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Veteran CNN Panelist ‘Thinks’ Trump Candidacy Focused On ‘Cultural Issues’

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“I used to watch CNN back when it was a news network,” mocked comedian Larry Wilmore. So right. It’s hard to sit through a session with a procession of vacuous panelists, plonked along long desks, conducting dual-perspective screaming matches.

One of them, Amanda Carpenter, squeaked out that now that Donald Trump is the GOP nominee, the shift of the debate will be to new, oddball social/cultural issues, different from the old abortion, gay marriage preoccupations.

No one will miss the latter obsessions, including the potty problem in North Carolina. But what on earth is Carpenter talking about?

Is building a wall on the Southern border a “cultural rage” thing?

Is negotiating beneficial trade deals a social issue?

Is charging NATO members 100% of the costs of defending them a social issue? (That plan, too, is lacking. The US should withdraw from all forever-binding treaties and sign short-term individual deals as needed. The Japanese, for instance, hate the US military presence in Okinawa; they don’t think it’s good for them. Ditto Europeans about American military presence there; they prefer Muslim subversives. So are Americans for America First sick of trundling around the world aimlessly, oft destructively.)

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Swearing Sombreros

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Conservatives are so like liberals in their parenting philosophy. They see a small kid in a sombrero swearing at Donald Trump’s supporters—and they shout exploitation. Poor little vipers are being exploited by their parents.

Crap. And hand me a brown bag.

Feral kids are foul, be they liberal, conservative, free-range kids or swearing sods in Sombreros. A good hiding in public would cure all. And I haven’t even commented on the great citizens these crappy kids will grow up to make. What an intake.

Kids making America great:

The kids, wearing sombreros and ironically holding signs reading “No hate,” screamed “F*ck you!” repeatedly at the passing motorists.

One of the children in the center of the action could be seen wearing a Bernie Sanders sticker.

Hillary Clinton campaign signs could also be seen in the crowd.

One sign reads “F*ck You Puto.”

“Puto” means “male prostitute” in Spanish.

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The One Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory The Left Will Accept

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Banana Republicans are so corrupt, so used to having their way; have been swimming in polluted waters for so long—that they imagine their Republican Rules are true and good and that any upheaval in their insider’s game is a source of corruption, rather than a source of cleansing.

John Ziegler, a fast-talking radio mouth, has accused some conservative media, notably Sean Hannity, of “selling [their] soul to build up Donald Trump.”

Ziegler, apparently, blames Hannity and Rush Limbaugh and other “’conservative’ media for willingly enabling this hostile takeover of the Republican Party.”

Where in Ziegler’s equation is the Republican Party base? The voters? To me it looks as though the base is trying to purge the corrupt establishment, and has chosen Donald Trump to do so on their behalf. When you’re mired in the muck as Ziegler has been for so long, it’s hard to see clearly.

If the likes of Ziegler are upset, it’s because Trump is breaking stuff that needs breaking.


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So Cruz Republicans Do Throw ‘Little Old Ladies Off The Cliff’

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“Throw little old ladies off the cliff” is an expression Sean Hannity uses to mock the mischaracterization of Republicans and conservatives by “liberal media.” By no means does it describe the conservative titan Phyllis Schlafly. However, a Cruz-supporters coup against the great Mrs. Schlafly, attempting to oust her from the organization she founded and continues to run, puts the lie to some Republicans’ decency or deference to wisdom and age. Again,” a coup against the mighty Ms. Schlafly was attempted and thwarted.

The attempted take over of the Eagle Forum was the handiwork of the Ted Cruz wing of the Schlafly organization:

… On March 11, 2016 conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly endorsed Donald Trump for President at his St. Louis rally.

But not everyone in her organization, Eagle Forum – or her family – agreed with Phyllis Schlafly’s decision.

Two weeks ago Phyllis Schlafly released several board members for disloyalty to the organization.
The group was planning to hold rogue board meeting to take over the Eagle Forum.

Last week the rogue Cruz supporters attempted a coup at Eagle Forum.

They held a non-sanctioned meeting and reportedly blocked Phyllis Schlafly from their conference call.

Today Phyllis released a video to the Eagle Forum. She’s still in charge. …


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