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UPDATE II (12/15/018): Ambassador Richard Grenell Sets The Immigration Debate Back On Tucker’s Show

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There wasn’t a plan. There was no Plan. It wasn’t implemented with a Plan.

Over and over did U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell repeat those words, on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show. His goal was clearly to reinforce the long-held safe position on immigration into the West. So long as it’s legal and there’s A Plan, it’s all good.

The only problem Grenell sees with Angela Merkel’s opening Germany to the influx of 1 million Muslims from North Africa and the Middle East was that … there was no plan, whatever that means. The implication: were there a plan, whatever that means, there would be no issue.

But there was A Plan. The Plan was to import 1 million Muslims and teach the German people about values à la Brussels.

Richard Grenell, no different to Rush Limbaugh, in his stated opinion about immigration, has a plan to stay on the side of the angels. Continue to support the influx of 2 million immigrants into the US, annually, since they are legal. Legal immigration will not change the country in bad ways; only the illegal variety does this.

Yes, that’s an unbelievably dumb position. I know.

The exclusive emphasis on border security and legality in the immigration debate is the conservative scoundrel’s bid for respectability.

Open-border advocates are helped immeasurably by the Grenells of this world. Everyone (and his dog) currently concurs that we have no problem with legal immigration, only with the illegal variety. It’s now mandatory to pair an objection to the invasion of the American Southwest with an embrace of all forms of legal immigration. The sole emphasis on border security has, in all likelihood, entrenched the status quo. Americans will never assert their right to determine the nature of the country they live in and, by extension, the kind of immigrants they welcome. The security risk newcomers pose and The Plan to absorb them are the only permissible topics for conversation.

You have to have a Plan, a heart, remain open to lots of immigrants. So long as they’re legal. That’s the safe position.

Tucker Carlson’s position, when he sticks to it, has been that a country is allowed to determine who lives in it and whether it needs a break from the incessant influx because, hey, diversity is killing us as a people.

Read my “Disunited States Of America … “


How does Grenell propose to deal with the hate crimes against little German children at school, from aggressive, empowered Arab kids, whose culture is comfortable with such displays of power? What’s the Plan?

UPDATE II (12/15/018): Dave Rubin, really?

The Power Trump Has To Wield Against The World Order And For America

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Does Size Matter?
Even if they club together, for example, it is hard for other countries to match China’s clout in Asia. And there is no real substitute for America’s overall influence and power. The country spends more on defence than the next seven countries combined, produces 23% of global GDP (measured at market exchange rates) and has the world’s dominant currency. Still [some are hoping] that a joint effort can make a difference while Mr Trump is president. “A group of midsized and wealthy democracies could join forces and protect the rules-based world order.”

See “Saving The World Order: Picking Up The Pieces,” The Economist, August 4.

‘We Have A Solemn Obligation To Protect Our Citizens & Their Quality Of Life’: Wow, What Was POTUS Thinking?

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The president looked sharp during a presser with Italy’s Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte. Even sharper and better were President Trump’s comments about reclaiming immigration sovereignty. Shut the government down if you don’t win from Congress the ability to control our demographic destiny and reclaim American sovereignty.

Appreciated is the way this president always hearkens back to civilizational issues. Once you lose the West, you’re not getting it back. The tipping point may have been reached.

Here POTUS warmly welcomes Giuseppe Conte:

Conte has taken “a very firm stand” on border matters, for which he is praised. Trump being a MAGA man, brings up trade tariffs.


Cooperation on stabilizing Libya is likely code for stopping the influx from North Africa into Italy. 

“Our countries have learned through hard experience that border security is national security.” Terrorism and uncontrolled migration are separated, not conflated.

“The [Italian] Prime Minister and I are united in our conviction that strong nations must have strong borders.” A merit-based immigration system is a must:

Stephen Miller has an uncle:

Why Liberals Hate The Original Constitutional Scheme

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Liberals disapprove of the brilliant men “who wrote America’s constitution,” you know, the geniuses of the pale patriarchy.

Yes, concedes the Economist, the Senate was devised “to represent places, not people, and there is a case for that; other constitutions, such as Germany’s, look to ensure regional representation in their upper house.”

So far, so good.

But liberals want heavily populated cities and city slickers—they vote Democrat—to drown out rural people, who vote Republicans. So, for ensuring that “the largest states do not dominate the rest,” the Senate is considered bad by liberals. “[T]he constitution provides equal representation for all the states, large and small alike. This builds in an over-representation for people in small or sparsely populated places.”

That liberals can’t abide.

But for the electoral college liberals, who’re ignorant of any political theory other than egalitarianism, reserve the ugliest terms.

The “electoral college,” writes the Economist, is as system “that America’s founders jury-rigged in part to square the needs of democracy with the demography of slavery.”

Come again?

See: “The minority majority: America’s electoral system gives the Republicans advantages over Democrats,” July 12th 2018.