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Bernie Sanders’ Rickety Platform Of Big Bad Money Is … A ‘Dud’

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The Bernie Sanders claims—his platform, really—that Big Money controls politics has proven to be a bit of a “dud.”

In the words of David Von Drehle of Time magazine, “Big Money, the supposed superpower of post-Citizens United politics, is a dud so far. Super-PAC bets by various billionaires have done nothing to fire up such candidates as former Florida governor Jeb Bush. Bush has filled screens in key states with millions of dollars in both positive and negative ads. The result: falling poll numbers. Touted as a front runner a year ago, Bush is mired in single digits and rang in the new year by announcing that he was scrapping a round of ads in favor of more ground troops in early voting states.” (“How Trump Won,” Time, January 18 issue.)

What does this say about the logic of Sanders’ campaign?

The illiberal (this writer is classically liberal) Sanders and Hillary Clinton have JUST pledged to undo Citizens United.

If free speech—Big Money—is excised from politics; in particular, unlimited election spending by individuals is disallowed—you’d have no Donald Trump counter-politics.

A Barack Obama new rogue in judicial robes will certainly ensure no self-funding billionaires rise against the system.

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UPDATED: The Immorality and Lethality of Socialism & Socialists

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“Be it Hillary or burn-the-wealth Bernie—both agree that it is up to them, the all-knowing central planners, to determine how much of your life ought to be theirs to squander.
Democratic socialism, under which we already labor today in the USA, turns on Karl Marx’s maxim, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” Sanders’ idea is the unnatural notion that the government is entitled to seize a portion of your income; that it has a lien on your life and on what you acquire in the course of sustaining that life.” (“Burn-The-Wealth Bernie & His Partial Enslavement System”)

UPDATE (2/14): The female franchise has sissified and socialized our politics.

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Is Your Kid A Burn-The-Wealth Bernie Sanders Zombie?

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That “Bernie Sanders won 84 percent of voters aged 17 to 29, at the Iowa Democratic caucuses, according to entrance polls,” is nothing to rejoice about. Burn the wealth Bernie is beloved of young people not because they are so fabulously idealistic or clear thinking. That America’s youth are coming out for a socialist is because young people are propagandized by progressives, teachers and administrators, from K through to 12 and beyond. The closing of the Millennial Mind happens over time in your kids’ primary, secondary and tertiary schools, which are a monolith of progressive propaganda, day in, day out; year in, year out.

“The drive to lower the voting age from 21 to 18” resulted in the Twenty-Sixth Amendment, smuggled into the Constitution by statute. The Amendment artificially swelled the ranks of Democratic voters, which has further eroded any protections the Constitution afforded to private property, and swayed the balance of power in favor of those who “vote for a living,” as opposed “those who work for a living.”

Still, kids are propagandized before they turn 18 and well after. So I don’t know that repealing this liberty sundering amendment would help reverse the erosion of individual rights toward which the youth vote contributes.

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Post-Debate, Eve-Of Iowa News Briefs 1/31

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Presidential candidates keep saying “Washington is broken. It needs fixing.” No. Washington should be broken and left unfixed. That’s my two cents.

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