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UPDATED: Principled Patriots React To Ranchers Hammonds’ Plight

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The 3.1K number on my WND column, “Ranchers Hammond & Bundy: The Best of America,” refers to the number of times the column has been shared via any of the methods represented by the logo buttons to the left of the 3.1K. So that’s 3,100, a really big number, if accurate, but who knows?

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Writes Tim:

Ms. Mercer,

The show isn’t Hammond or bundy or even the Feds; it’s the transformation of rural America from a once-independent/gutsy psyche to what you saw today – the Burns locals showing up and asking the take-over guys to leave. Who planted fear and gutlessness into a community like Burns? I came back from combat in the Nam (usmc) and worked many jobs in the Oregon high desert; timber felling, loading hay trucks, fighting wild fires. These were once tough people who (then) would have supported the take-over stand, unanimously – seen its higher value as part of their own heritage. You’re smart, Ms Mercer, so tell me how urban fear and self-seeking became homogenized into this country’s entire demographic landscape. Was it media? Was it public education? Was it greed? Bottom line, there ain’t gonna be no more “Alamos.” Yes, the Hammonds are good guys, but even they want Bundy’s bunch outa town. It’s tragic and irreversible. What’s left is a man’s (person’s) responsibility to truth and courage; individual-by-individual, against the storm of darkness. And a lot of grace from God for that act.

Writes HS:

Another good column, Ilana. Do you ever feel like you are a voice crying in the wilderness? Your assessment of the situation of the land grab in Oregon and of those who have commented on it is a welcomed relief amid all the grandstanding from the powers that be and the media. Thank you for the level-headed analysis. You make much sense and we are indebted to you for enlightening us. Keep it up.

UPDATE: “Ranchers Hammond & Bundy: The Best Of America” was discussed on The Bill Meyer Show, January 8, 2016 (LISTEN).

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Standoff Between Feds & Farmers Brewing In Burns, Oregon

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You cannot call yourself libertarian if you want the central government to police people for propriety of thought. That’s the work of the federal-government enmeshed Southern Poverty Law Center, which runs a money racket second only to the race rackets run by Jessie Jackson and Reverend Sharpton. Cultural Marxists that they are, the SPLC has declared the militia led by Marine Jon Ritzheimer a hate group and this group’s defense of farmers and their constitutional right to be free of federal incursion and oppression hateful. The story via Twitter:

RELATED: “Why The Land Belongs To Bundy.”

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Reactions To The Idea That Businessman Trump’s Trying To Cut Loss … Of Life

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“Businessman Trump trying to cut loss … of life” is this week’s column.

VW, a WND reader (a lady), reacts via email:

Dear Ms. Mercer,

Absolutely brilliant take on the situation! Congrats on your spot-on insight …
God bless you and keep up the good work!

From workforlivn @ The Unz Review:

“Perfect prose Ilana. First lesson in a business: Watch the pennies and the dollars will care for themselves. The contrast to Washington is dropping million dollar JDAMs on 2 dollar tents.”

This from Craig Smith on Facebook:

A very valuable post. As much as I’ve been reading, I still haven’t come across anything quite as incisive as this. I’ve shared it, and added a long caption.

Read Craig’s “longer caption.”

My reply:

Thank you, Craig Smith. That you’ve said these kind words so often over the years doesn’t diminish their value. “No Wonder The Pols Think Businessman Trump’s Crazy; He Understands Scarcity” is the weekly column, no mere post. It appears on WND, of course — has done since 2001, on The Unz Review (America’s smartest webzine) since last year, on PRAAG – Die Pro-Afrikaanse Aksiegroep, belonging to Dan Roodt who fears no one; on the gifted Sean Gabb’s UK-based Libertarian Alliance and on Quarterly Review, a now small, still august, historic, British publication edited by Dr. Leslie Jones. Please support and popularize the handful of publications—only a handful—that carry and have carried the Return to Reason column since its inception. Yeah, the rest are a disgrace.

Our English readers are ever erudite.
Says John Warren, on 13 December, 2015 at 7:12 am:

Brilliant. I couldn’t agree more. In my ever so humble opinion, Ilana Mercer is spot on with all that she writes here.

A good, clear thinker who brilliantly sets out on paper that which she considers important enough to write about. Her paragraphs arrive randomly sprinkled with wit, wisdom and tragedy. She seldom repeats herself or attempts to impress the reader by churning out a shedload of boring facts – which we can all, in any event, find out for ourselves should we feel the need to.

Other people will not agree I know, but for me, I better enjoy reading articles when the writer tells me how they feel about issues and not how much they know about them. If they know everything about anything they shouldn’t need to talk about whatever to anyone.

Ilana not only owns the sort of retentive ability that bestows her with great confidence, she also demonstrates a fertile and often delightfully wicked imagination. I’ve found a diamond.

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UPDATED: Libertarians Should Look Inward For Reasons Funding Drying Up*

Ilana Mercer, Intellectualism, libertarianism, Liberty

Jim Ostrowski has posted to Facebook a column by EPJ’s Robert Wenzel titled “ in Financial Trouble?” Jim, who has never enjoyed a feature column on the “libertarian sites” he slavishly touts (sorry pal; just standing up for what you deserve), and has been called by Murray Rothbard “one of the finest people in the libertarian movement” (damn straight), should contemplate the following:

If these iconic, but waning, sites had not diligently and systematically expunged or marginalized their best and brightest, presumably because we do not conform strictly to party-lines; they’d have long since harnessed the energies, intellectual and other, of individuals who, after working in the trenches like dogs for little to nothing, and without ANY libertarian support—are in a position, finally, to boost atrophying sites and help increase their audiences.

Robert Wenzel is right. The problem of dwindling funding (usually associated with reduced readership) is not all the doing of the neocons or the libertarians who don’t like cookies or pop-ups. (The love of cookies inspired the title of a chapter in my next book, not that you’ll hear about any of my books, all good for liberty, from the libertarian sites you know.)

Non-establishment libertarian sites operate in as cultish a manner as do beltway libertarians. In the liberty-oriented community, people tend to huddle in atrophying intellectual attics, and quibble about detecting and expelling contrarians. Dare to dissent, and keepers of the flame will take it upon themselves to read you out of the movement (check).

This, naturally, makes for tribalism, not individualism. The bad, moreover, have a nasty habit of crowding out the good. Or, as one Objectivist wag once wrote, “Quality is never the result of intellectual purges: the most creative and independent thinkers are the first to go.” That makes perfect psychological sense: those who remain feel more secure, group cohesion having trounced intellectual vitality.

Infrequently, on the occasion that this column is featured by one of the sites discussed, I will invariably get the odd letter or two to say: “Wow, never heard of you. Where have you been hiding? Why aren’t you a regular?”

Why am I persona non grata in libertarian circles after, oh, close to 20 years of quality writing? Take a guess?

The last of the letters I quote verbatim:

“Next to Rothbard, I believe you and Hoppe are the best libertarian writers I know of. I’ve read all your articles. I had been arguing with x and others about immigration for months. Some of the self-proclaimed dictatarians [sic] of libertarianism blocked me because I disagreed with them. You were the only person who challenged the libertarian establishment on immigration, and you were right.”

No, the Ron Paul Revolution is over and it is not the only act in town. If Ron-Paul-Only institutions are faltering, they need to look beyond the neocons and “the bizarre anti-ad perspective of many ‘libertarians,'” in the words of Wenzel, and do a little navel-gazing.

UPDATE (12/8): Jim Ostrowski knows I’m right, but won’t “Like,” because he’s being … lawyerly. He, like myself, deserves the prominence which would have PAID dividends to those who gave it. So, I’m sorry: You huddle in compliant ideological attics; you never tolerate the slightest dissent; you behave like mainstream; you’ll dry up.


* For the same reason, The Independent Institute should stop hitting me up for money on Giving Tuesday or on any other day. (I’ll choose The World Parrot Trust and Project Perry any day. And I did.)

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