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UPDATED: Kippah Or Hijab, The Statue of Liberty Is NOT A Symbol Of Immigration Or Immigrants

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Some Democrat, Rep. J. Luis Correa, hung a painting in his office of the Statue of Liberty wearing a hijab.

Conservatives are outraged. Some, like Ms. Pamela Geller, say the “Painting Is Offensive to Every Immigrant Fleeing Sharia Oppression.”

But consider: Would the Statue of Liberty wearing a kippah be more correct, less offensive? What about the Statue of Liberty draped like a Buddhist monk?

The philosophically correct point should be that the Statue of Liberty isn’t a symbol for immigrants or of immigration; it’s an American symbol. It should take on no foreign garb, however philosophically appropriate an immigrant may think his traditional dress is.

Of course, freedom of speech means you draw whatever floats your boat.

UPDATE (8/11): Facebook thread.

Why Must The Huddled Masses Endure Stumblebum Sarah? We’re Tired! Give Us Stephen Miller.

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Stephen Miller, usually confined to the White House basement (where Ivanka and Jared belong), gave a rousing, terribly smart speech on the kind of immigration reform that inches closer to what patriots have been demanding for years. (Alas, he promised a reduction, not a moratorium.) The brilliant retorts in response to Fake News whining just kept coming from Miller.

Why must the Huddled Masses endure Sarah Stumblebum, when we could have the philosophically savvy Miller, who is capable of conveying Trumpism, not merely apologizing for it. We’re tired! Give us Stephen Miller.

Right after Miller’s stellar performance, Stumblebum Sarah dissolved into a puddle over an alleged inquiry the administration is accused of launching, concerning discrimination against white men on campuses. The other day she “chocked” over the president’s transgenders-in-the military policy impetus.

Nice exercise in logic.

If Republicans Don’t Do Immigration ‘Bigly,’ A 3rd Party Revolution Is Next

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Fox News commentators have joined CNN’s in declaring there is “little appetite among Republican legislators to take up the issue of immigration.” Yes, the way Stephen Miller was carrying on at the presser podium today you’d think President Trump ran for and won the presidency based on his immigration plank. (Wait a sec; he did!)

Republicans are foolish enough to reject Trump’s immigration impetus (unveiled August 2, 2017). If they do, there will be a 3rd party revolution with men like Miller and Brannon in the lead.

When Europe Becomes Africa … In 100 Years

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To see Europe in 100 years, it’s more instructive to look at Africa today or watch “Idiocracy,” a magnificent, American, satire-cum-documentary.

And has Philadelphia Archbishop Charles J. Chaput ever considered encouraging the use of contraception in Africa? And/or discouraging Africa from moving to Europe? What about preserving his own Christian civilization that has been so instrumental to Africa’s population explosion?