UPDATED: ‘Return to Reason’ One of the Most Popular Columns on WND …

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My column, Return to Reason, was among the three most popular columns on WND for the month of April. Return to Reason is WND’s longest-standing, exclusive, libertarian weekly column.

I thank my readers for doing their part

Alexa US Ranking for WND: 423
Alexa World Ranking for WND: 1,832

UPDATE (May 26): A pleasant surprise awaits you, Myron, in the new, improved, softcover edition of The Cannibal,, wherein you are now mentioned.

Anyone who wishes to read this bonus material should petition The Cannibal’s Publisher to supply Amazon with Cannibal copies, via the Amazon-approved channels. This is the very basic commitment of publishing. Without Amazon a work has no life.

Amazon is the lifeblood of any worker-bee writer.

3 thoughts on “UPDATED: ‘Return to Reason’ One of the Most Popular Columns on WND …

  1. My RON PAUL i

    There is a very very tiny group of op-ed writers who are:

    (1) Neither predictable knee jerk leftists nor predictable knee jerk rightists

    (2) Holders of generally sound views on human liberty and individual rights

    (3) Don’t wallow in paranoid conspiracy theories, anti-Semitism, etc.

    (4) Write decently with a modicum of thought and wit

    You are one of the few. HOWEVER – while that sentiment of mine may be considered a compliment, I also find it an unfortunate sign of the degeneracy of our so-called “intelligentsia”. Ideas that used to be routinely expressed by Mason, Madison, Adams, Jefferson, Franklin and others are now passe compared to “national greatness” and the Nanny State. So I tip my hat to you as one of the few sane people in the asylum.

    [Thanks. See Post]

  2. james huggins

    Well done Mercer. Calling a spade a spade works sometimes and sometimes you have to call it a bloody shovel. You do both admirably and with logic.

  3. james huggins

    I bent the ear of your publisher. They guaranteed nothing but felt like things would be resolved with Amazon in a week or so. Barnes and Noble has the paperback version listed right now.

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