UPDATE II: BHO: Uncle Sam’s Assassin (Killer Drones)

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The following is excerpted form “BHO: Uncle Sam’s Assassin,” , which you can catch on WND and on RT.

“Villagers in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya and Yemen already know it, although the people on the ground near American drone bases in Somalia and Ethiopia are still blissfully unaware of it—Barack Obama is the uncrowned king of the killer drone.

In Iraq, ordinary men and women scan the skies nervously for the telltale metallic shimmer, wondering whether they are being simply surveilled from above, as promised, or targeted by Hellfire missiles. Ditto the Iranians, who recently downed, and promptly displayed to the world, an RQ-170 Sentinel, launched into Iranian airspace by Uncle Sam.

According to the Washington Post, ‘When Obama was sworn into office in 2009, the nation’s clandestine drone war was confined to a single country, Pakistan, where 44 strikes over five years had left about 400 people dead. The number of strikes has since soared to nearly 240, and the number of those killed, according to conservative estimates, has more than quadrupled.’

The New America Foundation tabled the findings to reflect the carnage in Pakistan by presidency.

Between 2004 and 2007, when Genghis Bush reigned supreme, America killed 112 Pakistanis. The total number of Pakistanis eliminated by drone between 2004 and 2011 was 2,680!

The POTUS’s growing fleet of armed Predators and Reapers is operated by both the CIA and the Military’s Joint Special Operations Command, each, evidently, with its own Kill List, and all under, ‘a complicated web of overlapping authorities.’ …

On Google, Obama was sticking to his guns. ‘Drones have not caused a huge number of civilian casualties,’ the president insisted. How many innocents has Obama been willing to write-off as acceptable collateral damage? For every one militant assassinated, 15 civilians are murdered. …

Little Shakira is the poster child for Uncle Sam’s outreach in the region…”

READ THE COMPLETE COLUMN, “BHO: Uncle Sam’s Assassin,” now on WND or on RT.

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UPDATED I: “Killer Drones” on RT. Please click to “Like,” “Share” and Tweet.

UPDATE II (Feb. 7): Not that I put much stock in “American Democracy” (we were founded as a republic), but the information in this Atlantic essay is useful: “Waging War in Secret vs. American Democracy.”

2 thoughts on “UPDATE II: BHO: Uncle Sam’s Assassin (Killer Drones)

  1. Myron Pauli

    Oops (Rick Perry!) Here is the whole response:

    I wonder if Joyce Carol Oats thinks the same now that we have a leftist Warmonger instead of a rightist warmonger.

    We went to war with the Afghan Taliban not because they attacked us but because they would not extradite Osama (who left soon after) … and then we enlarged it to the Pushtuns who helped the Taliban and then the Pakistani Pushtuns who helped the Afghan Pushtuns and then other Pakistanis and Yemenis and Libyans and Somalians or anyone not based on a declaration of war or in self-defense but at the entire whim of the President. Additionally, this is all done in secret since it is all none of our business other than to pay for it (sooner but mostly later thanks to deficit spending).

    This is government gone amuck and, pathetically, Mitt-Newt-Rick are upset that Obama is not doing enough unjustified/unconstitutional warmongering! And without a draft, the American people’s reaction is: zzzzzzzzzzzz-snore-zzzzzzzz.

    American Exceptionalism is a cruel joke of Orwellian proportions where war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength (and I should add truth is fiction):


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