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The Word Slavery Doesn’t ‘Belong’ To Blacks

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Now a Fox-News hire, the boring, liberal mediacrat Howard Kurtz had a go at MSNBC’s Martin Bashir. Barking-mad Bashir, an English import, swore at Sarah Palin on air.

Kurtz is as inspiring as the rest of the banal bobbing heads on the network. He uses a fancy, French word like “denouement,” but can’t conjugate a good old English verb: “lie,” as in “lie down.”

“You might think a mayor might lay low for awhile after admitting to smoking crack … blah blah,” wrote Kurtz of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

Conjugate the verb “to lie,” dammit! It’s “lie low,” not “lay low,” stupid!

Repeat after me, Howard: “I am lying low. I lay low yesterday. I had once lain low after making another grammatical faux pas. And, for the same reason, I will lie low in the future.”

Still worse was Kurtz’ pathetic condemnation of Palin for “likening government borrowing to the awful legacy of buying and selling African-Americans”:

Now the issue on which [Bashir] went after the former Alaska governor and Fox News contributor is fair game. Palin had spoken in Iowa of borrowing from China to pay for the national debt, saying: “This isn’t racist. But it’s going to be like slavery when that note is due.”

Palin used a perfectly good noun—slavery—to denote the bondage that trillions in government debt imposes on citizens.

Any opinion writer worth his salt would have rejected the idea that certain eternally aggrieved groups can stake out exclusive linguistic rights to words in our language.

UPDATE III: Beauty And The Beast (The Cranium)

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Purely from an aesthetic point of view, Julianne Moore has no business playing Sarah Palin. I thought the idea of film was mimicry—be as true as possible to the reality portrayed (that was, admittedly, before activism replaced acting). Moore is unattractive, an attractive version of Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York.

Moore, moreover, looks like she suffers Flat Head Syndrome or Plagiocephaly. The head at the back is flat, the forehead slopes, the mouth—the entire face—is unbelievably weak. The eyes are lifeless. The hair is okay. That’s all. As for her acting; she’s merely passable.

Whatever your opinion of Sarah Palin, it is undeniable that she is a beauty, who has become better looking with age. Her head and face are beautifully shaped. Her jaw is well-sculpted. Her brow is lovely. The nose: wonderful; the eyes alive. I’m not a fan of her political appearances, but in physicality, Palin is stunning. What’s more, hers is a strong face. Moore’s is a weak mug.

See for yourself.

The beauty:

And the beast:

UPDATE I (March 15): George, about the linked tribute to Moore’s eyes (she ain’t a beautiful woman): This is an airbrushed, well made-up image. Most women can look good under photo-shop. And if you want the greenest, most glorious eyes that never needed falsies and eye-shadow, I would think Vivien Leigh was your lady. Here is that goddess in the masterpiece, “Gone With the Wind”:

I took it down to Moore’s cranium; her badly shaped head and weak face. The skin is nothing to write home about either. Sarah has a glorious skin. You can scrub Palin’s face clean, and yes, as all woman who wear make-up will tell you—you will not recognize her. But you’ll still see a fine bone structure. Moore happens to be a scumbag, who made such disparaging comments about Palin’s vacuity that one would think she, Moore, were some brainiac herself. Palin has mastered the intricacies of energy production and policy, to which I have always thought she should have stuck. Moore is a left-liberal scumbag who can’t think beyond leftist sloganeering. Nothing like her insipid face to remind one why Hollywood left-liberals are always and everywhere the enemy. On the other hand, Kardashian is a plain, apolitical idiot, but the girl has wonderful eyes, and glorious hair and skin. Just being objective about aesthetics here.

What is wrong with the men on this blog? Can’t you see the passion and life in the eyes of the two, non-Moore women? Can’t you see the dead, fish-eyes of The Moore?

UPDATE II: Posted below is a prime example of The Cranium. The chin; that forehead. Oy! Awful!

UPDATE III (March 16): My thoughts EXACTLY, Nick! Jodie Foster is a classic beauty and a good actress. Those strong featured; the eyes. To die for. Have you seen her in “The Brave One”? Unbelievable.

Not Doing a Palin

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Gov. Chris Christie, aka “The Incredible Hulk,” has certainly struck a pose—and it is in opposition to the one Sarah Palin struck when she gave up the governorship of Alaska midterm in order to frolic on the national stage.

For Christie to have joined the presidential lineup without completing his term as the governor of New Jersey would have amounted to doing a Palin.

As for a country obsessed with Gov. Christie and his non-existent presidential plans: It reminds me of a toddler chasing a parent, screaming, “Pick me up, daddy, pick me up. Kiss better, kiss better.”

UPDATE III: Unflapable, But No ‘Flake’ (‘Winning’)

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At last, presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann (R-Minn) is deploying a tactic touted by this column in hammering home her own intellectual heft (relative to a politician, that is). She has to. Fox News’ Chris Wallace apparently thinks that asking Bachmann (as opposed to John McCain and progeny) whether she is a flake amounts to hard-hitting journalism.

Then and there, the “seldom fazed” representative replied (paraphrased):

Well, I think that would be insulting, to say something like that, because I’m a serious person. I’m a 55-year-old woman. I’ve been married for 33 years, and I have a post-doctorate [I think she meant post-graduate] degree in federal tax law. I have five children, and have raised 23 foster children and opened a charter school for at-risk youth.

[Note how the Fox News article is written in the passive voice, so as to avoid implicating its hired hand, Wallace.]

As I’ve written repeatedly, Bachmann is nothing like Sarah Palin. Palin is Bush in a bra (with all the implications about brain power that implies).

Rep. Bachmann, on the other hand, as was contended back in September of 2009, is very clever.

Back then , this column had already picked the GOP’s winning ticket: Ron Paul for commander-in-chief; Michele Bachmann as second-in-command.

Bachmann is eloquent and is seldom fazed. As attractive as Sarah, she is also cerebral, a quality poor Palin is without. Bachmann is not yet a libertarian, but neither is she wedded to the warfare state, and is wise enough to recognize the political value of denouncing America’s forays abroad in order to bring moderates and independents into the fold. Given guidance (and a good kick), she is not beyond apologizing for her unforgivable vote for the Patriot Act.
Conversely … Paul has gone from immigration hawk to toying with amnesty (with an asterisk or two). Bachmann will bring Paul back from the brink. Americans inhabit a world of reality TV and other frivolity. To win the GOP nomination in this parallel universe, Ron Paul needs political bling—he will want the punch, pizazz and money bombs a Bachmann can provide.

“Bundle Rand (Paul) and Bachmann—and the opposition, both Republican and Democratic, will be vanquished. But that’s for another day.”

UPDATE I: A Facebook friend wants an analysis of Sarah palin’s unraveling. Okay, here.

UPDATE II: Bill, as I wrote in “Bachmann: Bling For Ron Paul?”, Paul would not take MB on unless it was under his tutelage, after she was, “Given guidance (and a good kick),” and made to “apologize for her unforgivable vote for the Patriot Act.”

Alone, how is Paul to win? We’re in this to win, right?

UPDATE III: (June 29): WINNING. Myron, what is wrong with wanting Paul to win? He can win the nomination if he and MB combine forces. Alone he is unlikely to get anywhere. Defeatism is a luxury only well-funded, spoilt brats (like these) can afford.

Bachmann has jumped into second place in the New Hampshire Republican primary. … While Bachmann remains well behind former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who has 36 percent support, the other sixteen Republicans included in the survey all had levels of support in the single digits.”

The results of the Gallup poll released on Tuesday showed that Bachmann’s name recognition is up to 69 percent from 52 percent in a poll conducted in late February/early March. With the increase, Bachmann is behind only Romney, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and Congressman Ron Paul, R-Texas, in terms of name recognition, Gallup also noted that Bachmann has a positive intensity score of 24, which ties with pizza magnate Herman Cain’s as the highest such score of any candidate