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Marco Rubio Has Been Probed, I Mean Tapped, By ‘The Kochtopus’

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The Onion’s spoof is not far off. Marcobot, aka “GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio, reportedly awoke in the Koch brothers’ secret compound Thursday and reached suddenly to his throbbing head to discover a cold metal device implanted behind his left ear.”

The Koch Brothers are a GOP Goliath worth around $115 billion. They’re gunning for Donald Trump who’s worth $10 billion.

USA Today:

A key player in the Koch brothers’ inner political circle will work directly on Sen. Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign, bringing deep connections to the brothers’ vast network of donors and experience helping oversee their sophisticated political operation.
Republican power brokers Charles and David Koch haven’t endorsed a GOP primary candidate, but Marc Short’s decision to move to the Rubio camp, first reported by Politico, comes as the party’s top figures grow increasingly alarmed by Donald Trump’s rise and looks for ways to stop his momentum.

WARNING: Donald Trump appears partial to Rubio and is making overtures to crooked prosecutor Rudy Giuliani. At the same time, Trump is trashing Ted Cruz, an enormous talent who has argued brilliantly and numerously before the Supreme Court and WON.

Were I president, I’d tap Cruz for Attorney General and task him with getting the U.S. out of binding, costly, and disadvantageous agreements with the UN (such as when “our” refugees are vetted by their Palestinian-run refugee division). Just for starters.

Intelligence, as in a very high IQ, is a rare thing. Intelligence that is as focused as that of Cruz is still rarer. No conservative should squander the scarce resource that is Cruz’s legal aptitude and ability to win big for the country.

Then again, conservatives do squander.

Chris Christie Catches Kelly In Promoting Empty Rubio Talking Points

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Gov. Chris Christie is very smart. And he puts in her place someone who thinks she’s super smart, but is “just average,” as loose lips Megyn Kelly once quoted her own mother saying.

“Four times in a row” did Sen. Marco Rubio repeat the damaging lines, “in one debate, in a manner that was non-responsive to the questions he got, and as though he was drowning and grabbing for a life jacket.”

As Gov. Christie attests here, “Nobody [except for Fox News and Megyn Kelly] buys that Rubio’s replies are responsive. Rubio has no depth and no substance. There is no substance there and it shows.”

For what it’s worth, Christie is macho, forceful and smart.

Is Your Kid A Burn-The-Wealth Bernie Sanders Zombie?

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That “Bernie Sanders won 84 percent of voters aged 17 to 29, at the Iowa Democratic caucuses, according to entrance polls,” is nothing to rejoice about. Burn the wealth Bernie is beloved of young people not because they are so fabulously idealistic or clear thinking. That America’s youth are coming out for a socialist is because young people are propagandized by progressives, teachers and administrators, from K through to 12 and beyond. The closing of the Millennial Mind happens over time in your kids’ primary, secondary and tertiary schools, which are a monolith of progressive propaganda, day in, day out; year in, year out.

“The drive to lower the voting age from 21 to 18” resulted in the Twenty-Sixth Amendment, smuggled into the Constitution by statute. The Amendment artificially swelled the ranks of Democratic voters, which has further eroded any protections the Constitution afforded to private property, and swayed the balance of power in favor of those who “vote for a living,” as opposed “those who work for a living.”

Still, kids are propagandized before they turn 18 and well after. So I don’t know that repealing this liberty sundering amendment would help reverse the erosion of individual rights toward which the youth vote contributes.

UPDATED: Chris Christie’s Owed Debt Of Gratitude For Exposing Marcobot (& Megyn)

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Gov. Chris Christie, with all his faults, is as quick as a whip and is a gifted orator. Christie can think on his feet. So, thank you, governor, for using your faculties to expose the innards of the establishment-groomed robot, Marco Rubio, to the rest. They are a blinded, willful, low-intelligence arrogant media. The sourpuss look on the face of Fox News’ Bret Bauer warms the cockles of this heart.

Have I not been telling and retelling the few who listen that:

1. TV’s teletarts (most of whom loooove and talk-up Rubio) say what they say because they’re low intelligence.
2. Are on TV because they look good and do not threaten the egos in the anchor’s chair.

UPDATE: Uber teletart, the Marcobot adulating Megyn Kelly, is exposed for the idiot she is. Via Breitbart:

Most damaging to Rubio, though, is the highlight of Fox News’s Brit Hume admitting that Christie left a mark on him–like Dan Quayle, an icon of the left’s “dumb Republican” stereotype. This comparison is a problem for Rubio, as Fox News has been a strong booster of his candidacy. This past week, primetime anchor Megyn Kelly asked Rubio if he was offended when Christie attacked him for being too scripted. Kelly gushed that Rubio was “very smooth” and “so articulate,” that his speech after a third-place finish in the Iowa caucus was “amazing.”