UPDATE II (2/3/022): Will Justine Ape Pappy Trudeau, And Use The Military Against Canadian Truckers?

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Q: “How far would you go …? [Would you] reduce civil liberties?”
Pierre Trudeau: “Just watch me”

I don’t expect any edified reference to history from our plodder, mainstream moron media. But it can hardly escape those of us who’re familiar with Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’s gleeful invocation of the War Measures Act, in Quebec, that Justine, his weak, simpleton, low-intelligence son, might repeat his father’s feat, this time against the Truckers Freedom Convoy, now stationed in Ottawa.  Justine has always wanted to best his father, who, although an arrogant bastard, was never plain stupid like the son.

On Oct. 13, 1970, Prime Minister Trudeau “[called] in army tanks and men in full gear… his aim was to boost national security. But the military’s presence made some Canadians feel a whole lot less secure.”

Eight days earlier, a Quebec separatist group, the FLQ (Front de libération du Québec), had kidnapped British Trade Commissioner James Cross and Quebec cabinet minister Pierre Laporte.

“What is it with all these men and guns around here?” CBC reporter Tim Ralfe had asked Trudeau, amid a crowd of journalists waiting for him outside Parliament, in raw CBC footage showing Trudeau’s discussion with reporters that day.

Back in the good old days, the national Canadian broadcaster, CBC, was aware of civil and constitutional liberties. Today, the CBC would be cheering Justine.

UPDATE: There you have it. Protest is only for the groups that the retarded Trudeau named, of of which Black Lives Matter is one. Go home, predominantly white Truckers, or else Justine, like his dad, will sic the military on you.

UPDATE II (2/3/022):Military will not be sent to deal with protesters, Canadian govt says Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has dismissed suggestions to use the armed forces to disperse demonstrators.

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