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Bibi Netanyahu’s Two-Faced, Brutish, Boorish Reaction To Trump

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Nationhood is for Jews, but not for gentiles. This is what disgusts about Israeli politicians, pundits and now Bibi Netanyahu, worshiped by neocons. The prime minister and his Knesset take as a given that Jews should be able to do what is necessary to protect themselves in their homeland. The protection of American lives in their homeland, on the other hand, is a far less urgent matter to these Israelis.

Netanyahu has openly declared that he wants to retain Israel’s national character. Well of course. And so he should.

He has rightly refused to absorb some of the region’s refugees, insisting that this would conflict with his obligation to his countrymen. Copy that, Mr prime minister. But when an American patriot so much as suggests stanching the flow of blood in the US, caused by this country’s laissez-faire immigration policies—Bibi and his pols protest boorishly.


“Prime Minister Netanyahu rejects Donald Trump’s recent remarks about Muslims,” according to a statement issued by the prime minister’s office.

“The State of Israel respects all religions and strictly guarantees the rights of all its citizens. At the same time, Israel is fighting against militant Islam that targets Muslims, Christians and Jews alike and threatens the entire world,” the statement said.

Netanyahu came under fire from dozens of members of the Israeli parliament for planning to host the controversial GOP presidential front-runner. They called on the Prime Minister to cancel his meeting with the billionaire businessman.

As I wrote in “Cut The Cycle-Of-Violence Crap”:

Israelis seldom extend us the sympathy Americans so dearly deserve. The Muhammadan menace in the U.S. is, by default, downplayed when it’s portrayed by Israelis as part-and-parcel of the cross borne by a multicultural, multiethnic democracy: The U.S.

The largely homogeneous Jewish State is said to be entitled to live free of the Muhammadan menace. Not so our Anglo-American Christian civilization.

Let right-minded Americans remind their Israeli friends, however, that America was not multiethnic and multireligious by birth. Rather, the America we love and need every bit as Israelis love and need Israel has become a balkanized, multiethnic toilet by political design, by force.

This is no way to live. Not for Americans; not for Israelis.

Trump’s response was masterful:

He is reminding Israel that he’ll not forget this shameful episode if …

UPDATED: The Turks, The Turkmen & The American Turkeys Stateside

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The US government is too often on the side of the American People’s enemies. (Think closely about the implications of that statement.) I would venture that were a US pilot parachuting through disputed airspace, onto Turkey’s territory, the Turks—great NATO allies of Obama and Bush—would sic their Turkmen proxies on our pilot, and these ethnic Turkmen would have eliminated him, with blood-curdling cries to a vampiric god, as they did an ISIS-fighting Russian pilot. The Kurds—real allies to America and Israel but betrayed by both—our pals the Turks are always killing.

What is the term for a government that’s mostly on the side of its people’s enemies?

UPDATE: There is that tinny robotic libertarian edict to see no evil, hear no evil; some libertarians believe you should pretend to see no evil/ hear no evil, all under the guise of foreign policy neutrality. Not me. Noted here was the fact that there is a sympathetic people in the region. That only the 3, proverbial, see-no-evil hear-no-evil monkeys (and some libertarians) would deny. The post further asked not what we can do for the good Kurds, but why are this government’s interests (ditto Bush’s) the same as those of the bad actors. The paragraph is a rather modest one. So, where is its answer? What is the proper term for “a government that’s mostly on the side of its people’s enemies”? Where are those Founder quotes?

Immigrants Who Accept Judaism

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Four minutes and 40 seconds into this rather good video about Israeli and Jewish innovation, an entrepreneur speaks up for the contribution of immigrants who come to Israel. The camera pans out to show North African Jews lovingly carrying the Torah and Japanese Jews deep in prayer. To see Japanese Jews praying at the Wailing Wall is certainly moving. Who would have imagined!

But the distinctly American narrator thinks his Jewish viewers are dumb not to notice that all Israel’s diverse-looking immigrants are wearing kippot (yarmulkes), praying to the same G-d, and holding the same ancient Scriptures close to their hearts.

Do you think this cultural and religious cohesion might have something to do with these immigrants’ love of country and joy of assimilation? Indeed, Israel: Don’t give us the diversity crap: you welcome Jews and Jews only to the Jewish State.

Personally, I wish Israelis would assemble a book of Israeli jokes:

Here’s what a Jewish mother says to a Jewish child aged 7, to spur him to better things:

“After all I’ve done for you, is asking for one Nobel Prize really too much?”

Cut The Cycle-Of-Violence Crap

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“Cut The Cycle-Of-Violence Crap” is the current column, now on The Unz Review, America’s smartest webzine. An excerpt:

A DAY IN THE LIFE. The Bennett family’s day began with a prayer at “the Western Wall, the holiest site in Judaism.” It ended in the murder of the family’s father, stabbed to death in the Old City as he attempted to save wife and son from the same fate. A rabbi who rushed to the rescue was knifed to death, too. Twenty-two-year-old Odel Bennett found herself running for her life, a blade in her shoulder, as Palestinian onlookers jeered and spat in her direction.

As widow Odel Bennett convalesced with her toddler at the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, another Jewish woman (an elderly Iraqi) was recovering at Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Hospital from gun and knife wounds similarly inflicted. Her husband lay in the morgue. That couple’s day started on a “Jerusalem city bus, when two Palestinians attacked with knives and a gun,” reported National Public Radio.

Surveillance camera footage uploaded to the Internet show numerous Palestinian-on-Jew attacks in real time. Waiting at a bus stop, these Arabs are wont to turn and plunge a knife into a Jewish neighbor’s back, again and again and again.

Religious imprimatur for the current wave of attacks on Israelis comes from the highest authority in the Palestinian Authority and beyond. In mosques across the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, clerics deliver sermons brandishing scimitars, inciting the faithful to “form stabbing squads and cut the Jews into body parts.”

Mosques enjoy the support of the Palestinian family, school and authority.

UNIDIRECTIONAL VIOLENCE. This time last year—and decades prior—Muslims from East Jerusalem raided a synagogue, killing five Israelis.

These unidirectional assaults on Jews are nearly as old as the Tomb of our Patriarch Joseph. Oops: The ancient Nablus shrine was torched, the other day, by Muhammadan peaceniks, acting à la ISIS (in Syria and Iraq). …

Read the rest. “Cut The Cycle-Of-Violence Crap” is the current column, now on The Unz Review, America’s smartest webzine.