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Meet Lovely Amy Lindsay, Ted Cruz’s Missed Opportunity

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With Amy Lindsay, Ted Cruz, standing for president, had an opportunity to support a charming, gracious and smart lady, who had acted in one of his campaign ads (below), later to be pulled by the senator’s campaign because Ms. Lindsay had also starred in a naughty film or two.

The libertarian-leaning Ms. Lindsay is, by her own admission, extremely conservative fiscally, likes Ted Cruz—so she was doing his ad because it comported with her beliefs—and intends to vote Republican.

Here was Cruz’s opportunity to show his support for our kind of woman: doesn’t nag, doesn’t rely on welfare, doesn’t think she has the right to dictate to anyone how they use their resources and thus supports Cruz’s right to pull her ad. Can you image the fuss Sandra Fluke would make in her place?

Politically, here was Cruz’s chance to show Democrats what it means to dignify a woman’s right to make a living as she sees fit.

He blew it.

Donald Trump should employ Amy in his next ad against the three establishment Amigos: Jeb, Marco, John K.

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Two Weeks’ Tweets, Jan 1-17, Debate, Iran, Kurds, UN, Jobs (Steve), Guns, Rape Of Europe

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PEGGY Noonan’s so simplistic:


THIS is how stupid modern women are:


DERIDING Middle America:

RUBIO’s Rotten:

Cologne stinks:

TED Cruz is goofy:

OBAMA cries:

Megyn Kelly conceit:

TRUMP on guns:

Philip Haney Hero:

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Ted Cruz’s Feminine Side

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Ted Cruz is undeniably a brilliant legal mind and would do well in a Trump Justice Department, where he could busy himself with the task of getting the US out of the UN and helping Donald Trump invalidate other costly, sovereignty sundering treaties and arrangements. Nullifying all those tyrannical laws Mr. Trump has promised to nullify is something Cruz could execute brilliantly.

But Cruz and most of the men on the stage in North Charleston, South Carolina (1/14) , are soft. The new generation of younger men has been house broken. They’ve been trained to tiptoe around the women folk. Ever seen meeker men than Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz?!

I mean, Cruz is running for president. He’s a sitting senator. Yet on his twitter handle, Cruz defines himself first as a “Father of two,” and “Heidi Cruz’s husband.”

Guess who else leads with the kids and his baby mama? President Barack Obama. “Dad” and “husband” is how the most powerful man in the US describes himself first up on Twitter. Such obsequious bull.

Cruz is especially grating when he orates grandiosely. And he has already apologized for his New York values comment, as every other “girly man” is trained to do when he upsets anybody.

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How The Donald Defeats Demonic, Democrat Dames

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“How The Donald Defeats Demonic, Democrat Dames” is the current column, now on The Unz Review, America’s smartest webzine

… Because they’re so obtuse, it’s hard to see what Republicans and their supporters mean, politically, when they declare in opposition to abortion. One can reasonably infer that, since abortion is legal, Republicans are indicating they would like to outlaw the procedure.

A feasible, ethical political position this is not.

Woman or man: As most Americans see it, an adult owns his body and all that’s in it. To outlaw the removal of a body part, however precious to you and me, is to invade and aggress against a woman and her provider for the dominion she has asserted over what is indisputably her private property: her body.

Republicans are hopeless. But as this ineffectual lot keeps repeating, Donald Trump is not one of them. Mr. Trump can and has to be able to say what his Republican rivals have proven incapable of articulating.

When questioned about abortion, Trump needs to tell his detractors the following …

… Read the rest. “How The Donald Defeats Demonic, Democrat Dames” is the current column, now on The Unz Review, America’s smartest webzine

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