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The Son Of Sam Promises ‘Morning In America’

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I promised “Zero Coverage of O’s ‘Stalinesque Extravaganza,’” but you knew I’d renege.

Barack Obama began his hour-long bullshit session by conjuring a Norman-Rockwell scene of an America that is no longer. Farms, churches, close-knit communities; hard-working traditional, nuclear families awakening to … “Morning in America.” An America that progressives such as himself killed off a long time ago.

Then he ran with one lie after another. The US was poised for an economic Renaissance, even though about ninety million Americans are no longer in the workforce, our kids are, on average, dumber than kids in the rest of the developed world, and we’re divided as never before.

It would appear that “our deficits” too have been “cut by more than half,” even as we carry $17 trillion in national debt and a lot more than that in unfunded liabilities.

But it’s all good.

* As he did five times before, BHO vowed to make DC work once and for all, for this was what he promised those who sent him to the Capital.
* More empty eighth-grade level waffle about the promise of America—“opportunity for all – the notion that if you work hard and take responsibility, you can get ahead,” all the while increasing distribution and expanding entitlement programs.
* More “strengthen-the-middle-class” promises were issued while fucking the bourgeoisie over with Obamacare.
* Finally an assertion based on … science (yeah, right), contrary to the rest of the president’s lies: The First Lady is credited with helping to “bring down childhood obesity rates for the first time in thirty years.” I guess they tested Michelle’s hypothesis.

Oh, and what would the president’s slushy speech be without mention of the “son of a single mom” who became “president of the greatest nation on Earth.”

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Pope Populist

Christianity, Socialism

The people love a populist, socialist fool. Intellectually, Pope Francis, the new Holy See, is no match to his predecessors. In fact, Jorge Bergoglio is shaping up to be a bit of a bumpkin. And the flock love him for it. Here he is with “a young lamb” on his shoulders. His face says it all. Well, almost. (The lamb, however, is lovely.)

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On RT TV’s ‘Cross Talk,’ TRYING To Bust The Myth Of Mandela

Democracy, Federalism, Media, Propaganda, Race, Socialism, South-Africa

RT TV (Russia Today), and in particular Cross Talk, has facilitated perhaps the only rounded discussion of Mandela’s true legacy in mainstream media. However, RT producers failed to use ANY of the biographical material I provided TWICE—not one sentence of it: not my authorship of a book, which just happens to be about Mandela’s South Africa (“Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa”), and not my affiliations (WND and JIMS, an Israeli free-market think tank than deserves recognition for its work). It is not the first time this has transpired, so it could conceivably be perceived as a bias of sorts, and certainly as unprofessional. Had I not mentioned my book, listeners would be none the wiser.

My hideous face: I was up at 4:15 AM, had no make-up artist and thus was without the stuff; was seated in a small studio, where I stared at a board upon which a pair of peepers was painted, without seeing my interlocutors. Vanity aside, the emails received so far from my Afrikaner followers are all that matter to me. It’s about the duty to bear Christian witness (albeit by a Jew). Below are two such missives:

Writes Prime Minister P. W. Botha’s wife:

I watched RT this am. It was such a pity that you were not given more time. Much of what you said was sidelined – especially that of the decimation of the Afrikaner. The world just does not want to know that. Dear Jeremy, an armchair analyst. I think it is because you were born in Africa, that you understand the situation. We really cannot afford academics who would want to impose what they think would work, upon the masses. They understand nothing of Africa and the realities thereof.

And this from Hendrik:

Hi Ilana.

Things are going to become worse and worse for us whites (Afrikaners) in South Africa. I saw you on crosstalk today. You tried to mention us in mainstream media. Why would you have to, you have no reason to want to stand up for us other than your commitment to the truth. The truth, something that is difficult to spot in the media, especially these last couple of days. That’s why I thank you.
No one will ever stand up for us until it is too late, we realize we will only be able to depend on God and ourselves to survive this mess. What I have learned from history is that 99% of the world will deny our predicament until it’s too late. It happened many times before (Rwanda). No one will help us. Like when you tried to mention us the subject was changed faster than a french surrender. So again, I thank you for trying.
I’m sorry if it sounds like I’m complaining, I don’t mean to. Many peoples had to go through much worse in history.

No, Hendrik, not many people go through a worse event than ethnocide!

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The New York ‘Slimes’ Stops Slumbering. But It’s Too Late.

Healthcare, Left-Liberalism, Media, Political Economy, Propaganda, Socialism

Before their very eyes, millions of Americans are watching as Obama takes from them and gives to a favored constituency. Now the Johnny-Come-Latelies of the “New York Slimes” (the last is Mark Levin’s moniker) have discovered belatedly that entitlement programs are distribution programs, and that Obama care is a particularity glaring exampled of one:

Hiding in plain sight behind that pledge [“If you like your current insurance, you will keep your current insurance”]— visible to health policy experts but not the general publicwas the redistribution required to extend health coverage to those who had been either locked out or priced out of the market.
Now some of that redistribution has come clearly into view.

The law, for example, banned rate discrimination against women, which insurance companies called “gender rating” to account for their higher health costs. But that raised the relative burden borne by men. The law also limited how much more insurers can charge older Americans, who use more health care over all. But that raised the relative burden on younger people.
And the law required insurers to offer coverage to Americans with pre-existing conditions, which eased costs for less healthy people but raised prices for others who had been charged lower rates because of their good health.
“The A.C.A. is very much about redistribution, whether or not its advocates acknowledge that this is the case,” wrote Reihan Salam on the website of the conservative National Review.

Only healthcare experts knew of this? What liars live at the NYT. Mitt Romney repeatedly told the stupid voters that the cost of their healthcare would rise under Obamacare by about $2000 to $3000 annually. (For people in the individual market it’s much more.) There were many like him. The morons refused to heed him. Americans, for the most, were bamboozled by Obama media sycophants like the “Slimes” and were smitten by BHO’s Svengali-style hypnotism.

Libertarians are the Truthers—the good ones cleave to natural justice and to the natural laws of economics. By so doing, we are able to predict what the fools at the New York Times have only just conceded. So it was that “Obama’s Politburo Of Proctologists” (June 26, 2009), one of many such columns, explained to the few who listened that,

The pit of perverse incentives Papa Obama is engineering includes leveling the insurance industry, which by definition must discern and discriminate between applicants based on their health status (largely under individual control). Under his benevolent rule, private insurers will be subjected to a host of new regulations, “including a requirement to insure all applicants and a prohibition on pricing premiums on the basis of risk …”

“Destroying Healthcare For The Few Uninsured” (August 7, 2009) attempted the same:

If the US wasn’t already insolvent, I’d say that Obama was bankrupting the country, and sending the health care we have to hell in a handcart, for the ostensible benefit of less than ten percent of the population. But the US is already in the red, courtesy of the current president and his predecessor.

On an on.

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The Private, Online Alternative To Gov.Con.

Government, Healthcare, Private Property, Socialism, Technology, The State

If you’re going to let the government herd you into Gov.Con., go to to “Instantly compare premiums for health exchange plans.”

No, this simple, working site is not a government stopgap. “Why Government ‘Care’ Will Never, Ever Work” explains why a command-and-control fix will always fail. was designed by “three 20-somethings.”

three young men from San Francisco, George Kalogeropoulos, Ning Liang, and Michael Wasser, did what the government has not been able to do: build an easy to use site where people across the country can get quotes and compare different health care plans through the federal exchange.

A couple of kids built the site the state could not build. It took them three days. It cost a few hundred dollars, while Gov.Con. contractors have conned the taxpayer out of half a billion dollars and counting. And the Gov.Con. site will likely never quite work. (What’s the incentive to get it to work? Close to none. Read why.)

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Seattle Fool Foments Violence Against Business

Business, Capitalism, Glenn Beck, Government, Political Philosophy, Socialism

“They did it. Seattle voters elected a socialist candidate to the city council,” reported The Blaze, on Nov. 15.

Seattle City Councilor Kshama Sawant has since delivered a screed tying economic freedom to all social ills. Real original, isn’t she? A true intellectual too. She’s a professional academic, what else?

We need to recognize what is at the root of racism, this hatred and fear of black people, of people of color, of poor people,” Sawant said. “The root cause of these blatantly unjust laws is the capitalist system itself … this system does not work for us. Racism is necessary for this oppressive system to exist.

Nov. 21, the socialist councilwoman “accused aerospace and defense giant Boeing on Monday of ‘economic terrorism’ and told Boeing machinists they should consider taking ‘over the factories.'”

“The workers should … shut down Boeing’s profit-making machine,” Kshama Sawant told a group of activists in the city’s Westlake Park.
Sawant’s comments were made at a rally organized by machinists after they rejected a deal that would reduce pensions for union members in return for guaranteed jobs in Everett, Wash., building 777X Boeing airliners for eight years.
Now Boeing is considering taking those jobs elsewhere.

Go ahead, Boeing. Take the leap and move major operations from “The Evergreen State” to a right-to-work state. South Carolina residents will be only too happy to work rather than wreck stuff.

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