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UPDATE (7/30): What-Aboutism: A Pale, Weak Defense Of Trump’s Pro-American Tactics With Putin

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Limited government has a constitutional obligation to secure the peace by defending and protecting its constituents—not the world. Duly, and since my values are not yours and vice versa, a limited government doesn’t enforce “our values.” 

POTUS is doing just that with Mr. Putin.

Hence this Breitbart article amounts to a bit of “What Aboutism.”

In “The President’s Controversial Policy Toward Russia: The Good Guys Risk Losing If the Bad Guys Are United — Part One,” the author seems to galvanize FDR and Churchill to argue—what exactly?—that Putin is a Stalin, with whom we have to make strategic common cause?

No idea.

What Aboutism should be added to the list of logical fallacies. It is not a substantive argument to say, “Oh, lookie, FDR did it too, Churchill did it too. You like them. Why not Trump?”

The other “argument” here is that China is worse than Russia, the premise being that we should do battle with the former but not the latter. In other words, the American government, a paragon of perfection, has enemies more worthy than Russia.

It might be that Synophobia is more justified than Russophobia, but the point remains that an American president should pursue not war, but peace and prosperity, albeit through mighty strength. Those are pursued through diplomacy.

UPDATE (7/30):

Thanks To Private Enterprise Ingenuity, Not Government Frugality, The US Is Not Venezuela

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Venezuela’s inflation is 46,000 percent a year, “which in turn is largely caused by the printing of money to finance the government’s deficit of 30 percent of GDP.” (“Venezuelan cash is almost worthless, but also scarce,” Economist, July 12th, 2018.)

“In FY 2017, the federal deficit was 3.4 percent of GDP. This year, FY 2018, the federal government in its latest budget has estimated that the deficit will be 4.2 percent of GDP.” (

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the United States was worth about 19 trillion US dollars.

Thanks to private enterprise ingenuity, not government frugality (see US Debt Clock), the US is not Venezuela.

Swamp Creature Peter Strzok Struts His Stuff And Shatters What’s Left Of The FBI’s Credibility

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Disgraced FBI official Peter Strzok rants that he had hoped “the American population would not elect somebody demonstrating such horrible, disgusting behavior.” But WE DID NOT ELECT YOU, Mr. Strzok.

Is Strzok the face of the youthful, progressive FBI? Agent Strzok is a smirking, smug, self-satisfied, cheating swamp creature. He can’t take responsibility for his own misconduct, no wonder Strzok blames … Russia for division in America.

Bear in mind: Strzok is no lowly official; he “rose to become the Deputy Assistant Director of the Counterintelligence Division, the second-highest position in that division.”

Who Cares About Hope Hicks! Why Is The Excellent John Kelly Leaving The White House?!

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Journalists should be asking (but they don’t) why the most excellent John Kelly is rumored to be leaving the White House. Instead, they are rabbiting about a girl with super-model looks, Miss Hope Hicks, who left the White House.

Why is it of no interest to this incurious lot (the media) that the liberal Kushners had been gunning for White House Chief of Staff Kelly for a long time? As I warned on February 15, 2018:

… if Chief of Staff John Kelly is ousted, it will be the doing of the Goldman-Sachs West-Wing matriarchy. Dina Powel, former adviser to Ivanka and previously on Trump’s National Security Council [she has a BA], is a relic from Goldman Sachs and an Ivanka recruit. The affable Democrat Gary Cohn [he left, too], Trump’s chief economic advisor, is former president and chief operating officer of Goldman Sachs. These “Kushner-Cohn Democrats” ousted Stephen Bannon from the West Wing, and are, no doubt, gunning for John Kelly.

When Powel and Cohn departed, the work to oust Kelly was likely completed by the Kushner duo.

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