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Barack Obama’s Kitschy Official Portrait: Looks Like Wallpaper That Has To Be Scraped Off For A Renovation

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Barack Obama’s foliage-filled portrait is bad art. Dreadful. Was it inspired by the interview the former president once gave Zach Galifianakis, host of “Between Two Ferns”? (Here Galifianakis let Barack Obama drone on, “Between Two Ferns,” about “that thing that doesn’t work.” Galifianakis is a good kind of goofy.)

Comments on art should exclude politics. I don’t care who the artist is politically. All that matters is whether his art is good or bad. That’s the issue at hand. Kehinde Wiley’s Obama art is ghastly. Like wallpaper that has to be removed for a renovation.

Kim Kardashian Clothed is More Obscene Than Playboy Nudes

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If you think about it, Playboy magazine was quite innocent compared to today’s’ prime-time smut. Watching Kim Kardashian clothed is much more obscene than, say, Patti Mcguire’s Playboy spread in the 1970s.

Hugh Hefner was certainly a degenerate, but conservatives crowing like leftist feminists about his exploitation of women is worse than silly. (Although Ross Douthat, author of “Speaking Ill of Hugh Hefner,” is as good as a liberal.)

POTUS Should’ve Left Ivanka & Jared At Home

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Melania killed it on President Trump’s protracted romp around the Muslim world, his visit with the Muslim pontiff, and his stop in Israel with Bibi and his klafte of a wife (as in a nag).

Melania deserved to have her moment in the limelight WITHOUT Ivanka (member of the diabolical Javanka duo), who has inserted herself into every issue of state.

As an American Thinker columnist put it, “If you love your father, Ivaka, take your kids and you husband and go back to New York.”

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Megyn Kelly: You’re So Vain (And Other Girl Talk)

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Your new hair is magnificent, Megyn Kelly. You’re a pretty girl. But boy!, are you vain and a tad vacuous. The way you always bring the Kelly File show back to … yourself. Does that take skill or just all consuming narcissism?

Today we learned from motormouth herself that because she’s so cute (presumably), she was given a stripper name by her sources when investigating a story about a stripper who cried rape.

When she first burst on to the Fox News scene, years ago, Kelly announced in an interview that she was beautiful inside and out. She might have meant to say boastful.

After the much needed dressing-down and time-out forced by her snarling attack on Donald Trump, Kelly was a little more demure. She has since rebounded, rushing to make hay on the Charlie Rose show, where she was utterly charming, as she always is.

Yet the constant onslaught of Kelly charisma has become off-putting.

With Rose, Kelly slipped up again by bringing it back to herself: She told the interviewer and his viewers how Fox News boss Roger Aisles had liked “the package: the smarts, the looks, the voice.”

Her words about herself.

In the same interview, I noticed her glowing (and sweet) references to her kids, but nothing for her husband, whom she often allows into the studio when he has a book to flog (the nepotistic school of journalism is big with bimbo journos). Is all still well on that front? Or, has Kelly been forced to seek the counsel of her favorite wise man, Dr. Phil?

Glad the hair-do is fixed. The Fox News hair stylist is awful. An exemplar of her (or his) creation is Kimberly G-String’s rigid wig. The Hair sits on Guilfoyle’s head like a helmet. Andrea Tarantula’s stiff coif and Megyn Kelly’s old, shaggy hair extensions—all were awful.

Megyn’s new hair is neat. A good cut has replaced the old, matted shag that likely needed extensive reviving before each show.

Let’s leave the spandex, cling-wrap, cheap looking garments the broads on Fox News swaddle themselves in. Surely they can afford some gorgeous couture? Take a page out of Taylor Swift’s wardrobe or Kate Middleton’s. Beautifully tailored, high-end clothes are so flattering if one can afford them, sartorial essentials Ann Coulter is missing too.