UPDATED (2/7/022): GoFundMe Threatens To Defraud Canadian TruckersForFreedom And Steal From Them



F-ck your promise of an inquiry (“we have questions“), Rep. Jim Jordan. When an alleged perpetrator–-GoFundMe-–operating across stateliness, is caught red-handed with private property stolen, you don’t plan on convening a congressional committee—always mere theatrics—to “question” him; you dispatch or coordinate the appropriate authorities to stop a crime in progress, liberate the funds stolen, apprehend the perps and bring them in for questioning.

The infraction under discussion is, as mentioned, courtesy of GoFundMe, which had originally promised to “withhold millions of dollars raised for Canadian truckers protesting against vaccine mandates, citing police reports of violence. The Freedom Convoy has been rallying since last weekend, and more protests are expected in Toronto and Ottawa.”

Why the use of the terms theft and fraud? Why, it ought to be obvious: The GoFundMe fucks were 1. threatening theft of private property. 2. Perpetrating fraud by initially promising donors to act as a trust-worthy fiduciary and then violating that promise.

Fraud can be a federal crime. And there’s something audaciously both criminal and lawless about an organization operating across state lines, entrusted with donations—that’s GoFundMe’s mission statement—appropriating these funds publicly.

Most Republicans see their main occupation as waiting in Fox News’ Green Room. I have to finally concede, though, that unique among them is Governor Ron De Santis. He truly gets it. De Santis is a man who’s seriously attempting to govern in accordance with first principles, and is acutely aware of the systemic rights violations against the kind of Deplorables who support him.

He tweets:

It is a fraud for Go-Fund Me to commandeer $9M in donations sent to support truckers and give it to causes of their own choosing. I will work with AG Ashley Moody to investigate these deceptive practices — these donors should be given a refund.

Go-Fund Me Thieves won’t be fucking with De Santis.

Oh, and Maybe multi-billionaire Elon Musk will do more than tweet? He got rich off an industry wholly subsidized by taxpayers, the Commie Car racket. Would that he’d  show some noblesse obligé to his working-class benefactors.


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UPDATED (2/7/022):   THEFT’S THE THEME: Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson orders his goons to STEAL the private property of Truckers For Freedom. Shameful armed police officers and firefighters have STOLEN so far 3,200 litres of fuel from peaceful heroes struggling to keep from freezing in arctic temps. READ.

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  1. Anonymous

    I was interested in learning about fraud and force. I found this article particularly enlightening.

    ‘ What are the facts of reality that give rise to the differentiae of “fraud”? The first, I believe, is that fraud proceeds by inducement rather than by direct physical coercion. Secondly, it proceeds by inducements based on the promise of gain rather than on the threat of harm. Thirdly, its inducements of gain involve a conscious and harmful deception of the person who conveys the goods or performs the services. Thus, fraud may be distinguished in turn from malicious deceit that harms but does attempt to obtain goods or services (e.g., giving a motorist false directions); from the seizure of goods by direct force; from the acquisition of goods through threat; and from the acquisition of goods through trade. Its definition is: “The act of obtaining goods or services from another through an inducement of gain that involves a conscious and harmful deception of the person who conveys the goods or performs the services.”


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