This is not a defense of apartheid, don’t misunderstand me. Blacks did deserve some say in how the country was run. But to simply hand over the keys to the country without reserving the right to protect themselves (through a private Boer militia, perhaps) was sheer lunacy. They could have and should have demanded land be set aside (maybe in the sparsely populated Western Cape) as a Boer-only homeland for those who chose to move there. I realize that the white population who voted for black rule was not solely made up of Afrikaners. But the lack of foresight considering the continent they live on is mind-boggling. Yes, I know SA was under embargo from the West. Big deal. SA was self-sufficient in food and could trade through countries such as Israel and China. But now its too late, and it seems inevitable that the orgy of violence consuming the country will intensify.

  10. Myron Pauli

    STEP ONE – Kill off all the farmers.

    STEP TWO – Demand foreign aid to feed all the starving victims (which will be blamed on the whites)

    STEP THREE – Have armed gangs fighting over all the food aid, kidnap and blackmail aid workers, etc.

  11. Vrye Denker

    Crusader,if you wish to support an Afrikaner-centric organization, you can check out praag.co.za run by Dr Dan Roodt, an Afriknaer philosopher (I believe Ilana is acquainted with him). and the Freedom Front which is their representative political party run by Dr. Pieter Mulder.

  12. Magda Naude

    Is South Africa at war? Yes we certainly are!
    Who is to blame? The answer is simple, the guilty party is the white South Africans, the Boers! All of us me included has to take the responsibility and the blame.
    Look at the way we were brought up: do not lie, steal or kill. Love thy neighbor like you love yourself. Give on to others what you want for yourself.
    We are all guilty of trying to give the rest of the population the same chances that we got, and for that matter a place in the sun.
    Will there be a war? Will the Boers retaliate? NO!!!!
    The white people can never stand together and attack the enemy; it is against our upbringing and our faith in God. Never in the history of South Africa did the Boers attack any other nation, we are survivors and we only protect our homes and lives as well as the lives of those we love in self defense, we are not killers.
    What about the rest of the South African population? 95% of the South African population no matter what race or creed just wants to be left alone and to be able to make a living, we do not want a war, but this so called democratic government does not care what the majority wants; for them it is all about self enrichment and power.
    Whatever happens we the white South Africans will have to stay and see it through, getting raped, killed and whatever else they might have in store for us. Where can we go, we have nothing left and nothing to look forward to, nowhere on earth is there a nation or state that cares about what happens here. Everyone for themselves and the devil for the rest!!!!


  13. man_in_tx

    Ms Mercer: I respect and appreciate your expert analysis of current (and past) events in “ZA.” However, I confess to having been taken aback by photos of the Boers rendering the “Hitler salute” to the coffin of the late AWB leader, TerreBlanche. Are you able to provide some context, please? Or, are some of the Boers naked Nazi-sympathizers? Don’t want anything “whitewashed,” but don’t want to wrongfully tar anyone with the “Nazi” brush, either. Thank you in advance!

  14. man_in_tx

    Ms Mercer: Have you ever previously blogged on the huge impact the late (but, not-so-great) Senator Ted Kennedy had years ago in this country in getting the ball rolling to support the ANC over the then-white Government? He basically helped bring chaos to the Southernmost part of the African continent, but NEVER do the MSM EVER give due “credit” for the utter chaos and ruin that their policies invoke when they are implemented. Funny, I don’t remember Teddy ever “bragging” that he had helped bring “murder and mayhem” to the forefront in South Africa. (I suspect that some of his animus for the white Government in ZA stemmed from his hatred for all things British, as well as his sympathy for the Irish laborers in that country. That said, he should be excoriated indefinitely for having ruined this once-beautiful, once-prosperous, once well-run country by turning it over to brutal Marxist thugs.

  15. Renee

    Blacks killing whites is considered justice. Whites killing blacks is considered murder.
    Leftists don’t give a rat’s butt about the murder of whites by minorities ANYWHERE. [That goes for leftists who parade as conservatives, which is most conservatives these days.]

  16. Vrye Denker

    I believe the AWB made some very unfortunate choices with their insignia and hand gestures. They were never socialists, but they are staunch nationalists. They don’t want to kill other races or believe themselves naturally superior, they merely stand for racial liberty. The AWB came into being as a result of farm attacks as far back as the late 1800’s, when it was known as the “ossewa brandwag” (oxcar-fire guard, or something to that effect). It is entirely an answer to genocidal tendencies that are so rampant in Africa. In all honesty, some of their supporters are of the Aryan persuasion, but they are a minority and do not inhabit the hierarchy of the AWB.

    The point is that they are merely there to protect their own although they could have gotten a better image consultant.

  17. Derek

    I think they were quick to jump to conclusions about the flag and salute. That particular salute has been used by others, including Americans, before anyone ever heard of Nazis.

  18. geniqu4u

    Ms Mercer,

    I don’t mean to be rude, but I’m a black women who attended both Howard University and Bowie State University in the eighties with African students. Quite frankly, they told us horror stories about what happened to blacks at the hands of white farmers. Steven Biko was not an isolated case, not by a long shot. Black Africans from all the black nations knew about the plight of South African blacks. Now, the tables have turned and somehow this is far worse? The Bible tells us that you “reap what you sow”, basically, what goes around comes around.

    You can’t begrudge people their: dignity, land, and culture in their Homeland for years, and then expect them to take the high road. To think that would be both unrealistic and wishful. Besides, whites were living in splendor, compared to blacks living in shanty towns. Did you really think that black people, when they were no longer under white rule wouldn’t want blood? You’ve got to be kidding, that’s the fleshly human nature that the bible warns about. By being there and taking the best of everything, what did you expect?

    There’s no love lost between blacks and whites in South Africa, and the whites there only have themselves to blame. Colonalism worked in favor of whites everywhere it was forced upon the indigenous peoples ( Africa, India, South American, Australia, and the US ), with disastrous results for those people ( disease, massacres, loss of homeland, etc…). You name me one nation that got rid of white rule that doesn’t still hold a grudge, and has fully recovered their cultural practices without the incorporation of a few practices from white society ( and no I’m not talking about religion ). Don’t pat yourself on the back if you can’t, that to most people of color is where the insult lies. Additions to all of our cultures are from the holes left from “forced” compliance. White South Africans forced compliance by making laws in their favor, and enforcing them with extreme prejudice.

    I’m not saying that the white farmers deserve it, far from it, what I am saying is: if you treat people like savages long enough, that’s what you’ll get. These people were treated like savages, and now they are taking their revenge and acting it out. When you mistreat people for many years while you’re in power, they will be more viscious than you ever were when they gain power. Besides, whites enjoyed privileges at the expense of blacks, so did you really think that there wouldn’t be a price to pay eventually? Or did you believe, that they would take the “forgive and forget” stance and not want what they considered justice? Just for peace? “No justice, no peace” is their motto.

    They want justice, even if you don’t agree with the methods and the means, that’s what this is really all about: Justice on their terms, not the white Africans. After all, didn’t the whites there determine justice while they were in power? That’s why the bible tells us to “due unto to others as you would have them due unto you”, just so things like this don’t happen. Hurting people hurt other people, and black South Africa has been in misery for a long time.

    As for the people responsible for growing the food, I’m sure they can thank the earlier black farmers ( just like whites in the US have the Indians to thank for learning their farming practices, [foreign land, foreign plants and animals] ) for their start. Whites didn’t know what to do with the land in any part of Africa when they first arrived, so they need to stop acting like they were doing blacks a favor after they arrived. As I recall, black South Africans were not starving when the white man came to their shores ( and neither were the Indians of India and the Americas nor the Aborigines, that came after whites divided land amongst themselves ). As all people of color who have dealt with Europeans have unfortunately found out: no good deed goes unpunished.

    For the record, my husband is white. We have 3 daughters, and we are conservative christian homeschoolers that use the Sonlight Curriculum and Memoria Press. It’s a great curriculum ( Sonlight ), it tells both sides of the story of History. Whites are not glorified to the point of not having any faults, but not villianized either.

    That’s just my 2 cents,
    Genia Quetel

  19. geniqu4u

    There is a typo on my last entry, it was midnight when I wrote it.

    It was supposed to read “do unto others as they would have them do unto you”.

    I don’t believe in genocide, period. This is an unfortunate series of events, and was inevitable.

  20. Robert Glisson

    “That particular salute has been used by others, including Americans, before anyone ever heard of Nazis.” The Swastika is a symbol used by the Indians of both Europe and America as a symbol of good fortune. The anachronism NAZI means National Socialist workers Party, and was dropped by Hitler’s party as soon as they got into public office. Like Progressives took the name Liberal from Classical Liberals. Just the fact that a symbol has some similarity to another, doesn’t mean that both have the same philosophy.

  21. Mike Martin

    Dear Ms. Mercer;

    Just read your article on WND. How anybody with any brains and/or common sense, white OR black remains in South Africa is beyond me. Short of the Zulus standing with the Afrikaners and creating their own country, I don’t foresee any healthy future for whites (unless they are pimping panderers like in this Country) or Zulus in SA, especially after that old terrorist Mandella passes.

    If the Zulus think they are going to have it better in SA after Mandela goes to hell and the whites are raped and butchered, they must be smoking some powerful pharmaceuticals. Yeah, I know, SA is in some respects in the same position Israel is: the dumb sorts in this Country follow blindly the propaganda fed to them by the vermin in the district of criminals and are against the whites in SA and the Jews in Israel.

    I’m no expert on SA, but I have read history books (especially ones written before the 1950s), and some pretty obscure ones written by veterans of not only the Boer War, but the Matabele Wars as well. True, some real stupidity was conducted by the Boers after the British “defeated” them, but nothing that would justify how SA has been treated since the communists in this Country rallied the morons in the universities and propaganda mills to defend that terrorist Mandela.

    If anybody cares or is interested in seeing just how the communists work in Africa, please read the book “Something of Value“. It’s all about how the soviet communist agents used some of the most perverse methods to turn the tribes into Mau mau, and basically destroy Kenya. Based on my research, the soviets used the same tactics on the blacks in SA to get the same results there as in Kenya.

    The very worst stuff I’ve read regarding SA is that the Marxist murderers running SA are just waiting for Mandela to croak so they can go on a murdering rampage against the whites that will make Rwanda look like a picnic in the park by comparison. If they do, you can bet the farm that the communist in this Country will go right along with it and blame the whites in SA and say that they had it coming, and deserved it. And, once SA goes, Botswana will be next.

    Unfortunately, the world is running out of places to seek refuge and the last lighthouse is on the verge of going out as well due to the stupidity beyond comprehension of the morons in this Country. I am glad that you and your family were able to leave SA and make it here while the lighthouse is still giving out light.

    God Bless you and your family.


    Mike Martin

  22. Derek

    You name me one nation that got rid of white rule that doesn’t still hold a grudge, and has fully recovered their cultural practices without the incorporation of a few practices from white society

    To answer the first part, I think India and Singapore do not hold grudges.

    The second part is a bit more difficult as most of the world drives cars, flies planes, and accesses the internet.

  23. John McNeill


    I don’t really buy the whole “it’s colonialism that’s to blame”. I think that this is rather just the nature of what happens when different ethnic groups come into contact with each other. The continent of Africa experienced many wars, genocides, and ethnic cleansing long before any Europeans came to Africa, which is why Afrikaner separatists are pressing for their own nation, because they know that they will never be safe in a black country.

    As the blogger Fjordman has noted, the imperialism is to blame for violence against whites doesn’t hold water, when immigrants from Africa and Asia are moving into European countries that never practiced colonialism like Norway or Ireland, and are committing acts of brutality against the native white populations.

    The point is, that even if South African whites didn’t do bad things (which they did, I don’t deny that), Africans would still be trying to get rid of them, as that’s the way human nature is. Justice isn’t really the motivator, it’s a desire of South African blacks to secure the country for themselves. [The country is not an abstraction; the majority is feeding of a tiny white tax base; once they impoverish all whites and seize their property, the country will collapse] The whites are a foreign element that need to be cleansed. [Afrikaners have been in SA as long as some black tribes] And I think this would prove to be true even if South African whites were the most saintly people in the world.

  24. John McNeill

    For the record, I don’t mean to imply that only blacks are prone to ethnic cleansing. What I meant was that any mass meeting of different peoples will lead to such brutal conflict, and I was citing the history of all the ethnic fighting in Africa as an example.

  25. Vrye Denker

    While we have people with opposing views commenting on this topic: why were there black soldiers fighting on the side of the SADF during the border wars? Also, why would the black “freedom fighters” hold regular raids in black townships?

  26. Robert Glisson

    Derek: I hope you know that I am in agreement with everything you have said so far, not just the Finnish Air Force, but the entrance to our local park has the Swastika, unless the PC crowd has found it and obliterated it while I wasn’t looking. I hope not.
    In regard to your response to Geniqu4u of India and Singapore, I would add- South America, the Middle East and most of the Orient as well. A form of colonization has been worldwide over the last three hundred years. Japan and Korea want our bases out. When we eventually leave, they will not hunt down the remaining Americans in Japan or Korea and extract racial ‘Justice.’
    History reflects that in almost every Communist revolution there is a purge of the so called elite. France and Russia purged its nobility, Cambodia and China purged its educated elite. It’s a bring everyone down to our level thing. Someone mentioned the Zulu tribes (a proud people) as being under the knife too, Communism can only survive in uneducated poverty which is the goal of the ANC.

  27. Barbara Grant

    Just wanted to mention “The Washing of the Spears” by Donald Morris, ca. 1964, detailing the migration of the Bantu nations (including Zulu, Xhosa, and others) from other parts of Africa to S. Africa. They are not “indigenous” to that particular location, and in fact, gained advantage through their numbers and superior abilities in warfare. Although Ms. Genia’s source is Christian, that does not, in and of itself, guarantee accuracy.

  28. G Kellermann

    The truth about Mugabe’s gangster youth

    BEWARE of ex-militia disguised as refugees, writes NDABEZINHLE KHUMALO of Meadowlands

    In the early 1980’s Robert Mugabe formed a paramilitary youth brigade similar to the Malawian Young Pioneers or Interahamwe of Rwanda.

    The Zimbabwe Youth Brigade was characterized by bright red shirts with a Zanu-PF badge. Their main brief was to kill, torture, rape destroy homes or break limbs of Zanu-PF supporters, ex-Zipra, Nguni-Ndebeles, Xhosa, Sotho, Kalanga, Tonga and Venda people.

    They complemented activities of the notorious 5th Brigade. For details read the Catholic report, “Breaking the silence”.

    The brigade’s activities contributed to the death of 20 000 civilians, and millions fleeing to South Africa from Matebeleland.

    After the 1987 Unity Accord, the government absorbed most brigade members into quasi-government and government departments. Today most are adults, some are in strategic positions, some are in the main opposition.

    Facing a strong opposition threat in 2000, Mugabe activated the youth-militia, headed by the late Border Gezi. This time their main brief was to invade, kill, intimidate and chase away white commercial farmers.

    The net result was the death of seven white farmers, one police constable and the total collapse of organized commercial farming.

    As the economy started to melt the regime has been struggling to sustain the youth-militia. To get rid of them, the Zimbabwe government is facilitating issuance of South African farm work permits ahead of other applicants.

    I have personally met hundreds of these ex-youth militia working as farm hands on commercial farms around the Vhemke district of Limpopo and at asylum offices in Pretoria.

    These youth are dangerously indoctrinated and pose a security threat. They are actually human rights criminals.

    How can South Africa be a sanctuary for such criminals who have contributed to the current state of Zimbabwe?

    [Letter appeared on page 13 of The Citizen (Johannesburg daily Newspaper) on Friday 15 June 2007]

  29. Vrye Denker

    This is exquisitely frustrating. But hey, at least if the talking heads think you are wrong, it means you’re on the right path. Glen Beck can kiss my behind. And to think I actually paid money to get his book on the Kindle.

  30. Hans Engelbrecht

    Dear Genia,

    I quote from your post above: “Quite frankly, they told us horror stories about what happened to blacks at the hands of white farmers. Steven Biko was not an isolated case, not by a long shot. Black Africans from all the black nations knew about the plight of South African blacks.”

    Your African student friends were lying. If apartheid SA was so bad why did we have to patrol our borders for illegal AFRICANS from “all the black nations” who wanted to come to terrible apartheid SA? Why were there hundreds of thousands of AFRICANS from “all the black nations” who wanted to live and work in apartheid SA? As an example the mines in SA had thousands of Malawians working there in the apartheid era.

    Btw, Steve Biko did not “suffer” at the hands of farmers. He died in police custody. He was an activist (a pseudonym for terrorist).
    Did your student friends also tell you about how the ANC treated other Africans who did not want to resist the then government? Did they tell you about “neclacing”, that little bit of fun ritual of putting a burning tyre around the dissedents’ necks? Does the Sonlight Curriculum include this part of history, or only your African student friends’ side?

  31. Robert Glisson

    The cover of Glenn Beck’s book “Arguing with Idiots” has him in a military uniform highly representative of the old German Officer’s uniform. Are we to consider him a Heaven Forbid-Fascist? Maybe he recognized something in a hand wave that no one else did because of his own ideology.

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