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Megyn Kelly Does Barbara Walters

Ethics, Journalism, Media

I thought Megyn Kelly was ambitious. However, it transpires that she aims to become the next Bawbawa Walters. Via Variety:

Kelly believes there’s an opening for this kind of long-form journalism on TV. “Barbara Walters has retired,” Kelly observes. “Diane Sawyer left her anchor role. Oprah has moved to the OWN network and is doing a different thing now. So why not me?”

Following The Walters School of Journalistic Porn, the Fox News anchor showcased her dumb, mean and phony credentials in an interview with poor Traci Johnson, the survivor of a beheading last year, in Oklahoma.

It’s ugly. Kelly deploys repetition, clucking sounds, grimaces and other fake sympathy to milk the situation. The ugliest part comes at the end, when the poor, broken Ms. Johnson is confronted by our “gritty,” gorgeous, wealthy bitch about a brief incarceration.

This salacious tidbit had nothing to do with the topic. Traci Johnson was doing an honest day’s work when she was assaulted by a whites-hating, black Jihadi.

Ms. Johnson was a victim of two monsters.


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American Pharoah Flogged To Victory

Environmentalism & Animal Rights, Ethics, Sport

They’re both superb specimen. The one, however, is whipped into victory. American Pharoah, a beautiful and brave racehorse, won the Belmont Stakes on Saturday. American Pharoah’s jockey, Victor Espinoza, is a demonic dwarf who is known for breaking the horse’s skin.

I imagine this deformed tormentor will be celebrated as a big money maker, and the real workhorse will not get so much as a sugar lump.

The other exceptional specimen is, of course, Serena Williams. Serena won the French Open, also on Saturday, “and claimed a landmark 20th grand slam title and third in Paris.”

Serena is a human being, so she isn’t ridden to victory; or beaten into championship. Should American Pharoah suffer indignities because he is a horse? How about it?

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Political Pimps Feathering Their Nest On The Public Dime

Ethics, Politics, Ron Paul

What do you know? Senators Rand Paul and Mike Lee were on Fox New today to flog their books, among other things. The problematic Patriot Act and its impending renewal seemed incidental to the job of promoting their products on our dime. So lax are the ethical standards that bind these politicians that they can move seamlessly between their roles as politicians, authors and all-round eternal self-promoters.

It sticks in one’s craw that we pay them to feather their nests. Ron Paul also used his celebrity to sell stuff. To be honest, I’ve never read a book of his. He’s not a particularly good writer. I am sure the former congressman did not improve on Murray Rothbard when it comes to thinking about the Federal Reserve’s workings. I’ll stick with Rothbard. I have his books.

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Savoring #Hillary’s Vow Of Silence

Classical Liberalism, Ethics, Hillary Clinton, Left-Liberalism, Taxation

“Savoring Hillary’s Vow Of Silence” is the current column, now on WND. An excerpt:

The national media are sulking. Hillary Clinton won’t speak to them. But what is it about this power-hungry dirigista that the media don’t already know?

Prior to taking a vow of silence, Mrs. Clinton promised to make President Obama’s legislation by executive action with respect to immigration seem like child’s play; a “DREAMers” delight, if you will.

Where’s the mystery there?

Big Media know full-well about—and have just about forgiven—Madam Secretary’s habit of conducting state affairs via private server, later scrubbed clean of unflattering or incriminating communications.

The same press corps knows that the Clinton Foundation, in which Mrs. Clinton is mired, is awash in funds from foreign governments and likely beholden to these patrons. Those so inclined can check out Charity Navigator. For all its billions, the Clinton Foundation doesn’t rate a mention by the eminent Charity rating service. “In 2013, a measly 9 percent of the money went to charity!” “Repulsive,” avers John Stossel.

Making community college “free” was another of Hillary’s brain infarcts, voiced in Monticello, Iowa, in March this year. “There’s something deeply wrong about students and their families needing to go into debt to finance a college education” were Mrs. Clinton’s semantic strokes of genius, disgorged during her first meet-and-greet, with members of the press (mainly).

What’s there to miss?

Didn’t we have The Same Talk (in the same place) back in April of 2012, about America’s next financial bubble in search of a pin, the $1 trillion student-loan debt? Campaigning in Iowa, Obama promised America’s miseducated Millennials to keep the student-loan bubble from bursting. During his State of the Union address of January 2012, Barry Soetoro Frankenstein vowed to mandate yet more loans at fixed prices.

When it comes, will the media react with wonderment at Hillary’s “fresh” take on educational central planning and price fixing?

Not content with acquiring wealth through the dishonest, predatory process of politics (to contrast with the honest, productive, economic means of earning a living)—Hillary Clinton and husband have protected their ill-gotten gains from the taxman through trusts …

Read the rest. “Savoring Hillary’s Vow Of Silence” is the current column, now on WND.

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Cyril Wecht On Freddie Gray’s Likely Cause of Death

Criminal Injustice, Ethics, Race, Reason, Science

Forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht has been around the block a few times. Two minutes and 31 seconds into this typically tedious, CNN broadcast, Dr. Wecht ventures the following with conviction, about the Freddie Gray murder. I paraphrase:

Legs shackled and hands cuffed, placed in a prone position, face down—a position that has been banned for decades, claims Wecht—how, pray tell, did Freddie Gray run around, banging himself against the van’s interior?

The victim is yelling and screaming for help. His body is inert and the van is moving. Right there is the velocity needed to create the force for the injuries! Those injuries are not spontaneous pathological fractures; the injuries came as the body flapped back and forth, breaking the vertebrae in the neck and eventually severing the spinal cord.

Indubitably, the injuries were sustained by the police by their stopping Gray. Gray did not sustain those spontaneously. Also quite possible, says Wecht, and as I’ve hypothesized, the initial injuries were produced when police compressed and leaned into Gray’s back, to be aggravated by the flopping around in the van.

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UPDATED: Bruce Jenner And Chris Kyle: Is Either A Hero? (Or Ho?)

Ethics, Pop-Culture, Sex, The State, The Zeitgeist

“Bruce Jenner And Chris Kyle: Is Either A Hero?” is the current column on hedonism vs. heroism. An excerpt:

“True bravery is shown by performing without witness what one might be capable of doing before all the world,” said a wise man named La Rochefoucauld, centuries ago. That man’s definition excludes most of America’s contemporary heroes.

La Rochefoucauld’s understanding of courage certainly rules out most black community leaders. In Baltimore, a city devastated by anti-police, race rioters, these “leaders” made sure they were seen calling for calm following the orgy of destruction. Away from the cameras, their lives have been given over to causing chaos by preaching racial grievance against white America.

The same imperative of privacy and consistency precludes Bruce Jenner. …

… The famous Olympian athlete turned TV personality has come out very publicly as a transsexual, who is in the process of transitioning to full womanhood; Jenner already has the psyche of a woman. For providing 17 million ABC viewers with a glimpse into his very real inner struggle with sexual identity, Jenner has been hailed as an American hero.

… This is not to diminish Jenner’s excruciatingly difficult journey. However, a stoic Olympian battling his demons in private would have more closely approximated the qualities of a hero.

.. Still, Jenner is more of an American hero than the late Navy SEAL Chris Kyle …

Read the complete column. “Bruce Jenner And Chris Kyle: Is Either A Hero?” is now on WND.

UPDATE (5/1): Heroes or Hos? The MailOnline pictorial, referred to in the column:

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