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UPDATED: Derek Turner’s Morally Correct Immigration Novel

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“Well-written, meticulously researched and thought-out, Sea Changes, Derek Turner’s first novel, succeeds mightily in bringing to life the prototypical players in the Western tragedy that is mass migration. The reader becomes intimately au fait with the many, oft-unwitting actors in this doomed stand-off: small-town conservative folks vs. progressive city slickers; salt-of-the-earth countrymen against smug, self-satisfied left-liberals. Ever present are the ruthless traffickers in human misery: both media and smugglers. Like it or not, the dice are loaded. In this epic battle, the scrappy scofflaws and their stakeholders triumph; the locals lose.”—ILANA MERCER

That was me. I not only devoured Derek Turner’s Sea Changes, I provided advance praise for the book. It’s that good.

If ever a book was timely, it is Sea Changes. Here are excerpt the author was kind enough to forward. They demonstrate his exquisite sensitivity.

Derek is not politically correct; he is emotionally and morally correct:

The following presages the discovery of the little boy’s body:

“All that sighing and significant night, the North Sea had been laying a terrible cargo tenderly along the tide-line. As the stabbing sun raised itself above the rim of the ocean, the revealed brilliant bigness of sand was studded with defeated shapes. But no one was there to notice.

A brown-skinned man lay where the water had reluctantly relinquished him at last, with his face pressed into the fine yellow sand, his inky hair drooping with dampness, his limbs sprawled awkwardly.

A bark-dark teenager lay nearby, his eyes bulging at all that unenjoyed beauty, his refined features petrified in panic, mouth agape as if his life had been in such a hurry to leave that it had forgotten to close the door.

A few feet away sprawled an older man, who looked a bit like the boy, similarly staring straight at the sun without it hurting his eyes, his blue jacket inundated indigo, swollen ankles trying to burst cheap running shoes, a white skull-cap on his head and his thick and curly beard clasping moonstones of moisture.

A young black woman was disposed elegantly 50 feet along—her beauty belied by an equally uncomprehending expression, and a streak of blood that had leached from her nose and was now starting to attract tiny flies. She lay on her left side with one arm aimed appropriately inland, her hands curled in a grab for ground found too late.

The four lay unheeded in the gathering dawn, strewn with many others along miles of strand—lead-heavy leavings which just a few hours before had contained memories and machinations, cynicism and systems, hoards and heirlooms. Pitiable personalia had washed up, too, tangled up with the shells and starfish—suitcases, a comb, toys, a tiny plastic shrine to Vishnu with a blown electrical fitting. …”


And this next extract is a perfect look at how cultural arbiters and politicians react to migrant misfortune:

“For the most acutely attuned, this sad stranding was another awful installment in an interminable tale. It was a reprise of too many other disasters—those Moroccans choking to death in the refrigerator truck at Felixstowe, the train-crushed Laotians, or those notorious news agency images from the Mediterranean—disregarded dead on resort beaches, chilled swimmers clinging onto tuna-nets hundreds of miles from any coast, bobbing brothers, pilgrims treading water with diminishing strength, forgotten face-down floaters, whole hopeful boatloads upturned and lost on the way to El Norte—the lands of intolerant over-plenty, whose tall grey warships sliced casually through the drifting destitute, captained by cold-eyed men.

It was a parable, a practically self-penning story of seeking and never finding, and a search for new life met by death—a cautionary tale to trouble the conscience of a continent….

…The globe’s screens were crowded with dignitaries expressing their shock, their determination to get to the bottom of this tragic event, their admiration for the emergency services— and their words were ported planetwide, the chrism of compassion, the Immaculate Conception of the International Community.”

On the aggregated media coverage and cultural impact:

“The dead had made landfall in more than one way. They had been the People’s People, opined a columnist hitherto best known for having been punched by an actor he had tried to interview outside a night club at 3 a.m. He added that those who could not feel for the People’s People were not People. Another journalist fought back real tears as her cameraman homed in on a salt-soaked teddy rolling slowly on the edge of the sea—for which she would deservedly win that year’s Excite! Social Conscience Prize (formerly the Thanatos Pesticides Shield).

For John and a few important others, that week brought contradictory emotions—horror, guilt, moral certainty, satisfaction at being proved right and a sense that great affairs had somehow been set in train. To them, the recumbent ones were a standing reproach, a symbol of all that should be altered. They were exhibits in the case against everything that was wrong. They were polychromatic pilgrims, MLKs for the XBox generation, Chés for today, drowned James Deans, rebels and martyrs, dead in the name of love, saintly for being silent, idealized for being unmet. They were enzymes of change. They represented a billion whorls of life passing and repassing south to north, east to west, First to Second to Third, poor to rich, fresh to stale, surging to senescent. People just like you and me (morally better than you and me)—fleeing war, famine, poverty, disease, and smothering tradition, shuffling towards our setting sun, coughing, crying, sighing and dying en route, to be trampled by illimitable followers with no possessions except authenticity, and always ill children held in always stick-like arms.

They were dry scarecrows waiting to be woken into life—an army coming in peace, hoping for crumbs from the groaning tables of those whose cars they would wash, whose children they would nanny and care homes they would staff. They were bringing colour and vitality— enlightenment and folk-wisdom—welfare state salvation and low wages. Our world was dying. The tide had turned, and sea-longing was filling everyone with a desire to see the wide-open countries of the North. The world’s They were on their way.

But there were some who could not comprehend, and who would do anything to preserve their privilege. Standing athwart history was a perverse coalition—businessmen, bankers, landowners, the military, white-bread holidaymakers who strolled blithely along beaches ignoring the imploring, populist politicians, pudgy provincials. These had thrown up bristling barricades against the future—fear and forms, police and procedures, guns and indirect discrimination, meeting tears with tear gas. …”

From Sea Changes.

UPDATED (10/5): I have still to tackle Camp of The Saints. To be honest, I stopped reading novels a long time ago for obvious reasons. However, Derek’s is a page turner. I recommended it to my husband, moreover, b/c he is unable to read unless text is real boy stuff; packed with information. I’m like that too. I skip- or skim LONG-WINDED dialogue. But Derek’s Sea Change is packed with the kind of detail men (me too) relish: bridges, firearms, architecture, buildings, history, and sympathy; it’s all there. This is not an anti-immigration screed.

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Refugees, Not Europeans, Benefit From The Engineering Of A Single European Identity

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“Europe rediscovers borders,” writes Kevin D. Williamson, and I would urge that so should we. “[T]he free movement of people called ‘al-Nasseri’ across the Mediterranean and over the Bavarian Alps” has been slowed some, with Germany and Austria… announcing “the implementation of border checkpoints.”

Checkpoints, of course, are not borders; they are what government erects when it wants to be seen to be doing something (I sound like Sir Humphrey Appleby of BBC’s “Yes, Minister” and “Yes, Prime Minister” satires). A Brownian Motion of sorts.

And to what avail are checkpoints if you are going to eventually allow a deluge of Middle-Eastern men safe passage into your communities? As Mark Krikorian points out,

… it’s important to note that refugees from the Islamic world cannot be properly vetted. I don’t mean only that the Obama administration has a frivolous approach to “violent extremists,” or that the Department of Homeland Security hasn’t shown itself especially competent in this regard. Rather, it is impossible to weed out jihadists from a refugee flow. Who are we going to check with, the Damascus police department? It’s not like any document claiming to be from Syria can be relied on; fake Syrian passports, for instance, are in great demand.

Back to Kevin:

… Berlin has pleaded for “solidarity” in the face of the crisis, studiously avoiding the question “Solidarity with whom?” Sweden, with its population of just 9.6 million, is expecting somewhere between 75,000 and 100,000 applications for refugee status. …
… Poland has shocked polite society by making it clear that it would prefer a small number of refugees, if any, and that they be Christian rather than Muslim. …
… Different peoples have different countries for a reason, and that’s why there are — or should be — fences or their equivalents. Whatever your assessment of the merits of Switzerland vs. Syria, Switzerland is Switzerland because it is full of Swiss people, and Syria is Syria because it is full of Syrians. As in the United States, the fingers-in-the-ears refusal of responsible European authorities to recognize this basic fact of life — that human beings are not interchangeable widgets …

Question: Weren’t most writes at National Review once for the collectivist super-state that is the European Union?

The quest to engineer a single European identity is at the heart of the crisis (as is the US’s foreign policy). “It remains unmistakably true,” wrote classical liberal philosopher David Conway, that “from its postwar beginnings to the present, the principal advocates and architects of European union have been uniformly animated by collectivist objectives that are deeply anti-liberal in spirit and form.”

“The EU already has rights to legislate over external trade and customs policy, the internal market, the monetary policy of countries in the eurozone, agriculture and fisheries, many areas of domestic law including the environment and health and safety at work,” and it has extended its rights into “justice policy, especially asylum and immigration.”

And it is this illiberal impetus that has allowed bureaucrats in Brussels to usurp the authority of previously sovereign states and make policy for the Continent (while being immune from its repercussions). Were it not for the rigid controls the EU exerts over its satellite states—each European country would be likely to respond to “refugees” in a manner consistent with the wishes of the voters, rather than that of the bureaucracy and its crooked beneficiaries.

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Why Scott Walker Is A Two Percenter

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Off the top of my head, let me share the unintelligent blather of Scott Walker, the man I call The Equal Opportunity Fencer (read why). Unlike the pundits who are ALWAYS wrong (as illustrated in 2004 ), yet keep returning to the national stage for encores—the base seems to have wizened up to neoconservatives like Walker. I’m really buoyed by the lack of support the likes of Walker and Bobby Jindal are getting from the GOP base: two and zero percent, respectively, in the latest Washington Post-ABC News Poll.

Oblivious to the poor marks his opinions have received from the public, Walker waffled to Sean Hannity about the refugees currently immobilizing life in Germany, Hungary, Austria ect.

First there were the obligatory expressions of empathy for the incomers. Not a word of sympathy was offered up by the host or his guest for the Europeans whose communities are being flooded by decree from Brussels and Berlin.

Next came Walker’s neocon, hackneyed lies about the root-causes of the migration problem (naturally, the magnet of welfare went unmentioned): Bashar Hafez al-Assad needs to be removed (Really? He was the source of stability in Syria, much like Saddam Hussein was in Iraq).

If the root causes of refugee influx into Europe is America’s lack of a more energetic involvement in Iraq and Syria—then Walker has the solution the Republican base is rejecting: back in we go.

Not for nothing is Walker a two percenter. Unless in defense of the realm, Americans are not keen on more of the same foreign-policy folly. Let us keep our military mitts to ourselves. Let us defend our own borders. That’s finally the prevailing sentiment among Republicans.

What else did Walker do to promote his brand of stupidity? For having the perspicacity to see something unique in the Trump phenomenon, GOPers have been maligned by pundits as stupid, ignorant, mere reality show watchers. Walker does not go so far. But he does dismiss the undeniable fact that Republicans are seething with good, honest rage. To the contrary, claimed Walker, singing from the same hymn sheet Republicans sang from in the last election cycle. The people are never angry. (What’s wrong with righteous anger? Nothing!). The people only want brainiacs like him to stop the gridlock and “get things done.”

Fuck off, Scott walker. As I read it, the base wants government to reverse the things it has done; to repeal laws, wars, and to do no harm.

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Pictures From The Hungarian-Austrian Front

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Looting, littering, throwing feces, overturning vehicles, assaulting and pulling the occupants from within: “Never in my short life had I an opportunity to see such scenes and I feel that this is just the beginning,” writes a Polish travel blog writer and eyewitness to the centrally authorized and planned invasion of Europe (Hat tip to Ken Coffman). Behold. This is what you inflict on a land and a people you don’t care about: your generous hosts. A similar specter can be seen on visiting America’s Southern border.

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UPDATED: ‘Camp Of The Saints’ Scenario (#1,359 On Amazon)

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The Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail is on the minds of those of us with an historic memory and some insight. (Thanks to Amazon’s magnificent cookies, this prophetic book is grouped with my own.) Charles Burris’s description of the novel and its relevance to the refugee crisis underway in Europe (the handiwork of Bush, Obama and Hillary) is impossible to best:

“… one cannot not help but be reminded of the stentorian warning to the West emblazoned in the apocalyptic novel by Jean Raspail, The Camp of the Saints (.pdf). In one of the most divisive and controversial works of the 20th Century, Raspail chillingly predicted and prophesized [sic] forty two years ago precisely what is occurring and its suicidal consequences for the diseased remnants of that civilization. It is unquestionably the most powerful novel I have ever read. Insidious egalitarianism, destructive welfarism, aggressive multiculturalism, cultural Marxism, Third World invasions by the wretched of the earth, militaristic imperialism posing as humanitarian liberation, and mindless parousiatic atheism in the name of a hallowed pluralism, have blended into a banal omnipresent doxology. The most recent expression of this syncretic mélange is taken directly from Jean Raspail, Pope Francis’ appeasement policy regarding the tsunami of ‘migrants’ flooding Europe. Other prophetic voices have followed Raspail: Oriana Fallaci, Pascal Bruckner, Bruce Bawer, and most notably Patrick J. Buchanan. The culture vultures have indeed come home to roost and are flailing away at the twisted torso of the corpse that was once the West.”

Geert Wilders is the one European politician who has not betrayed the interests of the people who pay is salary (courtesy of Diana West and Gates of Vienna):

0:00 Hello everyone. In The Netherlands
0:02 We’re overloaded with asylum refugees.
0:06 It’s an invasion threatening our prosperity and our country.
0:14 The Hague blandly abandons us.
0:17 Premier Rutte keeps our borders wide open for fortune-hunters.
0:20 We must save our country.
0:23 Of course real refugees must be taken care of.
0:27 However, that must be done in the region itself,
0:30 not here.
0:33 The Gulf states, Saudi Arabia, those sorts of rich countries,
0:36 take care of a meager couple of hundred refugees annually.
0:39 In The Netherlands, many thousands arrive every month.
0:45 That can no longer be done.
0:46 Every refugee costs us €36,000 annually.
0:52 They receive free medical care, a house,
0:55 government care.
0:57 Never have these people contributed a single cent to our economy.
1:00 Even so, billions are spent on them,
1:04 while our elderly are left out in the cold.
1:08 I can’t understand why we allow that.
1:12 Our borders must be closed.
1:17 We must send back every asylum seeker.
1:18 Only then will the flood stop.
1:20 Only then will unscrupulous smugglers lose their business.
1:25 Only then will no more people drown.
1:31 Let’s do what Australia does:
1:32 ”Send them all back”, send them all back.
1:36 Mr. Rutte doesn’t do that.
1:38 He neglects his duty.
1:40 Help the Party For Freedom save our country.
1:44 It’s time to close our borders.
1:48 It’s time to stand behind our own flag.
1:52 It’s time to stand up for The Netherlands.

UPDATE: A controversial, prophetic book, whose history itself deserves to be documented, has soared to #1,359 on Amazon.

Product Details

Paperback: 316 pages
Publisher: Social Contract Pr (December 1994)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1881780074
ISBN-13: 978-1881780076
Product Dimensions: 0.8 x 6.5 x 9 inches
Shipping Weight: 1 pounds
Average Customer Review: 4.4 out of 5 stars See all reviews (148 customer reviews)
Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,359 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)
#26 in Books > Textbooks > Humanities > Literature
#138 in Books > Literature & Fiction > Contemporary
#362 in Books > Literature & Fiction > Literary

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UPDATED: Traitors To Their People (Except For Bibi Netanyahu)

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Agree or disagree with him, Benjamin Netanyahu stands alone on the world stage, right now, as a magnificent contradiction to the Angela Merkels of the world. Merkel, elected for life, or so it would appear, squints at small-town Germany from behind the all-too-familiar parapets of global government. By absorbing “an unprecedented influx of immigrants who will fundamentally change the country,” Merkel is intent on foisting a new identity on Germany without the broadest consent of her citizens. (SPIEGEL)

Netanyahu, on the other hand, is a patriot who knows that a government’s duty is first and foremost to the people it represents. The prime minister of Israel knows it is his obligation to work to ensure the viability and continuity of The Jewish State. Netanyahu thus vowed that,

he would not allow Israel to be “submerged” by refugees after calls for the Jewish state to take in those fleeing Syria’s war.

Speaking at the weekly cabinet meeting, Netanyahu also announced the start of construction of a fence along Israel’s border with Jordan, according to his office.

“We will not allow Israel to be submerged by a wave of illegal migrants and terrorist activists,” Netanyahu said.

“Israel is not indifferent to the human tragedy of Syrian and African refugees… but Israel is a small country — very small — without demographic or geographic depth. That is why we must control our borders.”

UPDATE (9/7): Remember the causes of the refugee crisis: “Bush, Obama And Hillary Destabilized The … World.”

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