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Yes, The Plan IS To Import Ebola Patients

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IT’S TRUE. What I reported earlier today, tentatively, has come to pass. The traitors who art in DC are considering using American taxpayer dollars to bring Ebola-afflicted foreigners to the US for treatment. Treason, theft and fraud have been rolled into one “Sensitive But Unclassified, Predecisional” memo, exposed by Fox News, denied and ignored by the malfunctioning mainstream media. (I’ve captures a section; the rest will have to be read on Fox News):


The scandal: “State Department memo on Ebola policies.”

Contrast the Australian response of “No thanks.”

“Immigration Minister Scott Morrison announced ‘strong controls’ on arrivals from West African countries affected by cases of the deadly disease.”

More sanity.

‘Green-On-Blue’ Shooting, Or Blue-In-The-Face Desperation?

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“Terrorist” or “Taliban” is how they are labeled if they rebel against US plans for their homeland. But could it be that so-called random acts of murder, like the one committed today by a “man in an Afghan Army uniform,” occur because an occupying, militarized western force is unwanted in that part of the world?

Was this a random “green-on-blue shooting,” or a case of blue-in-the-face desperation: America and its allies simply don’t listen; they don’t want to leave the Afghans alone.

Those who died for nothing today: an “American general—one of the highest-ranked military deaths since 9/11.” “‘Perhaps up to 15’ coalition troops, including other Americans, were wounded in the attack. I believe that one has since died of his injuries.

UPDATED: The Empire’s ‘Mad Meddlers’ And Even Madder Heroes

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Our friend, historian Nebojsa Malic, updates us as to the status of the “the supposedly ‘independent’ and ‘popular’ leaders of the Maydan rebellion,” in the Ukraine:

Not two weeks after Imperial diplomats were caught in flagranti trying to order them around, the supposedly “independent” and “popular” leaders of the Maydan rebellion have responded to a general amnesty by the government with – armed rebellion. A number of government buildings were stormed by “peaceful protesters”, including an armory in Lvov (Lwow, Lviv, Lemberg) near the Polish border.

So, according to the Empire, armed neo-Nazis, soccer hooligans, a variety of militant separatists, looters, arsonists and cop-killers are “peaceful protesters”, whose demands for the government’s unconditional surrender and a rewriting of the Constitution are a desire for more “democracy.” Meanwhile, the president who has tried every form of appeasement towards the protesters, including a general amnesty, is a “despot… abolishing democracy.”

This is absurd. There is not a shred of logic in any of it, aside from the “who-whom” relativistic logic, according to which the designated villain can do no right, while the designated victim can do no wrong.

Malevolent Spite

The simmering resentment of the Imperial press against Russia over the past decade or so has flat-out exploded in 2014. As Chronicles’ Eugene Girin dared notice, the US media (though the Brits and the Canadians haven’t been far behind) have begun to write about Russia with hate:

“As if on cue from the White House, the American media started an anti-Russian campaign the sheer malevolence of which was only rivaled by the orgy of Serbophobia in the 1990s.”

In a follow-up article, he noted that, “unlike the old Soviet Union, which was treated respectfully, if not reverently by the mainstream networks, Russia is portrayed as an object of scorn and ridicule: a failed, menacing, disagreeably exotic country.”

Menacing to whom? Georgia, which attacked first? Ukraine, which Russia bailed out and subsidizes with cheap gas? Latvia, where SS veterans march proudly every year? The globalist banksters, who lost the ability to loot Russia they had under Yeltsin? …


UPDATE: “Ukraine, Crimea, and Washington’s Pointless Geo-Political Contest With Russia” by John Glaser:

… telling Russia to behave itself has about zero chance of helping the situation. “Russian leaders believe, rightly or wrongly, that the West drove events in Ukraine to the brink of collapse to secure geopolitical advantage over Moscow,” Trenin and Weiss say. “Thus, Western appeals for Russian restraint in the event of a crisis over Crimea are unlikely to resonate.”

But the eagerness in Washington to steer events in Ukraine and beat out Russia in some pointless geopolitical game has not yielded. In this Daily Beast report, Republican leaders Buck McKeon and James Inhofe berate Obama for being too soft on Russia; they both express a deep longing for the Cold War era when it was easier to justify any reckless military action abroad on the grounds of opposing Soviet designs.

David Rhodes, a Reuters columnist, quoted former Romney adviser Nile Gardiner as reiterating Romney’s 2012 line that Russia is America’s greatest geo-political foe and arguing that “an ‘ideological war’ was underway and Putin is winning.”

Gardiner then worries that Washington’s inability to force Russia to lay prostrate at the feet of American power is encouraging other countries to defy their American master: “Putin is viewed by American adversaries and competitors as someone who has stood up to American influence and gotten away with outflanking the United States. Adversaries take note of this and they sense weakness and that’s dangerous. Dissidents also take note. …”


‘Rock Star Preaches Capitalism,’ Or, Rather, Emerges From Retardation

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Bono, a chap who fronts a three-chord band of unimpressive droners, has emerged from retardation to preach capitalism.

Said BONO (via EPJ): “Commerce—entrepreneurial capitalism—takes more people out of poverty than aid, of course.”

Free-market capitalism, baby.

This was not always the case. Read “BONO AND HIS BAND OF BANDITS” and “FOREIGN AIDS,” which tells how Bono joined professional confiscators and colossi of ignorance like the Clintons to “claim that human misfortune is a result of external contingencies that can be fixed by social planners like themselves. They hammered home the wicked lie that the wealthy—individuals and nations—thrive at the expense of the poor and essentially deserve to be relieved of their possessions.”

In the not-so-distant past Bono used to point “an accusing—and untalented—finger at the West [for AIDS in Africa]. At the same time, the self-righteous activist used to reserve only praise for Africans for being a ‘rare and spirited people,’ concealing that if the spirit didn’t move them in some pretty wild ways, rates of infection in Southern Africa would not have reached 20 to 33.7 percent of the adult population.”

Now that Bono has emerged from a coma, he should brief that bimbo Charlize Theron, who just the other day complained about her adopted country’s abysmal contribution to foreign aid coffers. In fact, America’s generosity in response to “disasters all over the world makes USAID and other ‘compassionate’ state pickpockets as unnecessary as they are unethical.”


U2’s Bono Speaks at GU Global Social Enterprise Event from Values & Capitalism on Vimeo.