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UPDATED: Former Airman Seconds That Trump’s Got Shoddy Security

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UPDATED (4/30): Bill Scott, former airman, seconds the sentiments in my post below (04.29.16) about Donald Trump’s shoddy, security:

Bill Scott:

That ABC video clip was shot from an overhead helicopter. How hard would it be for an assassin to fire three quick rounds from a helo purporting to be an electronic news-gathering aircraft? ** The elites and the entitled both are petrified by the mere possibility that Donald Trump might win the White House. All those decades-long plans and careful manipulations of elections would be for naught. The Donald couldn’t be bought by the globalist elites, and the freebie train of “entitlements” would be derailed. He’s dangerous to the One-Worlders and “Free-for-All-ers.” You’re right, Ilana; Trump should never leave his fate in the hands of “gummet” SS agents.

Donald Trump’s security detail had allowed him, on live TV, to walk exposed into the Hyatt Regency, at San Francisco Airport, in Burlingameis.

Upon completing his address at the California Republican Party convention, Trump was trotted back to his motorcade, the same way he came. Twice he took that same route. There was ample time and sufficient notice—live on TV for any criminal with a handheld device and a sniper’s rifle—for mischief-making and worse …

Now, media are incurious morons. Ask MSNBC “reporter” Katy Tur, who vaporized and editorialized about what a divisive figure Trump was—implying he had forced such shenanigans; was at fault for the protests—but never asked questions I’d have asked as a journalist.

I don’t expect the Tur media to ask the following: Had the buildings surrounding Trump’s trail, to the venue and back, been swept for snipers, at least on the way back? Were there guards posted at each building as he strolled about head exposed?

Inexcusable, if not.

The Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, at the Quicken Loans Arena, July 18-21, will probably necessitate such walk-abouts. Donald Trump had better show better judgment than he did today.

Or, quit praising the state’s secret service security detail, Donald J. Trump. Get yourself some privately paid, well-incentivized security experts, who CAN THINK.

My “Uncle Sam Turns Tricks (& Stiffs Sex Workers)” is a reminder of the secret service’s recent track record.

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Trump Creates New Political Bedfellows (Or Bedbugs)

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The “dreaded” Donald Trump has forced some unlikely partners to slip between the sheets together. After a seven-year, petulant boycott, President Barack Obama has rewarded the Fox News Channel’s sustained anti-Trump campaign by granting Chris Wallace an interview. Megyn Kelly’s efforts in the same department have earned her high praise from Hillary Clinton, who called Kelly “a superb journalist.” Just the other day, HuffPost and MSNBC, left-liberal outfits, converged in proposing a … Clinton-Kasich ticket:

Hillary Clinton should ask John Kasich, the Republican governor of Ohio, to join her in creating a “unity ticket.” It’s time for a national ticket that reflects our national desire for a new type of politics for our modern America.

Sounds like an ideal gathering for Terminix pest control.

In any case, here’s Wallace’s ‘Fox News Sunday’ interview with President Barack Obama. In it, “constitutional scholar” Obama continues to insist, apparently in error, on the Republicans’ constitutional obligation to go through the confirmation process with Justice Merrick Garland.

One suspects Obama might be gearing up for the equivalent of an executive order to fill the SCOTUS vacancy. It’s called a recess appointment, and we know enough about President Barack Obama to know he’ll use it to fill the Supreme Court vacancy left by Antonin Scalia’s death, in the teeth of Republican opposition.

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Donald Trump’s Outlandish Abortion Comments Mirror Republican Confusion

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In defense of Donald Trump’s outlandish abortion comments; Republicans themselves are vague and confusing on the matter. I’ve never heard a Republican say outright that “only the person performing the abortion should be punished.” If this is the official GOP position, it seems as bizarre as Trump’s statement. I can see why he was confused. Why punish service provider and not service seeker?! (Don’t tell me; spare me.)

Background via BBC News:

US presidential hopeful Donald Trump has withdrawn a call for women who have abortions to be punished, only hours after suggesting it.

He had proposed “some form of punishment” for women who have abortions if they were made illegal.

But after strong criticism, Mr Trump repeated the Republican party line that only the person performing the abortion should be punished, not the women.

The Republican front-runner supports a ban on abortions, with some exceptions.

Abortion has been legal in the United States since 1973 after a landmark Supreme Court ruling.

Only the Supreme Court or a constitutional amendment has the power to overturn Roe v Wade and make abortion illegal.

I would have thought that Republicans ought stick to reality. In America, “women have the right de jure to screw and scrape out their insides to their heart’s content.” The only question is, should taxpayer rights, especially the rights of the anti-abortion faithful, be compromised to fund the procedure.

I would have thought that Republicans ought to explain that when feminists and their media lickspittles speak of “abortion rights,” they mean federal funding for abortion. Nothing else. A “right” to undergo an abortion is to be distinguished from a right to federal funding of your abortion. Don’t conflate “abortion rights” with federal funding for abortion.

More about the distinction in “From Benghazi To The Abortion Killing Fields.”

But Republicans have, understandably, confused Mr. Trump. By now, Trump, however, should no longer be winging it.

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Tweets: New Book Cover, Trump News, Neocons & Kelly Knaves, SCOTUS, Pope, Sealed With A Woof

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Title change: The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed

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