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Conservatives for Abolishing the Fact of Evil

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“Conservatives For Abolishing The Fact Of Evil” is the current column, now on The Unz Review, America’s smartest webzine. An excerpt:

The public personas who pass as conservatives are NOT system builders. We know them as conservatives not by their well thought-out, philosophically consistent thinking; but because they’ve staked out certain positions on The Issues, over time.

“Gun violence” is the term used by conservatives with this messy habit of mind. A careful thinker would allude to “goon violence.”

“For guns are not the root cause of man’s evil actions. Neither are the multiplying categories of manufactured illness in the psychiatric Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Evil is integral to the human condition, always has been, always will be. Evil can’t be wished away, treated away, medicated away or legislated away. It is here to stay.”

In cahoots with their left-liberal partners in crime, conservative jurists, journalists, politicians and pundits now routinely debase this moral vocabulary. “Gun violence,” they all jabber, is caused by mental illness.

Their cure for goon violence: Bring in the big therapeutic guns to do the diagnosing. With state imprimatur, the witch doctors will lay the “scientific” cornerstone for walling-in society’s oddballs.

Democrats concur: If someone does something awfully wicked, he must have an illness as real as cancer or Alzheimer’s.

Still, progressives are pioneers in abolishing the fact of evil and replacing it with a diagnosis amenable to state intervention. Did not Joseph Stalin replace the wisdom of the ages with a scientific system that deployed the therapeutic idiom to murder and imprison dissenters? Yes he did.

But while they dare not cop to it openly, a secondary goal exclusive to progressives is to destroy the very idea of a self-reliant citizenry. …

… Read the rest on The Unz Review.

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Megyn Kelly ‘Misses’ Trump’s Reaganesque Mic Moment

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The story of “Megyn, Jorge, and a Reaganesque Trump” is on The Unz Review, America’s smartest webzine. An excerpt:

Donald Trump’s brusque, plainspoken manner masks a fierce intelligence that should not be underestimated. Myself, I had experienced a momentary lapse in judgment with respect to the quality of Fox News Channel’s journalism, during the first primetime Republican debate, in Cleveland, Ohio. Trump, on the other hand, was never blindsided by the nicely-packaged production that is Megyn Kelly. Kelly, in his plain and simple estimation, “was just not very good or professional.”

Indeed, since returning from her post-spat “vacation,” Kelly’s Trump-free broadcasts have been flat. “Off her game,” Trump tweeted out, right away. And while the celebrity anchor is still drawing ratings, this cannot last, absent the biggest news item: Donald Trump. I expected the anchor to come to her senses, and start working hard to get newsmaker Trump back on The Kelly File. This has yet to transpire.

Kelly’s most recent belly flop came while “interviewing” Jorge Ramos, another celebrity newscaster who has been on the receiving end of Trump’s much-needed, manly ministrations.

Ramos works for the Univision network, catering to Hispanics. Although he poses as a reporter, in reality, Ramos is an identity politics activist. This celebrated mediocrity—Ramos made it as one of Time’s “Most Influential People”—crashed a Trump event, held on Tuesday, in Dubuque, Iowa. It was plain that the “ethnic activist” had materialized not to ask Trump a question; but to protest the candidate’s positions and read him the riot act (in a kind of Pidgin English).

Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders was chased off a Seattle stage by two militant, “Black Lives Matter” movementarians. Ramos, the head honcho of the more-powerful, “Hispanic Lives Matter (Only)” movement, was staging a similar performance, this time against Trump.

And Trump was having none of it.

As is his wont, Ramos began, Trump explained, “ranting and raving and screaming, like a madman, and honestly being very disrespectful to all the other reporters.” I watched the Ramos rant on CNN. (FNC’s ratings are fated to fall, if the network fails to carry future Trump events.) Trump’s gloriously funny description was also factual.

Whereas Kelly began her “Breaking Tonight” segment—what’s that all about?—by “informing” her viewers that Ramos had been booted from the Trump news conference; hers was only half the truth.

And half-truths in journalism help perpetuate wholesale lies. …

Read the rest. “Megyn, Jorge, and a Reaganesque Trump” is on The Unz Review, America’s smartest webzine.

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UPDATE II: Big-Game Plunderer (& Progressive) Theodore Roosevelt

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The reverence for authority and status, especially presidential, obscures the ability to distill the actions of The Revered One to their ethical essence. Last night, Fox News’ Sean Hannity’s moral assessment of the “sport” of hunting Africa’s big game amounted to: The [Progressive] Theodore Roosevelt (TR) did it. Do you condemn him, too?

You bet we do (and not only for plundering Africa’s wild life with cruel abandon).

Back from safari in Africa, the TR procession “through New York in June 1910,” featured “a fourteen-carriage parade from Battery to 59th Street, with language containing horns, heads, and skins from 13,000 specimens, ranging from elephant and rhinos to the rare dikdik, and antelope smaller than a jack-rabbit.”

(A History of The American People by Paul Johnson, p. 623.)

More about Teddy’s other proclivities.

UPDATE I: To be clear, I am here making a moral argument, not a legal one. It’s true that big game hunting is often a boon to the parks in these poor, backward countries. It’s true, too, that Zimbabwe has zero animal-conservation ethos; those are all western; as is it true that their leader is chief poacher of man and animal alike—and it’s still true that big-game hunters who derive pleasure from a rigged killing of an animal are MOTHER F-CKERS.

UPDATE II: Via Myron Pauli:

Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Sir Edward Grey, 22 January 1915

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Ugly American Abroad

Africa, Environmentalism & Animal Rights, Ethics

“Hunting for sport is a barbaric practice suited for Esau, Nimrod and their ilk, and not for the merciful people of Israel.”Node Beyehuda, an authority in Jewish law (1713–1793).


Somehow one can understand the motives of the local Zimbabwean poachers in murdering Cecil The Lion: greed, need, abject poverty. Other than the thrill of the kill, American dentist Walter Palmer, on the other hand, had no justification for tricking, cornering and then killing Cecil The Magnificent. Those are the acts of a blood-thirsty coward, the definition of a canned lion hunt.

Broadcaster Dana Loesch is right to bring up motherf-cker Mugabe’s birthday party menu unmentioned by liberals.(Leave the Planned Parenthood fetuses out of this; one can and should be outraged by both the murder of Cecil and the barter in baby parts. There is no contradiction.) As I wrote at the time:

Question: What do you call a “person” who butchers and barbeques baby elephant?
Answer: A motherf-cker.

Lowbrow Robert Mugabe, as Foreign Policy has reported, “celebrated his 91st birthday followed by a lavish party with an exotic menu, reportedly including barbequed baby elephant. The brazen celebration was yet another reminder of the stark contrast between the increasingly venal lifestyles of the country’s politically-connected nouveau riche and regular Zimbabweans, who are now poorer than they were when Mugabe came to power nearly 35 years ago.”

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This too: “Zoo poisons lion cubs to cut costs”

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