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The Week’s Tweets (4/24/016): INTEL Trumps, NY Win, Brexits Boo BHO, More Potty Talk

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UPDATED: Americans Sick-And-Tired Of Being Manipulated By Their Leadership & Its Client States

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World leaders are heavily vested in an America whose borders are open to all, and whose leadership leverages political correctness as a weapon against a down-trodden American people petrified of … being called names.

It would appear that Americans, for the most, are sick-and-tired of being manipulated from above and from every other direction by their leadership and its client states.

The audacious Hisham Melhem of Al Arabya:

And there’s the ubiquitous threat, again, issued by ESTABLISHMENT ERICK (ERICKSON). People, behave or else!

“… ultimately that Donald Trump supporters need to understand that Hillary Clinton will be elected if they choose to go down this path and Republicans have an obligation to to make it clear in the primary that it will be Hillary Clinton if they don’t change.”

UPDATE (2/29):

Sarah Palin’s Pearls Before Swine

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Some of the bons mots delivered by Sarah Palin in Ames, Iowa, where she endorsed Donald Trump, were doggone terrific. My earlier prediction was premature. Palin ditched the handlers that had dogged her and deformed her style, and went back to being the wild girl from Wasilla, Alaska:

What the hell would the establishment GOP Machine know about conservatism?

We’re mad; have been had. … Doggone right, we’re angry, time to drill, baby, drill down.

Trump has gone rogue.

Safety nets have been turned into hammocks.

They’re wearing political correctness like a suicide vest.

Complicity is on both sides of the aisle.

Trump’s not an elitist; he respects hard hats.

Monkey Mayor Kenney Sees No Evil, Speaks No Evil Of Islam

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Among its many functions, the tyranny of political correctness serves as a shield for intellectual defectives like Philadelphia’s Democratic mayor, Jim Kenney. A cop got shot by a Muslim, today. “Muslim cop-shooter says he did it ‘in the name of Islam,'” writes Pamela Geller, “but Philly mayor says no, ‘does not represent’ Islam.’ You can’t make this stuff up. His cop is shot in the name of Islam and the mayor’s knee-jerk reaction is to protect Islam, not the cop.” MORE.

Correction: There is nothing “knee-jerk” about the dhimmitude of the mayor. It’s acquired, ingrained and meant to infect.

Just another day in la-la land, following in footsteps of the neutered Europeans, who encourage (by exculpating) the public, mass rape of their women.