UPDATED: Who’s Worse: Bashar’s Babe Or ‘Obama Girl’? (There’s A Boy!)

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“Who’s Worse: Bashar’s Babe Or ‘Obama Girl’?” is my latest, weekly column, now on RT. It gets to the bottom of why we Americans are rooting for the Sunnis of the Middle East.

Here’s an excerpt:

A dictator known as Barack Hussein Obama has a devotee known as “Obama Girl.” In better days, Bashar Hafez al-Assad, another tyrant, had his own babe to do his bidding.

“Obama Girl,” Amber Lee Ettinger, is the toast of the town; Bashar’s babe, Sheherazad el Jaafari, is being chased out of town.

The 22-year-old el Jaafari, the daughter of Syria’s UN ambassador, was admitted to Columbia University, in the City of New York, on the recommendation of a veteran of American broadcasting.

Haya Dweidary, another Syrian student at Columbia, wants el Jaafari expelled from the University. Evincing the sort of reasoning we’ve come to expect from our Ivy League students, Dweidary calls el Jaafari “horrible and supporting the [Syrian] regime.”

Dweidary further alleges that el Jaafari is a close associate of Assad and was involved in human-rights violations in Syria. But, in the main, Dweidary’s case against el Jaafari rests on envy, directed at “privileged people getting access to everything.”

Syrian squabbles imported; that’s cosmopolitan diversity (or the “melting pot”) at work. …

… On the support-for-statism scale, “Obama Girl” got to first base with Obama, and beyond. … Is Assad’s sidekick so much more reprehensible than “Obama Girl,” who has worked her bootie off for America’s killer drone?”

Read the complete column, “Who’s Worse: Bashar’s Babe Or ‘Obama Girl’?,” now on RT.

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UPDATE: There’s a boy too.

One thought on “UPDATED: Who’s Worse: Bashar’s Babe Or ‘Obama Girl’? (There’s A Boy!)

  1. My RON PAUL i

    Salon.com columnist Glenn Greenwald has an excellent term for those Obama worshippers who denounced “warmongers” Bush and Cheney when they were messing up the planet but who sing praises to Obama’s great “courage” – – – – PARTISAN LEMMINGS.

    My second thought is that it would be really interesting to really find out what real intelligence there is in the Columbia School of Journalism – probably as hollow as Michelle Obama’s towering intellect.

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