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What Larry Kudlow & Stephen Moore Are Hiding About Bush & Housing Bubble

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George W. Bush did his share to bring about the housing bubble, and Stephen Moore, formerly of the Wall Street Journal, knows it. Moore wrote a book he’d like us to forget: “Bullish on Bush: How the Ownership Society Is Making America Richer” (2004). “Bullish” got one and a half stars on Amazon and it had almost no takers. Moore and Larry Kudlow have no business obfuscating about Number 43’s enthusiasm for giving credit to those were not creditworthy.

Lawrence B. Lindsey, Mr. Bush’s first chief economics adviser, said there was little impetus to raise alarms about the proliferation of easy credit that was helping Mr. Bush meet housing goals. “No one wanted to stop that bubble,” Mr. Lindsey said. “It would have conflicted with the president’s own policies.”

The two’s article, “Are the Clintons the Real Housing-Crash Villains?”, offers only a veiled allusion to the shared Clinton-Bush blame for the housing bubble:

There was plenty of blame to go around among both political parties and the horde of housing lobbyists who helped set up this real estate house of cards. It’s a sordid story. And the Fannie/Freddie chapter is still not solved. It now includes profit-sweeping from shareholders to the government, thereby ending any chance to sell the mortgage agencies back to the private sector.

But not a word about Bush II. And no mea culpa from Moore for his zeal for Bush’s phony “ownership society.”

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TRUMP @ 1238 Says ‘Market Forces Are Beautiful’ & Other Lovely Things

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Twenty eight minutes and 27 seconds into this YouTube of his press conference in Bismarck, North Dakota, Donald Trump emerged to take questions: He has reached and surpassed the 1237 delegate threshold. Behind him stand “the folks, delegates, who got him over the top.”

Trump sounded masterful—and mirthful. If only he put on this hat all the time:

* About Obama badmouthing Trump at the G-7 summit: “It’s good, although Obama used a business term, rattled, and he known nothing about business. It’s good that world leaders are “rattled” by him, Trump. As for Obama’s assessment of his, Trump’s, ignorance, basically who’s he to talk? “Obama has done a horrible job. He’s got to say something. Every time he has a news conference he talks about Trump. Obama has not done a good job; we’re divided, we have tremendous difficulties.”
* VP: We are not going to pander and get a woman or minority just for show. We’ll have women involved, as we do now, but “we’re looking for absolute competence.”
* Hillary: No I don’t want her out of the race.

I want to have her in the race. The report is devastating. She’s skirting on the edge. This is her history of bad judgement. I love watching Hillary fight. She can’t close the deal.
* Message to Suzanna Martinez. Nothing much.
* The HuffingtonPost; I don’t read it. Do they cover politics?
* Muslim ban: We’ll look at the solutions. (As of this moment, the ban, it would seem, stands.)
* I’d love to debate Bernie Sanders … for charity. The problem with debating Sanders is that he is going to lose the nomination, as the system is rigged.
* Debating process: We’re not debaters, we businessmen; we put people to work. We businessmen don’t talk, we do.
* Regulating energy: The Federal government should get out of the way. They’ve put the coalmines out of business—which is what Hillary has promised. Energy independence and exporting energy is what Trump promises. Coal can be restored, if regulations are reduced. All I can, says Trump, is free-up coal and let the market work. Market forces are a beautiful thing.
* Give the people of the US a piece of the profits from the Keystone Pipeline and other such projects.
* Lower taxes are key to economic vitality. America is over-regulated. Regulation is even more of a problem than taxes, which will go down.
* About Elizabeth Warren aka …

* On first-day duties: Trump will be “unwinding various executive orders,” not least the ones affecting the porous border on the country’s Southwest.
* Intends to make use of the Republican campaign-infrastructure machine.
* “I won’t forget Indiana.”
* Fracking and our feathered friends: Bernie will ban it; Hillary will ban it. We’re going to open it up. Solar is expensive. It has a 30-year payback. And it’s killing all the eagles in California, one of the most beautiful and treasured of our birds.
* Blessed be the Farmers.
* Accursed is the New York Times, which doesn’t need Donald’s help in discrediting itself.

So what if Trump forgot to bless the cheese-makers:

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UPDATED 5/26 (It’s A Done Deal!): New Mexico Trump Rally: Beautiful Inside; Ugly Outside

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Donald Trump’s rallies are filled with ordinary, average, peaceable Americans; the Silent Majorly that dare not speak its name. Look at those faces behind him: beaming, sweet and so happy for Trump, their guy. As Trump put it, “We’re having a good time, amazingly, because the subject matter is so bad.”

He loves them. And I kind of do, too. One can’t deny that ordinary Americans are sweet, open people. But they’ve been pushed too far by the Traitor Class, which has empowered the underclass. Trump’s rallies are beautiful inside; ugly outside. The haters, the takers, the entitled, the totalitarians raged outside.

These vandals media have termed protesters. But if you “throw burning T-shirts, plastic bottles and other items at police officers [and their poor horses], overturn trash cans and knock down barricades”—you are a criminal, a vandal and a thug who should be arrested, jailed and prosecuted for damage to property, people and working animals.

For its part, the Albuquerque police has reassured America by … professing pacifism in the face of hooliganism. No arrests were made and no tear gas was used:

What a shame. It’s hardly reassuring to know that in America, vandals who damage property and threaten people and working animals go scot-free.

“We’re going to build a real wall,” said Trump, mentioning that since Bill Clinton signed NAFTA, the number of manufacturing jobs in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has declined by 40 percent.

Trump directed the crowd’s anger at America’s failed leadership, not at the people present, promising that empty factories across the country will open their doors again. The realtor bemoaned the factories that have fallen into disrepair and were standing empty. Factory owners don’t nee low-interest loans, he mocked, which was the bribe offered to job creators by the US government (at the expense of the same stiffed taxpayer).

New Mexico’s Gov. Susana Martinez-–she had endorsed Gang of 8 Marco Rubio—got her comeuppance from Trump for her rude snub of the People’s rally.

Since 2000, the number of people on food stamps in New Mexico has tripled,” Trump told a raucous crowd. “We have to get your governor to get going. She’s got to do a better job. Okay? Your governor has got to do a better job. She’s not doing the job.

UPDATE (5/26): It’s A Done Deal!:

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An Ode To Paul Ryan By MSNBC’s Left-Liberal Lawrence O’Donnell

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Oh what natural bedfellows these fleas make and how they love The People. I’m talking about the Left and the left-leaning “Right” of our political and media establishment.

Last week, MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell practically glorified House Speaker Paul Ryan for, as he put it, “giving little Donald Trump his first a major kindergarten lesson in government during a meeting on Capitol Hill, putting into perspective how hard it will be for Trump to pass his outrageous legislative agenda.”

Ryan was the best and smartest Republican negotiator [code for shyster] in D.C.; Trump the worst, exalted statist O’Donnell.

Note how O’Donnell frames the right thing—naturally right thing to do—as ignorant, “magic thinking. “Ryan has been dealing with children like Trump for years,” intones this pompous member of the ruling class, in reference to Tea Party fiscal impulses and Trump Nation inclinations.

Lawrence thinks the good kind of power comes from the Law and from The Constitution, rather than from The People heeding the natural law. Naturally, to O’Donnell, Ryan, a mere boy, is the adult in the room. Trump, a man of the world, who’s built stuff, is the child, sitting at the feet of legislator-cum-apostle Paul, lapping up his wisdom.

It’s simple. If Trump doesn’t fulfill his promises, just as Barack Obama did through Executive decrees (which most certainly are in the overreaching U.S. Constitution), through brute force; he’ll be a one-term president. The Constitution is a dead letter. Has been for a long time.

Besides, “The Constitution has saddled Americans with a very strong presidency, should he choose to act on the veto it grants him. Buried in the constitutional thickets, concedes historian Paul Johnson, are “huge powers.” The American president “was much stronger than most kings of the day, rivaled or exceeded only by the ‘Great Autocrat,’ the Tsar of Russia (and in practice stronger than most tsars). These powers were not explored until Andrew Jackson’s time, half a century on, when they astonished and frightened many people.”

See “The Sovereign Agrees To … A Bourbon Summit.”

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