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UPDATED: Among Other ‘Benefits,’ Muslim Immigration Imports Democrats

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Pew Research reports that “a majority of U.S. Muslims (63%) are immigrants,” and that “When it comes to political and social views, Muslims are far more likely to identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party (70%) than the Republican Party (11%) and to say they prefer a bigger government providing more services (68%) over a smaller government providing fewer services (21%).”

Christian Today cites the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) which “found that over 2.6 million immigrants from nations whose populations are dominated by individuals who follow the Islamic faith moved to America in 2014. This number indicates a significant increase from the 2.2 million immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries in 2010.”


David B Taggart: immigrants of all stripes manage their extended family living situations to maximize benefits rational behavior
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Ilana Mercer: David B Taggart: Really? Not this family, my own. Don’t know one highly educated South African family on food stamps … very few of us educated whities are allowed passage into the US, but when we are, value is added to the economy. In the case of my spouse, more tens of millions (probably hundreds, as I am talking a globally shipped, high-profile product) than I can count in terms, for example, of asset acquisition for American interests.

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UPDATED: Burn-The-Wealth Bernie & His Partial Enslavement System

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“Burn-The-Wealth Bernie & His Partial Enslavement System” is the current column, now on The Unz Review, America’s smartest webzine. An excerpt:

“The top one-tenth of 1 percent in this country own almost 90 percent … as much wealth as the bottom 90 percent,” roared the independent senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, at the first Democratic primary debate of 2015, in Las Vegas.

Standing for president, Sanders implies, somehow, that there exists in nature a delimited income pie from which a disproportionate amount of wealth is handed over to, or seized, by a class of evil doers: “the rich.”

Clueless Sanders omits the process by which that wealth magically materializes.

Wealth doesn’t exist pristine in nature, until individuals—deserving as much, if not more, of the pope’s love as the poor—apply their smarts, labor and savings to transform raw materials into marketable things that satisfy human desire and need.

But not if one listens to the socialist from Vermont as, sadly, too many Americans did.

You ask, why was it not just as discouraging when even more Americans tuned in to watch the first and second Republican Primary Debates, 24 and 23 million respectively?

For this reason: While Republicans are never to be equated with freedom, smaller government, or anything remotely libertarian; the voting public equates a vote for a Republican with a vote for less government and more freedom from the state.

Therefore, an interest in and a support for a Democrat is often a reliable proxy for the measure of statism in the land.

Over fifteen million viewers tuned in to watch two washed-out, walking clichés of the hard left (Hillary Clinton and Mr. Sanders) join two other political phantoms no one had heard of before (Martin O’Malley and Lincoln Chafee), to malign and bring down their betters: the “highly productive and provident one percent that provides the standard of living of a largely ignorant and ungrateful ninety-nine percent,” in the words of professor George Reisman, author of the seminal “Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics.”

Countering Sanders’ pie-in-the-sky economics, Reisman notes that, “The wealth of the 1 percent is the overwhelming source of the supply of goods that people buy and of the demand for labor that people sell.” The wealth of the rich is not to be found in a huge pile of goods from which only capitalists benefit, but in the means of production that benefit us all. …

Read the rest.“Burn-The-Wealth Bernie & His Partial Enslavement System” is the current column, now on The Unz Review.

UPDATED (1/5/2016): Bernie Sanders ‘thinks’ that at heart, ISIS terrorists are really farmers who’ve been frustrated by climate change.

UPDATE II (2/7):

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UPDATE II: Methuselah And The Democratic Gang Cometh (Debate Ratings)

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The tension is mounting (not), as two washed-out, walking cliches of the hard left (Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders), join two other political phantoms no one has heard of before (Martin O’Malley and Lincoln Chafee), to malign and bring down their betters—the “highly productive and provident one percent that provides the standard of living of a largely ignorant and ungrateful ninety-nine percent,” as Professor George Reisman calls the deservedly rich.

In attendance at Tuesday’s CNN Facebook Democratic Debate in Las Vegas will be one good guy: Jim Webb, who’ll probably be nudged to the left and will cease to be who he once was, to keep-up with the awfulness on stage.

I’ll be surprised if the Las Vegas Democratic Debate draws more than 4 million viewers.

Sheryl Crow will perform. She’s the singer known for applying her cerebral sinew, as is Hollywood’s wont, to solving global warming. Hint: It has to do with using your sleeve. Yes, she’s an indelicate creature.

UPDATE I: Wow, at the time of writing, the hashtag #CNNDemocraticDebate had … 3 tweets to its name. It could well be that the debate will draw only 2 viewers. (One of the #CNNDemocraticDebate tweets is mine.)

UPDATE II (10/12): Well, well, what do you know? I was right to bring up the ratings issue way back on 10.07.15, with respect to the forthcoming Democratic primary debate.

Mainstream media has awoken to the Real Story behind the Dem debate: No one but them cares about it. It also seems that my predictions of the number of viewers who’ll tune in to watch elderly has-beens dream up plans to rob Peter to pay Paul are not out of whack. See “CNN expects ‘significantly smaller’ ratings for Dem debate.”

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Can’t Wait For The 1st, 2016 Democratic Primary Debate (Just Kidding)

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If he’s smart, and he is, Jim Webb, former senator from Virginia, and Democratic candidate for 2016, will ignore his revolting rivals during the first, upcoming, 2016 Democratic Primary Debate, and make eyes (by which I mean aim to please) at Donald Trump and his broad base. The last includes Southern Democrats, believe me.

By the way, when is this much-anticipated snore-cum-puke fest? (Found the date: October 13, 2015.)

How many viewers do you think the first, Democratic Primary Debate will draw? I’ll throw out a guess: 4 million? (As opposed to …)

Who are the other participants, aside Webb, Bernie-For-Socialism-But-Some-2nd-Amendment-Rights Sanders, and Hillary Rodham Clinton? Do you know? Jim Webb will probably be the only candidate worth watching.

In “Trump Should Triangulate,” Webb was recommended to Trump as a candidate for the Trump ticket:

James Webb, the decorated Marine who served as Ronald Reagan’s secretary of the navy, is no GOP loyalist, either. Webb, indisputably the last salt-of-the-earth Democrat, is considering a bid for president as a … Democrat.

Trump would do well to triangulate, à la Bill Clinton, and place the talented Mr. Webb on the Trump ticket. Then, make immigration a central theme in the campaign, advance a principled, major, pro-black policy by speaking to the legalization or decriminalizing of drug use and sale—and Trump will have secured the vote of blacks, white southern Democrats and other Reagan Democrats. Like no other, drug legalization is a proxy black issue, worthy of the endorsement of the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

A ticket sporting two Alpha Males, moreover, is likely to infuriate the Alpha females of media (including those with the Y chromosome).

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