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Google Demonizes Deplorables, Vows To Subverts Democracy. And We Worry About Russia!

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This is no laughing matter. Libertarian theory has not kept up with the rise of mini-states within The State, NAMELY Google, Facebook and the rest of Deep Tech, which, in cahoots with a wing of the duopoly, work to subvert, marginalize and besmirch tens of millions of ordinary American citizens.

This is bigger than Soros’ thoroughly American operations overseas (spreading democracy), targeting and subverting nation-states outside the US.

Google’s resolve to activate its “Google’s policy team in DC” to pass its progressive globalist causes dwarfs Russia’s puny Facebook presence.

I say this as the “independent scholar” on a paper in The Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies, who wrote against anti-trust and for Microsoft’s undisputed right to bundle its products.

Hi-tech or Deep Tech has come a long way since we libertarians defended their private property rights. They’ve ventured into thought control and political influence operations.

How I despise them.

See “The Microsoft Corporation In Collision With Antitrust Law.”

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LEAKED VIDEO: Google Leadership’s Dismayed Reaction to Trump Election.”

With ‘Women Poised To Take Charge In Dem Majority,’ You’ll See Tyranny Like Nothing Before, If …

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If there is a blue wave and “Democrats win the House in November.”

With “women poised to take charge in the Dem majority,” 35 Democrat shrews will dominate committees and subcommittees in Congress.

The year of the #MeToo Woman bent on revenge could be upon us.

MORE: “Women poised to take charge in Dem majority.”

UPDATED (8/2/018): ‘FREEDOM’ Is Feeling The Full Weight Of The State Come Down On You

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When the full weight of the state can be brought down on one man, and when that man is not a criminal in any meaningful sense—remember, taxation is legalized, state theft of private property—you know that man, Paul Manafort, in this case, was never free.

AND you know YOU are not free. Beware!

BUT, “Our democracy” is under threat. The Russians, the Russians.”

As usual, Tucker is the only sane member of Big Media.

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More “free” people of the West. Having to defend yourself against the state for saying stuff:

UPDATE (8/2/018):

DO The-Shoe-Is-On-The-Other-Foot-Test, Says Dershowitz

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“There are no more civil libertarians left,” warns celebrated attorney Alan Dershowitz, on “Tucker,” May 30, 2018.

Dershowitz, a life-long liberal and civil-libertarian, has refused “to allow partisan politics to preempt his views on the Constitution,” in the matter of Grand Inquisitor Robert Mueller and his tribunal.

The ACLU (The American Civil Liberties Union) has supported the FBI’s manifestly unconstitutional raid on Michael Cohen’s offices, asserting that the removal of his client-attorney privileged files was a good thing.

“… all indications thus far are that the search was conducted pursuant to the rule of law, and with sign-offs from Trump appointees,” [which is] a stunning rebuke to the basic concepts behind the ACLU’s mission. ”

“The left is less interested in civil liberties.” Much less.

“The ACLU is dead in the water when it comes to defining the civil liberties of people they don’t agree with.

Do “The shoe is on the other foot test” says Dersh. Everyone has to pass it. “If the shoe were on the other foot, would you be taking the same position you’re taking today?” Then you’ll grasp civil libertarians or libertarians.

For us, it’s about justice for all, so that each one of us is safe. Simple. Defend the rights of all to be “be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures,” so that each and everyone of us can live free of unconstitutional raids on our businesses or bedrooms.

“Too many on the right and the left do not pass the shoe-is-on-the-other-foot” test, averred Dersh: Conservatives fail the test. Liberals fail the test.

“We need neutral principles. We need standards of constitutionality,” Dershowitz inveighed.

We have them, sir. We don’t abide them. We’ve ditched them.

This is why civil libertarians like Alan Dersh and creedal libertarians (check) will always be on the fringe, annoying partisans on both sides.