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About Pope Francis, The Lady Di of The Papacy

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“About Pope Francis” is the current column, now on the Unz Review, America’s smartest webzine. An excerpt:

In the wake of America’s week-long, Pope Francis bacchanalia, a few column titles suggest themselves:

“Benedict, What Have You Wrought?”

“The Global Village Idiot.”

“Lady Di of The Papacy.”

The last hints at the trendy, pop-philosophies that animate Pope Francis’ Lady Di-like belief system. The intellectual equivalent of these papal shopworn shibboleths you’ll find in a Chinese, fortune-cookie wrapper.

Ultimately, the editor will decide which of these unflattering headings best describes the man whom one devout Catholic—libertarian jurist Andrew Napolitano—called a false prophet for overturning Catholic canon law without consulting his Bishops. Yet another reason Pope Francis is drawn to an authoritarian president who rules by presidential veto.

Intellectually, Pope Francis is no match for his predecessors.

With his 1998 encyclical, the Polish pope—how the Polish people suffered under the communists whose creed Pope Francis is inadvertently dignifying—sounded a lone voice for both “Faith and Reason” in the postmodern religious wilderness.

Who other than Pope John Paul spoke with such unhectoring clarity about the errors of relativism in modern thought? Certainly not Jorge Bergolio, who is too simple to consider such abstractions.

The anti-intellectualism evinced in the Holy See’s 2015 environmental encyclical made this pope’s “close advisers,” in all their “ill-tempered diction,” the butt of ridicule over the pages of the Catholic Crisis magazine:

From the empirical side, to prevent the disdain of more informed scientists generations from now, papal teaching must be safeguarded from attempts to exploit it as an endorsement of one hypothesis over another concerning anthropogenic causes of climate change. It is not incumbent upon a Catholic to believe, like Rex Mottram in “Brideshead Revisited,” that a pope can perfectly predict the weather. …

In the same badly written potboiler, the pope took a swipe at the richest nations, blaming them for despoiling the earth. In truth, however, the developed world has advanced the technologies (and attendant ethics) that are helping to clean up the atmosphere, the waterways, the oceans and many a landmass. It is the developing and underdeveloped nations—China and India, for one—that despoil the earth and devastate its creatures. So polluted are the waterways in former communist countries that rivers are known to catch fire. Watch.

… Read the rest.“About Pope Francis” is now on the Unz Review, America’s smartest webzine.

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UPDATED: ‘Camp Of The Saints’ Scenario (#1,359 On Amazon)

Europe, Government, IMMIGRATION, The West

The Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail is on the minds of those of us with an historic memory and some insight. (Thanks to Amazon’s magnificent cookies, this prophetic book is grouped with my own.) Charles Burris’s description of the novel and its relevance to the refugee crisis underway in Europe (the handiwork of Bush, Obama and Hillary) is impossible to best:

“… one cannot not help but be reminded of the stentorian warning to the West emblazoned in the apocalyptic novel by Jean Raspail, The Camp of the Saints (.pdf). In one of the most divisive and controversial works of the 20th Century, Raspail chillingly predicted and prophesized [sic] forty two years ago precisely what is occurring and its suicidal consequences for the diseased remnants of that civilization. It is unquestionably the most powerful novel I have ever read. Insidious egalitarianism, destructive welfarism, aggressive multiculturalism, cultural Marxism, Third World invasions by the wretched of the earth, militaristic imperialism posing as humanitarian liberation, and mindless parousiatic atheism in the name of a hallowed pluralism, have blended into a banal omnipresent doxology. The most recent expression of this syncretic mélange is taken directly from Jean Raspail, Pope Francis’ appeasement policy regarding the tsunami of ‘migrants’ flooding Europe. Other prophetic voices have followed Raspail: Oriana Fallaci, Pascal Bruckner, Bruce Bawer, and most notably Patrick J. Buchanan. The culture vultures have indeed come home to roost and are flailing away at the twisted torso of the corpse that was once the West.”

Geert Wilders is the one European politician who has not betrayed the interests of the people who pay is salary (courtesy of Diana West and Gates of Vienna):

0:00 Hello everyone. In The Netherlands
0:02 We’re overloaded with asylum refugees.
0:06 It’s an invasion threatening our prosperity and our country.
0:14 The Hague blandly abandons us.
0:17 Premier Rutte keeps our borders wide open for fortune-hunters.
0:20 We must save our country.
0:23 Of course real refugees must be taken care of.
0:27 However, that must be done in the region itself,
0:30 not here.
0:33 The Gulf states, Saudi Arabia, those sorts of rich countries,
0:36 take care of a meager couple of hundred refugees annually.
0:39 In The Netherlands, many thousands arrive every month.
0:45 That can no longer be done.
0:46 Every refugee costs us €36,000 annually.
0:52 They receive free medical care, a house,
0:55 government care.
0:57 Never have these people contributed a single cent to our economy.
1:00 Even so, billions are spent on them,
1:04 while our elderly are left out in the cold.
1:08 I can’t understand why we allow that.
1:12 Our borders must be closed.
1:17 We must send back every asylum seeker.
1:18 Only then will the flood stop.
1:20 Only then will unscrupulous smugglers lose their business.
1:25 Only then will no more people drown.
1:31 Let’s do what Australia does:
1:32 ”Send them all back”, send them all back.
1:36 Mr. Rutte doesn’t do that.
1:38 He neglects his duty.
1:40 Help the Party For Freedom save our country.
1:44 It’s time to close our borders.
1:48 It’s time to stand behind our own flag.
1:52 It’s time to stand up for The Netherlands.

UPDATE: A controversial, prophetic book, whose history itself deserves to be documented, has soared to #1,359 on Amazon.

Product Details

Paperback: 316 pages
Publisher: Social Contract Pr (December 1994)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1881780074
ISBN-13: 978-1881780076
Product Dimensions: 0.8 x 6.5 x 9 inches
Shipping Weight: 1 pounds
Average Customer Review: 4.4 out of 5 stars See all reviews (148 customer reviews)
Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,359 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)
#26 in Books > Textbooks > Humanities > Literature
#138 in Books > Literature & Fiction > Contemporary
#362 in Books > Literature & Fiction > Literary

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Letters: From A Grieving Father & Friend As Well As From An Ann Coulter Fan

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He’s a former military man, an accomplished test pilot, a novelist, and, sadly, a grieving father. “‘Gun Violence’? No! Goon Violence” mentions my friend William B. Scott:

“… As to the former catalyst: In 2014 alone, attests activist William B. Scott, police ‘gun-violence’ dispatched 1,100 people, an average of three every day of the year. Scott’s son, Erik, a decorated ex-Army officer, West-Point graduate, and Duke Univ. MBA, was shot to death by a slob of a cop in Las Vegas. Erik’s BlackBerry was mistaken for a firearm. (Excellence runs in this family. Senior is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School.)”

William weighed in at WND’s Comments (I’ve linked to his important novel):

“Superb commentary, as always, Ilana! ‘Goons’ include a large number of bad/rogue/outlaw cops, such as the scared, low-IQ officer who killed my son, Erik Scott. Thanks for reminding your readers that Erik WAS murdered…and that the Las Vegas Cartel of Corruption covered up the crime, employing the same well-worn tactics that have buried more than 300 officer-involved fatalities attributed to shootings, beatings, etc. in Sin City. In more than 40 years, not a single Vegas cop has been found at fault for killing a citizen. Always ruled ‘Justified’ by the Cartel’s lap dogs.

As you may recall, Ilana, Chapter 10 of a novel based on Erik’s murder-by-cop, The Permit, warned of a deadly backlash, if police officers continued to kill three Americans a day, every day of the year. Now, good cops are dying for the murders committed by their corrupt brethren-in-blue and -brown.”

So sad. Such a fine family (see you soon, my friend).

On a more cheerful note, this arrived from an Ann Coulter fan:

Ms. Mercer,

Being a fan of Ann Coulter and a frequent visitor to your site I felt the need to send a quick note. You have just surpassed Ann Coulter as my favorite commentator. The reason is this sentence [from “Motormouth Megyn Kelly & the Mad Matriarchy”]:

“Kelly herself has fast succumbed to the female instinct to show-off, bare skin, flirt and wink. She now also regularly motormouths it over the occasional smart guest she entertains (correction: the one smart guest, Ann Coulter). At the same time, Kelly has dignified the tinnitus named Dana Perino with a daily slot as Delphic-oracle.”

Now I have to go buy your books.


This is high-praise indeed. I love and appreciate my readers. Although not a libertarian, Ann Coulter is extremely smart and unarguably an excellent writer. “Just Another Mouth in the Republican Fellatio Machine” explains why Ann doesn’t have a show of her own.

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WTF! Did A Woman Just Get Jailed For Being Tardy??????

Government, Homosexuality, Liberty, Religion, The State

District Judge David Bunning has jailed a Kentucky county clerk who refused to violate her Christian faith and issue licenses to same-sex couples. (Via WND.) Fine (yes, how about a fine as a first option). Fire Kim Davis if she refuses to do the government’s business. It’s the dirty business she signed up for. But jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Oregon Oink Sector And The Urban-Renewal Trough

Business, Federalism, Government, Taxation, The State

Broadcaster Lars Larson did a bang-up job, today, in shaming City of Oregon Mayor Dan Holladay for his ambient lawlessness: first, for securing appropriations in the cause of urban, central planning; next, in his haste to frustrate the democratic will of the outraged citizens.

The circumstances, courtesy of the Portland Tribune:

Mayor Dan Holladay’s opinion piece published in the Autumn 2015 Trail News, a publication providing citizens information on most city departments, told every household in the city that a petition to kill urban renewal would have a “very chilling effect on economic development” not just in the downtown urban renewal district, but throughout the city.

After the state received a complaint on Aug. 25 from petitioners, Holladay said he “made a mistake” by submitting the piece for the Trail News.

State law (ORS 260.432) says that elected officials shouldn’t publish letters advocating a political position in “a newsletter or other publication produced and distributed by public employees.” Oregon City’s mayor has for years submitted a piece to the “City Matters” column on page 2 of the city’s Trail News publication.

John Williams, one of the petitioners, offered this trenchant condemnation:

Holladay doubly misstepped by submitting the argument for a city publication before the measure had even gotten enough signatures to qualify for the ballot.

“He has the right to express his opinion, but he shouldn’t be using citizens’ taxpayer dollars to try to put a halt to a democratic process,” Williams said. “Signing the petition in question will not ‘put a halt to these programs and many others’ as he claims, but only put an issue on the ballot for citizens to debate.” …

And no representative ought to use “citizens’ taxpayer dollars” for job-creation programs. The narrowest interpretation of a local government’s authority ought to be pursued and adhered to by all local representatives, whatever their political stripe.

That government job-creation programs are a racket for the locality is abundantly clear in our neck of The Evergreen State. Paving over quaint, perfectly lovely trails is a political hobbyhorse around here.

Local politics is not my bailiwick; but when I do venture into the miasma, the blood boils at the excesses in the pink state.

Those who’re better suited to confront the juggernaut that is local government might find it useful to apprise themselves of the history and politics of Urban Renewal, a history that has a lot to do with making poor people go away by demolishing their homes—gentrification, if you will. City officials—they live off wealth others generate: taxes—“grow” concerned over “declining incomes in and tax revenues from certain neighborhoods.” They then use their power to designate them as “blighted.” Government’s hope, ultimately, is to generate more tax revenues from the neighborhoods.

The CATO Institute speaks to how cities use tax-increment financing (TIF) in the service of “crony capitalism and social engineering.” If you want to slum it, read about the history and politics of TIF.

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‘The Lawless Green Police Unleash A Toxic River’

Environmentalism & Animal Rights, Government, Private Property

This statement is immutably true: Were we unencumbered by the Environmental Protection Agency, “three million gallons of toxic slurry” would not now be flowing “down the rivers of the West,” “at a rate of 740 gallons a minute.” The sludge was released by “the E-men” into “a creek that is a tributary of the Animas River.” (WSJ)

The reason similar catastrophes are likely to reoccur courtesy of government is because these stooges of the state legislate themselves the kind of legal immunity denied to private companies.

Naturally, the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act of 1980, known as the Superfund law, gives EPA clean-up crews immunity from the trial bar when they are negligent. Yet the Durango blowout was entirely avoidable.

For the same reason, these lethal idiots were disinclined to “warn state and local officials” for a full 24 hours. Locals “learned about the fiasco when they saw their river become yellow curry.”

And Americans want more government!

… The plume of lead, arsenic, mercury, copper, cadmium and other heavy metals turned the water a memorable shade of yellow-orange chrome. The sludge is so acidic that it stings upon touch. Colorado, New Mexico and the Navajo Indian reservation have declared states of emergency as the contamination empties into Lake Powell in Utah and the San Juan River in New Mexico.

The ecological ramifications are uncertain, though the San Juan is designated as “critical habitat” for the Colorado Pike Minnow and Razorback Sucker fish. The regional economy that depends on recreational tourism like rafting, kayaking and fly fishing has been damaged. Drinking water is potable only because utilities closed their intake gates, but pollution in the water table has deprived farmers and rural residents of a source for wells, livestock and crop irrigation. …


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