Meet Saint Shirley Sherrod

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The following is an excerpt from my new column, “Meet Saint Shirley Sherrod”:

“‘Expectations tend to be self-fulfilling,’ said an anonymous wag. Expect nothing and you’ll get nothing. Except very little and that’s all you’ll get. In modern-day USA, a kid so much as dials 911 in an emergency, and he is decorated for bravery. And if an African-American rejects her birthright, and demonstrates less prejudice toward whites—she is up for beatification.

Repudiate this elevated ethical standard, and a deranged, fulminating Keith Olbermann will pelt you with a panegyric on the imagined martyrdom of one Shirley Sherrod, now the most celebrated public servant in the United States, and perhaps the world. …

… Keith Olbermann is a crude pamphleteer who imagines himself a modern-day Emile Zola. Most recently, the anchor has sunk to the level of fraud and falsehood in comparing Ms. Sherrod—a contemporary black woman, who has, hitherto, enjoyed safe and secure sinecure in liberal, post-Civil-Rights-Act America—to Captain Alfred Dreyfus, a nineteenth-century Jew living in illiberal France, falsely accused of the worst military breach possible.

The similarities are as startling as Olbermann’s leveling logic.

In 1894, this patriotic Frenchman was charged with spying for the Germans. Dreyfus was tried and convicted of treason with no due process of the law. He was sentenced to a lifetime on Devil’s Island, a penal colony in South America. There, Dreyfus languished until 1899. Outraged at the miscarriage of justice, French writer Emile Zola penned a stirring tract, ‘J’Accuse,’ in defense of Dreyfus, who was eventually exonerated twelve years after his ordeal began.

Dreyfus’s fate clearly mirrors that of Sherrod. Especially glaring are the parallels between Sherrod’s 48-hour, celebratory ride on the cable news merry-go-round, and Dreyfus’s four-year romp around Treasure Island, in French Guiana.” …

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8 thoughts on “Meet Saint Shirley Sherrod

  1. noainc

    The Dept of Agriculture settled a lawsuit with Mrs. Sherrod days before hiring her. A total of over $1 Billion was forked over to 97,000 “minority” litigants, although only approx. 18,500 were farmers.

  2. Vrye Denker

    So, acting in a manner approaching professionalism is grounds for beatification these days? I am surely working for the wrong employer

  3. Nobody

    Whites have been demonized for far less. Sherrod’s story of redemption is pure racist drivel. Her other story of how her father was supposedly killed by whites and nobody was punished also reeks of BS.

  4. Roger Chaillet

    She’s a parasite.

    She “works” for the USDA. She knows the definition.

    However, what’s even worse is that the policy of the elites is to import parasites from the Third World and give them even more lucre.

    Wait till the parasites are the majority in this former republic.

    There will be a revolution.

  5. james huggins

    Now the left is going to trot her out as a spokesperson at every opportunity. The media is going to fawn over her like she was Mother Theresa. I’ll bet she has a speaking part in the next Democrat convention. A star is born.

  6. Daniel

    It is not just the mentally imbalanced Keith Olbermann that has bestowed sainthood upon Shirley Sherrod, but conservative\libertarian Glenn Beck as well. On his program yesterday Beck proclaims his support Sherrod and blames the White House for the scandal.

  7. George Pal

    Why, when I see the sad little volacanic magma chamber that is Olbermann, spewing ash and lava at every opportunity, do I get the feeling he aspires to ‘Madame Defarge’ in a life imitates art fantasy. Instead of a knitted shroud featuring Aristo family crests he has his ‘world’s worst person’ hit list. It shows the limits of language, even one with so vast an array as English, that there aren’t enough words or combinations to do justice to the repulsive Mr. Olbermann.

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