NEW COLUMN: Forget Iran, China And Hunter: Americans Are Suffering

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NEW COLUMN, “Forget Iran, China And Hunter: Americans Are Suffering,” is currently featured on WND, The Unz Review, The New American. It’s scheduled on

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… Eddies of passion now flow from the conservative commentariat to the Chinese locked down by their government. And for Iranian women locked behind the hijab. Iran is no great shakes. China is terrible. But how dare our “thought leaders” agitate at cyclone strength for Chinese and Iranian protesters, yet offer a collective yawn over liberty sundered at home!

Americans have endured lockdowns, still battle vaccine mandates, cannot unite with unvaccinated friends and family outside the US and are subjected to FBI raids and other Security State surveillance.

The pincer for the person bucking orthodoxy comes when, with state acquiescence, corporate thought police cancels nonconformists, publicly shames and financially ousts them. Jan. 6 protesters and other prisoners of conscience are denied their due process rights. Other than Marjorie Taylor Greene, Republican from Georgia, no representatives intervene on their behalf. Libertarian activist Julian Assange is slowly being murdered by the Anglo-American axis of evil for exposing its machinations; and Americans are maimed and murdered daily by a sinecured, coddled criminal class, imported or hot-housed here at home by elected officials who reject the Sixth Commandment. …

It so happens that the real story in Iran is not the women and their nosebags—who, once in the US, become indistinguishable from our own woke witches, down to the tumbleweed hair and the banalities that tumble from their motor mouths. Rather, the real story is our successive, neoconservative administrations starving the Iranian people. If they can’t kill directly, the neocons of Foggy Bottom and DOJ, whichever party is in charge, steal from Iranians or starve ’em. …

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2 thoughts on “NEW COLUMN: Forget Iran, China And Hunter: Americans Are Suffering

  1. Joe Johnson

    What needs to be brought up is that the Chinese owns alot of US debt that our evil and irresponsible rulers are piling up therby enslaving future generations of Americans.

  2. Not Convinced

    One of the beautiful things about a democracy in conjunction with its blood bank of cash taken from the bodies of the zombie citizens is there is no downside for the advocates of war. War, whether bombs and bullets or crushing economic manipulation of the supply of money, is a tool renters of public offices and short term inhabitants of public influence, use to acquire means to their ends without regard to long term effects on the country. John Bolton, and to borrow Fred’s words, his cod piece, are a case in point. In a democracy envy is not in short supply. Envy has no quarrel with malevolence, just ask Cain and Able. Or ask the Iranians or the inhabitants of the fly over states.

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