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Europeans Abolished Slavery; Africans/Muslims Still Practice It (+ Personal Note)

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“Europeans Abolished Slavery; Africans/Muslims Still Practice It” is the current column, now on FrontPage Magazine.

The column was adapted from the book Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011).

Among the column’s observations:

More than engendering a cult of apology, the Atlantic slave trade has been instrumental in the effort to control and define the past as an ‘aspect of current politics,’ not least in shaping the historical treatment of the Civil War, the South, and the American Founding Fathers. … ritual apologies are empty ploys, which ‘all too often conform to fatuous arguments about ‘closure,’ resolution, and being unable to move on until we acknowledge the past.’ In reality, this bowing-and-scraping, by obsequious Anglo-Americans, to their black political overlords, entails the opposite of all these, and, instead, involves the reiteration and institutionalization of racial grievance. …

It’s good to hear commentators, these days, echoing The Cannibal, which was ahead of its time.

At the time, bar the good people who provided advance praise for it, none would review The Cannibal, or interview its author about it.

As its most astute reviewer, Jack Kerwick, noted, while Into The Cannibal’s Pot is analytical (as the work done here generally is), it was highly personal. The book was excruciating to write.

In any event, it’s satisfying to hear that The Cannibal has been deployed by immigration attorneys (the good ones), in making their case for white South African asylum-seekers.

Other than The Unz Review and, FrontPage Magazine is, indubitably, now cutting-edge courage on matters Muslim and racial. (The “rest” don’t publish this column, as a matter of policy, so probably don’t rate a mention.)

Incidentally, the column linked to (“Emasculated West Primed For Muscular, Muslim Takeover”) was adapted from the latest book, The Trump Revolution. Why wait years to engage with its observations?

READ “Europeans Abolished Slavery; Africans/Muslims Still Practice It.”

Non-Stop Democrat Promotion, On Fox News, Too

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Even the NYT is prepared to entertain that Dem optimism is for certain preferred constituencies only:

Khizr Khan is very particular about his distaste for millions of Other Americans:

How Does Your Garden Grow? Moving The Wealth of Others Around?:

Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand; Heard Of It, Hillary:

Hillary’s Generosity Toward Her Victims:

Those Natural Rights are Hillary’s to Adjudicate:

A Man With No Political Criminal Record (a point made here) is … a spy:

The Dreck On Display At The DNC: A Roundup

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From this Golden Oldie About Village Idiots (2002):

The “Hildebeest” is a … believer … in the power of legislation to renew communities. In fact, the philosophy popularized by Hillary Clinton is one that advocates undermining and forcibly stripping families and communities of their powers to keep their members in check, and replacing them with legislation that often transfers responsibility for children to the State.
When last did the actions of a legislator serve to renew a genuine community? Public housing slums? How about rent control? In many great cities, rent control has meant that there are more boarded up buildings than there are homeless, because landlords are not permitted to recover the costs of upkeep. Designed to preserve a way of life, enforced inter-provincial wealth equalization programs in Canada have resulted in chronically dependent and depressed regions. And we know how, with welfare policies, the state has helped destroy black families: young black women choose to marry the state rather than wed the fathers of their children. Last year, the prohibition on drug possession “recharged” the lives of roughly 1.5 million Americans, arrested for marijuana possession. Clearly, It Takes A Village Idiot to think of government policy as a means to a Renaissance.

That’s our Hillary.

Post Convention, Creeps Still Giddy:

Hillary’s Economy, Literally:

Dressing Up Economic Devastation:

The Right To Rob:

If Only She Spoke Like An Egyptian, Not a Commie:

Ah Yes, The Book, It Takes A Village Idiot:


Eff The Kids:

C’mon: Bill Clinton Was Looking Kinda Good:

The Vagina-centric Music Goes With The Giant-Welfare Program:

Chelsea Did Not Chill:

The Tarts & Tards of Hollywood:

The Biggest Disappointment A The DNC:

The Women Folk:

The Turkey Barack Obama Pardons His White Grandparents:


Hillary’s Village, Or is it a Penal Colony?


Donald On Dem Emails:

Herstory Is Made:

The Other Talk Hillary Clinton & BHO Refuse To Have

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A “conversation” is what black activists—led by Barack Obama, followed obediently and wickedly by Hillary Clinton—are dubbing the Orwellian obscenity they’re foisting on the nation, through their megaphones in media, ever since the wave of hate crimes against white policemen commenced.

“African-American families … fear every time their children go somewhere, … have to have the talk about how to really protect themselves … from encounters with police,” parroted Clinton about The Talk blacks must allegedly have with their frightened kids, living in hellish America.

There’s Another Talk that dare not be discussed. Columnist John Derbyshire had The Other Talk with his kids and tried to have it with America. For his troubles, Derbyshire was dismissed from National Review, and soon became a national pariah.

The Other Talk You Can’t Have In America is discussed (and critiqued some) in “National Review Eunuchs.”