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The Punishers Are Coming For MAGA America

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People with names you must cut-and-paste to get right, like Azadeh Shahshahani, are increasingly and aggressively leading movements and initiatives to punish Americans with names like Marjorie Taylor, for voting to import fewer Punishers.

“Repealing the Muslim ban is not enough.” Shahshahani demands “accountability” in the name of “countless people whose lives were altered by the Muslim ban.” These victims of MAGA America are “still waiting for closure.”

Translated from a culture not-based in the Bill of Rights: They want revenge for the way Americans voted.

*Image courtesy ACLU, or what’s left of it.

Did Anything Memorable Happen In The Garrison City-State Of D.C., Today?

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Did anything memorable happen in the garrison City-State of Washington, D.C., today? Has “unity” happened? Fill me in, folks.

As the great philosopher Homer (Simpson) might have said, when he wanted to show as keen an interest as mine, “Can’t watch, eating.”  

*Image of “Washington D.C. quickly becoming home to regular manned and armed checkpoints around the ‘green zone’ and on highways to the city,” courtesy Twitter/@ryanjreilly

Fake News USA Assert The Security Of The Election System, BUT Refuse To Investigate It

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CNN’s Jeremy Diamond and his American circle-jerk of progressive, activist reporters ought to take lessons from BBC’s James Clayton, of “Click,” a BBC program.

Six minutes and 12 seconds into the clip on digital voting, the coverage of “serious security issues” begins. Techies who’ve “reversed engineered voting systems” are worried.

BBC News clearly still does the job Fake News USA refuses to do: investigate the security of the election system, not simply assert it.

Jeremy Diamond, a specimen in the national, journalistic circle jerk, is CNN’s White House correspondent. He’s a reporter, not an opinion-purveyor. Yet opinion is what he and his cohort purvey.

While reporting, Diamond will constantly express his opinion by exclaiming how “remarkable” and “outlandish” it is that President Trump wishes to overturn “a democratically held election.”

Breathy exclamations of disgust, surprise and frustration have no place in the repertoire of a reporter. It’s one thing, moreover, had CNN and Mr. Diamond investigated the election-fraud claims wending their way through the Courts—there are constitutional violations uninvestigated by them, too. But they don’t. The aforementioned BBC program, Click, clearly has no issue investigating and concluding that digital voting, for one, is fraught.

Had the American media done the work required; then they could legitimately say, “Having investigated and reported on the election fraud allegation, we find that there is no …”

But Diamond and his CNN crooks do not argue their case; they use their powerful positions in front of the camera to assert their claims, relying on viewers not to know the difference.

The same can be said of every other reporter on the CNN and MSNBC Fake News makers. They all offer their opinions on panels of opinionaters and from the field. Abby Phillip is another young journalist like Diamond who does opinion, not reporting.

UPDATED (5/23/021): DC, Sewer-Rat Briefs: And They Say We Deplorables Are The Jerks

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He’s eloquent, dour, ruthless; the embodiment of the Yankee, Radical Republicanism of the Reconstruction era. Lincoln Project founder Steve Schmidt is a GOPer establishmentarian who led a coalition to help elect Joe Biden!! Here he is, a DC sewer rat if ever there was one,  reaching out on Twitter to AOC, to show her his empathy for working-class men and women. Neither AOC or he has ever belonged to that class of Americans.

Schmidt, who has since defected to the Democrat Party, the Other Party of Treason, is the face of zeal. He even looks as fanatical as the Republicans pictured in “The Radical Republicans:  The ANTIFA of 1865.”

Former McCain aide Steve Schmidt: Trump's 'impairment is chilling' | TheHill
The thread that runs through TV debates among Schmidt and his ilk is the failure of the Grand Old Party (GOP) to stand up to Donald Trump. Unmentioned are the 74 million people, the Depolrables, who empower President Trump. These solipsistic, TV degenerates have simply disappeared or cancelled 74 million voters.

Bush-era operative Nicolle Wallace, now an anchor on MSNBC—thanks to the revolving door that is the DC-media-industrial complex—has not stopped castigating the GOP for standing by Trump. She seems oblivious to the fact that Trump is a conduit—he represents tens of millions of voting Americans, many of whom are to the right of him politically.

Another MSNBC regular, Donny Deutsch, a lefty business-cum-media man, hollered that “there are 50 million jerks in this country. We’re just going to have to accept it,” he yelled. Deutsch had found a way to dismiss Trump voters, having, at least, acknowledged we exist.

Ana Navaro (who’s had a dossier on my blog for years) is a deeply stupid woman and a former shill for Jeb Bush. Known for siring (see picture)—and

surrounding himself with—stupid women, John McCain had once employed the gaseous Navaro as his consultant. In addition to being a plain idiot, Navarro is a Republican identity politics activist (read anti-white activist), whose one line during the tumultuous Trump presidency and, in particular, in the lame-duck phase, has been to repeat that GOPers are afraid of the Trump tweets. That’s what goes for “analysis” on the American idiot’s lantern.

Trump’s base of supporters does not exist to the haughty bitch, Navarro.

Margaret Hoover’s media and political jobs have been a function of her cute looks and John Avlon [CNN] Salary, Wife, Children, Height, Education
her family name (she’s the great-granddaughter of the 31st U.S. President). Hoover’s only other merit is that she’s not at all a bad interviewer on PBS’s “Firing Line.”

Appearing on CNN alone or with her Democrat sidekick, husband John Avlon, this progressive Republican has also been disgorging the same single line of “thought” for months, if not years:

“This ends not well for the GOP.  There will be a backlash for the GOP [for standing by Trump and his base and denying the election result.]” A backlash with who, Ms. Hoover? The intellectual and moral sink hole to which you and your friends belong? Funny thing: I thought a leader was supposed to listen to his constituents.

Avlon chimed in at the same time with this banality:

“Republicans should be moved by the national interest, not the party’s interests.” Like the Democrats, presumably.

Hoover at least did hint at the mammoth, not mere elephant, that’s in the room: that angry, 74-million strong base. So far, the Republicans are nervous about The Base. But for how long?

UPDATED (5/23/021):

Today, at CNN, Margaret Hoover mocked Andrew Giuliani’s sense of familial entitlement. Pot. Kettle, Black. Margaret’s main talent is that she’s great-granddaughter of Herbert Hoover, 31st U.S. President. While she’s a good interviewer, she’s banal at her job as opinionator.