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UPDATED: Conservative For Trump Crucifies The ‘Con-servative’ Movement

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Somehow, being conservative now means denying the obvious and saying idiotic fantasies like ‘Islam is always peaceful’ or ‘Our war is not with a radical strain of Islam.’ Uh, sorry, but no it is not, and yes it is. And if getting a president who at least understands that means voting for Trump, then I guess I am not a conservative.John Kluge

A conservative attorney and veteran of failed, unconstitutional wars the kind Rubio/Cruz would continue, motivates his support for Trump and his disgust for “con-servatives.” (Doff of the hat to Jack Kerwick for sending this). He does seem confused about the genesis of our un-American foreign policy, blaming Democrats (Wilson), not incorrectly, but not considering the neoconservative interlopers who’ve hijacked conservatism. The parts I like:

* “it doesn’t appear to me that conservatives calling on people to reject Trump have any idea what it actually means to be a ‘conservative.’ The word seems to have become a brand that some people attach to a set of partisan policy preferences, rather than the set of underlying principles about government and society it once was.”

* “Conservatism has become a dog’s breakfast of Wilsonian internationalism brought over from the Democratic Party after the New Left took it over, coupled with fanatical libertarian economics and religiously driven positions on various culture war issues.”

* “Lost in all of this is the older strain of conservatism. The one I grew up with and thought was reflective of the movement. This strain of conservatism believed in the free market and capitalism but did not fetishize them the way so many libertarians do. … This strain understood that a government’s first loyalty was to its citizens and the national interest. And also understood that the preservation of our culture and our civil institutions was a necessity.”

* “Conservatives have become some sort of schizophrenic sect of libertarians who love freedom (but hate potheads and abortion) and feel the US should be the policeman of the world.”

* “… when the hell did being conservative mean thinking the US has some kind of a duty to save foreign nations from themselves or bring our form of democratic republicanism to them by force?”

* “… Trump said what everyone in the country knows: that invading Iraq was a mistake. Rather than engaging the question with honest self-reflection, all of the so-called “conservatives” responded with the usual ‘How dare he?’”

* “I do not care that Donald Trump is in favor of big government. That is certainly not a virtue but it is not a meaningful vice, since the same can be said of every single Republican in the race. I am sorry, but the ‘We are just one more Republican victory from small government’ card is maxed out. We are not getting small government no matter who wins. So Trump being big government is a wash.

* Sixth, Trump offers at least the chance that he might act in the American interest instead of the world’s interest or in the blind pursuit of some fantasy ideological goals. There is more to economic policy than cutting taxes, sham free-trade agreements and hollow appeals to “cutting government” and the free market. Trump may not be good, but he at least understands that. In contrast, the rest of the GOP and everyone in Washington or the media who calls themselves a conservative has no understanding of this.”

* “Our country is going broke, half its working-age population isn’t even looking for work, faces the real threat of massive Islamic terrorist attack and has a government incapable of doing even basic functions. Meanwhile, conservatives act like cutting Planned Parenthood funding or stopping gays from getting marriage licenses are the great issues of the day and then have the gumption to call Donald Trump a clown. It would be downright funny if it wasn’t so sad and the situation so serious.”

* “Some of us are pretty serious people and once considered ourselves conservatives. Even if you still hate Trump, you owe it to conservatism to ask yourself how exactly conservatism managed to alienate so many of its supporters such that they are now willing to vote for someone you loathe as much as Trump.”

Via New York Post.

John Kluge is an attorney living in Washington. He served in the US Army for nine years, including two deployments in Iraq and Kuwait. This essay first appeared on

UPDATE (3/10):

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Mitt Romney Gives Mormons (I Love The Mormons) A Bad Name

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Mitt Romney, who inherited his privileges, says of Donald Trump, “He inherited his business, he didn’t create it.” Pot, kettle, black?

But above all, Romney is utterly morally bankrupt in his praise for war criminal George W. Bush, while condemning Trump (who has never ordered the killing of a single Iraqi kid) for destroying Dubya’s precious memory:

“Donald Trump says he admires Vladimir Putin, while has called George W. Bush a liar. That is a twisted example of evil trumping good.”

(Required reading: “Trump Called Bush A Liar & He Won South Carolina (Nevada, too)” & “Making America Great Means Exposing ‘W.’”)

“On foreign policy,” says Romney, “Donald Trump tells us that he is very, very smart. I’m afraid that when it comes to foreign policy he is very, very not smart.”

Sounds like ad hominen, not argument, Mitt.

At least Trump has not promised to bomb the world as Romney did during his failed, meek, mild and obsequious run against Barack Obama, in 2012.

On Iraq, says malevolent Mitt, Trump “spoke in favor of invading.”

Well, Trump did come out forcefully against the invasion of Iraq early in the game, when Romney was cheering the Republican blood hounds he runs with. But it is true that Trump has a horrible record of actually speaking coherently and consistently. His linguistic infelicities are unbearable. Surprising, too, given Trump was such a well-spoken, refined young man. Then again, Trump has not been a politician and should not be treated as such.

Trump has never passed a law. He’s political tabula rasa to Mitt Romney’s iffy record.

On his wealth: Romney predicts “that there are more bombshells in his tax returns. I predict that he doesn’t give much if anything to the disabled and to our veterans. … And I predict that despite his promise to do so, first made over a year ago, he will never ever release his tax returns. Never. Not the returns under audit, not even the returns that are no longer being audited. He has too much to hide.”

Let’s see. Trump’s tax returns will indeed be revealing.

MORE from the bitter and twisted Mitt, who respects the Republican base not at all.

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Trump Called Bush A Liar & Won South Carolina (Nevada, Too)

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“Trump Called Bush A Liar & He Won South Carolina (Nevada, too)” is the current column, now on WND. An excerpt:

Donald Trump has buried George W. Bush, for good. Or so we hope.

This might not be “Morning in America,” but it is a moral victory for values in America. Somewhere in those Judeo-Christian values touted by “values voters” is an injunction against mass murder.

Before the February 20 South Carolina primary, it looked as though G. Bush might just make a comeback.

After the South Carolina primary, where Donald Trump won with 32.2 percent of the Republican vote, it seems certain that nothing will resuscitate the legacy of “one of the nation’s worst presidents.”

Notwithstanding his war crimes and unprecedented intervention in the financial system and the private economy, “W” also happened to preside over the largest domestic spending since Lyndon Johnson. As chronicled in Ivan Eland’s “Recarving Rushmore: Ranking the Presidents on Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty,” “[Bush] advocated bad policies and demonstrated horrendous operational incompetence.”

The disastrous and expensive (in casualties and money) nation-building project in Iraq and Afghanistan were only exceeded in catastrophic results by Bush’s expansion of executive power and theft of the civil liberties that make the United States unique. Bush had almost no accomplishments to offset such foibles.

Trump addressed the war: “They lied. They said there were weapons of mass destruction. There were none. And they knew there were none. There were no weapons of mass destruction.”

The chattering class, Left and Right, was—still is—gobsmacked. A political Samson was bringing down the pillars of their world.

Desperate to restore equilibrium before the crucial SC vote was CNN’s Anderson Cooper: “You would not say again that George W. Bush lied?”

Trump obliged. He backpedaled before the primary, going with non-committal: “I don’t know. I can’t tell you. I mean, I’d have to look at documents.”

So America has some unfinished business. Because we do know. We can say for sure. And we have all the documents.

George W. Bush lied America into war.

Bush began his ballyhooed presidency by lying during his campaign. He promised America a humble foreign policy, but came into office with the express purpose of using his plenary powers to unseat Saddam Hussein. …

“Trump Called Bush A Liar & He Won South Carolina (Nevada, too)” is the current column, now on WND.

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UPDATE II: Making America Great Means Exposing ‘W’ (Readers Get IT)

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“Making America Great Means Exposing ‘W’” is the current column, now on WND (please Like, Tweet, and generally Share column on social media). An excerpt:.

Making America great again, the theme of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, depends on dispelling the myths and myth-making that made America bad.

Beginning with George W. Bush.

Said Saint Augustine: “The confession of evil works is the first beginning of good works.”

The Republican Party under Bush did the devil’s work. Bar the sainted Ron Paul, not a dog of a Republican lifted his leg in protest of the unjust war on Iraq.

To embark on the good, the GOP must come clean about the bad. To that end, Donald Trump has begun a vital process of expiation.

The 43rd president is categorized as “bad” and ranked 37th by Ivan Eland, author of “Recarving Rushmore: Ranking the Presidents on Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty.” Having undermined the republic at home and peace abroad, “Bush’s presidency,” avers Eland, “was one of the worst of all time.”

Coming to terms with the Bush legacy, moreover, ought to prevent the rise of another Bush. For the bogus Bush Doctrine is alive and well-exploited in the words and promises of each of the Republican candidates, other than Donald Trump.

The Bush dictum of fighting them over there so they don’t come here —as if Islamic State can’t, won’t and hasn’t attacked there and here—is alive and well-exploited by almost every fork-tongued politician in the Republican and Democratic races.

Other than Trump and Bernie Sanders, there’s a potatoes vs. spuds quality to the foreign policy articulated by both sides.

Each time the interchangeable John Kasich or Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush are asked about death by Muslim in the United States; they whip out that dumb “W” Doctrine, tethering attacks like San Bernardino in the US to wars the US should be waging over in the Middle East, and will be waging if these candidates have their way.

If you liked Bush’s willful and criminal war on Iraq; if you enjoyed watching aw-shucks “W” “Shock and Awe” Iraq to kingdom come with BLU-82s—boy, do you have a treat in store.

If you took pleasure in Bush unseating and executing law-and-order leader Saddam Hussein; you’ll love the plans Rubio, Kasich and Brother Jeb have for Bashar Assad and his family. As for Vladimir Putin, the not-so-comical three stooges have practically diarized conflagration with Russia.

I almost forgot: If you licked your chops when Bush disarmed dem little Iraqi boys by littering their playgrounds with cluster bomblets; your vampiric urges will be sated. In Bush’s Baghdad, hospitals teamed with limbless kids successfully disarmed. The Rubio-Kasich-Bush bandidos will similarly oblige their supporters. Happy times are ahead for their acolytes. …

… Read the rest. “Making America Great Means Exposing ‘W’” can be read in full on WND (please Like, Tweet, and generally Share column on social media).


Hi Ilana,

I loved your article reminding all the deaf, dumb and blind, card-carrying Republicans that their asshole (excuse my French) summa cum laude remains, GW Bush.

Jeb, to even mention W’s name let alone appear with him campaigning, shows the guy has no sense of history. W’s Presidency was a total train wreck from his Supreme Court handed Presidency to his final months in office, when the wheels came off the American economy and financial system.

The Republicans running for President are dangerous war mongers with zero understanding of what the Federal Reserve has been allowed to do to this country and the irreversible, unfixable nature of the problem. Clinton and Sanders, it goes without saying, are also clueless!

Hope this finds you well!

All the best,

Barry Downs

UPDATE II: Writes Ron S:

Please accept my heart-felt gratitude for this article. I have been struggling with my own concept of objective reality and the contradictory BS I see all around me. I have long believed that G.W. Bush was not only a horrible president, he may have been the worst in American history. When he was received warmly in SC it made me wonder if I was missing something.

A small list of faux pas by our first semi-literate president:
1. 2 unnecessary wars, fought simultaneously on different fronts
2. approximately $3 trillion thrown to the winds
3. Claims of WMDs that don’t exist
4. violations of any number of international treaties, the Geneva Accords, the Nuremberg principles, the Uniform Code of Military Justice, etc. on war crimes.
5. Lies by his administration include “America does not torture”; “The war (Iraq) will last weeks or months, certainly not years”; “The insurgency is on its last legs; “We will be greeted as liberators”; “Deficits don’t matter”; and, of course, WMD.
6. Bush plunged the economy into a near world wide crisis by allowing the banksters and market thieves to operate with virtually no oversight, then passed the bill onto the people.
7. Bush granted a huge tax break to the 1% who didn’t need it.
8. Bush doubled the national debt.
9. He refused to control our borders.

One foolish man was enough to plunge the entire Middle East into chaos and plunge the West into confusion and disarray. God deliver us from another like him. We cannot afford such a fool in the office of the President of the United States..

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