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Pompous Richard Dreyfuss Disses … Ted Cruz On Kelly File

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Fox News entertainer Megyn Kelly slobbered and fawned over actor Richard Dreyfuss for being so “courageous” and intellectually curious as to attend a Ted Cruz rally. Talk about awarding Brownie Points for nothing. Ridiculous.

The pompous little man whose ancestors were all socialists then got to tell the show girl and her viewers this:

KELLY: What were your impressions of Cruz?

RICHARD DREYFUSS: Well, I went to hear whether or not there would be a difference between what I was hearing through the TV camera and live. And what was disappointing is that there was no difference. They sounded equally kind of silly.

Cruz is a lot of things but he seldom sounds silly.

Incidentally, the transcript indicates that the son had done the Cruz belittling. Not so. I heard the broadcast; it was pompous daddy DREYFUSS.

Five minutes and 45 second into the self-important ponderous interaction, you can see I’m right. It was Senior who offered that Cruz sounded silly. Show girl showed her intellectual incuriosity and declined to probe further.

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Meet Lovely Amy Lindsay, Ted Cruz’s Missed Opportunity

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With Amy Lindsay, Ted Cruz, standing for president, had an opportunity to support a charming, gracious and smart lady, who had acted in one of his campaign ads (below), later to be pulled by the senator’s campaign because Ms. Lindsay had also starred in a naughty film or two.

The libertarian-leaning Ms. Lindsay is, by her own admission, extremely conservative fiscally, likes Ted Cruz—so she was doing his ad because it comported with her beliefs—and intends to vote Republican.

Here was Cruz’s opportunity to show his support for our kind of woman: doesn’t nag, doesn’t rely on welfare, doesn’t think she has the right to dictate to anyone how they use their resources and thus supports Cruz’s right to pull her ad. Can you image the fuss Sandra Fluke would make in her place?

Politically, here was Cruz’s chance to show Democrats what it means to dignify a woman’s right to make a living as she sees fit.

He blew it.

Donald Trump should employ Amy in his next ad against the three establishment Amigos: Jeb, Marco, John K.

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The Murdoch Media: Root ‘N Branch For Marcobot

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“The Murdoch Media: Root ‘N Branch For Marcobot” is the current column, now on WND (please Like, Tweet, and generally Share column on social media). An excerpt:

“Wish fulfillment is “the satisfaction of a desire through an involuntary thought process.” This Freudian term encapsulates the coverage of the riveting 2016 primaries by the Megyn Kelly wing (or coven) of the Murdoch Media.

Yes, a news personality—a showgirl really—is running more of Roger Ailes’ show than she should. And, as Newsmax reports, not everyone in the org is pleased with Kelly’s “Trump-fueled stardom.”

Since the anchoring philosopher in Kelly’s life is Oprah Winfry’s protégé, TV pop-psychologist Dr. Phil—the anchor ought to appreciate a psychological idiom that encapsulates her coverage of the New Hampshire primary, in particular, and of Donald Trump in general.

Look, no-one is discounting the news-worthy value of good leg and hair action and some, but not much, fine couture. However, Kelly File coverage is defined by little to no analysis approximating reality, hence “wish fulfillment.”

What the likes of lightweight Dana Perinno, Mega-ego Kelly and their male friendlies have made manifest is that: 1) Navigating the shoals of reality is hard for them, and 2) They’re hoping against hope that someone will politically slay The Donald dragon.

The central question around which these Marco-Rubio enamored performers have thus framed the New Hampshire primary’s results is: Who is going to beat Mr. Trump, the Republican front runner, who’d just triumphed “bigly” in NH.

The headline on kingmaker Kelly’s Fox News website was, “What’s the anti-Trump strategy now?” (It has since vanished.) And, “Who will the lead GOP establishment?” On February 10, Kelly scolded Jeb Bush for “having his eye on the wrong guy,” and failing to take on the “quarterback who’s running with the ball.”

To the extent The Kelly File covers the Trump phenomenon, coverage is given over to plotting against the candidate and, by extension, the Americans he represents.

The desire among select members of the Murdoch Media for a Marco Rubio victory is in plain view. Kelly and her carefully selected compadres are hoping against hope that Trump will stop winning. Their focus, to the exclusion of all else, is on who’ll stop their political bête noire.

Coverage that is directed toward desired outcomes is no coverage at all.

READ the rest. “The Murdoch Media: Root ‘N Branch For Marcobot” is the current column, now on WND (Like, Tweet, and generally Share it on social media).

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Chris Christie Catches Kelly In Promoting Empty Rubio Talking Points

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Gov. Chris Christie is very smart. And he puts in her place someone who thinks she’s super smart, but is “just average,” as loose lips Megyn Kelly once quoted her own mother saying.

“Four times in a row” did Sen. Marco Rubio repeat the damaging lines, “in one debate, in a manner that was non-responsive to the questions he got, and as though he was drowning and grabbing for a life jacket.”

As Gov. Christie attests here, “Nobody [except for Fox News and Megyn Kelly] buys that Rubio’s replies are responsive. Rubio has no depth and no substance. There is no substance there and it shows.”

For what it’s worth, Christie is macho, forceful and smart.

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