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Turkish, Washington-State Mass Murderer Had Been Voting Illegally

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The New York Times does not say “murder” or “alleged murder,” or even “confessed murderer,” but the first-degree murder of five, north of Seattle—a murder by-Muslim-permanent-resident Arcan Cetin—is, in elite speak, nothing but a “fatal shooting.” How open-ended.

ICE, however, goes one better. This murderer’s records are protected by ICE, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Arcan Cetin voted, reports Lars Larson. But nobody at ICE is allowed to tell a good citizen like broadcaster Lars Larson if Cetin voted legally or not. Larson had done the legwork and came up sans confirmation. ICE was diligent in protecting the voting record of Cetin.

Naturally, permanent residents are not permitted to vote. Cetin voted.

In this country, traitor elites put laws in place to protect the treacherous.

Trump’s Most Impassioned Address So Far: Law-‘N-Order

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From West Bend, Wisconsin, Donald Trump spoke about, “How to make communities safe again from crime and lawlessness.” He remarked that “Law and order must be restored. Violence is an assault on all. The main victims of the Milwaukee unrest are law-abiding members of the African-American community. There is no compassion in tolerating lawless conduct. Just like Hillary Clinton is against the miners; she is against the police, too:

“The Opening Statement” to “The Trump Revolution” already credits Trump with “fumigating some serious snake pits”: Media Complex, Party Complex, Pseudo-Conservative Complex.

My favorite section is this one; it’s pretty much the gist of “The Opening Statement” to my Trump Revolution:

When we talk about the insider, who are we talking about? It’s the comfortable politicians looking out for their own interests. It’s the lobbyists who know how to insert that perfect loophole into every bill. It’s the financial industry knows how to regulate their competition out of existence. The insiders also include the media executives, anchors and journalists in Washington, Los Angeles, and New York City, who are part of the same failed status quo and want nothing to change.
Every day you pick up a newspaper, or turn on the nightly news, and hear about how some banker or some Washington insider says they oppose our campaign. Or some encrusted old politician says they oppose our campaign. Or some big time lobbyist says they oppose our campaign.
I wear their opposition as a badge of honor. Because it means I am fighting for REAL change, not just partisan change. I am fighting – all of us across the country are fighting – for peaceful regime change in our own country. The media-donor-political complex that’s bled this country dry has to be replaced with a new government of, by and for the people.
The leadership class in Washington D.C., of which Hillary Clinton has been a member for thirty years, has abandoned the people of this country.
I am going to give the people their voice back.
Think about it. The people opposing our campaign are the same people who have left our border open and let innocent people suffer as a result.
The people opposing our campaign are the same people who have led us into one disastrous foreign war after another.
The people opposing our campaign are the same people who lied to us about one trade deal after another.
Aren’t you tired of a system that gets rich at your expense?
Aren’t you tired of big media, big businesses, and big donors rigging the system to keep your voice from being heard?
Are you ready for change?
Are you ready for leadership that puts you, the American people, first? That puts your country first? That puts your family first?
Let’s talk about what this means for the inner cities of America.
It’s time to break through the television noise, the entrenched interests. I understand that a lot of powerful people in our political system – a lot of people who’ve created our problems – will lose a lot of their contracts, and their special gigs, if African-American voters, and all minority voters, support my campaign.

Is It Better To Die Than Endure ‘Police Bias’?

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On August 10, a Fox News correspondent reported thus about “Findings of [alleged] Police Bias in Baltimore,” and I paraphrase: Reduced homicide rates of 60 percent in Baltimore have come at a remarkable cost (to liberty).

So I ask: What are these costs to liberty of better longevity in Baltimore (and isn’t longevity the ultimate liberty to trump all)? Are these “costs” about stopping blacks disproportionately to their numbers in the community?

MORE: “Findings of Police Bias in Baltimore Validate What Many Have Long Felt.”

Why Likely More Muslims Than Reported Favor Sharia

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“51% of U.S. Muslims want Sharia; 60% of young Muslims are more loyal to Islam than to U.S.,” reports Robert Spencer. I have a hunch the numbers or percentages of sharia sympathizers could be higher. You’ll get my drift if I phrase the findings differently:

Fifty to 60 percent of the Muslims in America are not sophisticated enough to know how to lie in a survey. Survey methodology is open to biases that can distort the results. The more intelligent or cunning of the individuals sampled would be capable of anticipating the “right” answer in this survey and giving it. The right answer is “No, I don’t want Sharia; I love American democracy.” The least intelligent of the population sampled would confess to the truth.

On the other hand, other variables may factor in to mitigate against my assumption. These are feeling of impunity and shamelessness in the West that you can say anything you like.

“Top officials representing the Muslim establishment” who still answer in the affirmative are smart and experienced enough in the ways of the West to know they can be as brazen as they like. They didn’t get to being “top officials” without Muslim moxie; without knowing they can say anything and still maintain the strategic upper hand.

Tell me where I’m wrong.