Trump Won: He Floated Like A Butterfly And Stung Like A Bee

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The first presidential debate, Tuesday, was also the first bit of fun we’ve had in a while. A real hoot. While President Trump failed to float his theory about that “big injection” Biden’s handlers administer in the Democrat’s behind to prop and pep him up, as POTUS did during a recent rally—Mr. Trump provided plenty energy and entertainment.

“If you didn’t enjoy that debate, you are a soy-boy, beta cuck,” a fun fella tweeted out .

Don’t get all sanctimonious. When I wrote The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed, I stipulated that “we inhabit what broadcaster Mark Levin has termed a post-constitutional America, a post-constitutional jungle, where the law of the jungle prevails.

In the age of unconstitutional government, contended The Trump Revolution, the best liberty lovers can look to is “action and counteraction, force and counterforce in the service of liberty.” Until such time when the individual is king again, and a decentralized constitution that guarantees regional and individual autonomy has been restored—the process of creative destruction begun by Mr. Trump is likely the best Americans can hope for.

Things have worsened since then. Civilized debate was not to be had, the Trump agenda having long since been discredited by the smart set. What remains is to win by brute force. The best one can hope for in country riven by irreconcilable conflict and driven to distraction by Trump Derangement Syndrome is to win a debate and score a few laughs. Those the president delivered in spades.  He blattered Joe Biden and was funny in the process.

As predicted, the first presidential debate, Tuesday, September 29, was also the first bit of fun we’ve had for a long time. POTUS circulated Biden like Cassius Clay, aka Muhammad Ali: he floated like a butterfly and certainly stung like a bee. However, in Biden’s defense one must concede that the poor thing was not on the ropes. He held on for all he was worth.

Judging by the rabid frothing and foaming on CNN, Trump did indeed win the Tuesday debate. Anderson Cooper whinged to Republican Rick Santorum: “It’s not even funny. Are you proud of the president?? Santorum could not conceal a smirk: “He came out HOT.”

Van Jones: “Three things happened: The president refused to condemn White Supremacy. The president refused to condemn White Supremacy. The president refused to condemn White Supremacy. Gloria Borger, also of CNN, required sedation.?

What did I tell you? All the indicators of a successful evening for the president.

To top is all, Trump refused to call Gavin McInnes and his Proud Boys white supremacists. How stunningly good was that? Roared POTUS: “Proud Boys standback and standby. This is not a right-wing problem; it’s the Left. Somebody has to do something about Antifa.”

The Proud Boys are anti-Antifa street brawlers (although whites fighting back is racist by default).

“The Kids” came up again, a barometer of all things silly. Only a silly society goes by the tantrums of The Kids, who’re just aping their parents. But to our joy, they, the little perspicacious brats, brought CNN’s Dana Bash to tears. Yes, Donald Trump is bad for the nation’s well-indoctrinated kids, who perform on cue.

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