Tea Party Central Caves To 'The Ministry Of Truth'

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The following is from “Tea Party Central Caves To ‘The Ministry Of Truth,'” now on WND.COM:

“How can you be certain that a grassroots, decentralized movement is in the process of being thoroughly co-opted by the political establishment? Here’s one telling sign: A campaign that arose to address profound issues of political philosophy begins to front spokespersons for the purpose of bowing-and-scraping to mainstream muckrakers and race-baiters. That’s one way of telling that the Tea Party is being schooled and groomed for grimy politics as usual. …

… In fiction, the Orwellian Ministry of Truth is a reified entity. In reality, there isn’t one concrete ministry that decides how the nation thinks—there are many such entities. The NAACP is one of America’s many Ministries of Truth. Like the rest of them—the education system, most churches, the ‘intellectuals,’ the ruling duopoly and their attendant bobbleheads—it issues countless edicts. ‘The dark art of rule’ required that the Tea Party bête noire be ramrodded. …

… Asked to choose between a politician who is a Philo-Semitic statist, and between one who hates Jews such as myself, African-Americans, albino pygmies, homosexuals, and women, but has a zealot’s commitment to liquidating the federal government—you know who’d be my pick.

Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, free college for quasi-literates, loans for agribusiness; the Departments of Transportation, Education, Housing and Urban Development, Energy; the “secretive totalitarian security cabal,” the Commerce Clause Capos who regulate cabbage patches in backyards, the warlords who wage war in Iraq, against tokers, and on toothless Pashtun primitives in Afghanistan—on-and-on to the tune of hundreds of trillions of depreciated dollars—any man or woman able and willing to beat back this beast, even if bigoted, has my blessing.

So long as my bigot has not acted on his justly or unjustly harbored hostilities toward society’s protected species—these hostilities should matter not one whit.

Public purges are designed to shape opinion in politically pleasing ways on pain of purgatory. By participating in these staged displays of outrage, the establishment Tea Party has, inadvertently, sanctioned the illiberal persecution of unpopular thought and speech.”

The complete column is “Tea Party Central Caves To ‘The Ministry Of Truth.'”

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13 thoughts on “Tea Party Central Caves To 'The Ministry Of Truth'

  1. Myron Pauli

    I believe there are several million in the Tea Party movement. Does that include bigots? Sure.

    And are there redhaired lesbians who eat at MacDonalds? Yes. Are there adulterers at the NAACP? Yes. Are there French-speaking diabetics who stay at the Marriott hotel chain? Yes.

    So does that make the Tea Party, Mac Donalds, NAACP, and Marriotts about bigots, redhaired lesbians, adulterers, or French-speaking diabetics??
    Such is the illogic of the political discourse in our society.

    Nevertheless, there is a huge statist component (represented by the Palins and the Hannities) in the Tea Party melange that is far more worrying than the phantom bigot menace. The “waterboard a Taco Bell clerk for Liberty” and support the troops no matter how stupid the war mentality isnot conducive to a limited government. Cutting taxes merely to run bigger deficits is downright dangerous as well.

  2. james huggins

    At its inception the tea party was a simple grass roots non-organization of socially and politically disenfranchised Americans who had enough and wanted to be heard. They could never be heard in the media, except to be slandered and ridiculed, so they took to the streets. Not like the Blacks, the Mexicans, the lunatic left, etc. they just wanted to be heard. They didn’t burn down buildings, torch cars or loot appliance stores. They just carried signs and listened to speeches. For heaven’s sake they even threw their McDonalds wrappers in the proper trash receptacles. It’s only due to social and political evolution that the slime covered agents of politics and “social justice” would come slithering out of their nether world to fight and ultimately destroy the tea party.

  3. John Danforth

    No matter how many blowhards come out of the closet trying to ‘lead’ us, or define us, or defame us, they will all fail. We don’t expect our politicians to be leaders, and we aren’t followers. We don’t seek fame or power. We won’t compromise on principle, especially not to make our message more palatable to anybody. We just want to be left alone, and what binds us is our agreement that the original constitution and the principles embodied in it are a good starting place for a Government Reset.

    We expect nothing more from the press, the government, and statist politicians. In trying to derail us they make our point for us. The Tea Party isn’t a party, it’s not an organization, it has no leader, no figurehead, no membership, no organization. Any agent provocateur can pretend to be a ‘member’ and say anything they like. Anyone else can claim to be the ‘leader’, and do anything they like, too. What they don’t understand is that we are basically ungovernable, and they just make themselves look ridiculous in the attempt.

  4. Robert Glisson

    An old law joke, when in court and the law and morality of your case are insufficient, the only recourse is to ‘attack your opponent.’ Insulting the TEA party is the only weapon left. I lost hope in the TEA party almost immediately when I found that the majority just wanted to retain the benefits with less taxes. When Perry and Palin, then a flood of Republicans became spokespersons, I moved on.

  5. Robert

    To add just a bit to Mr. Danforth’s comment (well said Sir), the tea party is a protest movement. Most, I would make an educated guess, know nothing of Hellenized Jewish philosophers. Most supported Bush and a number of other “statist” Republicans. They know that they have been betrayed by “conservatives”; and that they are being sold out by “practitioners of the Marxist arts”, regardless of party affiliation. These good people may not succeed. The odds are heavily against them after one hundred fifty years of constant attack on the Constitution. However, I do believe they will not yield without a fight. Libertarians will have to decide: to stand with them though many do not share a pure libertarian world view; or to stand down and seek favor with the next anti-establishment faction. Otherwise, I agree that there are political forces trying to harness the “power” of the tea party movement for their own devices. I think that was expected if the movement grew.

    [Very wise counsel. Who is this “Hellenized Jew”? I recall writing the phrase “Hellen or Hebrew” in an article for VDARE.–IM]

  6. james huggins

    John Danforth, great stuff. You said it with a lot more depth than I did. You hit the unspoken motive of this and all such movements. “We just want to be left alone..” Are you from the South?

  7. Terry

    True racism is rare [among Anglo-Americans], but comes mainly from the left and frankly mainstream blacks. The left loves to use the word racist and racism against the right to get them to cower and shut up and basically stop them. Rarely was the left correct, they were simply using that as a means to control the conversation. It’s time the right and all decent people to proclaim it for what it really is, A SCAM. The next time the left accuses someone on the right or the Tea Party people as being racists the Tea Party people need to inform them that their scam no longer works and they should go back to where ever they came from. It’s time to move beyond that and no longer let the BOGUS charge of racism cause good people to cower back into the corner and shut up.

  8. John Danforth

    I thank Robert for his insightful contribution.

    Success is never guaranteed, but there are several things happening that seem unprecedented to me.

    The internet has destroyed the ability of the power elite to control information, therefore their ability to mold public opinion is crumbling. This is not just because of news leaks, but something more fundamental; people are awakening to some basic truths because it is now possible to get an education at virtually zero cost. Once they see the emperor without his clothes, they can never turn back. The truth about our monetary system leads people to examine the reasons why a free people would form a government in the first place. What is happening is that the minority of people who we have managed to awaken are becoming hardened, immune to the PR machine of press and government. And their views are spreading.

    Where it will end is difficult to predict. We can expect the elite to attempt to use every method at their disposal to distract the people with some frightening event in order to mold a Hegelian synthesis that will perpetuate their power. Still, there is an ever-growing number of people who will never voluntarily submit to their schemes.

    This is a victory I didn’t dare hope for a few decades ago. We can’t educate everyone at once. We can’t expect many people to draw the right conclusions. We can’t stop the oppressors from trying to spread their own poisonous philosophy. But we can publish the truth, which should win on its own merits eventually. And it is winning, even if very slowly.

    Thanks, Ilana, for being at the forefront.

  9. Robert Glisson

    I am not sure where I heard the term “Hellenized Jewish philosophers” from but if I remember correctly, it was a reference to the Jewish Sages that went along with the Alexandrian Greeks while the Maccabees revolted, leading to the birth of the Pharisees to restore correct doctrine, but once heretics become part of the comprised mass solid doctrines become muddled. I think my pastor of that time used it as a means to say that the Jewish religion had been compromised. I don’t know if that was Robert’s intent though, just passing on what I’ve heard.

  10. Nobody

    There is no point for the Tea Party to argue about the issue of racism against their accusers. The groups they debate against will never agree with them on any issue whatsoever. They should really just ignore the NAACP, SPLC, etc. and move forward. Barring that, they should just laugh in their faces and tell them to buzz off.

    Conservative small government is inherently in the interests of whites (because they pay the bills) and large government that gives handouts at the expense of whites is in there interest of minorities (who largely don’t pay the bills). The Tea Party should just accept it as a fact that minorities are not going to vote for people who are promising to take the punch bowl away from them. Stop fighting these groups on their terms and stop putting token minorities in positions of prominence thinking you’re going to trick the larger masses to vote for you. This behavior is truly pathetic and isn’t gaining supporters in the minority communities, nor is it getting them from the majority side. So why is this strategy so often adopted?

  11. Myron Pauli

    I have some disagreements with Nobody’s racial generalizations even if there is some limited statistical validity. It is best to treat people as individuals rather than as members of a group. And yes – there are some blacks who consider other blacks as “acting white” if they become conservatives, study hard, or whatever. But that is not a reason to endorse those sterotypes.

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