UPDATED (2/5/022): NEW From Ottawa: Canada’s Truckers Are Sheer Unmasked Goodness

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Our friend, who wrote “Dispatch From Ottawa, Canada: ‘FUCK YOU, TRUDEAU'”, sends another dispatch from the trucker’s frontline in Ottawa.

Writes David C, on February 3rd, 2022:

I went to Ground Zero this afternoon and chatted with some of the truckers and protesters. These are some of the best folks you will ever meet. They keep the place very clean and orderly, setting up garbage bags, shoveling the bit of show that fell overnight, salting the sidewalks to keep people safe. I even watched an impromptu street hockey game and signed on an improvised Stanley Cup. A fellow standing beside me thanked Trudeau because “…through his venom, he succeeded in waking people up and in bringing all the good-hearted Canadians closer…”

Beautiful to see all those unmasked people smiling, mingling, chatting, making Ottawa feel like a small town!

* Images By David C.


Canadian Military tells Ottawa to find someone else to evict the truckers:

Who is this piece of human excrement, vowing to act against the People he took an oath to protect?

Trudeau marched with BLM, but hates on working class, largely white Canada.


Will Justine Ape Pappy Trudeau, And Use The Military Against Canadian Truckers?

“Tucker And The Trucker: Condescending About Canada; Wrong About American South”

Dispatch From Ottawa, Canada: ‘FUCK YOU, TRUDEAU’

UPDATED: Rex Murphy: ““A real Conservative leader would have given the truckers a hearing”:

This was not quite a “Joshua with his trumpet outside the walls of Jericho” moment. And considering the convoy and its leaders had rolled across half of Canada to get to Parliament Hill and have their voices heard, it seemed a little churlish that the leader of the Opposition should be prematurely selective of whom he would meet, and to rule out the site where his role is most prominent.

It is curious that so large an assembly of citizens with legitimate concerns, coming such a distance, have not even been given the simple courtesy of a greeting and a listen.

UPDATED (2/5/022): It has to be said: Canada is leading the Resistance, and, as Robert Malone, MD, says, “It’s a beautiful thing”:

A protest at the Canada-U.S. border crossing in Coutts, Alta. also remains ongoing. RCMP said protesters on horseback joined the truck blockade on Saturday, with more than 100 horses estimated to be there along with food trucks. Police say traffic is still moving in both directions across the border.

Just imagine if this was a BLM, Antifa crowd, whose causes, we’re lectured, are ever righteous. You’d have looting, murder, assaults, arson, theft, galore.

Truckers For Freedom are OUR people doing OUR bidding, making us proud and grateful.

GoFundMe ARE THIEVES. They are planning to distribute wealth/property not theirs. They are also engaged in fraud, having led donors to TruckersForFreedom2022 to part with their money believing #GoFundMeThieves were reliable, 3rd party fiduciaries.

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