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Rudderless Rotter Ben Shapiro Turns The Screws On Jan 6 Political Prisoners

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He’s an intellectual lightweight who makes Douglas Murray—another philosophically breezy fellow—sound like Russell Kirk. But Ben Shapiro is taken seriously by the conservative establishment, primarily because he emits banalities really, really fast. That’s all there is to it.

The patina of smart in Murray’s case is posh English and fabulous oratory. However, you can wait until the cows come home for either to zero in on a foundational problem (like anti-whiteness) or disgorge an original thought. That isn’t happening.

And, anti-Trumper Ben-Shapiro wants January 6 rioters to rot in hell. In the company of Bill Maher, the liberal host of an HBO show, “Real Time,” and a fan of Ben-Shap, the little rudderless rotter felt empowered to offer that:

“There were maybe 1,000 people. That is not making light of the evil of those people, who all will end up rotting in prison, as they should.”

Writes NewsPunch:

Rather than raise awareness for how Capitol protesters are being tortured, beaten, racially abused and locked in solitary confinement, Ben Shapiro chose to denounce them as “evil,” and declare they should “all” rot in prison for as little as trespassing. … How could anyone not realize this bought-and-paid-for shill is controlled opposition?

Apparently Ben-Shap is trained in the law. If you were choosing a lawyer, would you choose a statist who has no feel for due process? Due process of the law is certainly being flouted for the Jan 6 political prisoners.

Ben-Shap had gone after Michelle Malkin as well. I have an entire dossier of Ben Shapiro’s antics.

You might want to apprise yourself of the fact that Candace Owens, a similar sort of fast-talking production sans gravitas, broadcasts from the Daily Caller, Ben-Shap’s site.


The Controlled Opposition: Candace On Tucker Is WRONG About The Riot and Rut Crowd

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On video: The Controlled Opposition: Candace On Tucker Is WRONG About The Riot and Rut Crowd: David Vance and Ilana Mercer discuss what causes the savage violence affecting some American cities. Ilana disputes the analysis provided by Candace Owens on Fox News. I explore  this with her.

Wow. I since have found out that Candace goes scorched earth on some very decent people, and shames a shapely sister, Kim Klacik, for working as a stripper to make ends meet. Not nice.

UPDATED (6/28/021): NEW COLUMN: Candace On Tucker Is Wrong About ‘Riot And Rut’ Crowd

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To the extent they are hip to nuanced argument, Conservative readers are often followers, and they demand the same from writers. They cannot abide withering, substantive critique of their idols. However, no thinking, conservative-minded individual should commit idolatry—especially not of TV personalities.

Certainly the idea that the Democrats are the provenance of black crime—that if not for Democrats, black crime would not be an issue—is deserving of contempt.

… But this is precisely Candace Owens’ consistent line of argument on Mr. Tucker Carlson’s TV slot: Democrats are to blame for  black crime.

Owens, who was on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to address the “terrifying rise is violent crime and crime rates,” had rattled off something about, “The Democrats using black people and racism as pawns to distract people from what’s going on,” namely a government power grab.

And, “Everything bad is coming from the United States government being controlled by Democrats.”

By Owens’ logic, the Democrats made some black residents of Oakland CA, simulate coitus and engage in an orgiastic celebration of murder and mayhem around the vans of the emergency medical technicians. Watch.

In all, “the Democrats made them riot and rut” argument is doo-doo. It doesn’t fly, and it’s pretty bad moral reductionism. …

MORE in my new column: “Candace On Tucker Is Wrong About ‘Riot And Rut’ Crowd: When a bloodbath becomes a bacchanalia.” It’s on WND.COM, The Unz Review and CNSNews.COM


The Controlled Opposition:

UPDATE (6/28/021):

I wrote a book about South Africa. It has held up quite well. There were no Democrats involved in “laying the ground” for self-generating, black-on-white murderous crime there.  The only correct etiological statement would be one which involves lack of punishment.

Not YouToo, Sharon Stone

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You can’t fake the neck, which usually shows a woman’s age. Sharon Stone is still gorgeous.

She’s a good actress, too, whose greatest role was in “Casino,” “as Ginger, the moll to Robert DeNiro’s casino mogul in Martin Scorsese’s 1995 Las Vegas crime epic.” She outperformed the leading man.

But now, Ms. Stone is threatening to spoil it all by turning on a scene she nailed so well in “Basic Instinct.”

A scene featuring Stone suggestively crossing and uncrossing her legs [sans panties] during a police interrogation garnered much attention and has even been spoofed in more than a few projects.


A woman once so powerful in her beauty expects us to believe she was helpless in that power and beauty. Nonsense. Don’t peter out like the whining MeToo fems, Sharon Stone.

*Image courtesy Hola