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The Statist Mindset Of ‘Libertarians’ Garry Johnson & William Weld

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Gary Johnson and his sidekick William Weld, Libertarian Party goofballs, are running for president and VP, respectively. The two fulminated to CNN’s Victor Blackwell against Donald Trump. From the libertarian perspective, though, their mindset was much more statist and deferential to state structures than Trump’s.

Weld, in particular, went over the various policies Trump was proposing, voicing objections to each that were thoroughly statist.

WELD: Some of the stuff that he’s running on I think is absolutely chaotic. I’m going to do this to Mexico. OK, that’s a violation of the North American Free Trade agreement, which is the supreme law of the land. It is a treaty. We signed it. I’ll do this to China. No questions asked. OK, that’s a violation of the World Trade Organization rules [which good libertarians despise], exposing us, the United States, to sanctions. And we would be the rogue nation. I don’t think we want to be the rogue nation. You know? Let’s let North Korea be the rogue nation, not us.

Trump can’t do what he proposes because he’ll be in violation of this or the other agreement between states, national and international, which Weld treats as holy writ.

Not to real libertarians. The idea of radical freedom is to dissolve the chains with which others have bound us. Smashing or refashioning these agreements and reclaiming national, state and individual sovereignty, as Trump proposes, is more libertarian than the queasiness these two evince at such actions.

Johnson and Weld objected to Trump’s proposals on the statist grounds that renegotiating agreements or optimizing them for Americans would violate agreements that by their nature sideline the American people.

You don’t get more un-libertarian than that. Then there’s the viva Hiroshima attitude:

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UPDATED 5/26 (It’s A Done Deal!): New Mexico Trump Rally: Beautiful Inside; Ugly Outside

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Donald Trump’s rallies are filled with ordinary, average, peaceable Americans; the Silent Majorly that dare not speak its name. Look at those faces behind him: beaming, sweet and so happy for Trump, their guy. As Trump put it, “We’re having a good time, amazingly, because the subject matter is so bad.”

He loves them. And I kind of do, too. One can’t deny that ordinary Americans are sweet, open people. But they’ve been pushed too far by the Traitor Class, which has empowered the underclass. Trump’s rallies are beautiful inside; ugly outside. The haters, the takers, the entitled, the totalitarians raged outside.

These vandals media have termed protesters. But if you “throw burning T-shirts, plastic bottles and other items at police officers [and their poor horses], overturn trash cans and knock down barricades”—you are a criminal, a vandal and a thug who should be arrested, jailed and prosecuted for damage to property, people and working animals.

For its part, the Albuquerque police has reassured America by … professing pacifism in the face of hooliganism. No arrests were made and no tear gas was used:

What a shame. It’s hardly reassuring to know that in America, vandals who damage property and threaten people and working animals go scot-free.

“We’re going to build a real wall,” said Trump, mentioning that since Bill Clinton signed NAFTA, the number of manufacturing jobs in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has declined by 40 percent.

Trump directed the crowd’s anger at America’s failed leadership, not at the people present, promising that empty factories across the country will open their doors again. The realtor bemoaned the factories that have fallen into disrepair and were standing empty. Factory owners don’t nee low-interest loans, he mocked, which was the bribe offered to job creators by the US government (at the expense of the same stiffed taxpayer).

New Mexico’s Gov. Susana Martinez-–she had endorsed Gang of 8 Marco Rubio—got her comeuppance from Trump for her rude snub of the People’s rally.

Since 2000, the number of people on food stamps in New Mexico has tripled,” Trump told a raucous crowd. “We have to get your governor to get going. She’s got to do a better job. Okay? Your governor has got to do a better job. She’s not doing the job.

UPDATE (5/26): It’s A Done Deal!:

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Will Trump Renege On This FIRST-DAY-IN-OFFICE Promise?

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I like this Donald Trump YouTube most. In it, the vintage old Trump promises to “terminate” or nullify laws passed through executive orders. It’s doable. But why do I no longer believe him? Trump has not thrown the liberty community a single liberty minded candidate. We want Ron Paul and yes, even little Rand in some official capacity, supervised by dad, will ameliorate statism.

The Trump act that’s hard to get beyond is his cruelty to Chris Christie. “Get on the pane and go Home. It’s over there. Go.” However self-serving Christie was being in endorsing Trump, Trump still owed him a deb of gratitude for exposing The Marcobot so brilliantly. Face it, Trump is not quick that way.

It’s hard to understand the joy the media took in this ugly open mic moment—and it’s not that I’m a fan of Christie’s; the opposite. Irrespective of the kind of person Christie is (and I’ve written mostly negatively about him); this cruelty reflects badly on Trump. But I’m too soft. I know.

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UPDATED: Former Airman Seconds That Trump’s Got Shoddy Security

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UPDATED (4/30): Bill Scott, former airman, seconds the sentiments in my post below (04.29.16) about Donald Trump’s shoddy, security:

Bill Scott:

That ABC video clip was shot from an overhead helicopter. How hard would it be for an assassin to fire three quick rounds from a helo purporting to be an electronic news-gathering aircraft? ** The elites and the entitled both are petrified by the mere possibility that Donald Trump might win the White House. All those decades-long plans and careful manipulations of elections would be for naught. The Donald couldn’t be bought by the globalist elites, and the freebie train of “entitlements” would be derailed. He’s dangerous to the One-Worlders and “Free-for-All-ers.” You’re right, Ilana; Trump should never leave his fate in the hands of “gummet” SS agents.

Donald Trump’s security detail had allowed him, on live TV, to walk exposed into the Hyatt Regency, at San Francisco Airport, in Burlingameis.

Upon completing his address at the California Republican Party convention, Trump was trotted back to his motorcade, the same way he came. Twice he took that same route. There was ample time and sufficient notice—live on TV for any criminal with a handheld device and a sniper’s rifle—for mischief-making and worse …

Now, media are incurious morons. Ask MSNBC “reporter” Katy Tur, who vaporized and editorialized about what a divisive figure Trump was—implying he had forced such shenanigans; was at fault for the protests—but never asked questions I’d have asked as a journalist.

I don’t expect the Tur media to ask the following: Had the buildings surrounding Trump’s trail, to the venue and back, been swept for snipers, at least on the way back? Were there guards posted at each building as he strolled about head exposed?

Inexcusable, if not.

The Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, at the Quicken Loans Arena, July 18-21, will probably necessitate such walk-abouts. Donald Trump had better show better judgment than he did today.

Or, quit praising the state’s secret service security detail, Donald J. Trump. Get yourself some privately paid, well-incentivized security experts, who CAN THINK.

My “Uncle Sam Turns Tricks (& Stiffs Sex Workers)” is a reminder of the secret service’s recent track record.

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