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‘Think About The Kids: No! F-ck The Kids. Adult Lives Matter, Too’

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“F-ck The Kids. Adult Lives Matter, Too.” That’s it. That’s my official statement about all kid-related arguments, first “articulated”—in scare quotes, because not exactly articulate—in “GOP Debate: America-First Alliance Emerges; Neoconservatives Neutralized,” scrubbed from the WND version but sensibly retained by the other editors.

After fielding another angry “Think About The Kids’ missive on a Twitter thread, I thought I should make my “position” (self-deprecating quotes) clear.

The kids are overrated. Most of them are socialists. (Their brains are not fully formed until the early 20s, or something.) Traditionalists value hierarchy (see August 14 … 2002 column). True-blue cultural conservatism doesn’t deify the effing Kids.

As the great Florence King put it, “… children have no business expressing opinions on anything except, ‘Do you have enough room in the toes?'”

Oscar Wilde: Youth is wasted on the young.

Facebook Thread is Here.

Only 1 In 5 Americans Speaks English, Kinda

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The Center for Immigration Studies revealed that “61 Million Immigrants and Their Young Children Now Live in the United States.” One in five Americans is a foreigner.

The countries of origin whence immigrants to the US come are unavailable in the Current Population Survey (CPS), from which the CIS data is culled.

Ridiculously, “The 1970 Census was the last census to ask about parents’ place of birth.” “The 2000 Census was the last census to identify the foreign-born,” so birthplace of parents is currently ignored by the Census Bureau, extrapolated indirectly by our researchers.

Here’s a hint, via Census American Community Survey, as to the future of English in America, a country founded by Englishmen who wrote high English:

More than one in five U.S. residents speak a language other than English at home, a record, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. In an analysis of the recent Census American Community Survey, a huge surge was recorded in those who speak Chinese, Spanish, Arabic and Urdu, Pakistan’s national language.

(Washington Examiner)

A day is coming when English speakers won’t be able to get jobs speaking their native language.

UPDATE II: Chris Matthews Offers Profundities On What’s Behind Trump

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Chris Matthews of Hardball offered a most unusual commentary, unusual because insight and depth are rare these days at MSNBC (the network that fired Pat Buchanan):

Trump stands out there with something the other candidates lack, a compelling message. Trump speaks, like it or not, as an American. He goes after Putin [sic], the Chinese, the Pope and the presidents of Mexico. He even says he’ll be even-handed with Israel and its neighbors.

Trump speaks as a nationalist, that’s how he talks. He speaks not of how he’ll handle the job of president—how he’ll operate the government of Washington, what bills he will sign or veto, but, rather, how he will lead America in the world.

Trump’s rivals for the presidency speak of government; he speaks of country, this country, and that makes all the difference. Someone like Rubio cannot contest Trump on this level. It’s too late for him to try or even imagine fully what Trump is doing. Rubio cannot at this late stage muster a winning strategy.

Trump has one. It’s in his slogan. Make America great again.

WATCH Matthews & This extraordinary situation in the GOP.

UPDATE I (2/27):


UPDATED: ‘All In’ Tartlet’s Distaste For ‘The Trump Coalition’

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Just as I was starting to tune in to MSNBC’s Chris Hayes more frequently—I realize this is not saying much, but these days, MSNBC’s daytime news programming is better than Fox’s—when on came a self-important creature named Olivia Nuzzi (three minutes and 45 seconds into the clip titled “The Trump Coalition”).

This affectatious Millennial cut her journalistic teeth by going public with a salacious tell-all starring … herself, of course, as the perspicacious Democratic intern. (Please don’t make me read this girl’s diarrheic, mushy, thinking-averse, pop-politics. I do enough penance for you, my reader.)

The Nuzzi tart’s attitude to Trump’s thumping majorities was that of calculated contempt. Donald Trump addresses them, she psychologized, at the level with which they are comfortable. He connects with them on a visceral, not intellectual plain (it goes without saying that Nuzzi thinks Trump supporters are truly stupid).

Nuzzi speak: “What defines these people … ” “They” [the silly people] don’t like politicians because of the way [politicians] speak. [After all, stupid people can’t grasp wonk talk like me, Nuzzi.] “Trump talks at a lower level.” That’s what these people like about him.”

Arrogant girl.

Left and right, Trump has broad support among Americans. “Journalists” as young as Nuzzi ought to treat their subjects with dignity. The people she writes about know a thing or two Nuzzi doesn’t yet know and probably will never know.

If anything, Trump’s army is reciprocating; returning The Love. Donald Trump, unlike this little Lena Dunham of journalism, truly loves the Common American.

For his part, Chris Hayes, at least, thanked his pro-Trump interviewees who seemed hip to his bias, but were ever so gracious. What I heard from them was: “I like businessmen,” “I like bold,” he might fix things in D.C., “I voted for Obama twice.”

Wow, do Hayes and his hussy guest have a handle on this complex and oddly marvelous uprising (not)!

UPDATE 2/25: