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UPDATE V (4/23): Out Of America Into South Africa The Racial Poison Flows

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The poisonous racial propaganda deployed in the reeducation of South African whites about their “white privilege” comes straight out of America. As around half a million white Afrikaners languish in slums (America has its equivalent poor working-class “racists” who’re gatvol now), sanctimonious liberal South Africans are taking upon themselves to begin inculcating whites in these specious constructs about their culpability as whites.

Into the Cannibal’s Pot has a chapter devoted to the role of the Anglo-American Axis of Evil in ushering in a dispensation that permanently disenfranchised South Africa’s minorities.

The first step is to poison young minds so that they accept that “White racism is everywhere. White racism is permanent. White racism explains everything.”

AND, if you are white you have something to expiate.

READ “Time for an education on white privilege – AwakeSA”

Cape Town – As the country continues to shake off the anger caused by a series of racist comments on social media, a small group of people in the Mother City have taken it upon themselves to educate South Africans about privilege, specifically of the white variety. …

UPDATE I (2/22): It comes from the US:

UPDATE II (2/24): She’s Winning:

UPDATE III (2/28):

UPDATE IV (2/29):

UPDATE V (4/23):

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Week’s Tweets, 22 To 28: MegaloMegyn, Markets, Cleavland

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One of the best president was Democrats Grover Cleveland:


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The Trump Guy Sincerely Loves The Common American

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Donald Trump draws half the town to a BILOXI, Miss rally. The malfunctioning media, having abnegated their mandate to report the news, harp on why ISIS prefers Hillary (by which, I imagine they mean to suggest Hillary should be president). Here’s the WaPo lead:

“Forty-five minutes into his first speech of 2016, Donald Trump finally talked about the video. …”

What sophisticates (and such rotten journalists).

The role of media is to report the news, not advance an angle, or make consumers of news products “think,” as one CNN bimbo once put it. “Make the viewers think” was her incomplete sentence. What she—Brooke Baldwin or fellow fem Anderson Cooper—meant to say is, “Make the viewer think … the way I do.”

From these mass, under-reported rallies it emerges, moreover, that The Trump guy sincerely loves the Common American. Unlike Obama, who described small-town Americans, derisively, as clinging to their guns, God and other bigotries. Or Britain’s Gordon Brown, who famously called a perfectly decent English biddy “horrible,” “old woman,” and “bigoted.” (Poor Mrs. Gillian Duffy had been trusting enough to air her perfectly proper worries over deficits and immigration to the pompous, two-faced ponce, Brown.)

Trump insults The Powers that be; never the common man. That’s a good personality trait. (Donald J. Trump ought to be, however, very careful on these rallies. The establishment will do anything to maintain its privileged position.)

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‘Multiethnic’ And ‘Multilingual’ Early America? Give Me A Break!

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When leftists (centrists, whatever) dissemble or fib about America having always been multilingual and multiculturalism, they usually point to the thirteen colonies that were founded by good old Englishmen and women, speaking different English dialects, later to be joined by … white Christians from Germany, Holland, Sweden, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, who adopted English as lingua franca. This so-called diversity saw early Americans debate publicly and come to a broad agreement on some highly complex, abstract matters of political philosophy. They had to be pretty tight to do that. Early Americans were not multiethnic or multilignual in today’s way.

The mantra that elicited the comment above is the allusion to America as “a society that is and always has been multiethnic and polyglot,” culled from David Frum’s exposition: “The Great Republican Revolt: The GOP planned a dynastic restoration in 2016. Instead, it triggered an internal class war. Can the party reconcile the demands of its donors with the interests of its rank and file?”

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