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Jihad’s Homegrown Enablers

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“Jihad’s Homegrown Enablers” in the current column, now on WND. An excerpt:

“Is this treason?” asked Megyn Kelly. The Fox News anchor was referring to American citizens who had joined the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and expected to return to the U.S. upon completing their tours of duty abroad.

Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation James Comey believes that “unless [his] passport is revoked,” an American citizen who holds an American passport and who has fought for ISIS—maybe even decapitated a dhimmi or two—“is entitled to come back” to the U.S.

Comey was discussing these American exported fighters for ISIS on “60 Minutes.” He promised to “track them very carefully.” At least, as carefully as the intelligence community tracked the brothers Tsarnaev. Also known as the Boston bombers, the Tsarnaevs’ fealty to their American friends and neighbors drove them to murder three and maim many more.

Judge Andrew Napolitano’s retort, on “The Kelly File,” was (oddly) first to praise this FBI director’s mettle as a man and a lawyer, while disputing the legal grounds for Comey’s odd position:

“Comey forgot there’s a statute called providing material assistance to a terrorist organization,” explained Napolitano. “So if he knows that Americans have been fighting with ISIS and he also knows that the secretary of state has declared ISIS a terrorist organization—that is more than enough evidence for him to arrest them upon their re-entry to the U.S. It is crazy to let them back in and wait and see what they do.”

Judging from the tenor of her popular show, Kelly believes that American citizens owe allegiance to the U.S. government. I’d counter that it is to his countrymen—neighbors, coworkers; community—that an American owes his loyalties, as expressed in the practice of civility and non-aggression. The chances are good that a veteran of jihad à la ISIS will reoffend: resort to the intimidation, terrorization, even decapitation of innocents stateside. Thus, based on his criminal history and religious proclivities, the homegrown jihadi ought to be kept OUT of the U.S. The right to venture wherever, whenever is no more than a positive, manufactured right, forfeited on the violation of authentic negative rights.

As to Kelly’s initial question regarding treason: Indeed, the case of FBI Director Comey is clear-cut. He betrays the people who pay for his keep.

Still on the topic of the home-grown jihadi, conservatives are losing their heads over the classification of a Muslim butcher from Moore, Oklahoma. …

… Read the rest. “Jihad’s Homegrown Enablers” is now on WND.

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NATO’s Worth Nothing

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Why doesn’t he provide a solution to the siege by the Islamic State (ISIS) of Kobani (or Ayn al-Araba in Arabic), a Kurdish city in the Kurdish regions of northern Syria? He is Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s president, who has issued a dire warning to the West: “dropping bombs from the air will not provide a solution … the time [has] come to ‘cooperate for a ground invasion.’”

Turkey is a NATO ally with a sizable, modern army, quite capable of tackling ISIS. The problem Turkey, the US, the European Union and NATO face stems from these great centralizers’ opposition to the PKK. The PKK is a long-standing Kurdish, separatist movement, which the US, Turkey and the rest aim to eliminate or undermine, for obvious reasons. Statists struggle with secession, separation or States’ Rights.

National Post:

The Turkish leader is strongly mistrusted by the Kurds of Turkey and Syria. Many accuse his government — anxious about Turkey’s own Kurdish separatist movement — of conniving with ISIS and of failing to act to prevent it committing atrocities against the Kurds in Syria. Meanwhile, Washington is becoming increasingly frustrated with its NATO ally. There’s growing angst about Turkey dragging its feet to act to prevent a massacre less than a mile from its border,” an unnamed U.S. official told the New York Times. “After all the fulminating about Syria’s humanitarian catastrophe, they’re inventing reasons not to act to avoid another catastrophe. “This isn’t how a NATO ally acts while hell is unfolding a stone’s throw from their border.”

If the US is so cut up about Turkey’s craven indifference to the Kurds, it could collude with NATO members to strip Turkey of its NATO membership, for what that’s worth.

Excoriated though he was, in his attempt to “absolve the US of any guilt in the matter,” to quote an RT expert, Vice President Joe Biden had a point. Via RT:

“our allies in the region were our largest problem in Syria,” elaborating that Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the UAE were “so determined to take down Assad,” that they started a “proxy Sunni-Shia war.” Biden went on saying that “they poured hundreds of millions of dollars, and tens of thousands of tons of weapons into anyone who would fight against Assad. Except that the people who were being supplied were al-Nusra and Al-Qaeda and the extremist elements of jihadis coming from other parts of the world.”

DER SPIEGEL on the quagmire:

The country has been strangely reserved when it comes to dealing with the Islamic State. It is the neighboring country that is perhaps most threatened by the jihadist fighters, but it has refrained thus far from joining US President Barack Obama’s anti-terror coalition, even if Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan strongly hinted over the weekend that it might do so soon. When it comes to combatting the Islamic State and putting an end to the Syrian civil war, Turkey has a key role to play.

The government in Ankara had justified its hesitancy by pointing to the dozens of Turkish diplomats taken hostage by the Islamic State in Mosul. Now that they have been released, however, all eyes are on Turkey to see what responsibilities it might take on. On the way back to Turkey from the United Nations General Assembly in New York, Erdogan told reporters that his country is now prepared to join the coalition. At the World Economic Forum meeting in Istanbul on Sunday he added, in reference to the fight against the Islamic State: “We cannot stay out of this.”

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Mirth From Maher, For A Change

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In the left’s peanut gallery, comedian Bill Maher is considered a philosopher-king. The host of HBO’s “Real Time” seldom tickles my funny bone, because he’s both … politically predictable and PC. But this week, Maher killed it:

BILL MAHER: “President Obama keeps insisting that ISIS is not Islamic. Well, maybe they don’t practice the Muslim faith the same way he does. But if vast numbers of Muslims across the world believe, and they do, that humans deserve to die for merely holding a different idea or drawing a cartoon or writing a book or eloping with the wrong person, not only does the Muslim world have something in common with ISIS, it has too much in common with ISIS.”


Maher, for heaven’s sake, is a comedian. Scholar of religion Reza Aslan makes a fair point or two against Maher’s generalizations, although Aslan would be too PC himself to openly discuss, say, the monstrous morals that permit so many Hindus to practice “fetal sex selection.”


In case you’re unfamiliar with his political “thought,” Maher is the intellectual pigmy who once told TV Talker Joe Scarborough he wanted Bush impeached—but not for anything meaningful, such as, say, prosecuting an illegal and unjust war (all of which Bush did). Rather, Maher argued quite seriously that impeachment proceedings ought to be initiated on no other grounds than that, on 9/11, after Bush had been told by Andrew Card that America had been attacked, he sat put for seven minutes at the Emma E. Booker Elementary School. Maher’s motivation for impeachment was as frivolous as the impetus for Bill Clinton’s.

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Media Headless Like A Chicken Over Beheading

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The headless chickens of media, and that includes the friendlies of Fox News, keep muttering the acronym ISIS in connection with the beheading of a woman at a Vaughan Foods factory, in Moore, Oklahoma. Colleen Hufford was butchered by Alton Nolen, 30, an angry black man who had converted to Islam and was terrorizing co-workers into doing the same.

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant is incidental to this act. ISIS might have been a catalyst or an inspiration for the slaughter, but beheadings in the homeland will be inspired by Islam. Pure and simple. It’s elementary. Draw your own conclusions about the compatibility of Islam’s practitioners to a peaceful, safe America.

Qur’an 47:4: “When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks …” (

Want more home-truths? Sorry to break this to you, but Islam attaches to angry, innately violent individuals.

Thanks to multiculturalist efforts to appease the Islamist lobby [goign back to G. Bush] it has infiltrated deep into American society. A Muslim chaplain corps has been created in the U.S. military and a Saudi-based front for al-Qaeda employed to minister to the approximately twenty thousand Muslim soldiers. The same religious recruiters are active in penitentiaries, where there are two hundred thousand Muslim inmates. In fact, the prison system is now the top recruiting grounds for al-Qaeda in the U.S.

MORE in “Exposing The Muslim Lobby.”

A gun-owner—Oklahoma County Reserve Deputy Sheriff Mark Vaughan, also a CEO of Vaughan Foods—stopped Nolen in his tracks. It’s a shame Vaughan didn’t stop the butcher dead in his tracks and dispatch him to the hereafter.

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UPDATED: Both Bonking Moon and BHO Affirm Islam (Still, ‘ISIS Is Islam’)

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I am unable to retrieve the exact comments of the UN’s Bonking Moon about Islam, but they were of a piece with BHO’s. Both the United Nations general secretary, whom the New York Times calls Mr. Ban (derived from Ban Ki-Moon), and the US’s Barack Obama made sure to affirm Islam in their respective addresses to the United Nations General Assembly, September 24, 2014. Asserted Obama:

“… we have reaffirmed that the United States is not and never will be at war with Islam. Islam teaches peace. Muslims the world over aspire to live with dignity and a sense of justice. And when it comes to America and Islam, there is no us and them – there is only us, because millions of Muslim Americans are part of the fabric of our country.”

The thesis of Samuel P. Huntington, author of “The Clash of Civilizations,” BHO, it would appear, dismisses with one sentence: “we reject any suggestion of a clash of civilizations.”

The goods on Islam:

* ISIS, as caliphate, is permitted to wage offensive Jihad by Islamic law.
* ISIS is practicing “purification Jihad”; the murders are for the expulsion of “hypocrites” (those who collaborate with the enemy) and apostates (Shiite).
* Islam does not forbid killing Muslims: If one becomes a Muslim and one commits adultery, leaves the faith or kills another Muslim—the offender can be killed.


As I have written, “ISIS is Islam.”

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Stupid, Stumble-Bumble Superpower

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What would happen in the miasma that is the Middle East if a silly, if well-intentioned, superpower—profoundly ignorant of history, in general, and the region, in particular—quit enabling one side or the other; stopped lurching maniacally (a la “McMussolini”) from supporting one bloodletting entity or another?

What would transpire if, as I wrote in “Leave ISIS To The Homies,” the US left “ISIS to Syria, Tehran and Tel Aviv”; “let the locals take out their trash”?

Today I heard one of the interchangeable bimbos on CNN pondering—oh the sacrilege!—whether the US should talk to Iran.

However, were we to leave things be, the feuding parties might cease vying for American money and materiel and begin hammering out a strategy among themselves that would ensure longevity—an uneasy balance of power, if you will—in the region.

The Israeli government, as was noted, is already endeavoring to “radically change its tack on Syria, reversing a policy and military strategy that were long geared to opposing Syrian President Bashar Assad.”

By the way, how stupid is the American state? Look no further than that Marie Barf, that sibilant tart at State. Go Foggy Bottom …

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