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UPDATED: Abdelhamid Abaaoud As Belgian As … Jacques Brel

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To listen to the Moron Media and their political masters, The Beast, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, architect of the November 13 attacks in Paris, was as Belgian as composer Jacques Brel. The gifted Brel, a manly man who died at a respectable age of 49 of lung cancer, gave us the achingly beautiful “Ne me quitte pas” (“If you go away”), sung sublimely by Dame Shirley Bassey.

UPDATED: Jacques Brel: What an intense musician. The male version of Édith Piaf. In Israel of my youth, these musicians were as popular as they were in Europe, back before The Beast.


Donald Trump Will Regret Ghastly SNL Act

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Donald Trump will regret his appearance on the rubbishy Saturday Night Live show. The whole hour was ghastly; the stuff of “losers.” There was no talent to speak of. No satire. No humor. No edginess. Crap writing and acting, and sound seriously shitty, courtesy of an apparition called “Sia,” who brought with her a palsied pantomime who writhed on the floor. I haven’t watched SNL for years, but it has clearly adopted the fool Jimmy Fallon’s juvenile school of giggles.

Would that the skits were risque, they were not; it was just all … garbage.

‘Underworld’ By Symphony X: A Triumph

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“Underworld” by progressive metal band Symphony X features evocative melodies, harmonic complexity, gorgeous arrangements, furious licks, sublime singing and impossible time-signature fluctuations. No contrapuntal incompetence in this outfit’s repertoire of abilities.

The CD is in the grand tradition of the band’s 2000 album “V: The New Mythology Suite,” down to the heroic, epic themes—except that Russell Allen’s voice has vastly improved. (How unusual an achievement is that with age?) And guitarist Michael Romeo has now establishment himself in the mind of this long-time lover of fine progressive metal—which means a handful of outfits ONLY—as far and away superior to Dream Theater’s John Petrucci. Another difficult feat. Dream Theatre, alas, is encumbered by singer James LaBrie (unless he too has improved with age).

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Choir Lady Callista Gingrich (Or A Look-Alike) Killed It

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I’m sure I recognized Mrs. Newt Gingrich in the papal mass choir that sang so sublimely for Pope Francis (who seemed to be dozing off). The music still honored by the Catholic Church—mostly Western, J. S. Bach being the God of music—is enough to make a classical-music loving Jew convert. Callista is famous for her helmeted hair-do, and now for her devotion to music. Indeed:

A devoted Catholic, Mrs. Gingrich is a member of the Choir of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C., a resident professional choir.


The five groups scheduled to perform include a gospel choir, the Catholic University Chamber Choir and a “Papal Mass Choir” of 90 participants selected from more than 300 people who auditioned in the D.C. area.