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The Republican Base Is Bucking The System

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Donald Trump must be observed from the standpoint not of policy, so much, but of someone who could smash apart the political system and send its hangers-on scattering.

On the idiot’s lantern you hear and see men and women who’re of The system and for The System. Any wonder, then, that they are bucking the thing that’s threatening their equilibrium?

Trump is getting an atrophied political system to oscillate. The particles hate it.

Thus did Jonah Goldberg unwisely, tonight, accuse Americans of having a tantrum against the politicians and the pundits. The word “tantrum” is demeaning; it implies a hissy fit; a childish outburst of rage.

Smartly, mighty Megyn Kelly limited her system-maintaining efforts to a brief mention of her tiff with Trump, going on to center tonight’s Kelly File on the thing people are sick to their stomach’s of: eternal racial grievance.

For his part, Sean Hannity is cleaving to the issues that concern the bucking base, and, by extension, is discussing Trump a LOT. If he continues, Hannity’s show may just become more popular than mighty Megyn’s.

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Comedian Amy Schumer Caves To PC Consensus

Free Speech, Left-Liberalism, Political Correctness

In case you’re getting tired of the one public persona who won’t embark on an apology tour for politically incorrect utterances and ideas—here’s comedian Amy Schumer, folding and feeding the quest for consensus:

Comedienne Amy Schumer was wrapped into the recent national discussions on political correctness after making several jokes about race on her Comedy Central show. Though Schumer previously pushed back at critics in the past who accused her of having a “blind spot” for race jokes, but in an exchange with a fan on Twitter, she said that she wants to “take responsibility” for what she said.

The incident began when an article for The Guardian commented about some of Schumer’s off-color jokes. Monica Heisey initially praised Schumer as “funny, feminist, mainstream entertainment, ” but was less enthused about several “tactless” jokes from the Trainwreck star, such as “I used to date Latino guys. Now I prefer consensual.”

Schumer initially defended the comments, tweeting a lengthy post on June 28 about how she refuses to do “safe” material and that race jokes are part of her act as “an irreverent idiot:”

I enjoy playing the girl who time to time says the dumbest thing possible and playing with race is a thing we are not supposed to do, which is what makes it so fun for comics. You can call it a “blind spot for racism” or “lazy” but you are wrong. It is a joke and it is funny. I know that because people laugh at it.

After being asked on Twitter whether she has a sort of public responsibility as a storyteller, Schumer took a different tone …


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The Lawless Logic Of Crime In Baltimore

Crime, Political Correctness, Race, Reason

“An uptick in crime in his city,” Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts blames on “looted drugs that have made their way to the streets of Baltimore.” In the April race riots, “at least 27 pharmacies and drug clinics” were ransacked.” While broadcasting this Batts fatuity, CNN showed in the background video of a swarm of sub-humans descending on a pharmacy and plundering the place.

The pharmacy employee is right: This is a joke.

Let’s trace the causal chain:

1. Criminals committed crimes called robberies.
2. Criminals came into the possession of goods called drugs through crimes called robberies.
3. Criminals bickered over loot appropriated during the commission of crimes.
3. The bickering of criminals over goods appropriated through crime escalated, resulting in injuries and deaths.

See what I’m getting at?

Drugs are not causing crimes on the streets of Baltimore; criminals are.
Drugs got onto Baltimore streets during the commission of crimes.
Criminals were first on the scene. They committed crimes. And then more crimes.

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Pamela Geller Offends Shariah Media

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There’s a “FRENCH CONNECTION” and a “RED CONNECTION”—both bad—in “Pamela Geller Goes Against Sharia Media,” the current column, now on WND. An excerpt:

Sandhya SomethingOrAnother is a “social change” reporter for The Washington Post. (Yes, the WaPo has such a beat.) Ms. Somashekhar (her surname copied and pasted) implied that WND columnist Pamela Geller ought to repent for staging a Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest in Garland, Texas, an event that was briefly attended by two, uninvited ISIS-Americans. Sandhya must have been angry because she called Geller, in error, “a housewife from Long Island.” Progressives don’t much like housewives.

Like most Geller haters, Somashekhar (her name copied and pasted) cited the Southern Poverty Law Center as her “scholarly” source for Geller’s hatefulness. The SPLC is a “leftist vigilante group,” explained Paul Gottfried, a real scholar. It is “unmistakably totalitarian in the drive to suppress and destroy deviationists from the party line on race, gender, and ‘discrimination.’” The “$PLC” is as dodgy in its financial dealings as it is in its strong-arming tactics. (Read “Is The Southern Poverty Law Center ($PLC) The Next Financial Bubble?”)

“Stupid,” ruled a less obscure enforcer of political correctness, Bill O’Reilly, on Geller’s event. Also at Fox News, host Martha MacCallum suggested Geller ought to have explored kinder, gentler ways of protesting Islam-imposed restrictions on expression.

Pantomime, perhaps?

The left-liberal Jon Stewart took the safe route. The idiotic urge to kill over any annoyance was the object of the satirist’s spoof. Stewart’s Thou Shall Not Kill skit was hardly cutting-edge comedy. So he livened up the tired shtick with a curtsy in the direction of the Prophet’s avengers. Geller’s group, The American Freedom Defense Initiative, was about hate speech, warned Stewart.

The biggest clown in the media circus, however, was TV anchor Chris Cuomo. While Geller staged her vital challenge in private; Cuomo, a lawyer, flaunted his “smarts” in public. He tweeted that “hate speech” was unprotected by the Constitution. Not everyone was speechless. Another of CNN’s cretins, Alisyn Camerota, stood squarely in the corner of the victims: those poor ISIS-Americans whose descent into hell was hastened by a guard at Geller’s Garland cartoon contest.

It was difficult to tell what it was about Pamela Geller’s position on impolite and impolitic speech—echoed in the 1st Amendment in the Bill of Rights—that so puzzled Camerota …

… Read the complete column, “Pamela Geller Goes Against Sharia Media,” on WND.

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UPDATE II: Alan Dershowitz On Making His Accusers Pay

Crime, Feminism, Gender, Political Correctness, Sex

You’d think that rape and false accusations of rape are a political cause and not crimes to investigate. Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz seldom comes up with obtuse, bad answers. But even this sharp civil libertarian ditched his initial forceful arguments from justice, when put on the spot about being falsely accused of sexual abuse. Two minutes and thirty eight seconds into this CNN interview, Erroll Barnett questions Dershowtiz as to what good it would do to jail the “troubled” women who had falsely alleged that Dershowitz and a host of other codgers sexually abused them. “What do you expect to get out of it,” asked Barnett facilely.

Instead of reiterating his initial, irate and forceful warning about the harm these habitual liars do to their victims’ reputations, standing in the community and finances; the need to punish such liars for their attempts to profit by siccing the law on their innocent victims—Dershowitz noodles on about the indirect harm a false accusation of rape does to real victims of rape.

UPDATE I: Dershowtiz did a good job until the end, of promising swift justice to this hussy. Then he waffled a bit. The crazy idea that these false accusers should not be punished was the CNN angle.

UPDATE II: Dershowitz is brilliant, hence his flawless delivery. He is also a lefty, hence his slight capitulation to the accuser.

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Jesus Was A Jew Through-And-Through

Christianity, Judaism & Jews, Left-Liberalism, Political Correctness

He was quarrelsome, charismatic, domineering, polarizing; judgmental, fueled with messianic zeal, often impatient—in every fiber of his being, Jesus, Yehoshua in Hebrew, was the son of the God of wrath; the God of the Hebrew Testament. As such, says devout Catholic columnist Jack Kerwick, “Jesus spared no occasion to remind both fans and foes alike that He and ‘the God of the Old Testament’ [were] one and the same”:

“So it will be at the end of the age. The angels will come out and separate the evil from the righteous and throw them into the furnace of fire, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth” (Mt. 13: 49-50).

Nor was Jesus a pacifist, as did he like many a rich and influential person, for Judaism views wealth acquired justly as a sign of God’s blessings.

Jesus probably didn’t even look like the angelic images of him foisted on us by the Jesus industry. Face it, Jesus was Jewish through-and-through. He likely looked Jewish.

“The Real Jesus vs. the Neutered Idol of the Politically Respectable” is a lovely, piquant column by Jack Kerwick:

“Whoever is not with me is against me…but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come” (Mt. 12: 30-32; Mk. 3:19-30; Lk. 11:14-23).

For His enemies, the Pharisees and scribes, Jesus reserved a furry of criticism. They were “hypocrites,” “blind guides,” “whitewashed tombs” who are “full of the bones of the dead and of all kinds of filth” like “greed and self-indulgence.” His opponents are “descendants of those who murdered the prophets,” “snakes” and “vipers” who can’t “escape being sentenced to hell” (Mt. 23: 16-36; Mk. 12: 38-40; Lk. 20: 45-47) [.]

Yet even those who styled themselves His friends didn’t escape His wrath.

Unfaithful servants will be “cut” into “pieces” and placed “with the hypocrites, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth” (Mt. 24:51; Lk. 12: 41-48). Jesus informs His disciples of His plans for those nations with which He is displeased: “Then he [the Son of Man] will say to those at his left hand, ‘You that are accursed, depart from me into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels…And these will go away into eternal punishment” (Mt. 25: 41-46).


A fine Easter and a happy Pesach to all.

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