Jack Kerwick Against ‘Conservatives’ For Gargantuan Government

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“Major media feeds on mediocrity,” I wrote in “Just Another Mouth in the Republican Fellatio Machine.” Wanna get a gig in Sodom and Gomorrah? Having boobs and no brains (like Margaret Hoover, Gretchen Carlson, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Krystal Ball, Noelle Nikpour, Dana Perino, and S. E. Cupp) goes a long way. Otherwise, you will have to […Read On]

Columnist Jack Kerwick Parses Paleolibertarianism

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Who is paleolibertarian? Yours truly argues political philosopher Jack Kerwick, in his New American column, “Ilana Mercer and the Paleolibertarian Ideal” : “It is [first] the conviction … that a world in which men and women are free to order their lives in accordance with their own moral purposes, not those of the governments under […Read On]

UPDATED: Philosopher Jack Kerwick On the Compelling & Conflicted Cannibal (At Last, An Analytical Review Of My Book)

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This dazzling review of my book, “Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa,” is a credit more to the mind (and moral clarity) of the reviewer than the book under review. In his New-American review, Jack Kerwick, Ph.D. (more about him below), zeroes in with unusual perspicacity on the palpable tensions […Read On]

How To Think And Act Like A Ruthless Warrior By Jack Kerwick

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“Virtuous people become virtuous by acting virtuously. Similarly, one becomes a warrior by acting like one. The Warrior Within envisions himself crucifying, without mercy, the monsters of his choosing.”—Jack Kerwick Warriors aren’t born. They are made. This is the philosophy behind Warrior Flow Combatives, or Warrior Flow. And a Warrior without Ruthless Intent is like […Read On]