UPDATED: Great Historian Of Liberty On ‘ET Analyzes Paris Attacks & Weeps For The West’

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It’s not easy to admit, but writing “ET Analyzes Paris Attacks & Weeps for the West,” now on The Unz Review, was very emotional. Enough said. Therefore, it means a great deal when liberty’s historian, the great Dr. Ralph Raico, says this about my ET:

November 27, 2015 at 5:04 pm GMT • 100 Words

An excellent, courageous article. The author demonstrates her unwavering commitment to individual rights, including freedom of expression, by criticizing the Federal Republic’s prosecution of an elderly woman for the heinous thought crime of “Holocaust denial.” Such prosecution is a common occurrence in the soft authoritarian regimes of western Europe which the First Amendment has thankfully spared us in America–so far.

Dr. Raico’s Articles Archive at LewRockwell.com.

About Ralph Raico, PhD.

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READ “ET Analyzes Paris Attacks & Weeps for the West,” now on The Unz Review.

UPDATE: Clyde Wilson, another great historian (quoted just the other day), this time of the South, sent commendations. It means a lot, because, as I said, this piece took a lot out of me.

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ET Analyzes Paris Attacks & Weeps For The West

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“ET Analyses Paris Attacks & Weeps For The West” is now on WND. An excerpt:

In the West, crying and dying is framed as … winning.

Or so an Extra-Terrestrial from Deep Space would conclude, should he look down upon the landmasses that make up the West.

From his worldly perspective, ET will observe that when they are blown up by the Aliens in Their Midst, the West is wont to display mounds of fluffy objects, flowers and candles.

Somehow, this ritual is equated with resilience and triumph.

Could it be that this pasty-faced, tearful people believes that displays of inanimate objects that swell landfills will appease their gods? ET is still in the preliminary stages of his implacably objective inquiry.

To ET, these perennial, robotic, mass-mourning rituals performed after such strikes are a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, to borrow from Winston Churchill. Any rational creature capable of distilling events to their bare-bones essence would concur.

The hobbled West, the poor French, in particular, is grief stricken. One hundred and thirty compatriots were slaughtered in venues across Paris. The coordinated, Nov. 13 attacks were the handiwork of one Abdelhamid Abaaoud and his band of Islamic State sympathizers, Muslims all. One of the eight evildoers was a refugee, some were European nationals, all were recipients of Western largess.

The sanctimonious literati (not a very literate lot) call Abaaoud a local Belgian boy. The enclaves of Muslims in France they consider as French as the beret and the baguette.

But Abaaoud and his brothers, notes ET, who has been around for ages, was Belgian like Jacques Brel was Muslim. (ET’s enormous blue eyes well-up when he listens to Brel’s achingly beautiful “Ne me quitte pas,” sung sublimely by Dame Shirley Bassey. How great was the West, he murmurs.)

The mastermind of the attacks across Paris was part of the young, restive and ingrate Muslim population living on the outskirts of the great European cities and on the fringe of its society – often in housing projects and on welfare, a propensity that doesn’t detract from this group’s prized and protected position in the West.

ET wonders if Westerners, a confused lot, believe the Angry Muslims in their midst are gods in need of appeasement. This might explain the furry and fiery offerings on the sidewalks. ET also notes that the Pale Faces have the same crippling reverence for blacks and Hispanics.

With his luminous finger – it works like the Microsoft Surface Tablet pen does – ET scribbles the following furiously: “Are Western ‘leaders’ recruiting this incompatible cohort because they consider them, irrationally, to be gods?”

The lemmings’ leaders – people with names like Obama, Hollande, Merkel, Cameron – use Muslims (as well as Hispanics and blacks), aliens and nationals to beat their own populations into submission.

Fail to accept the flooding of your communities with people of an incompatible culture and a belligerent faith – and the cultural Marxists foot soldiers will ruin you with the following labels:

White supremacist
Extreme rightist

ET can’t quite fathom why such phrases and words send the earthlings into painful paroxysms. Nevertheless, an earthling would rather die than be called a racist by cultural Marxists.

From his seat in the heavens, ET can see that the soft nations are comprised of supremely kind people, verging on the sanctimonious. Africa, the Middle East, Near East, Far East: As do-gooders go, there is no match for the giving, gullible people of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Wherever you look, the whites of the world are untiring in doing the world’s good works and saving the planet and its creatures.

Yet every other people aside whites is allowed to claim and keep its corner under the sun. Dare to suggest that China, India, Saudi-Arabia, Yemen, Japan, or South-Korea open the floodgates to aliens who’ll disrupt the ancient rhythm of these countries – and you’ll get an earful. Yet this is what Anglo-Americans and Europeans are cheerily called on to do by a left-liberal establishment, which finds the exotic more sympathetic.

True, Westerners have the best countries. But the verdant, lush, lovely West is the way it is due to Western civilization’s human capital. The core, founding populations in these countries once possessed the innate abilities and philosophical sensibilities to flourish mightily.

Yet despite the West’s generosity to the Rest, its people is the only people to be shamed, ostracized, threatened and maligned when talking about the lands of their forefathers, the beliefs of forebears, the faith and folklore of Founding Fathers. (Discussing quilting is OK, I suppose.) …

… Read the rest. “ET Analyses Paris Attacks & Weeps For The West,” is now on WND.

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Why Does Paul Ryan Conflate Bill Of Rights With Refugee Bill Of Goods?!

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Paul Ryan is no Ted Cruz. Ryan’s illogical statements already grate. On Fox News, the other day, Paul Ryan disavowed a religious test in accepting refugees. We believe in religious freedom, he said, hence a preference for Christians over Muslims is “not who we are.” (I dissect the “not who we are” cudgel in tomorrow’s WND column.)

Wait a sec, Mr. Ryan, the so-called right to immigrate here irrespective of religion is not the same thing as the right of religious freedom. From the fact that Americans have a constitutional right to religious freedom, it doesn’t flow that refugees from all faiths must be welcome.

Don’t panic. As it is, the US privileges Muslims: “2,098 Syrian Muslim refugees were allowed into America, but only 53 Christians.”

As reported by Breitbart.com, demographic change in the US is entirely the product of legal admissions–”it is a formal policy of the federal government adopted by Congress.” Thus,

Another major source of Middle Eastern immigration into the United States is done through our nation’s refugee program. Every year the United Stated admits 70,000 asylees and refugees. Arabic is the most common language spoken by refugees, and 91.4 percent of refugees from the Middle East are on food stamps.

In the same Fox News exchange, it transpired that Ryan loves our refugee laws—they are important legislation, he said on that occasion. But why? Like most positive law, US refugee law is written by and for special interests, starting with one of the most corrupt UN agencies, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Besides who approved these refugee laws? Likely fewer than 535 law makers legislating on behalf of 323 million people who have to live with the law’s consequences.

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The REAL STORY Behind Abdelhamid Abaaoud Liquor Swilling

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More moronity from the lovely Megyn Kelly. On the eponymous Kelly File, today, Kelly kibitzed about the the Paris Attacks mastermind, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, swilling whiskey in Paris’ Saint-Denis district, in contravention of Islamic law.

To those who still remember what investigative journalism is—all journalists should investigate nonstop—the real story is the criminal negligence of the French people’s so-called protectors. Abaaoud was thus relaxing and celebrating A DAY AFTER the successful attacks. Thanks to the worse-than-shoddy, pricey police work, Abaaoud had also managed to return undisturbed to the scene of the crime and survey his handiwork, SHORTLY AFTER THE ATTACK, milling about with the idiot French gendarmes.

Where were the roadblocks? Where was the simple police work, namely stop and question loiterers, after such a disaster?

Kelly is managing to transform her show to the Barbara Walters model she so admires.

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Pop-Pastor Offers No-Fault, Instant Forgiveness To Wife’s Rapists & Murderers

Christianity, Crime, Justice, Left-Liberalism, Morality, Pop-Culture, Religion

Pop pastor Davey Blackburn is a disgrace; undeserving of his late wife, Amanda Blackburn, and her unborn child. The voodoo Blackburn practices is pop Christianity or Christian dhimmitude, not authentic faith.

Amanda Blackburn’s brutalized, pregnant body—raped and murdered by the two haters pictured below—was not yet cold before the despicable left-coast preacher, Blackburn, offered up instant forgiveness to the men who did unspeakable things to this lovely, young woman—men who’ve not asked for his forgiveness or repented in any deep meaningful way. Besides, WTF is all this forgiveness by proxy?

Only the dead have the right to forgive their killers and they, conveniently, can’t.

These are, allegedly, the two mugs lovely Amanda Blackburn saw before she expired in agony; theirs is the touch she felt:

From “No-Fault Forgiveness Is Fatal”:

… These all-too familiar spasms of no-fault forgiveness, however, are more a distillation of the mass culture than a reflection of any real religious sensibility. If anything, they are a sign of people adrift in a moral twilight zone. In so charitably absolving and embracing alleged killers and their culprits, well-meaning clergy and flock are supplanting the power of the God whose mercy they claim to represent; evincing religious doctrinal failure; and doing injustice to the victims, to society, and, inadvertently, to the offender.

For mercy without justice is no mercy at all.

If punishment is a declaration of those values we wish to uphold, then pardoning a killer or an accessory before he has made amends and paid for his crime perverts and subverts those values. Redemption can be achieved only when the consequences of one’s actions are faced. With each easy act of absolution, the sanctity of life is diminished and murder becomes a little less abhorrent.

In the Jewish perspective, justice always precedes and is a prerequisite for mercy. A Jew is not obliged to forgive a transgressor unless he has ceased his harmful actions, compensated the victim for the harm done, and asked forgiveness. Even then, he can but is not obligated to forgive. This is both ethically elegant and psychologically prudent. It upholds the notion of right and wrong and lends meaning and force to the process of asking for and extending forgiveness. And it doesn’t mandate the incongruous emotion of compassion for someone who has murdered, maimed, or committed other unforgivable crimes.

A Jew is, however, obliged to seek justice. And so are Christians.

In their much-missed “Orthodoxy” column, in the (now-defunct) Report Newsmagazine, Ted and Virginia Byfield confirmed that the Christian and Jewish doctrines are very similar. Christian forgiveness is also contingent on the sinner’s repentance, and can be granted only by the one sinned against, and not by the various proxies of popularity. Instant expiation flows more from the values of the 1960s than from any doctrinal Christian values. The corollary of the current practice of minute-made forgiveness is that “it not only abolishes the necessity of repentance; it abolishes sin itself,” the couple wrote.

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Muslim Activist In GOP Flag Drag Laments Emigration Of Clock Boy

Islam, Multiculturalism, Nationhood, Republicans, Terrorism

How is it that a Muslim or Latino Republican still considers herself a Muslim or Latino above all? How is it that an individual with such hyphenations—Muslim-Republican; Latino-Republicans—still regards himself, first, as an identity group agitator for his own kind? And how is it that Republicans gladly affirm and pal around with such hyphenated activists in flag drag? For example, the increasingly off-putting Megyn Kelly (whose prettiness is her show’s one redeeming feature), played footsie with Saba Ahmed of the Muslim Republican coalition (come again?). To prove her Republicanism, Ahmed had swaddled herself head-to-toe in flag drag: an Old Glory hijab (no nose bag).

This Muslim in Republican drag, went on to lament the loss to America caused by the departure of the Muslim Cock boy. Ahmed Mohamed has been poached by Qatar. Joy! Clock-boy and family are political agitators, blackmailers, grafters and fraudsters of the worst kind. So naturally, Obama summoned young Ahmed Mohamed to the White House where they celebrated the clock invention, which consisted of ripping out the guts of a commercial clock and presenting them as your own (such misrepresentation was once shunned, not praised).

Mohamed made headlines in September, when it was reported that he was arrested and suspended from school for bringing a homemade clock to class, though skeptical observers familiar with electronics noted that the homemade clock was really just a commercial clock without the casing. A teacher reported him to the police, who subsequently took him out of class, leading Mohamed’s father to claim Islamophobia. President Barack Obama invited Mohamed to the White House. (The Daily Caller.)

Back to the salient points: 1. The Saba Ahmed woman is a Muslim activist in drag. 2. Accordingly, she laments the emigration of a really iffy Muslim family; where ordinary Americans would be celebrating this departure. 3. Megyn Kelly is bobbing about and down with this female fraud, oozing over the patriotic garb and never questioning the guest’s concern for Other Americans, for clock boy is very bad news for all of us.

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