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The One Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory The Left Will Accept

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Banana Republicans are so corrupt, so used to having their way; have been swimming in polluted waters for so long—that they imagine their Republican Rules are true and good and that any upheaval in their insider’s game is a source of corruption, rather than a source of cleansing.

John Ziegler, a fast-talking radio mouth, has accused some conservative media, notably Sean Hannity, of “selling [their] soul to build up Donald Trump.”

Ziegler, apparently, blames Hannity and Rush Limbaugh and other “’conservative’ media for willingly enabling this hostile takeover of the Republican Party.”

Where in Ziegler’s equation is the Republican Party base? The voters? To me it looks as though the base is trying to purge the corrupt establishment, and has chosen Donald Trump to do so on their behalf. When you’re mired in the muck as Ziegler has been for so long, it’s hard to see clearly.

If the likes of Ziegler are upset, it’s because Trump is breaking stuff that needs breaking.


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TESTOSTERONE, Going, Going, Almost Gone

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“TESTOSTERONE, Going, Going, Almost Gone” IS THE CURRENT column, now on WND. An excerpt:

There are only two men in the 2016 presidential race: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Like or dislike her, there’s no questioning Hillary’s manly bona fides. Mrs. Clinton is as tough as she’s philosophically misguided.

At the first Democratic debate, on October 14, 2015, Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley and Lincoln Chafee shuffled meekly to their respective podiums.

Only Jim Webb and Mrs. Clinton strode onto that stage like soldiers.

Unless her handlers coach her on acting femininely, you’ll never catch Hillary blubbering about Bill and Chelsea coming first in her life.

She doesn’t!

They don’t (come first)!

No, siree. For Hillary, it’s ambition before family.

Still, when Hillary expects it to pay political dividends, she fights like a girl, claws drawn.

Her April 19 victory in the New York primary, April 19, could hardly be bettered. But it’s unlikely to soften Mrs. Clinton’s sharpshooting. She and rival Bernie Sanders have been locked in a cycle of sorts, where Sanders will try mightily to stand up to Hillary, and she’ll swat him down like a fly.

Incredibly, Sanders is too petrified to lay the ruination of Libya at Hillary’s sturdy feet. And he has only to recount the ambient horrors of Hillary’s foreign policy—the vote for “the disastrous war in Iraq,” for one—and Mrs. Clinton’s Amazon Warriors at CNN and elsewhere crow, “Is Bernie Sanders taking the low road?”

It’s a little late in the game, but April saw Bernie try his utmost to expose Mrs. Clinton’s record for all to see. His thundering, “Hillary Clinton isn’t qualified to be president,” however, soon gave way to a whimper, a squeak, a “she started it”; “I would have preferred an issue-oriented campaign.” Mumble-mumble. “Where’s my mommy?”

Sanders finally settled on, “I question her judgment, not experience.” The senator was soon bowing-and-scraping again because a surrogate attached the words “corporate Democratic whores” to Hillary’s incremental approach to socializing the medical means of production. (Yes, Sanders’ Fabian fondness for the state, economic planning and centralization exceeds Hillary’s.)

Sanders’ resistance in the face of ruthless machine politics mounted on behalf of Clinton by Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been flaccid. At the same time, the senator has been fierce in his defense of Hillary’s email security breaches as secretary of state. He famously fought off Hillary’s critics, neutering himself with this zinger:

“The American people are sick and tired [of] hearing about your damn emails.”

Compared to battle-axe Clinton, Sanders is a mouse, not a man.

Early in March, The Mouse scolded The Man for interrupting him. Said the timid Sanders, “Excuse me, I’m talking.” Right away, the gynocentric national media erupted in a “debate” that revolved around a preposterous proposition:

Was poor Bernie sexist?

Of course, Methuselah jumps to attention whenever Hillary reprimands him for his failure to stand by President Barack Obama on gun control.

And who can forget when, in August of 2015, socialist-in-Seattle Sanders skedaddled as a couple of girl protesters got in his face and grabbed his mic?

Don’t let Hillary’s “wife, mom, grandma” routine fool you. That’s her Twitter handle; that’s not her.

You sense that if she had her way, Hillary would ditch the familial shtick. But Hill’s a smart cookie; she goes through the “wife, mom, grandma” motions because she must.

Unlike mucho Hillary, some other “men” racing for the White House have successfully “transitioned,” as Caitlyn Jenner would say. …

… READ THE REST. “TESTOSTERONE, Going, Going, Almost Gone” IS THE CURRENT column, now on WND.

UPDATED (4/22):

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If RNC Rules Are So True To Voters, Why Keep Tweaking Them Against Popular Will?

Natural Law, Politics, Regulation, Republicans

Fox Business has just reported that the Republican National Committee has decided against “tweaking” their arbitrary rules, as is their wont when they don’t get their candidate. The atmosphere is too politically combustive. In other words, The Party knows The People are hip to the kind of thing the RNC did with the Romney initiated Rule 40(b), in 2012, to make Ron Paul vanish.

Incredibly, the yarn the lyin’ media has spun is that the complaints against the Party bureaucracy are a figment of Donald Trump’s imagination. Unlike The People, these shysters can’t tell the difference between man-made rules and natural law. They seldom question The Rules.

If RNC Rules are so immutably fair, so small-r-republican, so true to the voters—why do they need constant tweaking in a direction away from popular will? And why, when a decision not to tweak them comes down, does Chairman Reince Priebus advertise the hell out of his decision not to rock the boat and usurp the voters?

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The ‘We’re Only Following The Republican Party Rules’ Argument

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“The rules are the rule; We are following The Rules”: When in history did we hear a riff on that theme before? Not to invoke the invalid Argumentum ad Hitlerum, which would be incredibly wrong—even in the context of the GOP—but when Republican regimists refer to THE RULES OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY as their source of moral authority; it DOESN’T SOUND GOOD and it isn’t good.

RELATED: “Trump Vs. The Banana Republicans”.

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