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‘Shahs of Sunset’ Christiane Amanpoor Mocks ‘Poor Me’ America

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In ways intellectual, Christiane Amanpoor is impoverished. The famous CNN anchor, however, is not poor. Amanpoor’s net worth is $12.5 Million. She’s lived, loved and worked among the upper echelons her entire life, in her birth place of Iran, too. Amanpoor is more authentically “Shahs of Sunset” than ordinary America.

Read how Amapoor conflates America (“rich”) with Americans (many of whom are awfully poor).

Via Media Matters comes Christian Amanpoor’s take on Trump’s America. She apparently is unfamiliar with white, working-class demographics:

CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR: [Donald Trump] always comes back to the dollars and cents. So, America’s broke, therefore, America’s weak. These are not true, right, so everybody else has to pony up. This is a businessman’s view of the world, presumably. But it doesn’t make sense when he talks about, for instance, NATO. NATO is not obsolete. Yes, NATO was created 60-plus years ago in response to the Soviet threat. But still, NATO is the organizing principle by which American and the Western democracies’ security is taken care of. And NATO is not just about the United States putting money in. It’s about all the other countries putting in their two percent of GDP as well. Now, they don’t all, that’s true, and America wants them to put more than they do right now. But a good number, nearly half of the NATO countries, put their two percent of GDP in. And the other countries do certain things that America doesn’t do. Now, America, because it is the most powerful military in the world, does a lot of the heavy lifting. You know, you have a military operation and America will do the troop lifting, for instance. Or it will do, you know, many of those kinds of things. But many of the other countries, whether it’s in Afghanistan or elsewhere, pick up a huge lot of the burden as well.

BROOKE BALDWIN (HOST): What about his point on nukes, how he said specifically he would be open to allowing Japan and South Korea to build their own nuclear arsenals so they can protect themselves from North Korea and China?

AMANPOUR: Well again, that puts on its head decades of the United States and its Pacific allies’ security relationship, and this is one of the first times we’ve heard a serious candidate, if not the first time, who will probably be the nominee for the Republican Party, put that forward, and it’s not a Republican sort of point of view that I’ve ever heard in previous elections. This poor me, America’s weak kind of thing is not the way Republicans generally see their view, and Americans’ view in the world. So one of the reasons why Japan does not have a nuclear arsenal is because of the horror that Japan committed during the Second World War. So Japan has been kind of forced to be a pacifist, pretty much, state. It has a military but it’s not an offensive military capability. And so there was a tradeoff. OK, you trade that off. And if there’s a problem, we’ll come to your rescue. But in the meantime, you’ll help us keep the peace in many other ways in that region. So that’s one of the reasons why Japan doesn’t have nukes. And then of course, well, when it comes to ISIS and all the other things, you need allies to be able to go and help you. [CNN, CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin, 3/28/16]

Preach It: ‘People That Are Smart Know The War In Iraq Was A Disaster’

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Pompous CHRIS WALLACE, FOX NEWS ANCHOR, imagined he’d still get the upper hand with a post-South Carolina Donald Trump, but ended up changing the subject … quite a bit.

WALLACE: To the larger point, I mean, whether it was lying or whether it was the mandate — particular now that there’s going to be more and more focus on everything you say, do you think you have to be more careful?

TRUMP: …The case of the war — the war in Iraq was a disaster. By the way, I was against it at the beginning. And Joe Scarborough can show you do that because fortunately he found a clip. But the fact that I said they a successful military operation, maybe it might have been successful as an opening operation, but I was opposed to the war. The war in Iraq was a disaster, OK? It may have been the worst decision ever made, ever made in the country. OK? That’s how bad it was.

WALLACE: But, sir, respectfully — I mean, that wasn’t the issue. The issue is whether or not we were lied into war. I don’t necessarily —


TRUMP: Well, right now that’s for other people to term — I don’t say yes or no. I’m not saying yes or no. I’m saying let somebody else determine. …

… Look, the war in Iraq was a disaster. The reason I won by such a large number is that while the pundits, including yourself, thought I made a mistake when I took on Bush on that issue — and I have nothing against Bush. I don’t even know the president. I never met him.

But when I took on Bush on that issue, I never felt it was a bad thing to do because people that are smart know that the war in Iraq was a disaster. And even Jeb Bush in the end admit that the war in Iraq was not a good thing.

WALLACE: New question, new subject.



“Why So Many Americans Don’t Support Attacking Iraq”

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PEGGY Noonan’s so simplistic:


THIS is how stupid modern women are:


DERIDING Middle America:

RUBIO’s Rotten:

Cologne stinks:

TED Cruz is goofy:

OBAMA cries:

Megyn Kelly conceit:

TRUMP on guns:

Philip Haney Hero:

Iran Prisoner Swap Likely B/C Of Loss Of Face/Shaming Stateside

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It would appear that the prisoner swap with Iran had not been written into the nuclear agreement with Iran, as the Obama administration is trying mightily to imply. “We’ve been engaged in tortuous negotiations” for 14 months,” say surrogates for the Obama team, all too eager to depict cabinet members and special envoy doing the impossible for their countrymen.

Not for one minute is this believable. The bastards were going to let those Americans rot. Obama thought he’d get away with touting the diplomatic accomplishment of the nuclear deal above all else. Like all politicking, the Iran deal would be a legacy for the political class involved; a loss for the people whose betterment the pols are supposed to strive.

It’s hard to tell from the veiled language used in reports. Journalist can’t think clearly and therefore are unable to ask a clear, pointed question like this:

Was the release of the American prisoners stipulated in the nuclear deal? Provide the text, please.

As I asked yesterday:

As for the implication on Twitter that Obama, his stellar bureaucrats and their predecessors have been busy for years in negotiations, because, well, that’s the way things are done (faith in government runs eternal). Not quite. Mother of decapitated hostage James Foley attested to being threatened with legal action by the benevolent functionaries if she attempted to independently retrieve her son. (DIANE FOLEY spoke to Anderson Cooper about that haunting regret in her life.) So the bureaucrat (Bush’s or Obama’s) is forever frenetic, but because he’s saving American lives.


Another dynamic in operation is the humiliating specter of the American sailors being toyed with by the Iranians. Obama didn’t so much mind what befell those young men and woman; but he couldn’t tolerate his pride and vanity being further damaged in the US.