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UPDATED (2/14): Heavenly Al Jarreau, Rest In Peace And Rock The Heavens

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Al Jarreau retired from performing last week. And then he died. Poetic.
Al Jarreau was perfection. A giant of music, in general, and of the soul-jazz genre, in particular. And no, Gaga (she’s the best in a bad bunch), Beyonce and the twat Madonna are circus animals, entertainers, no more. Except that for their assaults on the ear, these artistes should be made to suffer the abuse innocent circus animals endure (yes, why don’t the pinhead preachers quit lecturing and do something for performer animals who perform under such duress).

You realize how rotten popular music is when you listen to this man.

Young in Spain:

Older in Spain. Al Jarreau is still perfection, as is Steve Gadd, both are sublime, better than anything that ululates and twerks on stage these days, and is nothing without the almighty Auto-Tune.

What a sweet sweet soul.

UPDATE (2/14):Facebook thread.

UPDATED: Rex Tillerson: Private Sector Top-Performer Makes Pols Look Dumb

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Rex Tillerson, Donald Trump’s pick for US secretary of state, instantiates the deep differences in intelligence and competency between politicians (those grilling him) and a top-performing individual, at the top of his game in the private sector (Tillerson). It’s night and day.

Impressive are Tillerson’s command of the issues, in-depth insights and meticulous, careful, logical approach. Tillerson’s confirmation hearing is what “no-experience-in-politics” looks like, when exhibited by a legendary top performer in the private-sector.

As historian Clyde Wilson has observed, politics is a degraded sphere. Poor pickings is all you get in politics (with negligible exceptions).


Marco Rubio delivers, during the confirmation hearings, a neocon laundry list & lecture about what the US government must do with its people’s taxes to liberate the world. America First, moron. #MAGA

Blind, Self-Absorbed Media Lose Out In The NYC Marathon

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In the context of the 2015 TCS New York City Marathon, whose “story” ought to be more compelling to a rational individual?

The story of Kenyans Stanley Biwott and Mary Keitany who won the race, or the quirky story of some blind Frenchman, who resides in the US, seems to have access to all the resources in the world, and decided on a whim to recruit friends to assist him in running a marathon (the result of which would be guaranteed face-time on the American mass media, which is forever searching out freaky stories, or ways to shape their viewers’ notion of heroism).

The correct answer—yes, I’d argue there is such a thing—is the two Kenyans. You can be sure that the two gifted, heroic runners acquired their endurance and speed by running barefoot to school and back, each day. Barefoot not because it’s the latest (Western) trend in running, but by necessity.

Wow! Can you believe that the barefoot line was written above before I looked up the story, “What Makes Kenya’s Marathon Runners The World’s Best”?

In addition, most kids usually run to school barefoot, which I think has some effect because it means they grow up being excellent runners …

In fact, the “ran to school every day” thought was first floated on Barely a Blog in 2012, on 07.26.12 @ 3:01 pm, to be precise.

In any event, our heroes are: Anyone who runs a marathon, in general. And the incredible Kenyan champions who run against all odds.

In sum, sentimentality clouds judgment and leads to misplaced sympathy and, consequently, to the blind self-absorption and solipsism on display in the blind man Fox News segment.

‘Underworld’ By Symphony X: A Triumph

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“Underworld” by progressive metal band Symphony X features evocative melodies, harmonic complexity, gorgeous arrangements, furious licks, sublime singing and impossible time-signature fluctuations. No contrapuntal incompetence in this outfit’s repertoire of abilities.

The CD is in the grand tradition of the band’s 2000 album “V: The New Mythology Suite,” down to the heroic, epic themes—except that Russell Allen’s voice has vastly improved. (How unusual an achievement is that with age?) And guitarist Michael Romeo has now establishment himself in the mind of this long-time lover of fine progressive metal—which means a handful of outfits ONLY—as far and away superior to Dream Theater’s John Petrucci. Another difficult feat. Dream Theatre, alas, is encumbered by singer James LaBrie (unless he too has improved with age).

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