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When Europe Becomes Africa … In 100 Years

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To see Europe in 100 years, it’s more instructive to look at Africa today or watch “Idiocracy,” a magnificent, American, satire-cum-documentary.

And has Philadelphia Archbishop Charles J. Chaput ever considered encouraging the use of contraception in Africa? And/or discouraging Africa from moving to Europe? What about preserving his own Christian civilization that has been so instrumental to Africa’s population explosion?

UPDATED (8/2): What’s Islam & Other Terrorism Been Up To Lately

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UPDATE (8/2/017):
Spontaneous, fatal, knife attack by, drum roll, “26-year-old who was born in the United Arab Emirates”:

Erdogan is faithful …

Hormones (or hormone-replacement therapy) and immigration.


Revenge rape and its perfectly legal.

Murder or mayhem.

Mohammad: music to the ears of some.

The Polish get it. And they likely have less of a traitor class in charge:

I don’t give a damn about . It’s an intellectual cesspool. Defund it. Privatize it. Sack it, for all I care.

POTUS In Poland And The Neoconservative Threat

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The president began his address to the Polish with praise for his wife, long-overdue: “… no better ambassador for our country than our beautiful First Lady, Melania.”

Of concern is that President Trump’s powerful address to the People of Poland, on July 6, 2017, has become a repository for neoconservative fantasies of world domination.

What President Trump said is hardly a Rorschach blot: fuzzy, hazy verbal vapor, designed to absorb the listener’s projected emotions and reflect them back soothingly. The neoconservatives, however, are back. And the Never-Trumpsters have stepped into their former positions in media.

Chucky Krauthammer rides again.

The Poles Like Gen. Lee’s Battle Flag:

READ: Remarks by President Trump to the People of Poland | July 6, 2017.

See it.

US Interferes With Hungary’s Sovereignty. Pot. Kettle. Black.

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“I hope and pray Poland is not invaded by “our NATO allies” (read the US) for attempting to stay Polish, not Muslim.” So I tweeted following a report that “Poland has shut its border to Islamic migrants to keep potential terrorists Out.”

Hyperbole? Hardly. Donald Trump’s State Department has warned Hungary that its anti-Soros law is another step away from NATO.

… Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s spokesperson urged Hungarian leaders to scrap legislation mandating that Hungarian nonprofits supported by foreign contributors identify their donors. The bill is the latest development in nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s ongoing campaign against Soros …

As we carry on about Russia running interference with the DNC, America interferes with the sovereignty of nations daily, through government and through democracy enforcing NGOs and party affiliated organizations. It’s beyond corruption. It’s beyond a double standards.

Your guide to this corrupt conduct is here: THE WAR ON TRUMP: The Big Picture for Conservatives, Libertarians & Liberals.