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Trump Owes Loyalty To Melania, Not To Pipsqueak Plagiarizer. Fire Her.

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Donald Trump landed in Cleveland with Mike Pence at his side. The candidate thanked family members by name for their contribution and/or speeches on his behalf, so far. He did not mention his wife Melania by name, a woman who did a spectacular job and to whom an enormous dissever has been done by a staff member who should be fired.

If a class act such as Corey Lewandowski, a man so eloquent in his loyalty to Trump, was escorted out of Trump Tower like a criminal—so too should a two-bit plagiarizer.

As the consummate writer who is wedded to her prose, I detest plagiarizers. I detest people so low as to refuse to acknowledge their sources, or place these apart from the main text in quotation marks.

Invalid here is the tit-for-tat argument that the foul Dems do it, too, and the media utter not a squeak when liberal lie and cheat. That’s no justification; it’s a non sequitur.

All writers should make a big fuss over plagiarism and settle down only when the plagiarizer is dealt what’s coming to her.

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Who Really ‘Fully Liberated’ Fallujah?

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Iraqi forces have liberated Fallujah, media repeatedly report. The official account has it that the city has languished under ISIS since January 2014. The Iraqi government showed no particular interest in reclaiming it, until now.

Suddenly, the Iraqi military has had a burst of energy and sympathy toward those living under ISIS, and has renewed its offensive, this time with stunning success.


Each time crooked, stupid journos of Big Media provide news of the unexpected, recent liberation of Fallujah, the camera cuts to an American commander who provides a detailed run-down of the operation in progress.

I would not be surprised to discover American forces are doing all the work. The crooked journos are doing the camerawork, in other words, providing the optics of an Iraqi military success story.

Liberal Pollsters & Media Collude To Skew Polls

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As I told a despondent pal and the spouse, not for a minute did I believe polls that depicted a flight to Hillary Clinton’s camp in the wake of Orlando. The opposite. Lying liberal pollsters and their media enablers were just doing what they always do: oversampling Democrats and liberal voting blocs. This Sierra Rayne at American Thinker confirms. “Corrected Gravis poll has Trump well out in front of Clinton at national level”:

After an onslaught of highly liberal biased polls against Donald Trump during the past week, it was refreshing to see an only modestly biased poll – in relative terms – released on Saturday by Gravis.

In its biased form, the poll shows Trump only 2% behind Hillary Clinton in the head-to-head matchup, far below the ridiculously large Clinton leads of up to 12% that Bloomberg and other leftist media outlets have been oozing of late.

But once we correct for biases in this Gravis poll, Trump is undoubtedly now well out in front of Clinton.

In the poll’s demographics, 40% of respondents said they were Democrats compared to just 33% who were Republicans. This 7% Democrat advantage is almost assuredly about 6% above where it should be – meaning Clinton’s narrow 2% lead should likely be upward of at least a 4% deficit behind Trump.

Further evidence of liberal bias in the poll comes from questions about Tea Party support, abortion, religious affiliation, and education.

Just 11% of those surveyed said they were members of the Tea Party. This value should be about 17%, suggesting – as with the party affiliation – about a 6% liberal bias.

The poll also shows a 17% advantage to pro-choice over pro-life, well above the known 6% spread in favor of pro-choice. This signifies a major liberal bias in the demographics, as the pro-choice side has not had an advantage larger than 10% since the 1990s.

When it comes to religious affiliation, the poll oversampled Muslims (2% versus 1%) and Catholics (25% versus less than 21%) and looks to have massively undersampled Evangelicals (10% versus 25%), resulting in more liberal bias. Evangelicals will vote dominantly for Trump, whereas Muslims and many Catholics are likely to lean toward Clinton.

A full 50% of the poll’s respondents had a bachelor’s degree or higher, compared to 34% in reality, introducing more liberal bias.

Based on the full range of liberal biases present, a reasonable estimate of Trump’s actual lead over Clinton is in the range of at least 5% once the polling data is corrected.

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‘Mateen.’ ‘Mateen.’ ‘Omar Mateen.’ There. I Said It. Media Should Too.

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Petulant, petty media keep announcing they won’s say the name of the Muslim mass murderer of 49 Pulse patrons in Orlando, last week. Not to say the name of a killer is a silly and infantile gesture, or habit oft repeated by the sanctimonious, self-important sorts in media. It conjures the person who covers his ears and hums loudly, so as not to hear bad news. Reality is reality. Facts are facts. Deal. Media are not in a morality contest. Media are meant to function as chroniclers, entrusted with relaying events, not transmitting subliminal messages.

Omar Mateen. Omar Mateen. Omar Mateen. There. I said it.