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Is Your Kid A Burn-The-Wealth Bernie Sanders Zombie?

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That “Bernie Sanders won 84 percent of voters aged 17 to 29, at the Iowa Democratic caucuses, according to entrance polls,” is nothing to rejoice about. Burn the wealth Bernie is beloved of young people not because they are so fabulously idealistic or clear thinking. That America’s youth are coming out for a socialist is because young people are propagandized by progressives, teachers and administrators, from K through to 12 and beyond. The closing of the Millennial Mind happens over time in your kids’ primary, secondary and tertiary schools, which are a monolith of progressive propaganda, day in, day out; year in, year out.

“The drive to lower the voting age from 21 to 18” resulted in the Twenty-Sixth Amendment, smuggled into the Constitution by statute. The Amendment artificially swelled the ranks of Democratic voters, which has further eroded any protections the Constitution afforded to private property, and swayed the balance of power in favor of those who “vote for a living,” as opposed “those who work for a living.”

Still, kids are propagandized before they turn 18 and well after. So I don’t know that repealing this liberty sundering amendment would help reverse the erosion of individual rights toward which the youth vote contributes.

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Mindless In Academia

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In which MYRON PAULI, PH.D, Barely a Blog’s resident nuclear physicist, sometime poet and opinionator, muses about the whiny, two-legged primates (white and black) running wild on campuses:

Fifty years ago, Tom Lehrer composed “The Wernher von Braun song”. The song ends with the prophetic lines “‘In German, oder Englisch, I know how to count down Und I’m learning Chinese now!’ says Wernher von Braun”.

100 years ago, the German-speaking nations constituted the leading centers of academia from music to psychology to physics. Americans like Albert Michelson and Robert Oppenheimer went to study in Germany. They dominated the Nobel Prize winners. In 1930, “Zeitschrift fur Physik” was THE journal for all to have and took up about 4 feet of shelf space. In 1937, Zeitshrift was down to 1 foot of shelf space. In 2015, the Center for World University Rankings lists Heidelberg University as the top University in Germany and #76 in the world (other rankings have German Universities as high as # 37!).

The source of this debacle, of course, was political perversion in the form of Nazism. I”recommend a wonderful movie for all to watch, “The Mortal Storm.” The movie’s actions start with the birthday of a respected biology professor on January 30, 1933 (the day Hilter took power) applauded by his students and faculty. As the movie progresses, the professor is boycotted by his students, witnesses a book burning, and is shunned and eventually fired by his academic colleagues and administrators. The movie, by the way, was based on a 1938 book long before the death camps (which, arguably, can be seen as the ideological culmination of political intolerance).

Nowadays, it is American academia which is heading down the intellectual toilet. This should not be that surprising after nearly 50 years of neo-Marxist professors, “affirmative action” which takes mostly inferior students and admits them where they do not fit in, segregated dorms and segregated narcissistic sexual-racial-ethnic-religious “studies”, and the massive enlargement of colleges to the point that over 50% of young people attend college regardless of any talent or discipline. Federal largess has caused tuition to skyrocket to over $60,000 a year for these babysitting palaces. Nor are there many jobs for people who take such useful studies as “Network Evolution and the Beauty Advantage” and other courses I mentioned in my Barely A Blog essay, “Academic Disintegration From Homer to Homo”. Naturally, the “college graduates” COULD compete with illegal aliens for landscaping, restaurant, and painting jobs but I expect that to happen when pigs fly.

Another factor affecting American students is how intense competition from Asia has basically pushed native Americans out of the highly competitive science/health/engineering disciplines (not to mention the “all-nighters”, brains, and studying required to get through). I doubt that there are many “all-nighters” and lab work required to get a degree the Department of Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies.

Hence, what else is there for these modern American “students” to do but whine, march, protest, and be insulted by the “hostile work environment” of microagressions, Zionism, sexism, racism, and even Halloween costumes. Cao, Chang, Chen, Chen, Chen, Chuang, Duan, Gao, …, Li, Li, Li, Liang, Liao, Lin, Lin, 3 Lius! , Lu, Lu, Luan, … ,7 Wangs!, Wong, Xu, Xu, Yang, Yang, Ye, Yue, Zhang, Zhang, Zhao, Zhen, Zhen, Zheng, Zhong, Zhou are busy studying Material Science and Engineering at Columbia University while the rest of American academia burns. The sobbing, whiny two-legged primates (white and black) may take selfies at the protest rallies but haven’t the slightest idea how a cell phone or a biological cell or a transistor function. Nor do 99% of them care.

Worst of all are the American academic “administrators” who care only about the bottom line of football team revenues, scientific grant money, and happy students. Unlike Franklin (America’s leading, first scientist) or Jefferson or Adams, modern American politicians of both parties are generally ignorant of science, technology, history, classical literature, or anything other than getting votes. Taxpayer money flows to the Greek-columned Romper Rooms and intellectual capital slowly flows to Asia.

One hundred years from now, American Universities will probably be highly rated in the fields of basketball and football but little else. Decades of University indulgence has passed the point of no return.


Barely a Blog (BAB) contributor Myron Pauli grew up in Sunnyside Queens, went off to college in Cleveland and then spent time in a mental institution in Cambridge MA (MIT) with Benjamin Netanyahu (did not know him), and others until he was released with the “hostages” and Jimmy Carter on January 20, 1981, having defended his dissertation in nuclear physics. Most of the time since, he has worked on infrared sensors, mainly at Naval Research Laboratory in Washington DC. He was NOT named after Ron Paul but is distantly related to physicist Wolftgang Pauli; unfortunately, only the “good looks” were handed down and not the brains. He writes assorted song lyrics and essays reflecting his cynicism and classical liberalism. Click on the “BAB’s A List” category to access the Pauli archive.

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The Quality Of ‘Argument’ On Leftist Campus

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The quality of argument one can expect from the Left, which dominates campuses, is as follows: When confronted about the fact that 99 percent of colleges faculty are left-liberals, the reply from the Left is that to get into college you need to be smart and libertarians, classical liberals, conservatives and independents are simply not as smart as the Left. The argument is distilled by King’s College Politics Professor David Corbin as, “You’re stupid because you’re not like me.”

These are the folks that are shaping your kinds’ minds. More about the Zombie Nation in “Continuum Of Propaganda: Yale, Mizzou & Your Child’s School.”

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UPDATE V (4/8/016): Continuum Of Propaganda: Yale, Mizzou & Your Child’s School

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“Continuum Of Propaganda: Yale, Mizzou & Your Child’s School” is the current, weekly column, now on WND. An excerpt:

… On the University of Missouri campus, atavistic youth have joined against hurtful words, symbols and unsettling, unorthodox ideas, and for “safe spaces,” where these brave hearts can hideout from “racial microaggression.” Examples of “microaggression” are asking a black student for lessons in twerking, complimenting her weave, or simply being white.

But mostly, these minorities and their propagandized white patsies are campaigning for the unanimous acceptance of the following destructive, dangerous, often deadly, dictum:

“White racism is everywhere. White racism is permanent. White racism explains everything.”

The “systemic racism” meme you hear repeated by media, across the American campus, and preached from the White House is a function of “Critical Race Theory,” the sub-intelligent, purely theoretical, and logically fallacious construct, now creeping into American schools at every level.

As detailed in WND colleague Colin Flaherty’s “Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry,” America’s children, black, white and brown, are being taught, starting at a tender age, about “racial hostility and resentment.”

This racial hostility is said to be endemic and always and everywhere a white on black affair.

Ask your state representative and your school board about Glenn Singleton and his Pacific Educational Group’s curriculum, deceptively titled “Courageous Conversations.” The PEG poisonous program has been adopted by “hundreds of school districts across the US,” and foisted on millions of pupils, very possibly your child.

Beware; propaganda is process oriented, and an insidious one at that.

ITEM: Your cherub’s project receives an A. His work the teacher praises before the classroom. Yet, oddly, the child’s identity she will studiously conceal. This is in furtherance of the egalitarian idea, implemented, whereby no individual student is to be identified as having produced superior work to that of the collective.

“[U]nder the Singleton influence,” explains Flaherty, “the Seattle schools [have] defined individualism as a form of cultural racism and said that only whites can be racist.” Moreover, “emphasizing individualism as opposed to a more collective ideology is a form of racism,” too.

The progressive educational project carries its anti-white bias into teaching about the Orient (East) versus the Occident (West).

ITEM: A Christian boy, placed in an academically advanced study program, is tasked with submitting a project about one of three ancient civilizations: Egypt, India and Rome.

Ancient Egypt, a big hit apparently, is spoken for. The teacher, generally “white, female, liberal,” advises the boy: “Choose India. Rome is … BORING.”

What is it that this colossal ignoramus has conveyed to her student with the words “Rome is boring”? Let us unpack the meta-message (with reference to …

… Read the rest. “Continuum Of Propaganda: Yale, Mizzou & Your Child’s School” is the current column, now on WND.

UPDATE I: “Campuses across country updating ‘insensitive’ mascots, mottos…”

UPDATE II (11/20): At The Unz Review David says:

November 20, 2015 at 12:14 pm GMT

Did anyone beside the author say, “Choose India. Rome is … BORING?” It appears she made it up so she could get really worked up about it, like the Ask-a-Mexican guy.

ilana mercer says:

Both ITEMS in the essay are true. “Kid” in question is like family to this writer. Enough said. The article was prompted, in part, by this “close encounter.” Saying Rome is boring is so weird; too peculiar to make up. Even more peculiar is suggesting someone unknown to you is a liar. Nice.

UPDATE III (11/21): The manner of subversion is so subtle, a busy parent can’t hope to stay on top the propaganda underway in schools. If you are able to detect the programming, deprogram daily using Socratic questioning. So talk to the brats (unpleasant notion, I know). When my daughter used to return from school, and declare something preposterous, I would begin the deprogramming through questioning. Having a child in the public school system comes with the added responsibility to know your child is being programmed—not to doubt it or defend against it—and to be prepared to deprogram or access resources to so do. (Examples of resources are the Homeschool Courses of historian Tom Woods and Ron Paul, or this writer’s columns on economics and the Constitution (and all others focusing on proper reasoning), to be found in the Articles Archive ( A list of books is a good idea (a short one is here: Literature is here: Send your suggestions. Kids can begin with Ayn Rand. We all do. Please post resources parents can access, under this thread.

UPDATE IV (11/22): In reply to David Davis’ heroic efforts (thread at the Libertarian Alliance):

Inculcating proper reasoning in a child is vital in the deprogramming effort. My columns are anchored in argument and reason (as best I can). For example, and in context of David’s comment, my “Reincarnation of the Reds” brings up the concept of “the theory that can’t be falsified.” (This is not to say one can’t be, as I am, a private property conservationist.)

David Gordon, Ph.D, is magnificent on the reasoning front; he has written a kid compatible “Introduction to Economic Reasoning.”

UPDATE V (4/8/016):

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