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State Of The Union 2019: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Sourpuss Brigade

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To stand out at President Donald J. Trump’s second State of the Union Address, February 5, was New York Rep. (D) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s sourpuss brigade:

AND three generations of an American family, whose great grandparents were murdered, in January 2019, by an illegal immigrant.

NumbersUSA: “Pres. Trump Offers Amnesty for Border Wall Trade”

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NumbersUSA has this to say about the president’s immigration compromise: “The offer … is a loser for the forgotten American workers who were central to Trump’s campaign promises.”

So said the very credible Roy Beck, who wisely “seeks to reduce both legal and illegal immigration to the U.S.”

At least someone is NOT being a Trump toady.

Beck’s full statement:

Pres. Trump announced today that he’d be willing to support legislation that trades amnesty for DACA recipients and illegal aliens who have received temporary protected status (TPS) in exchange for $5.7 billion of border wall funding. The offer also would have to include additional funding for more border patrol agents and immigration judges to handle the backlog of immigration cases.

Notably, Pres. Trump’s offer fails to include any of the badly needed reforms to close the loopholes for asylum seekers and unaccompanied alien minors who are apprehended crossing the border illegally.

In response to Pres. Trump’s announcement, NumbersUSA President and founder, Roy Beck, issued the following release:

The offer the President announced today is a loser for the forgotten American workers who were central to his campaign promises. An amnesty-for-wall trade would once again reward previous immigration lawbreakers without preventing future immigration lawbreakers. This kind of amnesty deal will incentivize more caravans, more illegal border crossers and more visa overstayers at the expense of the most vulnerable American workers who have to compete with the illegal labor force.

The President’s full proposal includes:

$5.7 billion to fund a steel barrier system, including embedded investments in technology and roads, on our southern border in the priority areas cited by Border Patrol.
This is in addition to the more than 115 miles of barriers already built, replaced, or contracted under President Trump.
$805 million for technology, canines, and personnel to help stop the flow of illegal drugs, weapons and other contraband. This includes:
$675 million for drug detection inspection technology to help secure our ports of entry.
$130 million for canine units, training, personnel and portable scanners to help deter and detect smuggled narcotics, weapons, and other dangerous materials.
$800 million dollars in humanitarian assistance, medical support, and new temporary housing.
$782 million to hire an additional 2,750 border agents, law enforcement officers, and staff.
$563 million to support our immigration court system, including hiring 75 new immigration judge teams to reduce the immigration court backlog of 800,000 cases.

As part of President Trump’s willingness to compromise to reopen the Government, he is proposing to grant provisional status to current Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) recipients.

Provisional status will be granted for three years for current DACA recipients, covering 700,000 illegal immigrants brought here by their parents at a young age.
This status will give them access to work permits, social security numbers, and protection from deportation.
Provisional status will be granted to certain current TPS recipients for three years, providing 300,000 immigrants whose protected status is facing expiration more certainty as Congress works on a larger immigration deal.

(“Pres. Trump Offers Amnesty for Border Wall Trade.”)

The base of course, of course, never critiques The Leader, but worships Him as would a serf. News flash: The only way to get something from leadership is to not worship them, but remind them THEY WORK FOR YOU.

Mainstream Republicans Catching Up: My Jan. 2016 Picks For A ‘Winning Trump Cabinet’

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Good to see mainstream Republicans catch up. “The Winning Trump Ticket & Cabinet,” written January 22, 2016, suggested “the talented James Webb for the Trump ticket.”

Webb,” I wrote, “is a decorated Marine who served as Ronald Reagan’s secretary of the navy. In particular, Webb is the recipient of the ‘Navy Cross for heroism in Vietnam,’ the Silver Star, two Bronze Stars, and two Purple Hearts”:

Indisputably the last salt-of-the-earth Democrat of his generation, Webb had considered a bid for president as a Democrat, last year. However, he appeared out of place at the first dominatrix-dominated debate in October of 2015, where he confessed to killing a man or two in battle. He soon dropped out.

Citing paleoconservative thinker Pat Buchanan, Mr. Webb had argued forcefully against affirmative action and for poor whites, well before reports about the early demise of white working-class America percolated to the public.

Webb the Southern Democrat can galvanize Reagan Democrats as well as fans of the military on the Left.

It’s three years late. Maybe even too late. But perhaps the president—who has squandered 2 years appointing Kushner neoconservatives—will heed mainstream Republicans, who’ve finally, and somehow, stumbled on a sane candidate for secretary of defense.

2016 column: “The Winning Trump Ticket & Cabinet.”

2016 book: “The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed” (June 29, 2016).

UPDATE (1/7/019): Gillibrand’s Gibberish

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Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) has spoke, again. This time in tongues:

“Our future is female, intersectional, powered by our belief in one another,” she declaimed on twitter. “And we’re just getting started.”

Come again?

Multiply that nonsense by ….

More than 100 women were projected to win seats in the House of Representatives, easily shattering the record. Overwhelmingly they were Democrats who helped the party take control of the chamber.

UPDATED (1/7/019): Via

“The fact that women now run 4 of the 5 top arms contractors is bad news. Women who compete in the world of war have proven to be more extreme in their dedication to the cause than men, e.g., Hillary Clinton.”