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UPDATED: Way To Go, Bros (Clarification)

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The black community’s resistance to a police force with a militarized mindset and arms to match is to be commended. Were Michael Brown a white boy slain for no reason—his “community” of submissives would be slobbering on TV, rather than protesting on the streets. Go bros. (Yes, I know my ghetto is contrived.)

The brown Brown was “an unarmed black teenager, … killed by a police officer in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri.” According to,

Brown was shot multiple times and killed by a Ferguson police officer in the early afternoon of Saturday, August 9, outside an apartment complex. Brown was unarmed. All shell casings found at the scene were from the police officer’s gun.

Barack Obama is the annoyance in this sad incident, insisting on meddling, as he did for Trayvon Martin.

UPDATE (8/13): It appears from the Facebook thread that I had not made myself clear: The post is in praise of the spirit of the protest, but certainly not of any destruction of private property.

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UPDATED: Little America At The Tip Of Africa

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In “Little America At The Tip Of Africa,” I continue my conversation with South African philosopher Dan Roodt, Ph.D., a noted Afrikaner activist, author of the polemical essay “The Scourge of the ANC,” literary critic and director of PRAAG. (Previously on WND: “The Elephant In The Pistorius Courtroom.”) An excerpt:

ILANA MERCER: The dominant-party state that is South Africa is steeped not in an African creed but in an American one. One of your most astute observations has been that post-apartheid South Africa is very much a creature of the Anglosphere. In the U.S., centrally planned and enforced multiculturalism is twinned with open borders for Third-World peoples. How has South Africa fallen in line?

DAN ROODT: Many people see South Africa as an experiment in multiculturalism and open-borders. Almost robotically, we’ve adopted most of the American liberal precepts in a very naïve, knee-jerk fashion. Some people are even urging that we abolish borders completely, to allow any of the billion Africans north of our country to come and settle in South Africa, much like your government is doing vis-à-vis Central-American dependents. However, our experience of the massive illegal immigration we have had since 1994 is that it increases intolerance, especially among the poor and the unemployed. Locals regularly kill foreigners and we have had so-called xenophobic riots.

In some towns close to the border, the foreign population is about 80 percent. Foreigners have access to public health-care facilities, so many are “obstetrical tourists” who come here to have babies. “Anchor babies,” as you call them in the U.S. Generally speaking, state hospitals are getting worse and worse, also as a result of being overburdened with foreign Africans. …

Read the rest of the interview with Dr. Roodt. “Little America at the tip of Africa” is now on WND.

Our German readers can now follow this column and other worthy writers in the JUNGE FREIHEIT, a weekly newspaper of excellence.

Editors wishing to feature the “Return to Reason” column in their publications, pixel or paper, please contact Or,


Myron Robert Pauli: While it seems anti-intuitive, the “beneficiaries” of affirmative action are really. in the long haul, the main victims. Consider among other things” (a) you and everyone are told that you are effectively born with a inherent disability by virtue of your parents, (b) you are eventually given phony credentials and phony expectations for which you are vastly inferior to most others with the same real credentials, (c) everyone inherently knows it but like the”Emperor’s New Clothes” remain goofy and silent … – not necessarily something to be proud of.
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Ilana Mercer: Myron, I believe you are echoing Demopublican orthodoxy. What Dan Roodt says is the real deal: some do double duty for others. As far as I can see, and contra to Jason Riley of WSJ, affirmative action recipients do quite well in the make-believe universe propped up by the money and labor of others.

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UPDATED: When In Doubt About Dramatic Underachievement In Math—Blame RACISM (Bro Euclid)

Gender, Intelligence, Race, Science, Sex

Who does math best? John Derbyshire has analyzed this year’s International Math Olympiad (IMO), just held in Cape Town (bravo my old stomping ground!). Apropos, editor Peter Brimelow has linked to my VDARE column, “The Silly Sex?”

Here’s “Derbyshire On Race And The International Math Olympiad”

Of the 560 participants this year, only 56 were female. That ten percent is, according to Rindermann, historically normal. In this year’s IMO, 58 of the 101 participating countries fielded all-male teams. Among the 58: the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the U.K., China, Japan, both Koreas, Russia, and host country South Africa. …
… Of the three participants who got the maximum 42-point score, two are Chinese. Of the 49 gold medal winners, 31 are East Asian and 18 are white European.

Down at the other end, of the 17 participants scoring no points at all, one is West Asian, two are Indios (that is, Latin American aboriginal), and the other 14 are black African.

I am told that because this was the first IMO held in Africa, black African countries tried hard to make a good showing. Yet the highest-ranked black African nation among the 101 nations participating was South Africa at #67, followed by Nigeria at #91.
And the South African team contained no blacks!
… there have been only three black African IMO medalists in recent years: Chigozie Henry Aniobe of Nigeria with a bronze in each of the last four years; Puis Aje Onah of Nigeria with a bronze in 2010 and Isaac Jean Eliel Konan of Ivory Coast with a silver that same year. …

Concludes Derb: “It’s a poor showing for a continent that has had established universities for decades. … We should … be skeptical of explanations involving racism. Most claims to have been disadvantaged by racism in the past fifty years amount to nothing more than rent-seeking on the part of educated blacks.”


UPDATE: BRO, WAS Euclid BLACK? So claims mathematician Jonathan Farley. I thought Euclid was a Greek. There is a branch of mythistory (like Holocaust denial) called Afrocentrism, according to which the “venerable Greeks, the founders of Western Civilization, stole their philosophical and scientific know-how from Egypt. Egypt, and not Greece, is the fount of Western tradition.” The Egyptians, by this pseudo-scientific, feel-good fabrication, were actually black Africans. Read about it in “Safari Scholarship Reinvents History.”

Going by this “linage,” perhaps Euclid was black.

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Junge Freiheit On South Africa

Europe, Ilana Mercer, Multiculturalism, Race, South-Africa

For our German readers, the German weekly Junge Freiheit, to which I hope to contribute regularly, features an interview about Into the Cannibal’s Pot, conducted by Moritz Schwarz. Highlights of the English version should run in the US and South Africa in the coming months.

MORE @Junge Freiheit. (I suspect the archive has to be searched for this issue: © JUNGE FREIHEIT Verlag GmbH & Co. 20/14 /09. Mai 2014.)

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Condemned For The Company He Keeps

Free Speech, Private Property, Race, Racism, South-Africa

You can read my interview with Dan Roodt now on Quarterly Review, to which I contribute.

At least 2 publications that carry this column chose not to publish the Roodt interview. That’s perfectly fine; it’s the prerogative of private property. The reason given by one fine outlet (and these are all fine people) was that Roodt, it seems, has written for American Renaissance and it has been alleged that he has given a talk to a Nazi organization in Sweden.

I have no idea about these associations. My reply echoes my position: I generally follow the veracity of what a person says, not who he hangs with. Policed political correctness often pushes desperate people into dubious company. And Roodt is a man desperate to save his people. (Or perhaps whites are not permitted to belong?)

This is not to say that Jared Taylor is “dubious”; only that he has been marginalized as such. If you read Mr. Taylor’s last book, it is straight-forward, good, shoe-leather journalism. Other than the title, there is not much that is radical about it. For this reason, Taylor’s teaser of a title was, in my opinion, a mistake.

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Fee-Fi-Fo-Fem, I Smell The Blood Of A Racist

Free Speech, libertarianism, Paleolibertarianism, Race, Racism, Republicans

“Fee-Fi-Fo-Fem, I Smell The Blood Of A Racist” introduces WND readers to the dark world of a racism-sniffing bloodhound. “Fee-Fi-Fo-Fem” is topped with advice from libertarian extraordinaire, Hans-Hermann Hoppe. An excerpt:

“You’re a racist.” “No, you’re a bigger racist.” “No way; you hang with the Hoppe, Rockwell and Ron Paul crowd of libertarians; they’re ‘known’ racists, so you’re racist.” The tiff is between defenders of the anti-establishment libertarians, aforementioned, and an establishment libertarian, or a “regimist,” as Mr. Rockwell likes to say.

The “regimist” in question is Cathy Reisenwitz, a sally-come-lately libertarian, whom Justin Raimondo, a life-long, creedal libertarian, has “smoked out” for libeling Paul, Murray Rothbard, Lew Rockwell and Hans-Hermann Hoppe as racists.

Mercifully, Reisenwitz, the S.E. Cupp of libertarianism (light and fluffy), is not on a mission to rearrange the income curve. But like any member of the egalitarian project, she vaporizes about the obligation to vanquish so-called endemic, structural and institutionalized inequalities in America. Thus her fee-fi-fo-fem’s expedition to sniff out “homophobes,” “sexists,” “xenophobes” and “racists.”

So what on earth is going on here? Why have serious libertarians succumbed to a tit-for-tat spat? Are libertarians as dazed and confused as Republicans? The latter have certainly dignified the rival gang’s Stalinist show-trial tactics, with more holier-than-thou racial one-upmanship: “Democrats are the real racists; Republicans are the party of Lincoln, the liberator of blacks. We’re against abortion and welfare because we love blacks. … Blah, blah, blah.”

Reisenwitz adduced no documentary evidence to support her claims. However, what will Mr. Raimondo do if, in a fit of pique, Reisenwitz retracts the apology she’s issued and ferrets out unkosher quotes attributed to the men maligned? Res ipsa loquitur. Intelligent men (and a few women) invariably give voice to reality. Consider, for instance, tracts from Murray Rothbard’s splendid December 1994 essay about “The Bell Curve.” These are bound to send Cathy into one of her fee-fi-fo-fem frenzies. Therein Rothbard writes …

Read on. The complete column is “Fee-Fi-Fo-Fem, I Smell The Blood Of A Racist,” now on WND.

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