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Looks Like Donald Has Been Duped By Megyn Kelly

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By golly, Megyn Kelly is show-biz good. She got Donald Trump to heap praise on her on national TV for “reaching out,” to use millennial speak, when in fact she was the desperate party who, during the past year, placed her inflated ego before the journalistic obligation to suck it up and get the story.

So Trump has succumbed, and has exposed himself to this intellectual floozy’s much-hyped, yet-to-be screened interview. And what does Kelly ask him?

The same sort of question that started the Kelly-Trump feud: a deceptive probe; a question that in itself suggests certain things about the man’s character, veracity and emotional make-up.

“You seemed to stay angry for months. Was that real, or was that strategy?”

Kelly has deployed this method before, highlighted in “Megyn Kelly’s ‘Journalistic’ Method.” But Trump is not keeping up with her cunning ploys.

Trump’s response, as always, is truthful, candid. But his acquiescence in Kelly’s self-aggrandizement (plain for all to see) was unwise in the extreme.

“Well I’m a real person,” the real estate titan responded. “I have great respect for you that you were able to call me and say ‘Let’s get together, let’s talk.’ To me, I would not have done that,” he admitted further.

MORE Megalo-Megyn promo.

Pat Buchanan On Private Ryan

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New generation Republicans speak like females in a therapy session. Pat Buchanan, who should be in the employ of Donald Trump, has fighting words for mincing little Paul Ryan. These are:

“… In millennial teen-talk, Ryan told CNN’s Jake Tapper, ‘I’m just not ready to do that at this point. I’m not there right now.’”

“Excuse me, but upon what meat has this our Caesar fed?”

“Who made Ryan the conscience of conservatism?”

The hubris here astonishes. A Republican establishment that has been beaten as badly as Carthage in the Third Punic War is now making demands on Scipio Africanus and the victorious Romans.

This is difficult to absorb.

… If Ryan holds to his refusal to accept the decision of the Republican majority in the primaries, he should be removed from that role. And if Ryan does not come out of Thursday’s meeting with the Donald, endorsing him, the presumptive nominee should turn to Paul Ryan, and, in two words, tell him, “You’re fired!”

Trump cannot allow the establishment to claw back in the cloakrooms of Capitol Hill what he won on a political battlefield. He cannot allow a discredited establishment to dictate the issues he may run on.

That would be a betrayal of the troops who brought Trump victory after victory in the primaries …


Occasionally Neoconservatives Annoy The Left A Little

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Jason Riley, of the War Street Journal Editorial Report, was joined by the rest of crew, on Fox News, to swank about being invited and disinvited to speak across the nation’s left-liberal campuses. The rest, Bret Stephens, Mary Kissel, Mary O’Grady, all expressed disinvitation envy.

Following Allan Bloom’s  impressive Closing of the American Mind: How Higher Education Has Failed Democracy and Impoverished the Souls of Today’s Students (1987), neoconservatives have been quite good at addressing multicultural political correctness in the modern academy, the replacement of the Western canon with bogus disciplines—political constructs, really—devoted to relativism, anti-racism, anti-sexism and anti-elitism studies. They were good at pointing out that “current works promoting multiculturalism written by women and minorities had replaced the classics of Western civilization written by the DWEMs, Dead White European Males,” to quote Phyllis Schlafly, in “Advice To College Students: Don’t Major in English.

On freedom of speech, neocon establishment circuit speakers limp along as well (although you won’t hear them introduce the deciding variable: private property. Where? On whose property do you wish to speak?)

For the rest, neocons seldom  challenge students on matters racial (except to blame Democrats and left-liberals for the plight of blacks), on foreign policy (some liberals actually like American military interventionism as much as the neocons), on Islam (OK, except for a few bad Abduls) or on immigration (a net positive).

Jason Riley should try never having been invited in the first place to speak to those campus “conservatives.”

I guess he could argue the marginalized Old Right is just not as smart as he and his neocon buddies. Paul Gottfried’s learned scholarship on American conservatism exposes the neocons as not very smart at all.

Donald Trump has certainly run rings around them.

Veteran CNN Panelist ‘Thinks’ Trump Candidacy Focused On ‘Cultural Issues’

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“I used to watch CNN back when it was a news network,” mocked comedian Larry Wilmore. So right. It’s hard to sit through a session with a procession of vacuous panelists, plonked along long desks, conducting dual-perspective screaming matches.

One of them, Amanda Carpenter, squeaked out that now that Donald Trump is the GOP nominee, the shift of the debate will be to new, oddball social/cultural issues, different from the old abortion, gay marriage preoccupations.

No one will miss the latter obsessions, including the potty problem in North Carolina. But what on earth is Carpenter talking about?

Is building a wall on the Southern border a “cultural rage” thing?

Is negotiating beneficial trade deals a social issue?

Is charging NATO members 100% of the costs of defending them a social issue? (That plan, too, is lacking. The US should withdraw from all forever-binding treaties and sign short-term individual deals as needed. The Japanese, for instance, hate the US military presence in Okinawa; they don’t think it’s good for them. Ditto Europeans about American military presence there; they prefer Muslim subversives. So are Americans for America First sick of trundling around the world aimlessly, oft destructively.)