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NEW COLUMN: Too Bad Kirstjen Nielsen Isn’t Trump’s Daughter

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NEW COLUMN IS “Too Bad Kirstjen Nielsen Isn’t Trump’s Daughter.” It’s now on WND.COM and The Unz Review.

An excerpt:

“More than 76,000 migrants crossed the border without authorization in February” this year, reported the New York Times.

March saw 100,000 merry migrants waltz into the U.S., undisturbed.

Caravans are getting larger, not smaller. “Newcomers continue to arrive, sometimes by the busload, at the rate of 2,200 a day,” said the same source.

Border agents are said to be bracing “to meet the medical needs” of the newcomers.” Silly me. I thought their duty was to meet the security needs of the American people.

Monthly apprehensions average 32,012.

“Apprehension”: Now that’s Orwellian speak for you. A more accurate description is: briefly stopped for a cursory wellness check before being sent on their way to the interior.

All you need to know is that children are the charm, a magic amulet. If you don’t quite get it, here’s a reenactment of “apprehension”:

Customs and Border Protection agent to migrant: “Got kids?”

New arrival at the U.S. scouthern border: “You bet.” (Turns to a large, brooding male.) “Pepito, say hello to the nice policeman.”

American agent: “Pepito is a little hairy for a kid and he’s covered in ink.”

Future American citizen from Salvador (with the aid of a translator paid for by the U.S.): “Pepito is just mature for his age. It’s the chemicals. They’re killing us. Asylum. Hurry. We’re dying.”

Agent sworn to protect Americans: “You’re good to go. (Stamps a bit of paper and waves the new Americans by.) “Don’t forget to return for your asylum court hearing, amigos.”

Instead of this “apprehension” farce, Kris Kobach, the former Kansas Secretary of State, has highlighted the many tactical strategies that could—still can—be operationalized at the border to halt the treasonous Catch-and-Release policy ongoing.

Kobach faults former Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen for looking to Congress for a legislative remedy.

This seems a little harsh. The two chambers were dominated by Republicans for two years. It was hardly unreasonable for Nielsen to have expected from these legislators an immigration bill for the ages. Instead, she got a tax cut.

Confession: I have a soft spot for the ice princess, whom Trump summarily dumped. …

… READ THE REST. “Too Bad Kirstjen Nielsen Isn’t Trump’s Daughter” is now on WND.COM and The Unz Review.

UPDATE II (4/28/019): Nielsen Tried To Stop The Invasion By Separating ‘Families.’ Then Ivanka Cried & Trump Crumbled.

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I’ve followed Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen closely. I disagree with those badmouthing her. They have historical Alzheimer’s. Nielsen is best known for separating “families” (a commendable thing when this is the only legal tool with which to stop an invasion of the country). She eloquently defended the separation of families. Nielsen, in fact, was fully committed to a zero-tolerance policy and the resultant family separations.

The policy called for all suspected border crossers — including parents and asylum seekers — to be prosecuted for illegal entry. As a result, thousands of children were separated from their parents, with children classified as “unaccompanied.“ …

Then, Ivanka and The Familia intervened.  Trump, whose  loyalties are with his daughter’s ambitions, crumbled.  And subsequently, the president solicited Nielsen’s help in “drafting an executive order barring family separations.” Again, Nielsen had been down with separating “families” to stop the invasion.

Now, Kirstjen Nielsen is being blamed for legislative inaction in the first 2 years of the presidency, when the Republicans controlled both houses and The Executive .

UPDATE I (4/8/019):

Trump signed an executive order to END HIS OWN family-separation policy. Now he’s angry with Secretary Nielsen for being unable to reverse his OWN decision.

UPDATE II (4/28/019):

US is able to keep a Russian waif, Maria Butina, in solitary for months, then sentence and deport her. But we allow hundreds of thousands of the great unwashed to cross the Southern border and stay in the US for good. MAGA?

The Dirty Dozen: The Senate Republicans Who’d Rather Lose The Country Than Play Tough

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The Dirty dozen: “… nearly a quarter of Senate Republicans joined Senate Democrats in supporting the House-passed resolution of disapproval.”

The 12 Senate Republicans who blocked President Trump’s border Emergency Declaration are,

Via the New York Times:

Roy Blunt of Missouri, Susan Collins of Maine, Mike Lee of Utah, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Rob Portman of Ohio, Mitt Romney of Utah, Marco Rubio of Florida, Patrick J. Toomey of Pennsylvania, Rand Paul of Kentucky, Roger Wicker of Mississippi, Mr. Alexander and Mr. Moran.

At least it’ll make the president use his veto power for … the first time.

The dirty dozen are dumb and dastardly. And that includes Rand Paul. They’re worried, seemingly, “about executive overreach.”

However, we live in the post-constitutional America. Only loser Republicans pretend it ain’t so. They follow the Queensberry Rules, while Democrats, who play to win, deal them a one-two punch.

POTUS tweets that, “The Democrats are ‘Border Deniers.’ They refuse to see or acknowledge the Death, Crime, Drugs and Human Trafficking at our Southern Border!”

I don’t think so. “Democrats see all too clearly that open borders will bring the demographic change that’ll make America a dominant-party state like South Africa.”

But more than that, Dems and their Republican enablers are true believers. You can respect them for their fight and determination to get their way.

Republicans deserve only contempt.


Mayor & Police Reassure The ‘Immigrant Community,’ After Helpless American Woman Is Killed By Illegal Alien Predator

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For how long will American citizens tolerate these kind of travesties?

Fifty-nine-year-old Bambi Larson was found “slashed and beaten in her Knollfield Way home in San Jose on February 28.”

The 24-year-old suspect is Carlos Arevalo Carranza, illegal alien offal, a dangerous career criminal. He allegedly stalked his helpless victim with impunity.

A vulnerable American lady is butchered, yet, foremost on the “minds” of San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo and his police chief is to make assurances not to the legit community, but to the “immigrant community”:

… It is long overdue for the County to reconsider its current policy of ignoring ICE hold requests for predatory felons, which undermines the safety of the very immigrant communities we collectively seek to protect.

Don’t be naive. This guy Liccardo and his police chief are going through the motions, pandering to the right political bloc, ignoring the passive population that dare not speak its name.

Until the next time, when they will mutter the same sweet nothings on the grave of another helpless lady.