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Ramadan For Me But Not For Thee

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Practitioners of the religion of peace celebrated the holy month of Ramadan in quiet reflection. If only. Terrorist attacks were the order of the day, and were carried out in France, Kuwait, and Tunisia. Scores are dead; one man was beheaded in France. Via Fox News:

Terrorists gunned down dozens of tourists on a Tunisian beach, left a severed head atop a fence outside a French factory and blew up a Kuwaiti mosque Friday in a bloody wave of attacks that followed an ISIS leader’s call to make the month of Ramadan a time of “calamity for the infidels.”

RT: “Fatal Friday: Scores dead after France, Tunisia & Kuwait hit by terrorist attacks”

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UPDATED: American Hate Group (SPLC) Issues Hit List Of Conservative Women

Ann Coulter, Critique, Fascism, Islam, Left-Liberalism

America’s premier hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center, has drawn up a hit list of conservative women, clearly meant to intimidate and endanger these ladies should they continue to speak their minds.


Shamelessly masquerades as a hate-groups monitor, the SPLC is actually a radical, left-liberal, conformity enforcer, operating with state-imprimatur. One of the SPLC’s mandates has been “to ‘educate’ police on the ‘dangers’ posed by all of us critics of unlimited government interventionism,” explained Tom DiLorenzo in his expose, “Racial Racketeering for Fun and Profit: The Southern Poverty Law Center Scam.”

Note how the women have been caricatured to look demonic. And even Diana West, described “charitably” as “a relatively calm critic of Islam, at least compared to some of her fellow travelers,” makes this list.

Dr. DiLorenzo has exposed the revenue-rich, “racial racketeering” of the SPLC, by going to the source of its funding, “The Department of Fatherland Security, and probably other parts of the [state] bureaucracy.”

The responses to the SPLC’s despicable stunt are overwhelmingly in defense of the ladies. Writes “Liberal News,” 4 days ago:

Thank you for this great list of patriots. I will follow the ones I didn’t know before. Funny how [author] Mark Potok thinks he knows more about Islam than those whose grew up in it, like Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Brigitte Gabrielle.

Check out the comments.

UPDATE: Oh, I almost forgot: The clincher as to the depravity and lack of credibility of the SPLC is the fact that the org listed pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson as a hater; an extraordinary man who had dedicated his life to healing babies.

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UPDATE III: Liberty Vs. Conspiracy: The #Left Hates #PamelaGeller, But Why Do Some #Libertarians?

Conspiracy, Free Speech, Islam, libertarianism, Liberty, Neoconservatism

“The Charlie Hebdo Hypocrites” floated the idea that “the double standard toward what is perceived as rightist speech (Pam Geller’s) and left-wing freedom of expression (Charlie Hebdo’s) is a holdover construct of communism,” during which right-wingers were demonized and targeted for destruction. There is no other difference “between Charlie Hebdo’s defiance of Islamic blasphemy laws and Geller’s defiance of the same laws.”

For his part, Jack Kerwick also pinpointed leftist favoritism as the reason “legions of people from around the Western world were clamoring to ‘stand with Charlie,’ while Geller and her organization have been condemned …”

Look, Pamela Geller is a consummate neoconservative; Israel über alles. These things can annoy libertarians; myself included. (About her person, moreover, I can say only this: She has dabbled briefly in writing about South Africa. In the process, Geller made sweeping errors, but has never cited my work on the topic. And when I asked her to reciprocate a “Follow” on Twitter, and tweet out my “Charlie Hebdo Hypocrites,” written in her defense, she failed to reply. She continues to send me fundraisers.)

In any case, what, pray tell, is the reason behind the long-standing, obsequious and convoluted stand, adopted by some libertarian leaders against what is a quintessential part of living freely and unafraid? About one of the defining libertarian issue of our times—speaking and publishing under the threat of injury or death—some of my libertarian friends are acting weirdly, have been for some time. (Geller’s event was on private property.)

As Jack put it, “You don’t need to agree with her, or even like her, in order to recoil at the utter hypocrisy of Pamela Geller’s [leftist] critics.”

What about her libertarian detractors?

What do I mean? See “Those Cartoons: A Reply To Walter Block” and Lew Rockwell’s May 4 Facebook post.


Lew Rockwell
May 4 at 10:50am

Just because ISIS is a propaganda dream come true for the US empire and its Middle Eastern satraps does not mean it was funded, like other convenient Arab groups, by the CIA, Al Mukahbarat, Mossad, MI6, or DGSE. And now ISIS–after the shootings in Texas–will be used to promote further not only US world dominion, but a full-scale federal police state.

Were the shooters patsies in classic agent provocateur fashion? I’m only sure of one thing: it is not a good idea to seek to offend someone’s religion. Apparently the Texas cartoon show was not, like Charlie Hebdo, mainly aimed at Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church, but it’s still a vile notion. Nor, note, would free speech be used to defend a show of anti-Semitic, anti-black, or anti-gay cartoons. But if haters are promoting the state’s foreign and domestic tyranny, why anything is OK.

UPDATE I: As I’ve often stated, some libertarians are social reductionists. All problems they reduce to “The State Made Me Do It.” More accurately, the US State made me do it. It’s of a piece with the Left’s denial of individual responsibility. Thus, the acting out by Muslims is not the fault of the individual and his muse, the Islamic faith, to these libertarians; rather, it’s due to US imperial overreach.

I prefer to say that American aggression is likely a necessary condition for the hatred of America, but it is insufficient a condition. As for a person like Pam or Wielders who wants to depict the truth about Mo: We’re Americans! We speak our minds. Pam’s eff you attitude is 100% fabulous. It’s actually very Israeli/Jewish. We call it Dufka in Hebrew: In other words, tell me I can’t do something benign and righteous, and by golly, I’ll do it. Way to roll! If libertarains persist in being such effetes, they won’t get dates and will go extinct.


Libertarianism is predicated on the non-aggression axiom. It’s quite clear which party is the bully and aggressor here, and which party wishes to force the other to live within its own byzantine boundaries. Geller is right.

UPDATE III (5/19):

Jack Kerwick writes: “From what I’ve been able to gather, the only evil many of these libertarians recognize is that of “the State,” more specifically, the US government. PG is to be despised b/c she is a prop of the State, a neocon, Israeli-Firster, etc. Muslims, however, like all people of color, are simply responding to American imperial aggression, and so forth. There is an air of unreality about it all, the shade of the same PC fantasy for which the left is known.”

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Pamela Geller Offends Shariah Media

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There’s a “FRENCH CONNECTION” and a “RED CONNECTION”—both bad—in “Pamela Geller Goes Against Sharia Media,” the current column, now on WND. An excerpt:

Sandhya SomethingOrAnother is a “social change” reporter for The Washington Post. (Yes, the WaPo has such a beat.) Ms. Somashekhar (her surname copied and pasted) implied that WND columnist Pamela Geller ought to repent for staging a Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest in Garland, Texas, an event that was briefly attended by two, uninvited ISIS-Americans. Sandhya must have been angry because she called Geller, in error, “a housewife from Long Island.” Progressives don’t much like housewives.

Like most Geller haters, Somashekhar (her name copied and pasted) cited the Southern Poverty Law Center as her “scholarly” source for Geller’s hatefulness. The SPLC is a “leftist vigilante group,” explained Paul Gottfried, a real scholar. It is “unmistakably totalitarian in the drive to suppress and destroy deviationists from the party line on race, gender, and ‘discrimination.’” The “$PLC” is as dodgy in its financial dealings as it is in its strong-arming tactics. (Read “Is The Southern Poverty Law Center ($PLC) The Next Financial Bubble?”)

“Stupid,” ruled a less obscure enforcer of political correctness, Bill O’Reilly, on Geller’s event. Also at Fox News, host Martha MacCallum suggested Geller ought to have explored kinder, gentler ways of protesting Islam-imposed restrictions on expression.

Pantomime, perhaps?

The left-liberal Jon Stewart took the safe route. The idiotic urge to kill over any annoyance was the object of the satirist’s spoof. Stewart’s Thou Shall Not Kill skit was hardly cutting-edge comedy. So he livened up the tired shtick with a curtsy in the direction of the Prophet’s avengers. Geller’s group, The American Freedom Defense Initiative, was about hate speech, warned Stewart.

The biggest clown in the media circus, however, was TV anchor Chris Cuomo. While Geller staged her vital challenge in private; Cuomo, a lawyer, flaunted his “smarts” in public. He tweeted that “hate speech” was unprotected by the Constitution. Not everyone was speechless. Another of CNN’s cretins, Alisyn Camerota, stood squarely in the corner of the victims: those poor ISIS-Americans whose descent into hell was hastened by a guard at Geller’s Garland cartoon contest.

It was difficult to tell what it was about Pamela Geller’s position on impolite and impolitic speech—echoed in the 1st Amendment in the Bill of Rights—that so puzzled Camerota …

… Read the complete column, “Pamela Geller Goes Against Sharia Media,” on WND.

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#RobertSpencer Savages #PamelaGeller Attacker

Free Speech, Islam

“Don’t be fooled by Haroon Moghul,” cautions Robert Spencer, in his rebuttal of CNN’s unknown entity’s assault on Pamela Geller, whose sin was to prove that ISIS-Americans intend to decide what Americans may say about Islam’s murderous muse, The Prophet Mohammad.

The clearest indication that Haroon Moghul is a jihad terror-enabling charlatan is the fact that after jihadis attempt to commit mass murder at a free speech event, he doesn’t write a piece defending free speech and explaining why Muslims must accept it, or a piece condemning the Islamic jihadis and explaining why Islam’s death penalty for blasphemy must not be carried out in the modern age, or a piece calling for reform of the teachings and doctrines that Islamic jihadis use to justify violence and supremacism.

Oh, no. You will never see such from his august pen. What Haroon Moghul, fellow at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, Fellow at the New America Foundation, perennial Ph.D. candidate at Columbia University, and an energetic purveyor of the spurious concept of “Islamophobia” (a propaganda term designed to intimidate people into fearing to resist jihad terror), serves up instead is yet another in today’s ever-growing pile of condemnations of Pamela Geller for daring to stand for the freedom of speech.

Moghul is desperately afraid that other Americans might realize that standing up for free speech against violent intimidation is a great idea, in the finest American tradition. That would interfere with the mainstream media’s push to get us all to silence ourselves and conform to Sharia blasphemy laws in order to save our skins. And so Moghul pens this vicious little screed in order to convince his easy marks at CNN that Pamela Geller is not really a defender of the freedom of speech but really a very bad person, and to stay on the reservation, not question the elites, and continue to allow for restrictions on the freedom of speech. …


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UPDATED: Stay Strong, Pamela Geller

Free Speech, Islam, Jihad, Terrorism

First, let me say how grateful I am that my WND colleague, Pamela Geller, is safe and sound and still speaking her mind on matters Mohammad. As we say in Hebrew, Chazak Ve’ematz (grammatically incorrect when said to a female, but I don’t wish to complicate things here).

Next, let me say the following, given media depictions of Pamela, Robert Spencer and members of their group—who fell victim to an attack by American Islamists brandishing AK-47s and were further assailed by the craven, cowardly mainstream media: Those who call you and your outfit an “anti-Islamic hate group” are the haters. (To listen to the “Washington Compost,” in Mark Levin speak, you’d think Pamela was the offender.) There can be no doubt that the Southern Poverty Law Center, the authority media cite in their indictments of Pamela—hates for a living: the SPLC creeps hate any expression of individualism.

Thomas DiLorenzo long ago exposed the revenue-rich, “racial racketeering” of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) by going to The Source of its funding, “The Department of Fatherland Security, and probably other parts of the bureaucracy.” The SPLC’s latest mandate is “to ‘educate’ police on the ‘dangers’ posed by all us critics of unlimited government interventionism.”

Thanks Pamela for doing the work most of us are afraid to do: put would-be murderers and their vampiric muse, the Prophet Muhammad, in their proper place.

Breitbart Texas “was conducting an exclusive interview with Pamela about the Mohammad Art Exhibit and Contest,” when the attack took place:

… Officers told this writer that the two suspects drove up in a car. The two occupants of the vehicle got out and immediately began shooting at the security guard.

Witnesses who spoke with this writer said they heard the initial gunshots and said it sounded like a pack of firecrackers going off. They then heard police return fire on the suspects.

The suspects were left lying in the street next to their vehicle because police were concerned there might be some type of explosive device either on their bodies or in their car.

Attendees of the event were eventually taken by a school bus to a secure location about 5 miles away from the scene.

As for Texas law enforcement; awesome job in tackling and dispatching with a pistol the two ISIS-Americans:

Enter the two gunmen, whom Garland police said drove up to a police car that was blocking an entrance to the exhibition hall and opened fire with assault rifles. Both men were quickly killed by one of the hired guards — a local traffic patrol officer whose name has not been released — who returned fire with a semiautomatic pistol. … “He did a very good job and he probably saved lives,” said Harn, the police spokesman.

UPDATE: “The Problem Is That We Can’t Talk About It.”

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota does not like to lose. She lost.

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