Update II: Weekly Column Back Next Week (Fundraising)

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I’m off this week. The weekly column will resume next Friday on WorldNetDaily.com, and the following day on Taki’s Magazine.

I know times are hard, but if you value the commentary and the community on this space, please consider showing your appreciation. I feel The Love, but one can’t live on love and fresh air.

Why are ilanamercer.com and Barely A Blog such good causes? Here are a few of the reasons.

To all the contributors on the blog: thank you for sharing your keen insights. Did you know that Barely A Blog and Ilanamercer.com are uniquely sticky websites? The average time spent on the latter is 30.6 minutes a day. On the former it is 52.6 min/day. Well done!

Although my column is on a short hiatus, the blog is humming. Enjoy!

Updated I (July 24): The Love is lacking. Again: If you appreciate the time I spend in crafting daily, original, topical commentary, keeping the Comments Forum open for your venting, responding to the Comments, interacting with my pepes, and ensuring it all remains civil and grammatical—show it.

Update II (July 25): Young Alex is brash and indecorous, as well as not terribly perceptive about character. Youth today have few role models. Perhaps some wiser, older men on this forum can impart a lesson or two.


5 thoughts on “Update II: Weekly Column Back Next Week (Fundraising)

  1. Alex

    OK Ilana. I will opt for a monthly contribution. I really can’t afford much, but since you are so incredibly arrogant about things you know to be right (a hallmark of an INTJ), I will go ahead and do this. It’s kinda funny.

    Oh, and you need to get some more saucy pictures up on your site. You are a pretty girl – this is coming from someone who is quite a bit younger than you.

    Take care Arrogant and Hardheaded One.


  2. Alex

    OK Ilana – you are all set. I hope that you can see who your monthly contributors are, so you know that I am not bluffing or making something up.

    And hopefully you know my comment about ‘saucy pictures’ was tongue in cheek… :=P

    Take care,


  3. Robert Glisson

    Don’t look at me, I’m ‘gushie’ you know. Maybe Myron or JP are up for it.

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