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The Rats Climbing Back On The Trump Ship Will Sink It

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Wayne Allyn Root, another libertarian as fake as Gary Johnson and the Red Eye show’s “libertarian” guests, claims the Steve Sailer strategy as his own, in the column “This Angry White Male Thinks Key to Trump Victory Is…Black Voters!” Root then goes on to make the same tired old GOP case: Start pandering to identity group militants.

With all their baggage, the failed GOPers and assorted establishmentarians are climbing back on the Trump ship they deserted. What with KellyAnne Conway, formerly of the Cruz campaign and pollster to the establishment—I am no longer positive about Trump’s direction.

Neoconservative John Bolton says “Yes, I’m Voting For Trump and If He’s Looking For A Secretary Of Stateā€“I’d Deeply Consider It.” War and nation building here we come.

Conservatives Blame White Man’s Welfare State For Black Men’s Hatred

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Blacks are rampaging through Milwaukee, chanting their white-hot hatred for whites. But on Fox News, racial hatred of whites is quickly averted as a topic. Instead, Mr. Sean Hannity and the outwardly impressive Sheriff David Clarke resort to the same foolishness always: For the hatred and ongoing violence against whites, documented daily in excruciating detail, year in; year out, by Colin Flaherty—they blame the white man’s Welfare State, going back to Linden Johnson. Dumb on so many levels.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Hollywood Hates On Whites:

Is It Better To Die Than Endure ‘Police Bias’?

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On August 10, a Fox News correspondent reported thus about “Findings of [alleged] Police Bias in Baltimore,” and I paraphrase: Reduced homicide rates of 60 percent in Baltimore have come at a remarkable cost (to liberty).

So I ask: What are these costs to liberty of better longevity in Baltimore (and isn’t longevity the ultimate liberty to trump all)? Are these “costs” about stopping blacks disproportionately to their numbers in the community?

MORE: “Findings of Police Bias in Baltimore Validate What Many Have Long Felt.”

UPDATED: What’s Islam Been Up To Lately?

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Update 8/6: When Machetes Attack (Aka Muslims screaming the name of their god):

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