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UPDATE II: No Men Left In Europe To Defend The Women (Cut-Throat Immigrants)

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Today, there is nothing on Der Spiegel Online about the en masse rapes-by-Muslim, reported across Germany, from Cologne to Hamburg to Stuttgart (the paper leads with a story on gender inequality in corporate Germany). BBC News does still do news, offering this headline on the front page of the website: “Cologne sex attacks require police rethink.” I wonder what is being reconsidered? Promiscuous Asylum and immigration policies? Perish the thought.

Let’s see what we have here: Girly German men in power complain of a “lack of resources,” point to “a completely new dimension of crime,” apparently hitherto not encountered in Germany (before mass importation of rape-by-Muslim).

Oh yeah, and one of the girls, Ralf Jaeger, interior minister for North Rhine-Westphalia, said that “right-wing poisoning of the climate of our society” is “at least as awful as the acts of those assaulting the women.”

I don’t know about you, but I would rather be subjected to a “right-wing” harangue than to rape.

And I thought Germans were smarter that Americans. Lots of American women would be carrying concealed. I would.

The whole West has been sissified.

UPDATE I (1/7): Facebook discussion of the importation of cut-throat immigrants.

UPDATE II (1/10):

UPDADE III: Merkel’s a disgrace. Germany’s chancellor for life—she’s been in power since November 2005—has set a high bar for the deportation of migrants who had no natural right to be in Germany in the first place:

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Emasculated West Primed For Muscular, Manly, Muslim Takeover

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I can see why women—biologically programmed to like powerful men who can take care of them—would find Muslim men more attractive than the West’s soft, repulsive, liberal men. Indeed, from this Jerusalem-based imam comes excellent locution and logic to describe an emasculated, feminized West, primed for a muscular, masculine Muslim takeover. His “Europe has become old and decrepit” is three minutes and 11 seconds into the supremely reasoned sermon.

So where are the West’s manly leaders? “I have a blond wife, a blue-eyed child and a … shotgun,” said one European, residing near a refugee encampment, to InfoWars’ correspondent. But he (and his hearsay) is but one (and if he defended his fair flock; he and European males like him would be jailed). Most men just hand their women over. Yuk.

And by the way, the Imam strikes a better pose than, say, Father Michael Pfleger and the prototypical white, liberal, male preacher. Be honest: Who looks better? The ascetic-looking Muslim in his white flowing robes, speaking in that deep manly voice, or this emasculated thing (which is what the West’s religious leaders generally look and sound like):

The Western, radical liberal preacher:

The Muslim Manly Preacher:

To follow on the report of Paul Joseph Watson, InfoWars’ young correspondent (some four minutes into the broadcast): Indeed, if you accept and want the growing “superstate bureaucracy,” you accept and want its imported populations. I’ve debunked the demographic argument, which is an extension of the argument from statism:

As explained in this 2010 column:

… Exemplified by Mark Steyn, Wilders’ worthy supporters in the US make sure he knows they love him for standing tall for speech, women, and individual rights—no-brainers all. Like Steyn, they generally steer clear of addressing the perils for their own country of mass, third-world immigration (legal and illegal).

I am told that I don’t understand Mr. Steyn of the dooms-day demographics. So I listened to his “End of Europe” lectures, in which he vividly describes the multitudes of Muslims going forth to North America and Western Europe to be fruitful and multiply and push for Islam. Their Pan-Islamist identity trumps their new assumed identity. Because of numbers, Mark asserts, History is on the march in the Muslim direction. By 2030 much of what we think of as the developed world will be part of the Muslim world.

Here Steyn hits a brick wall. Other than making babies at home and total war abroad, Steyn used to propose nothing much at all. Oh yes, if you’re not already fighting (futilely, in my opinion) in Iraq and Afghanistan, you can show your marbles by publishing offensive cartoons, making rightwing movies, and writing right-wing text.

The “One-Man Global Content Provider” is wrong. Demographics need not be destiny. The waning West became what it is not by out-breeding the undeveloped world. We were once great not because of huge numbers, but due to human capital — people of superior ideas and abilities, capable of innovation, exploration, science, philosophy.

Declining birth rates—and their antidote; the mass immigration imperative—are the excuses statists make for persevering with immigration policies that are guaranteed to destroy western civil society and shore up the State.

It would be productive if Steyn were to also demand, asap, as this writer has, the implementation of an immediate, defensive, libertarian, negative-rights, leave-me-alone strategy: don’t let the homie Jiahdis who hold western passports back in. Government-issued papers do not a natural right confer. Citizenship is no natural right; staying alive is.

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How The Donald Defeats Demonic, Democrat Dames

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“How The Donald Defeats Demonic, Democrat Dames” is the current column, now on The Unz Review, America’s smartest webzine

… Because they’re so obtuse, it’s hard to see what Republicans and their supporters mean, politically, when they declare in opposition to abortion. One can reasonably infer that, since abortion is legal, Republicans are indicating they would like to outlaw the procedure.

A feasible, ethical political position this is not.

Woman or man: As most Americans see it, an adult owns his body and all that’s in it. To outlaw the removal of a body part, however precious to you and me, is to invade and aggress against a woman and her provider for the dominion she has asserted over what is indisputably her private property: her body.

Republicans are hopeless. But as this ineffectual lot keeps repeating, Donald Trump is not one of them. Mr. Trump can and has to be able to say what his Republican rivals have proven incapable of articulating.

When questioned about abortion, Trump needs to tell his detractors the following …

… Read the rest. “How The Donald Defeats Demonic, Democrat Dames” is the current column, now on The Unz Review, America’s smartest webzine

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Megyn Kelly: You’re So Vain (And Other Girl Talk)

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Your new hair is magnificent, Megyn Kelly. You’re a pretty girl. But boy!, are you vain and a tad vacuous. The way you always bring the Kelly File show back to … yourself. Does that take skill or just all consuming narcissism?

Today we learned from motormouth herself that because she’s so cute (presumably), she was given a stripper name by her sources when investigating a story about a stripper who cried rape.

When she first burst on to the Fox News scene, years ago, Kelly announced in an interview that she was beautiful inside and out. She might have meant to say boastful.

After the much needed dressing-down and time-out forced by her snarling attack on Donald Trump, Kelly was a little more demure. She has since rebounded, rushing to make hay on the Charlie Rose show, where she was utterly charming, as she always is.

Yet the constant onslaught of Kelly charisma has become off-putting.

With Rose, Kelly slipped up again by bringing it back to herself: She told the interviewer and his viewers how Fox News boss Roger Aisles had liked “the package: the smarts, the looks, the voice.”

Her words about herself.

In the same interview, I noticed her glowing (and sweet) references to her kids, but nothing for her husband, whom she often allows into the studio when he has a book to flog (the nepotistic school of journalism is big with bimbo journos). Is all still well on that front? Or, has Kelly been forced to seek the counsel of her favorite wise man, Dr. Phil?

Glad the hair-do is fixed. The Fox News hair stylist is awful. An exemplar of her (or his) creation is Kimberly G-String’s rigid wig. The Hair sits on Guilfoyle’s head like a helmet. Andrea Tarantula’s stiff coif and Megyn Kelly’s old, shaggy hair extensions—all were awful.

Megyn’s new hair is neat. A good cut has replaced the old, matted shag that likely needed extensive reviving before each show.

Let’s leave the spandex, cling-wrap, cheap looking garments the broads on Fox News swaddle themselves in. Surely they can afford some gorgeous couture? Take a page out of Taylor Swift’s wardrobe or Kate Middleton’s. Beautifully tailored, high-end clothes are so flattering if one can afford them, sartorial essentials Ann Coulter is missing too.

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