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UPDATED (Institutional Rot): Convene A Covid Court Or Tribunal To Conduct Post-Covid Denazification And Deal With CDC

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Fox News’ Martha MacCallum got only marginally steamed today at Robert Redfield, a former CDC director, according to whose euphemisms the CDC’s lies and lack of data-collection capability, priced at $7 billion per year, requires no more than a “strategic investment.”

Redfield, like the rest of the medicrats who run our lives and badmouth those of us who declined their hemlock (see “Self-Ownership And The Right To Reject The Pharma-State’s Hemlock“), use Orwellian Speak to finesse crimes against humanity.

Another typical sprouter of Orwellian speak is Dr. Nicole Saphier (and she is a dime-a-dozen), who never expressed objections to mass vaccination with an experimental substance: “CDC has done a ‘disservice’ to Americans” is all she can muster.

I’ll put it plainly—and all these people are complicit—the CDC was toying with the lives of millions upon millions of people by cornering them and compelling into taking a risky vaccine. The vaccines are unarguably risky simply by virtue of the record short time in which they were developed and foisted on the public absent proper, mandatory longitudinal safety studies and full consent. Where consent was obtained, it was done, now we know, by providing incomplete often slipshod quality data.

It’s simple.

A special Covid court—as in a tribunal—needs to be convened. Sitting in the dock should be public health officials, TV doctors and other Covid-orthodoxy enforcers. Punishment needs to be on the table. Call it post-Covid denazification.

Martha seemed confused as to how an American agency that receives $7 billion in funding a year is forced to rely on data from Israel, for lack of its own. REALLY? You need to ask? I’ve devoted many a post and a column to anatomizing aspects of what I call “institutional rot.” “Systemic institutional rot” is what this is.

Tangentially related news is that in Canada, Tamara Lich, “one of the lead organizers of the Canadian Freedom Convoy” protests against that degenerate son of 60 dogs Justine Trudeau’s Covid tyranny, is arrested and denied due process of law. Pat King, another Trucker hero, is arrested too, all for speech infractions—and for partaking in near-idyllically peaceful civil disobedience.

UPDATED (2/12): No, Justine Trudeau, Spawn Of Studio 54, YOU GO HOME, For Good

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Studio 54 groupie Margaret Trudeau: Is she even wearing underwear?

Just look at his mincing stride, the vain coif, the pasty, doughy face and hollow stupid eyes, like those of his mom, Margaret.  Justine Trudeau was practically conceived and raised at the debauch Studio 54. This scumbag is telling the salt of the earth, the best of Canada, Truckers For Freedom, to turn tail and go home, as he continues to treat them as second-class subjects.

UPDATED (2/12): I updated the title of this post with the moniker “Spawn Of Studio 54.” I am assured by a Canadian compatriot that indeed, my assessment is correct: Justine’s mother Margaret was a total groupie.

UPDATED (2/5/022): NEW From Ottawa: Canada’s Truckers Are Sheer Unmasked Goodness

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Our friend, who wrote “Dispatch From Ottawa, Canada: ‘FUCK YOU, TRUDEAU'”, sends another dispatch from the trucker’s frontline in Ottawa.

Writes David C, on February 3rd, 2022:

I went to Ground Zero this afternoon and chatted with some of the truckers and protesters. These are some of the best folks you will ever meet. They keep the place very clean and orderly, setting up garbage bags, shoveling the bit of show that fell overnight, salting the sidewalks to keep people safe. I even watched an impromptu street hockey game and signed on an improvised Stanley Cup. A fellow standing beside me thanked Trudeau because “…through his venom, he succeeded in waking people up and in bringing all the good-hearted Canadians closer…”

Beautiful to see all those unmasked people smiling, mingling, chatting, making Ottawa feel like a small town!

* Images By David C.


Canadian Military tells Ottawa to find someone else to evict the truckers:

Who is this piece of human excrement, vowing to act against the People he took an oath to protect?

Trudeau marched with BLM, but hates on working class, largely white Canada.


Will Justine Ape Pappy Trudeau, And Use The Military Against Canadian Truckers?

“Tucker And The Trucker: Condescending About Canada; Wrong About American South”

Dispatch From Ottawa, Canada: ‘FUCK YOU, TRUDEAU’

UPDATED: Rex Murphy: ““A real Conservative leader would have given the truckers a hearing”:

This was not quite a “Joshua with his trumpet outside the walls of Jericho” moment. And considering the convoy and its leaders had rolled across half of Canada to get to Parliament Hill and have their voices heard, it seemed a little churlish that the leader of the Opposition should be prematurely selective of whom he would meet, and to rule out the site where his role is most prominent.

It is curious that so large an assembly of citizens with legitimate concerns, coming such a distance, have not even been given the simple courtesy of a greeting and a listen.

UPDATED (2/5/022): It has to be said: Canada is leading the Resistance, and, as Robert Malone, MD, says, “It’s a beautiful thing”:

A protest at the Canada-U.S. border crossing in Coutts, Alta. also remains ongoing. RCMP said protesters on horseback joined the truck blockade on Saturday, with more than 100 horses estimated to be there along with food trucks. Police say traffic is still moving in both directions across the border.

Just imagine if this was a BLM, Antifa crowd, whose causes, we’re lectured, are ever righteous. You’d have looting, murder, assaults, arson, theft, galore.

Truckers For Freedom are OUR people doing OUR bidding, making us proud and grateful.

GoFundMe ARE THIEVES. They are planning to distribute wealth/property not theirs. They are also engaged in fraud, having led donors to TruckersForFreedom2022 to part with their money believing #GoFundMeThieves were reliable, 3rd party fiduciaries.

Ghislaine Maxwell: Not Evidence-Based Law, But MeToo, Sexual Moral Panic

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Prosecutions now rest on he-said, she-said hearsay evidence, on facts that can’t possibly meet the rules of evidence (the ones the United States once abided), or be corroborated for the purposes of a just prosecution ~ilana

The reviled and revolting progressives of MSNBC and the hollow performers on Fox News are all agreed:

Ghislaine Maxwell was [rightly] convicted on Wednesday evening of grooming underage girls for Jeffrey Epstein to abuse… [and should face] decades behind bars for sex-trafficking.

The “incontrovertible” evidence upon which there ought to have been a sunset clause: The massage table. The gowns in the closet, too. Well, pretty much. My position with respect to prosecutions driven by sexual moral panic and revenge was expressed in “Mad, #MeToo Matriarchy Ensnared Bill Cosby.

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine were and are degenerates, scum of the earth. But the evidence against Maxwell is hearsay evidence.

Moreover, when one hears phrases like “years of sexual abuse,” one envisages dark, dank quarters, chains, an inability to leave the scene of the abuse, and drugs to addle the victim’s awareness.

In reality—not that it matters any longer to US prosecutors—the case of Ghislaine Maxwell is one of, admittedly, under-age girls. But these women were coming and going as they pleased, eager and greedy for more of whatever Epstein was using to lure them. The sainted MeToo victims were greedy for this ghastly man’s gifts. If charges are to be leveled—the adults in the room bear responsibility, but the charges should never yield the kind of sentence Maxwell is facing.

“Sex-trafficking,” as a charge in the Maxwell case, looks to me much like getting Al Capone on charges of tax evasion: You can’t prove anything substantive, so you conjure any category of charges that will stick. Also known as corruption of the law and its purpose.

Yes, the loathsome two, Jeffrey and Ghislaine, traveled with their greedy “victims.” So, voila, “sex-trafficking,” a legal charge that sticks.

Corruption, degeneracy and more: Absolutely.
But law is about evidence. Contrary to what the legal “experts,” left and right, assert, a just system of law is not about, “turning the tables on the powerful, to give the vulnerable a voice,” a whine that could be heard on the cable universe, left and right.

RELATED: “Mad, #MeToo Matriarchy Ensnared Bill Cosby“:

Prosecutions now rest on he-said, she-said hearsay evidence, on facts that can’t possibly meet the rules of evidence (the ones the United States once abided), or be corroborated for the purposes of a just prosecution, in accordance with the legal standards of Western law (of blessed memory). Evidence is tainted, solicited decades too late, with utter disregard for the statute of limitations.

* Image is of the “evidence,” via New York Post