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Rachel Dolezal: Fifty Shades Of Black

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The “Racial Industrial Complex” (a Jack Kerwick coinage) is populated with frauds, shysters, imposters, phonies, morons; black, white and fifty shades of grey. “Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who’s been posing as a black woman and teaching mambo-jumbo studies at the bush college that is Eastern Washington University, is all of those things.

The question is: What kind of an Idiocracy plays along with this pretentious dummy? What kind of an Idiocracy confers her with the respect and authority of a pedagogue, even paying her to spread the disease to college kids?!

The Wall Street Journal:

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People stood behind the president of its Spokane, Wash., chapter, amid assertions by her biological parents that she had been misrepresenting her racial identity.

Rachel Dolezal, who also teaches Africana studies at Eastern Washington University, has focused on equal rights and racial issues in her work, according to the local NAACP website.

“If I was asked, I would definitely say that yes, I do consider myself to be black,” Ms. Dolezal said in an interview this week with Spokane’s KREM television station.

Earlier this week, her parents, Ruthanne and Lawrence Dolezal, told reporters that she isn’t African-American.

“We’re just confused, we’re puzzled, we’re hurt, we’re sad that she feels it is necessary to misrepresent her ethnicity,” Mr. Dolezal said in an interview Friday. “She’s the only one that can answer that question of why did she choose to do it.”

MORE @ Mediaite.

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Degrees Do Not An Educated Person Make (#RenaissanceMan, RIP)

Education, Human Accomplishment, Technology

Think you’re educated? Think Again. I have.

For a long time, the “Aristotelian ideal of the educated person” was the aim of a Liberal Education. The ideal and idea of the Renaissance Man, however, has been completely lost:

… The Aristotelian ideal of the educated person, “critical” in all or almost all branches of knowledge, survived for centuries as the aim of liberal education. Originally, the student would be taught seven arts or skills, consisting of the trivium (grammar, rhetoric, and logic) and the quadrivium (arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music). The names are antique, but the seven “subjects” were comparable to a modern liberal curriculum of languages, philosophy, mathematics, history, and science. The arts or skills were “liberal” because they were liberating. That is, they freed their possessor from the ignorance that bound the uneducated. … The original belief that an educated person should be “critical” in more fields than his own no longer exists …

(Excerpted from Charles Van Doren’s A history of Knowledge: Past, present, and future, 1991, New York: Ballantine Books, on Dr. Alexander A. Petrov’s blog).

In his discussion of a “humanistic education” (as Sean Gabb terms the liberal arts education of yesteryear), Dr. Gabb mentions our mutual, late, dear friend, Dennis O’Keeffe, who was “famous for his denunciations of what he calls socialist education—this being a denial that there is any value in the traditional curriculum. Such an education means”:

a training in habits of thought and the exercise of general intellectual ability. It may require the acquisition of specific skills—for example, learning at least one of the classical languages and few modern languages, and learning some of the technical aspects of music and the visual arts. It may also require an understanding of mathematics and of the natural sciences. It certainly requires a long study of literature and history and philosophy and law and political economy. But none of this may be useful in any direct financial sense. …

Dr. Gabb does, however, underestimate the mental prowess (albeit maybe not intellect) that goes into completion of advanced degrees of what he calls “technical or professional training.” Most of us are unable to manipulate the laws of nature (physics/mathematics) to create the workable technology that makes life so good.

I often watch “Food Factory.” I’m in awe of the mechanical engineers who design these magnificent robotic assembly lines, even though they may not be witty and entertaining dinner guests (which Sean Gabb most certainly is, as I learned when I attended a Liberty Fund colloquium in the UK).

Designing an assembly line that makes my chocolate slabs materialize is a pretty noble calling.

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UPDATE II: Venomous #MichelleObama ‘Letting Out Her #RevWright’

Affirmative Action, Education, Race, Racism

Venomous #MichelleObama Poisons The Racial Well: Michelle Obama is disgraceful. She’s still spitting venom like a cobra, poisoning the minds of Tuskegee university graduates, “a historically black school in Alabama,” about how hard it is to be black in America. What lies. Venomous Michelle Obama is a product of privilege, not deprivation. If anything, the woman has led a charmed life, a fact that has made Michelle Obama more racially militant. “My experiences at Princeton [who among us can say THAT?!] have made me far more aware of my ‘blackness’ than ever before,” she whined in a university thesis so banal and sub-par intellectually; that it would have been failed were American schools and corporation not wild about black and female recruits; blacks in STEM, women in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), etc.

UPDATE I: Michelle Obama is ‘Letting Out Her Rev. Wright,’ says Ann Coulter. Mrs. Obama is certainly modulating her voice in the way Wright made his voice rise and fall. It’s so fake.


This Timeline is mainly for those familiar with the work of this writer and are of the libertarian-paleolibertarian bent. That precludes name-calling, using the constructs of cultural Marxism:(“racist”).

Racism is immaterial in libertarianism. Libertarianism is a political philosophy resting on the axiom of non-aggression. That’s it. Your mitts stop at my face. The rest can serve as a point of discussion, but not as a stick with which to beat others into submission.

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Hillary’s Old Hat Already

Education, Elections, Hillary Clinton, Morality

Make community college “free.” “[T]here’s something deeply wrong’ about students and their families needing to go into debt to finance a college education.” Those were Hillary Clinton’s strokes of genius, proposed during her first meet-and-greet, mainly with members of the press, on the campaign trail, in MONTICELLO, Iowa.

Didn’t we have The Same Talk, back in April of 2012, about America’s next financial bubble in search of a pin: the $1 trillion student-loan debt? Campaigning in Iowa, where Mrs. Clinton was today, didn’t B. H. Obama promise America’s miseducated Millennials to keep the student-loan bubble from bursting?

Earlier that year, during his State of the Union address of January 2012, Barry Soetoro Frankenstein vowed to keep the student-loan bubble afloat by mandating more loans at fixed prices.

Watch media react with wonderment at Hillary’s “fresh” robbery plans.

On the other hand, a message about the immorality of undertaking more debt than one can afford is a message that has not been tried before.

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South Africa’s ‘Best & Brightest’ Stage A Poo Protest

Education, History, Propaganda, Race, Racism, South-Africa

The once proud University of Cape Town (UCT), my husband’s alma mater, is now home to the sort of students who collect their own bodily waste so as to throw it at a statue of Cecil John Rhodes, the man who donated the land upon which UCT stands. (Rhodes also founded the global mining giant De Beers, an enormous source of racial quota shakedowns for black South Africans, Black Economic Empowerment, or BEE, as affirmative action is known in my old homeland.)

If you wish to understand the fraught history behind the propaganda, helped along by US media, “Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa” is a must read. The section titled “Tot Siens (Farewell) To The Taal (The Language),” in Chapter 2, explains what’s underway in poo-poo land.

An excerpt:

“He who controls the past controls the future.” So wrote Orwell in Nineteen Eighty-Four. The ANC now commands past, present and future. … It may be a trifling issue to deracinated sophisticates, but landmarks in the country’s founding history are slowly being erased, as demonstrated by the ANC’s decision to give an African name to Potchefstroom, a town founded in 1838 by the Voortrekkers. Pretoria is now officially called Tshwane. Nelspruit, founded by the Nel Family (they were not Xhosa), and once the seat of the South African Republic’s government during the Boer War, has been renamed Mbombela. Polokwane was formerly Pietersburg. Durban’s Moore Road (after Sir John Moore, the hero of the Battle of Corunna, fought in 1809 during the Napoleonic Wars) is Che Guevara Road; Kensington Drive, Fidel Castro Drive. Perhaps the ultimate in tastelessly hip nomenclature is Yasser Arafat Highway, down which the motorist can careen on the way to the Durban airport. …


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Your Get-With-The-Program, Demography-Is-Destiny Policy Paper

Education, IMMIGRATION, Labor, Left-Liberalism, Multiculturalism

You know just how scholarly an essay is when it is studded with loaded pop-words like “conversation”: “We need to have a conversation about race (when we do nothing but subject ourselves to one-way brow-beatings about imagined slights committed against the pigmentally burdened). “We need to have a conversation about immigration (translation: Get with the program of mass immigration from the third world and its implications for your communities—reduced quality of life, poorer education, environmental degradation; less safety and security, more taxation).

Jennifer Bradley of the liberal Brookings Institute lectures Middle America on how to prepare its diverse workforce for tomorrow.

Thus, for example, it is stated that “America is on the cusp of becoming a country with no racial majority, where new minorities are poised to exert a profound impact on U.S. society, economics, and politics.” The implication is that the seismic shift is due to a mystic force, and not to willful policies in which the host population has never had a say.

A feature of the Minneapolis-St. Paul diversity explosion, as Bradley sees it, is a widening “race-based education and achievement gap” that will “become a drag on workforce growths unless something was done to reverse these trends.” In other words, the immigrant population isn’t up to scratch.

I can think of a few options to narrow the gap. One is to welcome immigrants who’ll add value, not drain resources. But Bradely is here not to explore all options, but to dictate them.

The raiment of scholarship is shed as quickly as a hooker sheds her clothes (only less admirably; working girls deserve respect). Bradely brays about the need to “reframe the conversation about race-based education and achievement gaps in Minneapolis-St. Paul — turning what had been a moral (and insufficiently effective) commitment to its underserved communities into an economic necessity. Leading figures from the worlds of government, business, and academia, and public and private groups throughout the region, are now trying to figure out how to undo the effects of decades of neglect, tackling the problem from many perspectives and with an ever greater sense of urgency.”

If a population is not achieving parity it is inferred that it has been “underserved”; that its inhabitants need more resources rather than that the fault lies with the kind of incompatible immigrant being privileged by policy makers. The essay’s premise is that America is “underserving” her immigrant population, when it is the other way round:

Averaged out, the immigrant population is underserving the American economy.

And, research is only as good as the semantics used to state the hypothesis.

MORE braying (with apologies to donkeys; they’re adorable).

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