UPDATED (2/12): No, Justine Trudeau, Spawn Of Studio 54, YOU GO HOME, For Good

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Studio 54 groupie Margaret Trudeau: Is she even wearing underwear?

Just look at his mincing stride, the vain coif, the pasty, doughy face and hollow stupid eyes, like those of his mom, Margaret.  Justine Trudeau was practically conceived and raised at the debauch Studio 54. This scumbag is telling the salt of the earth, the best of Canada, Truckers For Freedom, to turn tail and go home, as he continues to treat them as second-class subjects.

UPDATED (2/12): I updated the title of this post with the moniker “Spawn Of Studio 54.” I am assured by a Canadian compatriot that indeed, my assessment is correct: Justine’s mother Margaret was a total groupie.

3 thoughts on “UPDATED (2/12): No, Justine Trudeau, Spawn Of Studio 54, YOU GO HOME, For Good

  1. Constant Alien

    His speech style reminds me of one of those bland milquetoast “men” you see in modern movies and television shows. Their spines are trimmed to an acceptable length that will not offend anyone while attempting to portray some sense of gravitas, 21 Century style. Marshmallow voice.

  2. Anthony Powell

    Justine Trudeau…pathetic little power elite punk. Ignore him, heroic truckers!

  3. Nicholas

    I must admit, I was one of those who had mostly written off Canada as the feckless, “post-national” country par example. So it has been encouraging, and more than a little humbling, to see that Canadians, at least the traditional, working-class remnant, may still yet remind the rest of us a thing or two about effective protest. Talk about class consciousness—truckers can bring the economy to a grinding halt, and they know it, too!

    Many thanks to you, Mrs. Mercer, and others who are doing the best to broadcast the protests. Is there still reliable, non-corporate or state media in Canada reporting on these events?

    Also, what are the long-term prospects for the Freedom Convoy and similar movements worldwide? Will the truckers be effectively suppressed as so many before have been, or is this the long-anticipated turning point in finally rolling back this petty regime?

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