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South Africa Practiced Good Science And Good Sense: The OMG! Variant

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Dr. Angelique Coetzee, chair of the South African Medical Association, was first to alert South African epidemiologists to what has now been named the Omicron variant of COVID. Or, as I’ve dubbed it, the “OMG! Variant.”

Dr. Coetzee’s suspected a variant with attendant mild disease in her patients. She quickly alerted South Africa’s skilled and responsible epidemiologists, who, I believe, have been doing the genetic sequencing. The COVID cartel has done the panicking and the banning. With the audacity and equanimity conferred by ignorance did the magical, medical, menagerie of morons stateside claim more knowledge than those medics who were working with the infected. As I write, TV’s bimbos and their house-trained boys are aflutter, speaking with certainty about destructive policies.

READ the good doctor’s summation: “I’ve seen nothing in this variant that warrants Britain’s extreme response to it.”

South Africa has practiced and modeled good science and good sense. The cretins of the COVID cartel recoiled. The West is a disgrace.

The audacity: The magical, medical, menagerie of morons stateside ALREADY knows ALL about new OMG! Covid variant. TV bimbos and their house-trained boys are aflutter.

American Foreign Policy Brought The Curse Of Gadhafi On Europe; EU Rebels; Americans Retaliate

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American conservatives believe they live in a country whose general sensibility is far more conservative than that of the rest of the world. As a naturalized American, I persist in telling my friends they are wrong. America is a most radical, revolutionary, Jacobin-flavored place. The Yankees have won out.

Not in dispute is that Radical America failed the Libyan state (read “Libya, A War of The Womb“)!  Failed Libya, as in supervised the removal of its leader and the ensconcing of forces of … you know the rest. Democracy.

Qaddafi kept migrants away from Europe’s shores. He, in fact, predicted that Europe’s demise would follow closely on his. (Read my “The Curse Of Col. Gadhafi“.)

European leadership has better, more conservative, instincts than America’s. The EU had adopted a ruthless system to repel migrants floating across the Mediterranean. They turn them over to “efficient and brutal” Libyan militia, euphemized as the  Libyan Coast Guard. The End.

Now that the EU must collaborate with tough Libyan militia that rose after Gadhafi’s removal, to keep migrants away—US journos and pols are furious, retaliating big time. The confluence of American interests want to pry European borders wide-open. Trust me: Most of the American Deep State and phenotypical State at the pentagon (even Republicans) are firmly behind the radicals.

READ: “Europe’s border agency under fire for aiding Libya’s brutal migrant detentions
The E.U. pays for almost every aspect of Libya’s often lethal migrant detention system, an investigation found, including the boats that fire on migrant rafts.”

There goes European immigration enforcement, courtesy of the USA.

UPDATED (11/10/021): To Stay In The Political Game, Republicans Always Show They’re Black-Focused

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For the longest time, the American People—an inchoate concept, really—have endured great wrongs. Examples of these wrongs are en masse immigration, open-borders, dispossessing multilateral trade deals, and now vaccine mandates.

Ubiquitous black-on-white crime inflicted by a coddled criminal class, native born and imported energetically, is high on the list of state and corporate crimes against the citizenry.

Whether he postures on TV or on the Hill—the arguments advanced by the typical Republican frontman against these defining depredations are, however, empty.

It has been my ongoing goal in this space to alert the voter to this void. The “objections” put forth by Republicans in defense of their constituency are all theater, farce, to be precise.

These empty arguments are mirrored, for example, in my exposing, in February of 2019, the fact that, “Every time a manifestly racist, anti-white event goes down, which is frequently, conservative media and politicians call it ‘identity politics.’ ‘The left is playing identity politics,’ they intone. “They are dividing us.” “Whatever is convulsing the country,” I explained, “it’s not identity politics, but purely anti-white politics.

So, identify the bogus argument—and you will have exposed the frauds who want you to send them to live off the fleshpots in Rome-on-the-Potomac. (It has been pointed out to me correctly that “the comparison to Rome [is unfair]. [A]fter all, Rome built two great civilizations and is a site of enormous cultural significance.”)

Although not exclusive to him, my example today comes from Fox News’s Jesse Watters. When speaking loudly OVER his guest, Jesse Watters made the usual Republican straw argument against black crime. You hear it from Hannity and the rest all the time:

Democrats “only care when a white person takes a black life. If a black person takes a black life, they don’t even care at all.”

Seldom mentioned in Republican argumentation is the REAL HATE CRIME IN THE ROOM: black-on-white crime which is invariably not reported, or if reported masked as something other than what it really is, which is systemic, white hot hatred of whites.

Republicans can’t protect besieged whites and are forever searching their pea brains for ways to show off their Abe Lincoln pedigree.

Having originated the popular meme “Democrats are the real racists” back in 2014, I’ll argue that the line, “Democrats don’t care that blacks are killing blacks,” is a species of the “Democrats are the real racists” fatuity.

In this way, by showing how black-focused and caring they are—Republicans hang on to respectability and on to the good graces of Democrats by the hairs of their chiny chin-chin. The empty ‘arguments’ of Republican frontmen are a way to stay in the political game.

UPDATED (11/10/021):  The latest in this genre comes courtesy of Johnny-Come-Lately conservative J. D. Vance, who had shunned Trump, but found religion on the president’s  populism, when it became politically expedient:

“I don’t care if we are talking about a little black girl in 1965, or a little white girl in 2021, telling a little girl that she is evil because of her skin color, is disgusting and vile.”

These words were spoken at a conference of self-anointed leaders of national conservatism.

See, but this is not 1965. And the victims of white-hot hatred are white, not black. To Republicans, it is impossible to mention white suffering without dragging in the “black experience.”

This is a vintage Republican habit: Using weasel words to sound fair and impartial.

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* Image credit The New Yorker

The Democrats’ Worldview Distilled

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As I noted on August 8, 2019, during the Democratic debates, the worldview of the Democrats curdled into ruthlessly radical formulations, which they did not hide:

“End Anglo-America. Welcome The World. Evict the unborn and the native born. English is your second language.”

“Race—more accurately, anti-white politics—is [to be ] the Democrats’ central cri de coeur. They have no other passion other than hounding and excommunicating others for what are thought crimes—for thinking, speaking or tweeting in politically unpleasing ways.”

Drain and dry the Rio Grande! Level the land to ease the passage of Central America into North America. Let them come in their millions, no, in their billions. Decriminalize crossings. Disband ICE. Deify DACA. Deny no asylum claim. Table a marshal plan for Central America. Immigrants are America. In fact, immigrants are Americans, only better and more inspiring. All Democrats want more refugees.

Democrat women—many of them having since assumed their place as overlords in the Covid Cartel—alternate between the roles of shrew, scold and bully (of whites, in particular).

They all adhere to a “pathological, self-immolating progressivism … and an unspoken pack hierarchy is apparent among them, that pecking order being racial. The culturally more exotic are the undeclared top dogs. The commonplace, palefaced are the political underdogs, with little street cred.

In “Dem’s Dystopia: End Anglo-America, Welcome the World, Evict the Unborn.”