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Muslim Activist In GOP Flag Drag Laments Emigration Of Clock Boy

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How is it that a Muslim or Latino Republican still considers herself a Muslim or Latino above all? How is it that an individual with such hyphenations—Muslim-Republican; Latino-Republicans—still regards himself, first, as an identity group agitator for his own kind? And how is it that Republicans gladly affirm and pal around with such hyphenated activists in flag drag? For example, the increasingly off-putting Megyn Kelly (whose prettiness is her show’s one redeeming feature), played footsie with Saba Ahmed of the Muslim Republican coalition (come again?). To prove her Republicanism, Ahmed had swaddled herself head-to-toe in flag drag: an Old Glory hijab (no nose bag).

This Muslim in Republican drag, went on to lament the loss to America caused by the departure of the Muslim Cock boy. Ahmed Mohamed has been poached by Qatar. Joy! Clock-boy and family are political agitators, blackmailers, grafters and fraudsters of the worst kind. So naturally, Obama summoned young Ahmed Mohamed to the White House where they celebrated the clock invention, which consisted of ripping out the guts of a commercial clock and presenting them as your own (such misrepresentation was once shunned, not praised).

Mohamed made headlines in September, when it was reported that he was arrested and suspended from school for bringing a homemade clock to class, though skeptical observers familiar with electronics noted that the homemade clock was really just a commercial clock without the casing. A teacher reported him to the police, who subsequently took him out of class, leading Mohamed’s father to claim Islamophobia. President Barack Obama invited Mohamed to the White House. (The Daily Caller.)

Back to the salient points: 1. The Saba Ahmed woman is a Muslim activist in drag. 2. Accordingly, she laments the emigration of a really iffy Muslim family; where ordinary Americans would be celebrating this departure. 3. Megyn Kelly is bobbing about and down with this female fraud, oozing over the patriotic garb and never questioning the guest’s concern for Other Americans, for clock boy is very bad news for all of us.

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Paris Attacks Bring Some Movement From MS Media GOP Star On Muslim Mass Migration

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The Paris Attacks were perpetrated by Muslim murderers within the West, and by Muslims “vetted” by their Western enablers: our political class. In fact, coming to America “in the flow of people from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere” are, indubitably, some just such “vetted” refugees.

So finally, a mainstream media GOP star, Mark Steyn, timidly asks about “the end [of] mass Muslim immigration to France and Europe” (but not the US; neocons have a different theory about the Muslim cohort headed for America). What Steyn says in his “The Barbarians Are Inside, And There Are No Gates” is put tentatively and is a little soft. But here the thing is, at the very end of a prolix piece (full of place names and activities cool people do):

… if M Hollande isn’t prepared to end mass Muslim immigration to France and Europe, then his “pitiless war” isn’t serious. And, if they’re still willing to tolerate Mutti Merkel’s mad plan to reverse Germany’s demographic death spiral through fast-track Islamization, then Europeans aren’t serious. In the end, the decadence of Merkel, Hollande, Cameron and the rest of the fin de civilisation western leadership will cost you your world and everything you love.

The “One-Man Global Content Provider” wasn’t always as forthright. In fact, Steyn delayed the day of reckoning with a best-selling, bad habit of waxing fat about dooms-day demographics. Meaningless crap, as explained, in this 2010 column:

… Exemplified by Mark Steyn, Wilders’ worthy supporters in the US make sure he knows they love him for standing tall for speech, women, and individual rights—no-brainers all. Like Steyn, they generally steer clear of addressing the perils for their own country of mass, third-world immigration (legal and illegal).

I am told that I don’t understand Mr. Steyn of the dooms-day demographics. So I listened to his “End of Europe” lectures, in which he vividly describes the multitudes of Muslims going forth to North America and Western Europe to be fruitful and multiply and push for Islam. Their Pan-Islamist identity trumps their new assumed identity. Because of numbers, Mark asserts, History is on the march in the Muslim direction. By 2030 much of what we think of as the developed world will be part of the Muslim world.

Here Steyn hits a brick wall. Other than making babies at home and total war abroad, Steyn used to propose nothing much at all. Oh yes, if you’re not already fighting (futilely, in my opinion) in Iraq and Afghanistan, you can show your marbles by publishing offensive cartoons, making rightwing movies, and writing right-wing text.

The “One-Man Global Content Provider” is wrong. Demographics need not be destiny. The waning West became what it is not by out-breeding the undeveloped world. We were once great not because of huge numbers, but due to human capital — people of superior ideas and abilities, capable of innovation, exploration, science, philosophy.

Declining birth rates—and their antidote; the mass immigration imperative—are the excuses statists make for persevering with immigration policies that are guaranteed to destroy western civil society and shore up the State.

It would be productive if Steyn were to also demand, asap, as this writer has, the implementation of an immediate, defensive, libertarian, negative-rights, leave-me-alone strategy: don’t let the homie Jiahdis who hold western passports back in. Government-issued papers do not a natural right confer. Citizenship is no natural right; staying alive is.

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Ann Coulter Buries Marco Rubio

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Donald Trumps is all sweetness and light about Marco Rubio (The Donald will lose if he doesn’t trample the little worm good and proper). Sean Hannity has become Rubio’s main media cheerleader. And the anchor’s network, Fox News, Rubio’s SUPER PAC, is keeping the candidate’s most formidable enemy off the air, lest she hamper the presidential hopeful’s rise in popularity. And for good reason. Ann Coulter buries Rubio in “Why Will No Debate Moderator Ask Rubio About The Senate Amnesty Bill He Passed?”:

“We have now had the fourth straight Republican debate in which Marco Rubio was not asked one question about his single legislative accomplishment: Passing amnesty in the U.S. Senate. …
… Rubio was Sen. Chuck Schumer’s patsy on the job-killing amnesty bill. He voted for the job-killing—and widely hated—Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. In a debate on economics, he did not get a question on either one. …
… Rubio gave a brave little speech announcing his opposition to jihadists—setting him apart from everyone else on that stage, who LOVES Islamic jihadists!—and claimed that radical terrorist groups ‘recruit Americans using social media.’ …
… No, Marco, ISIS doesn’t recruit ‘Americans’ on social media. It recruits immigrants and their children—whom you want to import more of, by the way. …”

More Ann Coulter.

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Continued: Round Up Of The Fox Business Presidential Debate, 2016

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Marco Rubio, Not Quite Revolting, But Close

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Neoconservative Marco Rubio is right about Democrat candidates having a Super PAC all their own in mainstream media.

But so does he. Fox News, which leans mainstream Republican, is also trending toward Rubio as their 2016 Republican presidential nominee. Sean Hannity is Rubio’s biggest booster, chiefly because, as far as I can tell, Rubio sounds fluent, says he’ll put Putin in his place, and has a both/and approach to Assad: No need to choose Assad over ISIS, says Rubio; eliminate both.

More war is just what the doctor ordered for flush-with funds America, whose working-class whites are dying off in middle-age. We’ve all seen men like this one in our communities:

A recent softball conversation Gretta van Susteren conducted with fast talker Rubio was particularly cringe-making, during which Rubio used a lot of hedge words.

There’s no decisive speech in Rubio’s vocabulary to speak of; no principled passion, just naked ambition. Rubio greases his speech with bureaucratic babble about overhauling “bad” practices, instituting “systemic reforms,” “modernizing” and trailblazing those well-trodden “paths” to non-amnesty, but only as soon as those borders without walls become a reality.

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Decentralizing and Deregulating Republican Politics

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Even a hint of the dreaded GOP establishment creeping back into their midst has some in the Republican campaigns screaming for an exorcist.

Via Breitbart:

Several 2016 GOP presidential campaigns are now revolting, not just against the Republican National Committee (RNC) controlling the debate process, but against controversial GOP establishment lawyer Ben Ginsberg’s efforts to insert himself into the process.
Aides to four top campaigns—those of billionaire Donald Trump, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich—have all confirmed they will not sign onto a letter organized by Ginsberg after the GOP presidential campaigns all broke from the RNC on Sunday night.

For some candidates it’s all for show: Kasich is establishment. Ditto Christie. Others are for real. But it’s all good. Any challenge to the existing political order is good. The Republican campaigns have begun divesting the Republican National Committee (RNC) of its overweening powers. Why should a central command apparatus control the political process? When it comes to libertarian candidates, we know how the RNC has behaved. The campaigns are also firing a media organ that, together with party apparatchiks, has generally been a bad-faith broker between the public, on the one hand, and any Republican, libertarian or constitutionally minded political candidate.

At this point, in this magnificent upheaval in American party politics, Fox News fans should take a moment to consider why it is that most of the network’s anchors were almost as livid as the liberal media over the ongoing revolt among the ranks of the candidates. The reason is that Fox News is mainstream media. Fox even set the tone of the debates, with a performance almost as odious as that of CNBC. Come to think of it, only little Andy Cooper of CNN did his journalistic due diligence as debate moderator, this year.

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