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Week’s Tweets, Jan. 18 To 22: AGAINST Trump, Christendom, Putin, Whiteshaming

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A Christmas Story

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“A Christmas Story,” directed by the late Bob Clark, RIP, is a film,

described by a critic as “one of those rare movies you can say is perfect in every way.” “A Christmas Story,” directed by Bob Clark, debuted in 1983. Set in the 1940s, the film depicts a series of family vignettes through the eyes of 9-year-old Ralphie Parker, who yearns for that gift of all gifts: the Daisy Red Ryder BB gun.

This was boyhood before “bang-bang you’re dead” was banned; family life prior to “One Dad Two Dads Brown Dad Blue Dads,” and Christmas before Saint Nicholas was denounced for his whiteness and “merry Christmas” condemned for its exclusiveness. …

READ “A Sad Christmas Story,” a classic (the film and column).

This Christmas Eve (2016) feels a little different in a good way. Everybody seems unafraid to loudly wish others “Merry Christmas.” Is this less-PC Xmas another of Donald Trump’s achievements?

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Racialized Islam & The Racial-Industrial-Complex

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The following is Part I in a conversation with Jack Kerwick, author of “The American Offensive: Dispatches From The Front.” Jack received his Ph.D. in philosophy from Temple University. A lifelong Roman Catholic, his work on philosophy, politics, religion and culture has appeared in various publications. He teaches philosophy at Rowan College at Burlington County in Mount Laurel, NJ.

Ilana Mercer: In “The American Offensive,” you address the demographic drumbeat meant to downgrade and demoralize what is derisively called the “white vote” in this country. Explain, with reference to 2016.

Jack Kerwick: To no slight extent, it is GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s American-friendly position on immigration that accounts for why both Republican and Democrat Establishmentarians alike despise him. For a half-of-a-century, American policy has overwhelmingly favored non-white immigrants from the Third World. I think that the doctrine of “American Exceptionalism”—the doctrine that America was “founded” upon some ahistorical abstraction (an “idea” or “proposition”)—coupled with an ideology of anti-“white racism”—the belief that whites are uniquely “racist”—informs contemporary immigration policy. The objective is to simultaneously neglect and repudiate the country’s Eurocentric, Christocentric history.

Trump challenges this narrative. Thus, he is vilified by those who stand to gain from it.

Mercer: No sooner does one immigration give-away fail (the Schubio Gang of Eight), than a new political zombie will resurrect the marvelously intuitive idea of importing masses of migrants from countries in which Christians are being exterminated. On the eve of Christmas, tell us who’s killing whom around the world. …

Read the rest. Part I in a conversation with Jack Kerwick is now on WND. Part II is next week.

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Sean Hannity’s Thrice Daily, Religiously Repeated, Stock Talking Points

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Sean Hannity, on radio and TV, has developed three stock talking points. I hear them twice a day when in the car: on the way to my destination and back. The oldest is less in vogue these days. It has Mr. Hannity recite the number of Americans out of the work force, no longer looking for work, on food stamps, and living in poverty since Barack Obama. The facts are staggering and bear repetition but not 3 times a day (factoring in the Fox News, TV evening slot), over years, and when mouthed loudly over more edifying information imparted by some guests on Mr. Hannity’s shows.

The next two stock talking points are when Mr. Hannity rattles off all the top intelligence and military brass who’ve all proposed this safe, foolproof proposition: ISIS or its proxies will try to infiltrate the Syrian refugees.

So, urges Mr. Hannity 3 times a day, let’s hit “pause” on this otherwise without blemish immigrant intake.

Over and over does Sean recite this old hat religiously, almost always drowning out more valuable, less easily “available” information.

The last of Hannity’s thrice daily talking points is where he recites a vastly truncated smidgen of Samuel P. Huntington’s clash of civilizations concept. The peerless Harvard scholar drew on modern history to chronicle “Islam’s bloody borders.” “Islam’s borders are bloody, and so are its innards,” Huntington wrote in his wonderfully learned book, The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order (1996).

The fundamental problem for the West is not Islamic fundamentalism. It is Islam, a different civilization whose people are convinced of the superiority of their culture and are obsessed with the inferiority of their power. The problem for Islam is not the CIA or the US department of Defence. It is the West, a different civilisation whose people are convinced of the universality of their culture and believe that their superior, if declining, power imposes on them the obligation to extend that culture throughout the world. These are the basic ingredients that fuel conflict between Islam and the West.

But Hannity uses the clash-of-civilizations idea to forge forth with a non sequitur. How do we know what’s in the hearts of Muslim migrants from hostile, terrorism-riddled countries, asks Hannity thrice daily and he invariably answers himself irrationally.

But here’s the deal: We don’t and we can’t know what’s in anyone’s heart. Immigration, like all policy—legislation being an unavoidable reality—ought to aim, at the very least, to do no harm. Any migrant who comes from Islam is more likely to do harm to his hosts than, say, an Afrikaner migrant who worked the land in South Africa and worshiped, Sundays, in the Dutch Reformed Church.

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