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State-Controlled Airport Security In The West Hires For Terrorism

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Donald Trump has a point when he emphasizes that the doomed EgyptAir flight MS804 had taken off (on Thursday May 19) from the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. All roads these days lead to the Dar al-Islam of France or Belgium and to government controlled airports where hiring is in accordance with a preferential spoils system based on race and gender. (And if you’re a black Muslim woman, wearing a nose bag, you’re perfect for the job.)

The Center for Security Policy seems focused on Paris, too:

While Egyptair Flight MS804 made six stops prior to the disaster, authorities in France are questioning workers at its last stop, Charles De Gaulle Airport, a reflection of growing concerns about the safety of air travel thanks to suspected penetration of sensitive airport sites by employees sympathetic to jihad.

Last December, following the Paris attacks Augustin de Romanet, head of the Paris Aeroport Authority, noted that 4,000 employees had their lockers searched, and 70 of them lost their red cards and were terminated over terrorism concerns. Red cards granted airport employees access to restricted parts of the airport including access to the plane. Last October, six IS sympathizers working as baggage handlers at Sharm el-Sheikh Airport in Cairo, allegedly developed the explosives used to destroy Russian Metrojet 9268.

On March 22, 2016, IS members attacked the Brussels-Zaventem Airport in Brussels killing 32 people. Two of the suicide bombers Ibrahim el-Bakraoui and Najim Lachraoui had worked at the airport as a custodians. The Daily Mail reported that Brussels-Zaventem airport had 50 jihadist sympathizers among their employees.

U.S. airports have also seen breaches. In 2015, multiple reports displayed security concerns at U.S. airports including hundreds of employee security badges from Hartfield and Dallas-Fort Worth airports went missing. In addition, reports found 73 TSA workers in U.S. airports were found to have already been placed on the terror watch list, yet did not have their access to sensitive areas terminated.

As for our Transportation Security Administration and Homeland Security, not for nothing have the news nitworks stopped interviewing Israeli experts. This from “TSA: Home Grown Terrorism (& Cretinism)”:

In the words of a horrified Israeli aviation security expert, speaking to a Fox News crew: “You cannot allow the security personnel to see, and show the entire world, images of naked bodies of women and men!” Amid ongoing American insanity, this laconic Israeli, Isaac Yeffet, has been making the rounds on CNN, PBS, Fox News—has been doing so for a decade, at least. Yeffet is a former member of the Israeli Secret Service, and was once in charge of security for El Al. Almost a year has past since Fox News probed him for his opinion about the “full body scanners.” Nearly ten years have gone by since the man testified before an equally idiotic Congress.

No other western country is a bigger target for terrorists than Israel. Yet no other nation runs a better (largely privatized), less invasive, smarter, security system, whose able agents simply talk to travelers. These profilers understand that 99.9 percent of fliers are “bona fide” (Yeffet’s favored bon mot). “Shoes aren’t removed, passengers aren’t body scanned, and there are no pat downs,” confirms the New York Times. A “hand search” is seldom conducted, and only with probable cause.

Fox News wanted tough answers; Yeffet gave them smart ones. In countless news interviews over the years, Yeffet has implied that there is no substitute for intelligence—intelligence as in smarts; as in that dreaded G Factor. (No, Cosmo Magazine readers, that’s not the same as the G Spot.)

In a few, well-chosen words, Yeffet has suggested that the thousands hired by the TSA are riffraff. “What we should do is to stop using a low level of people.” And, “Unqualified and untrained people, undedicated people are running the security in our country.” “We need to hire people that, at minimum, have graduated from high school; speak English, are U.S. citizens.” (PBS’s NewsHour, 2002.) “Technology can help the qualified, well-trained human-being but cannot replace him. … We must look at the qualifications of the candidate for security jobs. He must be educated. He must speak two languages.” (CNN.)

Does Pidgin English qualify as a second language?

Yeffet’s are valiant but vain efforts to warn America that homegrown retardation is by far its most pressing problem. Alas, in addition to the perverse incentives that power all state bureaucracies, in general, government departments are staffed in accordance with a spoils system based on race and gender, and not on intelligence.

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UPDATED (5/14/016): Little Boy Dhimmi: A Moment In The Life Of A Dutch Child Under Islam

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The Netherland’s prime minister—whoever this non-entity is—has just bestowed upon German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the Whore of Babylon in my book, honors on behalf of the beleaguered Dutch people.

The following poignant snapshot in time, witnessed by a Dutch friend walking on the beach, the other day, ought to tell you why the ignominious Merkel and Prime Minister Mark Rutte ought to be tarred-and-feathered and driven out of office:

A small Dutch boy was hard at work shaping a bunny-rabbit in the sand. He fashioned the ears and the tail and was proudly surveying his handiwork, when along strode the conqueror: a Muslim young boy. The Muslim boy trampled the Dutch child’s sand bunny with rage, and emitted a blood curdling harangue against the sin of image making.

This is a snapshot in time of the lives of Western children destined for dhimmitude.

Treacherous adults like Merkel, Mark Rutte and the rest, their supporters and voters, are responsible for betraying little boys like the bunny sculptor.


She gets liberals like Megyn Kelly to discuss Islam by kvetching about her clitoris. That’s Trump-hating Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s forte. Via sister Kathy Shaidle:

… We went to see Ayaan Hirsi Ali tonight. And the only reason I asked a question was because my sciatica meant I couldn’t sit for too long so got up and stood in the queue among those with something to ask. And when my turn came, my question was this:

What advice would you give a President Donald Trump?

That was not a gotcha question. She is worried about Muslim immigration. Trump is worried about Muslim immigration. So it seemed natural to ask her what advice she would give him. This is what happened next, as I reprint the text from the note I wrote on my iPhone to a friend on the trainride home.

She went all outraged about how awful he is and gets palpitations thinking of him with his finger on the bomb. And about what a misogynist he is. So I repeated my question about what advice she would give. Same answer. She was more filled with anger at Trump than at jihad! So discouraging. …

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‘How ISIS Built the Machinery Of Terror Under Europe’s Gaze’ (UPDATE: 4/22)

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Donald Trump is right, Again. Europe and the UK are unsafe. ISIS is operating in plain sight. With imprimatur, if to go by the New York Times’ “How ISIS Built the Machinery of Terror Under Europe’s Gaze.” The ISIS EU operatives are often given free passage by European gatekeepers. The question: Who’s complicit and is this treason by design or by accident?

Highlights from “How ISIS Built the Machinery of Terror Under Europe’s Gaze” :

… the signs of this focused terrorist machine were readable in Europe as far back as early 2014. Yet local authorities repeatedly discounted each successive plot, describing them as isolated or random acts, the connection to the Islamic State either overlooked or played down. …

… For much of 2012 and 2013, the jihadist group that eventually became the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, was putting down roots in Syria. Even as the group began aggressively recruiting foreigners, especially Europeans, policy makers in the United States and Europe continued to see it as a lower-profile branch of Al Qaeda that was mostly interested in gaining and governing territory.

One of the first clues that the Islamic State was getting into the business of international terrorism came at 12:10 p.m. on Jan. 3, 2014, when the Greek police pulled over a taxi in the town of Orestiada, less than four miles from the Turkish border. Inside was a 23-year-old French citizen named Ibrahim Boudina, who was returning from Syria. In his luggage, the officers found 1,500 euros, or almost $1,700, and a French document titled “How to Make Artisanal Bombs in the Name of Allah.”

But there was no warrant for his arrest in Europe, so the Greeks let him go, according to court records detailing the French investigation.

Mr. Boudina was already on France’s watch list, part of a cell of 22 men radicalized at a mosque in the resort city of Cannes. … his ties to the [ISIS] group were buried in French paperwork and went unconnected to later cases. … Like the killers in Paris and Brussels, all of these earlier operatives were French speakers — mostly French and Belgian citizens, alongside a handful of immigrants from former French colonies, including Morocco.

They were arrested in Italy, Spain, Belgium, France, Greece, Turkey and Lebanon with plans to attack Jewish businesses, police stations and a carnival parade. They tried to open fire on packed train cars and on church congregations. In their possession were box cutters and automatic weapons, walkie-talkies and disposable cellphones, as well as the chemicals to make TATP.

Most of them failed. And in each instance, officials failed to catch — or at least to flag to colleagues — the men’s ties to the nascent Islamic State. …

… In one of the highest-profile instances, Mehdi Nemmouche returned from Syria via Frankfurt and made his way by car to Brussels, where on May 24, 2014, he opened fire inside the Jewish Museum of Belgium, killing four people. Even when the police found a video in his possession, in which he claimed responsibility for the attack next to a flag bearing the words “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria,” Belgium’s deputy prosecutor, Ine Van Wymersch, dismissed any connection.

“He probably acted alone,” she told reporters at the time.

“All of the signals were there,” said Michael S. Smith II, a counterterrorism analyst whose firm, Kronos Advisory, began briefing the United States government in 2013 on ISIS’ aspirations to strike Europe. “For anyone paying attention, these signals became deafening by mid-2014.” …

… Intelligence officials in the United States and Europe have confirmed the broad outlines of the external operations unit: It is a distinct body inside ISIS, with its command-and-control structure answering to Mr. Adnani, who reports to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed caliph of the Islamic State. …

… In an audio recording released on Sept. 22, 2014, Mr. Adnani, the ISIS spokesman and chief of the external operations wing, addressed the West.

“We will strike you in your homeland,” he promised, calling on Muslims everywhere to kill Europeans, “especially the spiteful and filthy French.” And he urged them to do it in any manner they could: “Smash his head with a rock, or slaughter him with a knife, or run him over with your car,” he said, according to a translation provided by the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors extremist propaganda.

In the months that followed, a man decapitated his employer near the French city of Lyon, sending a snapshot of the severed head to the Islamic State. Another man stormed a police station in Paris, carrying a butcher’s knife and a photocopy of the Islamic State’s flag. …

… the group’s method for carrying out jihad in Europe involves an adaptation of Auftragstaktik, a combat doctrine within the German Army in the 19th century. Those tactical guidelines call for commanders to give subordinates a goal and a time frame in which to accomplish it, but otherwise to give them the freedom to execute it.

The Islamic State explains in the article that it adopted the system to give recruits “complete tactical autonomy,” with few fingerprints that could be tracked back to the group, and “no micromanaging.”

.. That network stretched like a web across Europe to at least a dozen other accomplices, including a cell holed up in an apartment in the Brussels neighborhood of Schaerbeek, where two other teams of Islamic State fighters prepared the bombs detonated last week in Brussels Airport and a metro station.

And Trump is right about community complicit, too.

The overpowering odor that comes with refining and storing TATP was noticed by the building’s owner weeks before the bombings, Belgian officials said, but he did not report it until after the attacks.

READ “How ISIS Built the Machinery of Terror Under Europe’s Gaze.”

AND NOW (4/22):

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UPDATES ONGOING (4/22): Poland, Hungary & Czech Republic Are Safe Because Relatively Islam Free

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We might all end up fleeing to Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, which, thanks to patriotic people heeded by leadership, is not suffering the depredations that come with importing Islam. If Central Europe becomes the last bastion of civilization, because patriots keep its Dar al-Harab status, the Merkels, Obama’s, Camerons of the world—the left-liberal Soros, political cesspool—must be kept out.

… Central Europe, chiefly Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, remain largely safe from the terror threat, despite the former in particular being a Nato player in the Middle East. It is precisely because the reasons for this are so obvious that they cannot be mentioned. Poland is 0.1 percent Muslim, most of whom are from a long-settled Tartar community, Britain is 5 percent, France 9 percent and Brussels 25 percent, and those numbers are growing. … these statistics correlate to terrorism risk. …

The above is the only worthy information in this unremarkable Spectator article.


These clowns don’t like walls:

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